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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Opening Movie (GCN)
The first of Konami's line of hack 'n slash Turtles games on Gamecube. Designed alongside the 2003 reboot series, it was intended to restore the glory of the old Turtles arcade games and cartoon series for a new audience. By doing so, the end result was a bastardised cash-cow intended almost primarily for kids. Granted Turtles is a childrens TV show but repetitive gameplay and catchphrases, dull level design and poor graphics would dissatisfy even the young player under ten years of age. It is a ridiculously easy game to complete and not that long either, with little reason to be replayed either using a different turtle. Basically for the sake of not witnessing another childhood memory brutalised by money hungry companies, I'd avoid this one. It isn't worth the effort or tears. Relish in the fact Turtles in Time is still one of the best Snes releases ever instead. But if you still want to torture yourself by seeing the GAMEPLAY of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Gamecube, click the link that is highlighted. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHSy987NDd8
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Resident Evil 2 Prologue (N64)
A technical triumph for Nintendo 64. The game displayed in the video is the very same survival horror classic by Capcom, originally released in 1998 on Playstation. It retains all of the video, music and voice acting and also Angel Studios managed to fit both Claire and Leon's campaigns for good measure. This is thanks to some fantastic compression techniques formulated by Factor 5 (of Rogue Squadron fame) and a hefty enhanced 65MB cartridge used for the extra space. The Nintendo 64 Resident Evil 2 does miss out on extreme battle but it instead gains the EX files which chains together the plot of all Resident Evil games. There are also some minor gameplay modifiers. And ofcourse, Resident Evil 2 runs at a higher resolution with better texture filtering on Nintendo 64 than Playstation. If you haven't played Resident Evil 2 yet you really need to force yourself to. It has a great story and set of characters. It is unsurprisingly a creepy game too even after over a decade since release. This Nintendo 64 version is somewhat desirable compared to the other, disc based, copies of the game on other formats. But don't faze yourself from buying it either, this one comes absolutely recommended otherwise. Category:
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WRC: Rally Evolved (PS2)
Excuse me for the rather sketchy footage of WRC: Rally Evolved, at the time of this video's publishing, I'm still in the process of discovering the joys of 720p uploads and getting the feel for this game after possibly three or four years of leaving it to collect dust. Stay with me here lol. Rally Evolved is the fifth WRC game on PS2 and the last. It's quite a system swansong for the folks at Evolution Studios who have since moved on to the equally celebrated Motorstorm series on Playstation 3. Besides being possibly the best looking racer outside of Gran Tursimo 4 and having the most polished handling for a rally game next to Colin Mcrae, Rally Evolved introduced a rather crazy element to the genre that I haven't seen since in track invasions. What this means is that animals, people and road accidents themselves can prop up during the race as they do occassionally in the real thing and it makes an already intense race, all the more real and numbers based. Rally Evolved is a damn tough game too, or atleast can be without any racing aides. I've shouted and screamed many times at this one, especially while building this video for Youtube. It's very hard to do a race clean without any hiccups and WRC Rally Evolved's unforgiving controls and physics make it all the more brutal as you reach the last corner of a track. Dare I say this is a purists only game. As a casual fan of racing, and particularly rally games, I'm probably just not so very good at this but in an age dominated by accessible racers, this is the least inviting but the most satisfying and rewarding of them all.
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Quake II Opening + Multiplayer Gameplay (N64)
The non related sequel to id's original shooter that brought story and some much needed cinematic glamour to the raw yet refined shooter. Once again the Nintendo 64 version of this PC classic has a story of it's own. Rather than a direct port of the original game, as with the Playstation version, Raster Productions reworked a completely new campaign onto the Quake II template. Some sections are recycled and admittedly many of the new environments and enemies have been extracted from the mission packs but they're interesting inclusions nethertheless. And as a result it is somewhat graphically different. Quake 2 on N64 is similar to that of perhaps a PC running the game on a 3DFX chipset. The sound however is once again reliant largely on ambient sounds, yet most of the sound effects have remained intact. It even uses the N64's memory expansion pack to enhance the colours and lighting effects more so. It must be said though, alot more was expected of the Nintendo 64 version and all in all it is somewhat of a disappointment when up against Hammerhead's work on the Playstation Quake 2. In anycase, this is worth a try. For footage of Quake 2's single player on Nintendo 64, click on the link highlighted below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWoMdaUqUHw
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Battle Arena Toshinden Remix (Saturn)
Funny how Battle Arena Toshinden played a large part in the Playstation's hype build up in the west and turned out to be one of the worst launch titles come the big day on the 9th September 1995. Past the admittedly impressive graphics, there wasn't much of a game to Toshinden. And with the three sequels that followed, it got mighty repetitive fast. Despite being released only a year after the Playstation version, Battle Arena Toshinden Remix successfully succeeds in repeating the same mistakes made by it's earlier revision. Visually it looks solid on Saturn, though missing the 3D backdrops and lighting, the textures are smooth and the animations are as they were on PSone. Yet the gameplay suffers still. I'd even argue it is worse. Not only does Toshinden Remix's fighting move much slower than it did on Playstation but the hit detection is broken to bits and the controls feel as sluggish as ever. How this port ever failed to maintain simply the basic structure of the original is astounding to me but Nextech were underwhelming with this port. Sega did however revamp the presentation. The original plain opening has now been replaced with a suitably designed CGI FMV along with a story mode featuring unique character interactions before each stage. The voice acting remains to be laughably brilliant too. I'm sure you understand what I mean regardless. Don't buy this, heck, don't buy the original. Battle Arena Toshinden never deserved attention aside from it's existence as the glorified tech demo it were back in 1995.
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Devil Kings (PS2)
Capcom's answer to Dynasty Warriors. There honestly hasn't been a more under-rated game series like Devil Kings/Sengoku Basara and it eludes me as to how the mainstream community are so negative of it. I suppose it goes to show they're still very snobbish about the hack 'n' slash genre. Typical. Devil Kings was a bitch of a game at times, with bosses and enemies being explicably hard at times, but it was simple pick up and play action with a great sense of humour and a solid design. I could only fault it for two reasons, the first being that it lacked co-op play and the second in that it is incredibly short. Campagins can take a good three hours to complete minus obviously any level grinding or multiple attempts on the same stages. But I'd like to conclude, it is definitely up there with the more misunderstood of the Playstation 2's library, along with From Software's dungeon crawlers and, naturally, Koei's own line of hack 'n' slash games. Go check them out for curiosity's sake.
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King of Route 66 (PS2)
Before you ask, yes, it is better than Big Rigs. Now for the usual summary by alvieao2 http://www.youtube.com/user/alvieao2 The King of Route 66 was developed by Sega's AM2 division for the NAOMI 2 arcade system, and is the semi-sequel to 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker. Like the PS2 version of Ferrari F355 Challenge, the port was handled by TOSE Software (Virtua Quest, The Legendary Starfy series, Game & Watch Gallery 4). It plays like 18 Wheeler, except you can now use Nitro boosts. As usual with Sega arcade games, the voice acting is over the top.
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Tekken Tag Tournament (PS2)
My number one reason for wanting a Playstation 2 many years ago. Tekken Tag Tournament is an enhanced version of Tekken 3 for the benefit of the worse. For comfort though Namco have reaccumulated the cast of Tekken 2 and ofcourse added the tag team elements implied in the title. Although the Playstation 2 version takes this a step further by vamping up the visuals by a great deal, adding a variety of bonus modes (including the ridiculous Tekken Bowl game) and dual shock 2 support :-D Like many Tekken fans, I view Tekken Tag Tournament as the defining moment in the series. It was released very much into it's peak and the embu demonstrations (which I will upload in time) were more than enough to entice us despite the little difference it had to Tekken 3 in terms of gameplay. Infact, Tekken Tag Tournament ended up being the first Playstation 2 game I played. These days it isn't difficult to find Tekken Tag Tournament for less than £5. Even black label copies can be found in good condition for this price. If you're a fan of Tekken 3 don't hesitate to snap it up either.
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Virtua Fighter 4 (PS2)
Before Tekken 5, Virtua Fighter was easily the best fighter on Playstation 2 though perhaps also one of the most obscure fighters I've played too. When I originally bought it, a few months after the 2002 PAL release, I had to move between stores just to find it. Even the specialist stores such as GAME lacked VF4, but I finally got a used copy from EB Games after much deliberation. It was one of the first games I bought pre-owned infact. If you haven't encountered Virtua Fighter before, it is arguaby the most realistic one on one fighters on the market. There are no demonic or cybernetic enhanced attacks (Tekken), no silly projectile moves (Art of Fighting) and none of the hyper combo bullcrap either (MVC2). Virtua Fighter is pure martial arts where timing and execution are imperative to victory. Despite this, there are still lifebars, ringout rules and the token over-powered boss at the end also (in this case, Dural). What I really like about Virtua Fighter 4 is the inclusion of Kumite mode. This arcade style affair allows you to have your own unique handler where you can progress from the grasshopper Kyu ranks to shihan levels of the Dan grades. Though the heart of it would be in the ability to customise of your characters - a feature refined in later games and Tekken itself. I also really like the soundtrack of Virtua Fighter 4 which features some of the best Yuzo Koshiro inspired electronic music in a long while. Because of that, VF4 to me is AM2's definitive effort into the entirety of Virtua Fighter. I don't necessarily believe the successor, Virtua Fighter 5 on PS3, made the franchise worse but it didn't add much else to the fighting genre like any other game in the series. Anyway, I implore you to BUY Virtua Fighter 4. If you're a fighting fan, you won't regret picking this game up.
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Army Men Green Rogue (PS2)
It is Army Men and it is developed by 3DO... I really need say no more XD
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Gauntlet Dark Legacy (PS2)
Technically sold as an expansion to Gauntlet Legends, Dark Legacy could be called more of an enhanced remake to the 1999 arcade hit than a sequel. It features more of the same instant hack 'n' slashery as expected of the Midway arcade game series but obviously with better graphics, more content and such. Dark Legacy was definitely dated on release, not a 2001 quality release, but the gameplay still makes for awesome two-to-four player co-op play as ever. Don't play it any other way.
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Top Gear Rally (N64)
Keeping the namesake true, not only is Top Gear the name of a great BBC TV Motorcar series but the supreme clique N64 racer. Reason being is that Top Gear Rally does what the other racers don't by focusing on simply being about fun. Realism, licences and real world tracks are thrown out of the window for immediately enjoyable pick-up and play gameplay. As such, Top Gear Rally is all about powersliding, shortcuts and keeping momentum. Yes, I said shortcuts. What I like best about Top Gear Rally is that you can customise the handling of your car to make the game easier/harder to play. These days Top Gear Rally shows its age but as a dumb racer it still provides cheap thrills - far more than V-Rally '99 or GT64 anyway. It is also ridiculously inexpensive and complete copies can be found in excellent condition for less than £5 now. If you find Top Gear Rally I say give it a shot anyway, there aren't many other racers I can recommend otherwise and this one is actually a Nintendo 64 exclusive too. You can't go wrong.
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Need For Speed Nitro (Wii)
Need for Speed Nitro definitely fills the void of racing games on the Nintendo Wii but that doesn't mean by default it is worth buying because of this. What I mean is that I definitely wouldn't place it up alongside the other Need for Speed games, even the earlier Gamecube releases. The art style and visuals are very up to scratch with the Wii and the control options are plentiful, which is good, but the game lacks in content. I think overall there are five tracks and the cars mostly handle the same. I also hated the rubber band AI. Yet this still has alot of customisation options to it, Nitro operates much like a quick, easy solution to a pick up and play racer which requires much practice to get the most out of. The fact there is a Wii racer worth playing is an encouraging thought atleast, this is a fun game despite it's flaws.
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Mortal Kombat 4 Attract Mode (N64)
Yet another Mortal Kombat attract mode, featuring a two battles, a character biography, fatality demonstration and Raiden's monologue ofcourse. To many Mortal Kombat 4 was where the series really began to slide and show its age, despite the love I had for the series I could see it too. In fairness when it was originally released into arcades back in '97 we had already seen far better fighters with offerings such as Tekken and Virtua Fighter from Namco and Sega respectively. Not to mention, the first version of MK4 released was incomplete missing fatalities and even endings! However while it was definitely behind some of the other fighters available in the arcades, the Nintendo 64 version of Mortal Kombat 4 can be remembered by me fondly as the ultimate one-on-one beat 'em up on Nintendo 64. Trust experienced Nintendo 64 developers Eurocom to faithfully capture the music, graphics, cinematic (in-game) endings and the bloody fatalities that made MK4 so great. They went a few steps further as well by adding an extra stage aswell as multiple other game modes and secrets exclusive to the home versions of the game. Because of this, Mortal Kombat 4 is arguably one of the rare releases that is better played on the Nintendo 64 than on any other format. For more footage of Mortal Kombat 4 in action, click the link below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lt2kR_0zpW4
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Ghost Squad (Wii)
So here comes the belated description... This is Ghost Squad, an AM2 Sega Chihiro (Xbox hardware) arcade game originally released in 2004 and now finally on the Wii circa 2008. While this sadly shows it is yet another highly entertaining light gun game from Sega. What I like about Ghost Squad in particular is that it doesn't take itself seriously. At all. This could be said about the more recent House of the Dead Overkill but I think Headstrong Games knew ultimately they were making an awesome 70s B-Movie into a game without realising it. Ghost Squad for the most part plays like Virtua Cop with a sub-machine gun. You move about around each stage automatically while relying on fast reflexes to kill enemies, save hostages, disarm bombs and pick up any bonuses along the way. Thanks to the arcade game's preference of a bulky SMG, this game also unsurprisingly works really well with the Wii Zapper and I highly recommend you use one - especially if you intend to play the training missions sans cursor. Anyway I think Ghost Squad is well worth a try. It runs like a charm on the Wii's hardware, has some hilariously camp dialogue too, and while maybe on the short side of things, can be picked up with ease for less than £20 now.
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Wipeout Fusion (PS2)
EDIT: Seem some are taking what I said about Wipeout Fusion to heart. Look people, it is not a bad game - actually it is freaking sweet for a 2001 release, but as a jump from Wipeout 3 there wasn't a whole lot to talk about. In the same way Tekken Tag felt like a high-res Tekken 3, the same could be said of Wipeout Fusion to Wipeout 3. So for the love of Christ, don't go spamming hate against me, Wipeout Fusion is only a game and I'm entitled to my Goddamn opinion like anyone else. I was expecting a whole lot more from Wipeout Fusion. The game is literally nothing more than a visually enhanced version of Wipeout 3. While it still managed to be the best racer of 2001, it lacked the awesome soundtrack and the delicate gameplay balancing found in prior versions. Idealy though Wipeout Fusion does have splitscreen, a ton load of weapons, characters and hovercrafts to choose and the levels are expansive and in as much depth as you'd imagine. So as a casual fan of the series you probably won't be too bothered about picking this one up. I however can't get over what they did to it otherwise. Wipeout Fusion is a great game but one not worthy of carrying the Wipeout name. It sort of carried on going downhill from there. Go buy it anyway if you're after some cheap thrills.
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Turok Evolution (PS2)
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Front Mission: Gun Hazard (SNES)
Skip to 3:20 for the gameplay. Once again I must warn the purists that this video is infact an emulation. It is being played on Snes9x GX for Nintendo Wii which, worry not, is effectively a perfect reconstruction of the Super Nintendo in which it copies. Front Mission: Gun Hazard is quite a fascinating game. It was never released outside of Japan which is unfortunate because it's a solid Cybernator clone. As to why it never saw a western release is probably due to how late Gun Hazard was released into the Super Nintendo's lifecycle. Yet to this day, not even the handheld systems have seen a western re-release of Gunhazard, much unlike some of Square's other releases. Set in an alternate universe, this Front Mission spin-off has remained largely an oddity in series as such. Thanks to the English patch however it is now fully playable and possible to realise the story and RPG elements of the game without too many hiccups. If I had to make an early evaluations, I'd say already that is light-years better than the recent Front Mission Evolved but I'm sure anyone could figure that one out.
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Reign of Fire (PS2)
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Champions of Norrath (PS2)
Apparently an Everquest spin-off. Champions of Norrath is the unofficial sequel to Snowblind's previous effort: Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance. It's a hack and slash RPG to the very core having the same controls, visual representation and drop-in co-op gameplay. I believe you can have four people playing on the same screen with Champions of Norrath also, and believe me, the game's very entertaining with friends. This video here is of me and my brother raiding a dungeon. You'll have to excuse the minute odd we both spend customising our characters inventory - this game is an RPG after all and much of the gameplay is spent on menus whether you like it or not. But there is plentiful demon and orc slaying nevertheless. Enjoy.
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MDK (PSone) - Level 1
An uncut playthrough of the first level of the wonderful Psone port of MDK. This video consists of literally the opening titles and the first level of the campaign, in full. I felt there was no need to edit because firstly my software was having problems (as it generally does now) and secondly because I believe MDK deserves that extra ten minutes of so of gameplay to let the game's quirky sense of humour sink in. Although, typical of Shiny Entertainment, the level design is highly contrasting so I'm only showing you a piece of a much grander puzzle. Oh yes, MDK is a weird game but I do love it dearly.
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Burnout (PS2)
One of the best representations of the Renderware engine, and the game that put Criterion Software on the map. This crazy ass racer was something of a sleeper hit back when it was first released and had probably the best car crash physics I had ever seen too :P Burnout is rightfully considered a classic now and something of common name with racing fans too. Don't believe me? Go see Burnout Paradise and you'll know exactly what I mean.
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Mortal Kombat Trilogy Attract Mode (N64)
The N64 opening to Mortal Kombat Trilogy. As you can already tell, the sound is a little off in this version of the game. However there are also a number of missing characters (including Kintaro and Goro) and the stage music is reused (all of the songs are from MK3 aswell). The sprites and 2D graphics also look a little washed out because of the N64's filtering capabilites and there is some noticeable compression in the animations. This is, ofcourse all due to the N64's limited cartrdige storage with 64MB being the maximum ever fit onto a commerical release on the machine (as with Resident Evil 2 and Conker's Bad Fur Day). For more footage of Mortal Kombat Trilogy in action, check out the link below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrsQiwAKqCU
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Silent Scope (PS2)
Konami's light-gun shooter, best known for having a massive 50. caliber replica as the gun. Unlike Time Crisis where you could spray your way out of situation, Silent Scope relied on accurate shot taking. Precision is so pinnacle to Silent Scope that it is very possible to kill enemy bosses in a single bullet. As a Playstation 2 launch title, Silent Scope is literally a direct port of the previous Dreamcast versions and aside from a number of training missions it is barebones game. The sniper rifle is gone and there is no lightgun support either although it is possible to use any old USB mouse that is lying around instead. Personally I think the mouse makes the game much easier and besides that Silent Scope is still a hefty challenge and an enjoyable affair to any virgin of the series. It is available for less than £5 in most shops and can be found with little difficulty unlike the Dreamcast version (or the Dreamcast mouse for that matter). If you find it, I say give Silent Scope a try. Remember kids, seeing is believing ;-)
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Armored Core 2 (PS2)
So here is Armored Core 2, probably one of the very first PS2 games I rented and possibly one of the toughest. I never had the opportunity to play the first Armoured Core so going into this one raw was a whole different experience. The campaign follows a missions based structure, and effectively it's built around making a name for yourself as a mercenary, making a killer AC with the money and parts you earn and becoming the best there is as the Nine Breaker of the Ravens. Most of my time spent playing this as a kid was in AC2's multiplayer mode. Surprisingly enough, the head-to-head mode is alot of fun to play and makes a decent substitute to Virtual-On or anything of the equvilent, which obviously, the PS2 lacked at the time. AC2's controls also, although clunky, helped establish the feel of being inside a mecha better than anything I had played before it - even Mech Warrior 2. If anything let this game down it would have to of been, firstly, the average PAL port which naturally ran slower than it's NTSC counterpart but also featured rather annoying borders on both sides of the screen. And also, the lifespan. As difficult as it is, Armoured Core 2 is short, very short. Yet there is an expansion pack available for it which was released barely a year after Armoured Core 2's original release. So yeah, I like this. I'd commend you to play it yourself.
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Army Men Omega Soldier (PSone)
I've already uploaded Green Rogue on Playstation 2, here is the PSone version. If you're a fan of Army Men Sarge's Heroes then the faults of Omega Soldier should be familiar. It runs absolutely choppy with atrocious controls, poor graphics and typically suspect sound design. What is weird aswell is that Omega Soldier on PSone plays differently to the PS2 Green Rogue in alot of ways. On the PSone version, you can switch weapons, the onrails camera moves with you rather than for you and the level structure is much less like an arcade shooter. It is a shame that these features were never implemented into the PS2 version because it could of been much closer to atleast being average with them.
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Robotron 64 (N64)
A worthwhile Midway IP revival :o This one remains largely faithful to the old source material of Robotron 2084. Kill as many robots and save as many humans as possible in order to achieve the highest possible score. It starts silly easy but quickly becomes sheer torture to any novice. That said, Robotron 64 is a lot easier than the original game. It does fortunately maintain the 360 degree shooting as well if you intend to use the bulging analogue stick instead of the C-Pad. I think there is also a level of retro charm to Robotron 64 that Midway couldn't even contain with the subsequent Mortal Kombat and Gauntlet titles. Robotron 64 has neat old school sound effects, techno music and colourful visuals similar to Atari's successful Tempest 2000 too. It is a shame most remakes, especially on Xbox Live arcade, haven't followed either example since either. In anycase, don't avoid giving this one a try. It is available as Robotron X on Playstation and PC finally if you're uncapable of finding it on Nintendo 64.
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Tekken 4 (PS2)
The black sheep of the Tekken series. Tekken 4 finally took Namco's once Playstation exclusive series into full 3D and with rather mixed results. To some, Tekken 4 is the best in the series by making some much needed changes with the introduction of multi-tiered stages and environment hazards akin to Dead or Alive. Enthusiasts though scoffed at it due to Tekken 4's deteriation of the 2D juggling systems that others favoured. Honestly had Namco not skimped out on the content itself and not rushed areas like the ending cinematics, Tekken4 might not of been as ill-received. That said many critics still gave Tekken 4 favouring scores and admittedly I kind of find it to be my favourite in the series, despite the lack of Jack, replacement of Jin's moveset and the obvious omission of the numerous obscure Tekken 2 characters. Steve Fox and Craig Marduk made up for that. Besides, Tekken 4 saw the triumphant return of Kazuya, everyone's favourite spoilt little anti-hero which was good enough for me. I recommend you give Tekken 4 a try anyway. Btw, if you're wondering why the image quality is different in this video compared to my other Playstation 2 recordings it is because I did this using Tekken 4's progressive scan mode with the intentions of getting a finer picture. Heh, sue me.
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Wipeout 2097 (Saturn)
Also known as Wipeout XL in North America. I have very fond memories of this game on Playstation and as it stands, Wipeout 2097 is still the best in the series - the soundtrack alone makes it what it is. The Sega Saturn version is an intriguing one. It's fairly close to the Playstation version but is most notably different in that, like the original Wipeout, it runs at a slower frame-rate but also has some music differences. Apparently, it has support for the 3D Saturn controller too. Personally I find the slower frame-rate alone makes the game harder to get to grips with. The handling is very unforgiving in Wipeout 2097, with small slip-ups costing you the race if you're not careful while airbraking and controlling your hovercraft's speed, however if you're used to it from Daytona USA then it shouldn't be a problem.
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Sega Classics Collection (PS2)
A bunch of semi-enhanced remakes of old school Sega releases of the late eighties and early nineties. This video demonstrates each game in action. Sega Classics Collection is actually a compilation of eight Sega Ages games that were previously only available in Japan. The Sega Ages releases were Sega's answer to D3's Budget Simple 2000 series, and unlike D3's efforts, some were REALLY good - including Vol 26. Dynamite Deka and Vol. 1 Phantasy Star Generation. Unfortunately the titles included in Sega Classics Collection are the largely disappointing remakes but it is a mixed bag all in all. Some of the games are good while some of the others are absolute garbage. Infact, a couple of the remakes are barely any different to the original source material itself (e.g. Virtua Racing). If you're a fan of the retro Sega arcade classics included in the collection then be sure to give this a try. It isn't too expensive and the cheapest way to enjoy a number of the Sega Ages games needless to say. NOTE: The European version of Sega Classic Collection lacked Alien Syndrome so clearly I can't demonstrate it.
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Garou: Mark of the Wolves (PS2)
Apparently this is SNK's best fighting game. Hopefully this video shows why. This PS2 version of Garou: Mark of the Wolves would be the first time I ever experience it, I never played the game on Dreamcast and somehow also avoided the Xbox Live arcade version. Supposedly the PS2 version I'm playing has netplay but given it is a Japanese exclusive and how the PS2 has been obsolete for so long I doubt they still run. Oh before I forget, please don't post any comments exclaiming how much I suck at this game. I really can't be dealing with it.
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Sonic CD (PS2)
Part of the Sonic Gems Collection (Not Released in North America on PS2). Sonic CD sort of amazes me really. While undoubtedly it is one of the major reasons to buy the ill-fated Mega CD add-on for Mega Drive, the platformer was never that much special from Sonic 2. Despite this alot of people, mostly the folk who hate the 3D Sonic games interestingly, praise this to the point of legendary status - some hailing Sonic CD as the best in the series. Personally I look at Sonic CD with extra grace only for the awesome soundtrack it had, atleast in Europe and Japan, and the neat 3D special stage. Sonic CD is pretty cool but annoyingly it has little approach to actual platforming and more design for buzzkill inducing speed traps than any other 2D Sonic I know of. Don't get me wrong, this is a fantastic Mega CD classic but it is totally with its flaws. The port itself in question is as barebones can be. It is a direct port of the PC version of Sonic CD, it has enhanced FMV sequences over the original but the backgrounds are a bit messed up with the Tidal Temple's water effects lacking definition. There is also only a 50Hz option which is a bummer, especially since the only soundtrack available is the vastly inferior American one. It plays the same otherwise. Slowdown is at a minimum but there are still a few loadtimes that disrupt play as you'll see. Regardless, Sonic Gems Collection makes for the easiest way to play Sonic CD and I still shoot it up every now and then when I feel like it.
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Fantavision (PS2)
Somewhat of a sleeper hit at the Playstation 2 launch. Fantavision was a puzzle game where you lined up fireworks of a specific colour and exploded them. It made for a great visual representation of the PS2's capabilities at the time and is a darn fun game. I will also say I have no freaking clue who came up with the intro but whoever did must of been on acid or something. Weird.
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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (Wii)
An often forgotten Wii fighter, yes, Guilty Gear XX was actually released on Wii. If you're unfamiliar to it, this game is basically a revival of the 2D fighting genre. It has beautiful high resolution spirtes, wonderful animation and gloriously drawn backgrounds. Besides that, the character designs have to be some of the most original I've ever seen. What is best about Guilty Gear is it's accessible combat. Most fighters are impossible to jump into as a novice - this isn't a problem with Guilty Gear. There are a number of controller set-ups for Accent Core on Wii including (God forbid) motion based set-ups with the Wiimote and nunchuck. Fortunately Arc Systems were smart enough to include classic controller and Gamecube controller set ups inclusively. In anycase, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core can be found for less than £10 in a lot of stores now. If you do happen to find it, I recommend you pick it up highly.
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Samurai Warriors (PS2)
If you've played Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors is more of the same thing only set in Japan. As a hack 'n slash game, Samurai Warriors has you fight hundreds of soldiers as one major army officer. Although while Dynasty Warriors could literally be played as a linear fighter, where you can rip apart the enemy forces one by one, Samurai Warriors is more consistant on tactics and multiple pathway objectives. It is an interesting idea and varies the gameplay better I think. Perhaps the best thing about Samurai Warriors to me though was the character customisation mode. It took the existing template from Dynasty Warriors but added an extra layer of depth to it with a graded training mode that would eventually formulate your character's skill overtime. It isn't demonstrated in this video but I reckon you should give it a try anyway. All in all Samurai Warriors, like other Koei hack 'n' slash ventures, is a marmite experience. You either love it or you don't. Yet Samurai Warriors does a better job than Warriors admittedly in bringing across the passive audience who wouldn't otherwise give it a shot. Had it not been for Devil Kings the following year either, it would of been my favourite in the genre.
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Strikers: 1945 (PS2)
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Blade 2 (PS2)
A Halloween related upload; Blade 2. This is a movie tie-in to the film of the same name featuring Marvel's famous half-human/half-vampire badass along with his trademark Katana and silver bullet loaded machine pistol. Sweet! If I'm being perfectly honest, although Blade 2 is nothing special on Playstation 2 it does have an undeserved reputation as being largely mediocre, if not, bad. Yet on the contrary, Blade 2 is a very functional and exciting brawler. I like in particular the unique control scheme Mucky Foot prodcutions used for the hand to hand combat - a slow but constellated movement of the right analogue stick. But I think more people would be put off by the uninspired level and enemy design, poor graphics and use of terrible sound-a-likes to really give this one a chance. I say otherwise. Try it out
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Ridge Racer 7 (PS3)
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Monster Attack (PS2)
Yet another budget Playstation 2 release. This one is some good. Monster Attack, aka Earth Defence Force (Simple 2000 Series Volume 31 -- The Chikyuu Boueigun) is a third person action game where you have to repel an imminent alien invasion. It is a rather typical, yet entertaining third person shooter otherwise. I like that the levels are sandbox designed constructions which comes off as pretty neat in my mind. It also has a rather interesting control scheme which makes for a suitable alternative to the usual, now boring, dual analogue stick approach to shooters. Though perhaps what I like best about Monster Attack is that it is playable in splitscreen co-op for when you have a friend over which I'm sure is as crazy as it should be with any other sandbox game. As a budget release, Monster Attack does succeed in having the genereal technical flaws that most Simple 2000 games feature. Monster Attack suffers from a rather erratic frame-rate and not much narrative besides a wall of text at the beginning of game like many other D3 budget releases. The music can eventually grow repetitive once it loops for the millionth time as well. All things considered, I think this one is worth picking up. It is easily as good as you can get with any game made on the cheap. Monster Attack's eventual sequels would do well to make the seemingly decent sandbox title into a cult-classic series with the subsequent Global Defence Force and Earth Defence Force 2012 games. I'll be sure to host videos of both of them, respectively, in time.
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Steel Dragon EX (PS2)
A surprisingly solid verticle shmup originally released under the Simple 2000 line by D3. It features the original Steel Dragon, a rather under-rated 2D shooter released on Sega Saturn in Japan in the late 90s and a brand new 3D rendered game as well. I wouldn't say this is the definitive PS2 shmup but it is excellent given the £10 (RRP) cost. It doesn't particular do a whole lot new but it is a polished attempt which stays largely entertaining throughout play. I'd also say it is noob friendly, so if you're a newcomer, go check this out.
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Serious Sam: Next Ecounter (PS2)
I have to apoligise for slight chopping the opening of this video. I would of run over time constraints if I hadn't. This is Serious Sam for Playstation 2. It is neither a port of the 2001 or 2002 games on computer like on Xbox but rather it's own original game by Climax Entertainment. Naturally it comes complete with it's own unique weapons, enemies and ofcourse brand new levels. I think, for what it is worth, Serious Sam's entry on to the Playstation 2 and Gamecube is somewhat under-rated. If you consider that both versions were released as rather polished shooters, with not much competition in the way and at a cut retail price of £20 then the experience isn't that bad at all - especially wih a buddy in splitscreen co-op or online. Although it was only on Playstation 2 that Serious Sam could be played online. Instead the Gamecube owners benefited from some form of Gameboy connect. Despite this, I'd say the Gamecube version is the more faithful version as it is generally fixed at around 60FPS as it would be on the computer. If you happen across this little gem, I suggest you pick it up.
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Castlevania Judgement (Wii)
The supposedly terrible Castlevania fighting game. Naturally I think the contrary. Castlevania Judgement reminds me alot of the old Koei PSone fighter Destrega. The combat is open, being fully 3D, where you obtain bonus items and such to benefit the fight to your advantage and the focus is on strategy rather than combo chaining and intricate juggle attacks - much to the detest of the critics I imagine. It is a load of fun to play though. Judgement is very simple to pick-up and more importantly, you can actually play it with the wiimote and nunchuck which really does say alot for a fighting game. Apparently there is support for Wi-Fi play so you can fight against a friend over the internet guarenteed you both exchange your friend codes for Castlevania Judgement but I don't believe it is very popular anymore. Castlevania Judgement can be found for less than £10 now so I suggest you give it a try if you see it in any of your local gamestores.
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Swords of Destiny (PS2)
An average Devil May Cry clone. There isn't anything particularly exceptional about Swords of Destiny. It is a hack 'n slash action adventure with uncomfortable controls, poor level design and a rather laughable attempt at character depth and story. This all comes of a surprise to me as Artoon, developers of Swords of Destiny, formed out of the old Sonic Team development staff, and unlike other Sega turn-coats, they've not been capable of producing the same caliber of games since. Swords of Destiny can be found in bargain bins quite accessibly today, especially for a post 2005 Playstation 2 release. Despite this, I suggest you ignore it completely.
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Ridge Racer 64 (N64)
A unique version of Namco's own 1993 arcade classic. This version, developed by Nintendo Software Technology (NSTC), features revamped cars and tracks from the first two Ridge Racer games as well as a number of unique ones exclusive to the Nintendo 64. It is overall a more challenging and content filled approach to the arcade gameplay that made the series famous. It doesn't drift (no pun intended) too far from the source material like R4 or Rage Racer did, sticking to the core arcade credentials. And as one of the few worthwhile racers on Nintendo 64, it is difficult not to recommend Ridge Racer 64. If you're a fan of the series it is very easy to enjoy. Ridge Racer 64 even allows you to change collision and drift types from each release in the series. Newcomers will also feel welcome with open arms because it is one of the more technically impressive releases on the console furthermore (not too surprising given Nintendo handled this themselves). Ridge Racer 64 was eventually repackaged to coincide with the DS launch back in 2004 under the title of Ridge Racer DS. The DS version plays almost no differently with the exception of the added touch screen controls. It is sadly under-rated in comparison to the original Nintendo 64 title of 2000. To see the opening of Ridge Racer 64, click the link below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y743xvOWi0E
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Mortal Kombat Trilogy (N64)
The infamous Nintendo 64 version of Mortal Kombat Trilogy. This entry into the Mortal Kombat series compiles some of the more famous characters, stages and moments of the first three Mortal Kombat games in one package. By using the Mortal Kombat 3 template of intricate button combos, a variety of bizarre finisher moves and little extras such as Khamelon it does a solid effort into improving on the already exceptional Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. However while I recommend it on Playstation and Sega Saturn, the Nintendo 64 edition requires some consideration. There are a number of missing characters (including Kintaro and Goro) and the stage music is reused (all of the songs are from MK3 aswell). The sprites and 2D graphics also look a little washed out because of the N64's filtering capabilites and there is some noticeable compression in the animations. This is, ofcourse all due to the N64's limited cartrdige storage with 64MB being the maximum ever fit onto a commerical release on the machine (as with Resident Evil 2 and Conker's Bad Fur Day). I apoligise to all you MK fans out there if you're disgusted at my nooby performance on this playthrough. This video is designed to demonstrate the game in action, not to prove how good I am at it. Lastly, if you want to see the opening attract mode be sure to follow this link below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpIP05c-PzM
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Timesplitters: Future Perfect (PS2) - Co-op Campaign
Timesplitters Future Perfect is the third in the acclaimed FPS series by Free Radical (now Crytek UK) and my personal favourite of the bunch. I absolutely love it's goofy humour and Goldeneye inspired controls, as I did in the previous Timesplitters releases, and this one takes that formula and stretches it as far as sixth generation hardware can go. Timesplitters Future Perfect is one of the few PS2 games that doesn't look so hot in 720p, especially in splitscreen. The image quality always looked rather crappy on this game, presumably because it runs at a low native-resolution compared to other PS2 titles and I don't think I could play it for longer than in half-hour sessions now. The same doesn't apply for the smoother Xbox and Gamecube versions. Besides that, the odd control layout (R2 to shoot) leaves me wishing I still kept hold of the game on a different system as well. In anycase, Timesplitters 3 is still alot of fun and I'm longing for a return, be it a HD re-release or a totally brand new Timesplitters 4 sometime in the near future. For now though, it's time to split!
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Jak X: Combat Racing (PS2)
I realise I play the same race twice in this video. I apologise for that. This video was a bit of a mess to edit as I once again relied on Youtube's own editor from my source clip.
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