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MessIDK | a messyourself and robertidk compilation
heyo this is my first ever compilation vid (which is slightly crack since I couldn't help it) so feel free to give me some constructive criticism I realized that I forgot to include a scene from the try not to edit challenge so if I make a part 2 that's gonna be in it! Next I'll be making a compilation vid of Brandon calling Robert a piece of shit so stay tuned Thank you for watching ~ Claire ♥ ⋆⋆⋆ Outro Music - "Stay Stay Stay" by Taylor Swift
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Brandon Pretending to Hate Robert
finally done yay hope you like it :3 i miss these two so much oh my god EDIT - uh oh, people seem legitimately concerned in the comments. Robert and Brandon are good friends and do NOT hate each other, don't worry. The title is a joke, and if you're really worried you can go watch my MessIDK one :) - - - Outro music - "Septiplier Away" by RobertIDK
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Second Kitchen Glitch - Jacksepticeye Holiday Livestream | #Overnightwatch
hmm who is that? sorry about the beginning, I was checking the chat. I scrolled up as fast as I could My Twitter - https://twitter.com/ClaireWhyy Wattpad - @clairewhy
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PewDiePie Quotes of June 2018
"it's september—" SHHHHTFFKK
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Edit Hallway Glitch - Jacksepticeye Holiday Livestream | #OvernightWatch
sPOokY Donate - https://tiltify.com/@jackcharity2017/jacksepticeyes-holiday-special Stream - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H_wgGO3pS0 My Twitter - https://twitter.com/ClaireWhyy My Wattpad - @clairewhy
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Production Hallway Glitch - Jacksepticeye Holiday Livestream | #Overnightwatch
Finally a glitch in this hallway!! This happened at 1:35 PM GMT, when donations were at $81,882.70 there's a fan noise throughout the whole thing because my computer was on fire from being used all day
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Favorite Boy - Jacksepticeye Holiday Livestream | #Overnightwatch [no audio]
really sorry for the no audio and the volume icon in it I literally just started recording when Anti appeared and I panicked. Apparently he said "I wonder what will happen to your favorite boy" SOMEONE GOT THE VID ON TWITTER - https://twitter.com/eQuiinox_67/status/941919638962745344 donate - https://tiltify.com/@jackcharity2017/jacksepticeyes-holiday-special livestream - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H_wgGO3pS0 My Twitter - https://twitter.com/ClaireWhyy Wattpad - @clairewhy i'll probably delete this soon it sucks lol
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Second Edit Hallway Glitch - Jacksepticeye Holiday Livestream | #Overnightwatch
cHRiST Timestamp - 2:15 pm GMT Donations - $82,143.00 Twitter - clairewhy wattpad - clairewhy
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ERROR: ACCESS DENIED why does this have so many views I literally just made this for school???
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