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Cheapest bastard I've ever fought [Dark Souls 2] [PvP]
No idea what it is with Dragon Remnant members and being cheap. 4 out of the last 6 duels I had with a one, they tried to heal. Healing during a duel is both cowardly and dishonorable, which is why most players never do this, only cheap players do it.... and then there's this guy. I don't claim to be the best PvPer in Dark Sous 2, in fact I admit I am only average. I know I missed a few backstab opportunities but by that point I was already extremely frustrated. One of my swings early on connected and did no damage, and should have ended the fight, and then that lagstab at the end that finally killed me. Should have won this fight a few times over. Avoid this guy if you can, or better yet, if you know you can beat him, duel him and show him no mercy.
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Batman: Arkham Origins - Cold, Cold, Heart BLACK OUT GLITCH!! [Part 2]
This is what happened after my last video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Esbr3_4N0fc) one I restated from a checkpoint. No matter how many times I restart I still get this. Even completely exiting the game and reloading still brings me back here. Seems I will have to wait for a patch or start a new game.
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[Assasin's Creed Origins] How to find objective with Senu in under 2 seconds.
After you get used to this method you can use it to find the objective with Senu in 2 seconds or less, saving you time.
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ArcheAge MMO/NA-Tahyang/Synergy purpling on GR raid
We (the West) as a faction went out to fight the east GR raid, and what did Synergy decide to do? Come out and fight other West players.
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Batman: Arkham Origins - Cold, Cold Heart BLACKOUT GLITCH!
Look, look with your special eyes! Seems they did not test this game as much as they should have. I have run into quite a few other glitches but this was the most notable one. Here is part two of the video, what happened after I restarted from checkpoint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruArtTF_uDg
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Dogmeat being a dumbass (Fallout 4)
Was going to try to to take apart all the lasers for the parts, then Dogmeat did this..
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Total War Attila (Age of Charlemagne) Army destroyed in one click!
No idea what happened here. I intended to start a battle with this enemy army (no auto resolve) when.... this happened. No option to engage manually or auto resolve, just the victory animation and bye bye enemy army.
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Total War: Attila LoS (line of sight) glitch with SLI enabled.
I've encountered this problem with the last three NVIDIA drivers, including the most recent 361.91 released just two days ago on 2/15/2016. When I have SLI enabled, both mine and the enemies line of sight is cut to a fraction of what it should be. As you can see it does not matter if I'm on higher ground, the enemy is on higher ground, neither of us have high ground, etc. Playing like this is impossible. Ranged units only have time to get off one shot before battle lines collide, scouts end up running right into enemy spears before you have time to stop and turn around. Ranged units are next to useless, siege units are useless, scouting is a suicide mission and chasing down routing units is impossible. The last drivers I have not had these problems with is 355.82, which are quite old. Since playing like this is not an option, and playing without SLI and half the performance is not an option, what am I left with? Playing the rest of my 150+ game library with drivers many months old and getting the performance loss that comes with it? The only thing I can do is just not play Total War: Attila, the latest in a video game series I have invested ten years of my life and multiple thousands of hours enjoying. Any and all suggestions and help is welcome, thank you.
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Ohhhh GEM... why must you do this?  (Rome 2 w/ GEM + SweetFX)
Interesting bug with GEM + SweetFX. It appears that SweetFX is on, and GEM is toggling depending on where I am on the map :(
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Stopping Chinese invasion.
Chinese came hard with two max imprinted war brontos with ascendent saddles, two gigas, two war quetz, and support pteras and still got shut down.
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Rome 2 flashing on campaign map after most recent patch (Hannibal).
I disabled and deleted all mods. As of Patch 12, this is still a game-breaking issue for me.
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[Kerbal Space Program] Rescue redevous just like the movie The Martian.
I decided, after I get an intercept within 2.5km, just close enough to control the Kerbal I need to rescue, that I will not waste any more fuel to match velocities. Instead I will be doing a highs-speed redevous just like the movie The Martian. Why? First of all, it's fun. Secondly, it saves Delta-V, so why not?
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Ark: Survival Evolved.  Raft stuck on nothing.
Tried relogging about a dozen times, tried turning in circles countless times, tried getting on and off the wheel, tried going on and off the gas. Nothing seems to work.
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Funniest thing I have seen in ArcheAge (MMO) in a while.
Was helping a friend move packs... then this happened.
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The horrible, horrible goldspamming in ArcheAge MMO.
I made this video to showcase and call attention to they massively overwhelming, distracting, and outright annoying bots that spam messages advertising websites to buy in-game gold from. If you've played MMOs before, you've seen them before. Unlike most other MMOs (I suspect), Trion does not do much at all to stop these spambots. I really enjoy this game, and would greatly consider paying a subscription and spending money but this spam has made me apprehensive. I don't want to spend money on a game that does not have significant moderation. I'm no programmer but even I can think of some pretty common sense methods to rid the servers of these spambots. Please get rid of these goldspammers, before they rid the game of willing players.
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Salty kiddo.
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1911 owners be like:
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Sinister Island sale, 6/11/2015 9pm
Just documentation of a sale made and recorded to give credibility to future sales. Nothing to see here, move along.
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I need the Steam achievement.
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[Kerbal Space Program] Orbit Markers Tomfoolery.
Trying to figure out why my orbit markers are flashing and flickering around like that. As you can imagine, this makes it extremely difficult to do precise maneuvers. This isn't even nearly the worse of it! I was only able to record it now because I didn't have desktop capture enabled in Nvidia Shadowplay (needed to record games that are in Borderless Windowed mode). This happens about 65% or more of the time I am in orbit of another body (not including Kerbin), and recently almost all my orbits have experienced this. I found a thread a few weeks ago that said this bug was unfixable, and is permanent. Is this still the case?
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My Movie
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Circle kill
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My Movie
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