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Unbreakable Coffee Mugs
Weighing only 3 OZ, these wheath straw mugs are pretty light, but wait, they are unbreakable! They come in a set of 4, different colors that are soft colors.The mugs are nicely packed too. I love the fact that you can till then on their holder to dry , so there is no contact between the mug and any surface while drying out. The material they are made from is biodegradable, meaning is able to be destroyed by natural elements. Definitely will look for more what straw instead of plastic in the future. https://www.amazon.com/Superelead-Premium-Friendly-Biodegradable-Unbreakable/dp/B01HYTW6E2/ref=sr_1_6?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1471310699&sr=1-6&keywords=unbreakable+coffee+mugs
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Flea and Tick Control With 3 Tick Remover Twister Tool and Flea Comb For Dog, Cat
This is a awesome set of tick and flea removers. There are 3 different sized scraper like looking tick removal, I guess for different size ticks. The 3 tick removal utensils are made of hard plastic. The flea removal is a very tick like looking metal comb that goes trough the animal fur and separates the fleas from the fur. I try it on our cat and he tolerated the whole process very well. And thanks god, he has no fleas. We are using a monthly treatment on his neck to keep the pests away and he is a happy cat.
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Raw Silk Garshana Massage Gloves - Dry Massage Therapy
I never tried a dry massage before. These raw silk gloves are doing such a great job at it. I always tend to have ingrown hair on my legs after the hair removal. I tried many wet scrubs , salt, coffee, coconut oil. They.... kinda' work. There are still some ingrown hairs but not as bad as without a scrub. These gloves are really working magic on my legs. The dead skin goes away so easy. The skin, after wash and dehydrate is soft and clear. I was not convince of the design at first, but after using the a few time, the 3 finders design works best.
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LefRight Universal Multipurpose Tactical Molle Holster
This is a very handy little holder. It has so, so many pockets! We decided that we will use it to store some emergency items in one of our cars. It easy holds a flash light, a notebook, a lighter , a compass, matches and a medicine bag. It sits in the glove compartment, strap attached. The design is nice, and I have seen these a lot in Europe where men are not that afraid to wear colors and men bags. Hope will catch up hear too, but certainly I hope that the beard mania that US experiences at this time, stays here.
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Natural Body Lotion for Men
This men lotion came in a large bottle. The scent is very pleasant, I would definitely like it on a man but I think a woman can wear it too. Unfortunately my husband find it to strong and says he will stick whit his unscented cream. I don't mind wearing it, it really absorbs fast and there are no traces on the skin. If you or your SO don't mind a scented lotion that does NOT have a strong scent, this is definitely a catch. I would recommend for any skin types. https://www.amazon.com/ULTIMATE-Natural-Organic-Coconut-Vanilla/dp/B019EQ77LA/ref=cm_rdp_product
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Ball Chain Necklace
This is a nice 25 pack of 24 inch adjustable nickel plated chains. I like to craft and these chains are very versatile and easy to work with. I like that the metal is plated, won't rust. The opening and closing is very easy and they don't come undo on their own, I think they are safe for kids that are older. https://www.amazon.com/Chain-Necklace-Inches-Nickel-Plated-Guaranteed/dp/B01J1UVGGG/ref=cm_rdp_product
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#xchef 4 sets spatulas
Yeah, baby. I had no spatulas and now I have 4 of them! These are very useful when incorporating white eggs fluffs into backing composition. there is an art to it and a multitude of videos out there to show you how. I use them also to spread icing and there are a few icings you have to spread on hot cakes. These spatulas are heat resistant , up to 450 Fahrenheit. Honestly , the highest temperature I ever baked something was 430 Fahrenheit, so, I'll always be on the safe side, I guess. Love the vivant colors, I have spatulas, baby! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014F3T4R2
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Ohuhu Wooden Tie Hanger Rotating
This tie hanger and organizer is a great way to keep your tie at hand. It can store up to 24 ties, when you single stack them, and the little hooks have grips on the ties so these won't slip off. When not in use the hooks can be pushed parallel to the wooden frame, in order to save space. The whole concept is to save space while being able to see the ties while hanging between your clothes. A great buy. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KH0RJN8
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ORGANIC 101 Cedarwood Spice -
This organic deodorant is really nothing I expected it to be. I expected a greasy looking, clumping kinda soap. What I received is really a god product. It smells really nice, of cedar wood, and it will be suitable to wear by men and women. It came in a form of a large stick. It has a rolling inner tube so you can roll out more deodorant as you were it . If you apply to much it looks like little residue on the skin but if you just wipe it of with your hand is acts like a cream and gets in to the skin faster. Is is easy absorbed by the skin and there are no yellow stains left behind.
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https://www.amazon.com/Modal-cotton-panties-lace-Small/dp/B01MQNQU6A/ref=cm_rdp_product I ordered this in small, since that is the size I usually wear. I can wear these but I recommend that you buy a size up . The material is super nice and the colors are nice too. The seams are very tiny, barely visible. These are very comfy and the colors sis not fade after washing them up.
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Germination kits
I love these 12 cell germinating kits. i always used the 36 cells and i did noticed that the end that is not next to the window gets less sun and therefore less plants survive. These 12 cell kits can be placed on a window sail. This is a pack of 10 kits so for about 120 plants. https://www.amazon.com/Koram-Germination-Starting-Humidity-12-cells/dp/B01LX0JBUU
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Cute Ohuhu Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover
Ho ho ho! This toilet Christmas set is really sweet. There are 4 pieces, a toilet paper roll cover, a toilet tank cover, a toilet top cover and a feet rag. The feet rag is double faced, the side that is meant to be on the floor has little rubber nits so it is anti slip. The toilet top cover is sweet, with a Santa face on it. It will fit perfectly every round toilet seat but let a gap uncovered in the oval, larger toilet seats. The paper roll and tank covers are made of thin material. The tank cover has two elastic holders underneath. If you are looking for a inexpensive christmas seat cover that looks cute, this is it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P66DBS6
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(Brown)Belt for Men 100% Genuine Leather Belts [Size35-36Trimmed to fit]
This belt is made of leather, is dark brown, almost black. It comes in a very nice gift box and the box contain a hole puncher also.The belt has a soft leather ring for hanging. The belt buckle is made of metal with a chrome finish. My husband likes it a bunch, as you can see. This belt can be worn with casual clothing but will fit dress clothing too. The leather is tick, the finish is not shiny, I think this will make a nice gift too.
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Ohuhu Aluminium Alloy Cake Turntable 12 Inch
This cake turntable is made really well. High quality aluminum alloy and a solid stand that has anti slip mat. The turntable is 12 inch diameter, hold any standard cake or pie ( standard pie shells are 9 inch). The stand leg is 4.5 inches high. The stand leg can be undone for easy cleaning in the dishwasher. The cake turntable turns around very smooth and with no sound. This cake stand is one of the highest quality items that I ever reviewed. Highly recommend. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01K19KHCK
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Super Easy Siphon
I love this siphon . As opposite to what we were doing when we were kids, namely suck the liquids out using a simple hose, most of the time getting gas in my mouth, this siphon is ingenious. I can empty my turtle tank without getting the nasty water in my mount. You just put the metal end of the siphon in the tank and shake it until the water level in the siphon hose is over the tank edge. Place the other end of the siphon in a bucket, gravity does the rest. The hose itself has a diameter of about 1 inch, so the transfer is fast too.
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120 LED Copper Wire String Lights
These string lights are awesome! 19.6 feet long, very bright and extremely light in weight. The batteries are not included so be sure to have 2 C type batteries at hand. I tested mine with new C batteries and in continued light mode, they only lasted about 24.2 hours, so be sure to use the timed mode if you want to have them for longer then that. The string is very flexible you you can tide it to almost everything. It never got to hot during the tests. I'm at awe that this copper light strings actually exist! https://www.amazon.com/Oak-Leaf-Outdoor-Waterproof-Batteries/dp/B019DOYN9W/ref=cm_rdp_product
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Everbellus Breathable Latex Corset Training Waist Cincher for Women
I am not overweight and normally wear size S clothes but with age the skin loses elasticity and starts to look shaggy. I like wearing summer dresses and this waist trainer is suitable for hiding the shaggy. The material is breathable and the sweating is minimal. I received a size L waist trainer and I'm glad it was not my usual size S, It would not have fit. Keep in mind to go at least a size over your size. https://www.amazon.com/Everbellus-Breathable-Corset-Training-Cincher/dp/B014KM0LPC/ie=UTF8?m=&keywords=Waist+trainer+corset+for+weight+loss
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Runing shoes
I am a size 5 1/2 or 36 EU. I have received the size 5 1/2 and it fits very nice. The color is vibrant. The soles are clearly made of white plastic but I did not experienced any issues with the bending, is bending very easy, as it should. Al in all, they look good. #walkingshoes https://www.amazon.com/Changping-Perme…/…/ref=cm_rdp_product
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Ohuhu 80 PCS Reusable Chalkboard Labels
I was looking forward to this set of 80 stickers that can be reused by erasing the chalk with a wet cloth. It was over my expectations. The packaging is not that spectacular but the set comes with 2 liquid chalk writers, one white and other other neon green. You'll have to shake the chalk writers before the first use so that the chalk infuses in the pen tip. Be carefull with the white one, since you can see it ( cotton tip is also white) you can easily over fill it). Once the chalk dries out, it doesn't smear or run anymore. You can re-write on the stickers by erasing the chalk with a wet cloth. Looking forward to re-label my spice jars! https://www.amazon.com/review/create-review?ie=UTF8&asin=B01LNK0JRE https://www.amazon.ca/review/create-review?ie=UTF8&asin=B01LYU2UU5 https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/create-review?ie=UTF8&asin=B01KNJIFUO#
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Tea tree
I am using a humidifier and all kind of different essential oils for my yoga sessions. I love tea tree smell and I tried more than one kind. This smells as it is supposed to smell. I am making all my skin scrubs myself and often include a essential oil in them just for the smell incense. This tee tree oil is really high quality and , mixed with Shea butter and salt or coconut oil and salt makes wonderful scrubs. This tee tree bottle comes with a squeeze pump, making the dispensing very easy.
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Tire Gauge
This tire gauge is pretty decent. We were very positively surprised by how accurate it is. I have to keep my trucks back tires at 41 PSI so I check it pretty frequently. It is losing about 1 PSI per month due to how heavy the truck is. We measured with an electronic tire gouge and it was 39.45 PSI.As you see, this mechanical tire gouge is quite acurate. I like the very large display and the tire-like look. This tire gouge is not flimsy, and not light weight.
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Aestar 8 in 1 Innovative Silicone Burger Press
Awesome burger press. It makes 8 hexagonal burgers at once. You can make the burgers in advance and freeze them in ht burger press. This burger press is very easy to clean, a cycle in the dish washer and is new again. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IOJXU4G
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Wireless Meat Thermometer
Gone are now the times we overcooked our roasts! This awesome thermometer alerts you when the meat had reached the desired temperature. It has settings for beef, pork, poultry, fish, burgers and if you think the original settings are not for you, you can change them to your desired temperatures. The probes is made of metal and the cord to the stand/base is metal too. The base require two AAA batteries ( not included). The thermometer itself has a big screen. It has a back button so you can turn it off between uses. The front buttons are intuitive, you can easy switch between the kind of meat you are cooking and the level of how done you want it. This thermometer can be used next to the grill too. What I really think is awesome about this product is that you don't have to constantly check the temperature of the meat. When the desired temp is reached, the thermometer will alert you. The thermometer is portable, put yours in your pocket and you'll never miss the beep. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LSON02C
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Super  healthy steamer
Super healthy vegetable steamer, that is so easy to clean up. You can also serve your vegetables from it. It is large enough that holds a side of vegetable for 2 persons.
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Philonext Desktop Cable Organizer
Easy peel and stick cable holders , set of 6. Holds any cable in place. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FXG6TGO
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Supper soft ear plugs
Supper soft, easy to use and very comfy. https://www.amazon.com/Cancelling-Concerts-Relaxation-Comfortable-Tranquil/dp/B01LZCJS8V/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1476193383&sr=8-1&keywords=sleeping%2Bearplugs&th=1
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I thought I had a 30 OZ Ozark trail rumbler, but NOOO, is a 20 OZ ! Now I have a handle for a tumbler that I do not have. About this handle, is pretty solid, the plastic is made of is not that hard that is not flexible anymore. The handle is black and it has a polished finish. Just imagine that there is a tumbler that I hold, probable the same thing, LOL. https://www.amazon.com/OMO-30-Grip-Rambler-Tumblers/dp/B01H1EVJCU/ref=cm_rdp_product
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Muffin pan
This muffin pan is so handy! You only have to use bit of a cooking spray to make the muffins not stick to the pan. Is super easy too clean to, normally just a cycle in the dishwasher. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NP8M67Y
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V.one Waterproof LED Safety Lights for Bicycle
Oh my gosh, I tough this was hilarious. I gave it to my husband without telling him what it was. He unpack it, without reading the product name ( I knew he won't read it, we always have to reassemble things because he does not need directions). He turns is around, finds the button , turn its on and , after a few moments of confusion , he asks me what is is. I tell you, I lost it. I laughed and laughed . I told him is a bike light. He says' Hell, no, not on my bike! I have my expensive lights, why would I need this?' He then realists what it was actually and loose it also. This will make a very good gag presents, and we intent to use it as such.
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This knee pad is very easy to transport, store and clean. It has a thickness of 1.2” . Is very comfortable, you can clean it under running water as it is water proofed or wipe it with a wet cloth. It is about 10 inch wider, that will fit any person that can knee down. It is made of solid foam, and is very light. We are using it for target practice, not as a target, mind you.It is nice not to come home after rifle shooting with marks on your knees. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I0XDDPM
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Silicone Burger Press
Awesome burger press. It makes 8 hexagonal burgers at once. You can make the burgers in advance and freeze them in ht burger press. This burger press is very easy to clean, a cycle in the dish washer and is new again. https://www.amazon.com/Superelead-Silicone-Innovative-Freezer-Container/dp/B01IOHAKS2/ref=sr_1_122?ie=UTF8&qid=1470275976&sr=8-122&keywords=silicone+burger+press
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Tworld Hunting Rifle Bipod
I had a hard time trying to figure out how to use and mount this bipod to a rifle. Now hta I figure it out, here it is: The small mount with resizable side goes on the rifle first. You need to have ridges on your rifle barrel in order to do that. The distance between the ridges should be 2-3 inch. After you mounted the small mount, remove the plastic thing that holds together the clamp on the bipod itself. Open the clamps as far as possible by unscrewing the screw that open and close the clamps. Put the small bell from the small mount into the clamps and tide the screw. You are done. The bipod is retractable, you can store it under your rifle when not in use. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FU2IZHC/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_0
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KatSense set of 3 mouse traps
I remember once we were in the Christmas shopping season and we were at a pet shop buying food for our cat when my husband says that we should buy our cat a mouse for Christmas, a live mouse!. He was dead serious. At the time, our outdoors indoors cat hat to stay inside for the whole winter and apparently he was missing on his hunting. Just imagine us releasing a tiny mouse in our one bedroom apartment , crammed with all our stuff in boxes at the time! Short story long, the cat did not have a Christmas present. These mice traps are working because of gravity, baby! Once the mouse steps inside at the back of the trap ( where you place your bait), the trap nose snaps up pand the door closes. The mices are not strong enough to open the trapdoor because every time they step at the front of the trap, the trap reclines and the door gets against the ground. What you do with your capture, hooman, is your business but I'll suggest to not give them to your cat for Christmas. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IZ59MTQ
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Amazing set
This stainless steal utensils set rocks! It is made of heavy metal, the lot wights 3.5 pounds! The set contains spoons, 4 knives, 4 salad forks , 4 desert spoons and 4 forks. The numbers 18/10 represents the composition of the stainless steel and refer to the amount of chromium and nickel (respectively) in the product. The higher the nickel (10 being the highest available) makes the still sturdier like not as easy to bend. I think this set would make a great present to a freshmen for his or hers first independent housing but I also think that would be pity to give them to someone that will just trow them away at teh end of the semester ( I seen it so many times!) .
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Toil in the Soil Garden Sickle
This gardening sickle is very handy. The blade is very sharp, it comes with a plastic cover that sticks to the blade you need to first put it under water when you first remove the blade from the cover in order to unstick it. for some reason, after the first removal, the blade does not stick to the over anymore. The handles is not that heavy but you can see that is quality. I love the leather loop at the end of the handle, it makes it so easy to hang the sickle for easy storing.
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I am using a humidifier and all kind of different essential oils for my yoga sessions. I love lavender smell and I tried more than one kind. This smells as it is supposed to smell. I am making all my skin scrubs myself and often include a essential oil in them just for the smell incense. This lavender oil is really high quality and, mixed with Shea butter and salt or coconut oil and salt makes wonderful scrubs. This lavender essential oil bottle comes with a squeeze pump, making the dispensing very easy. The scent of this particular oil is not very strong, that is why I proffer it for scrubs.
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Seat cover
We put this car seat cover on the front drivers set on our Bronco witch is a big truck with big seats. The seat covers the whole seat and , because it has anti slip on the back of the part that goes on the seat , it stays in place nicely. It has a adjustable head rest cord and 2 sky like type of cords for the back of the seat. I love the little pockets in front of it, It so easy to store receipts or loose change. https://www.amazon.com/DRIVE-Ultimate-Protector-Flaps-Plate/dp/B01LVTQH2B
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I have a really small face and I keep trying glasses in the hop that I'll find one to fit me. These glasses are definitely too big for me. They will fit any normal sized adult I think. The frames are shiny and nicely made. The glasses are polarized and elegant looking. They come with a pouch for storing . https://www.amazon.com/WearMe-Pro-Polarized-Wayfarer-Sunglasses/dp/B014JUJAPC/ref=cm_rdp_product
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Ohuhu Solar Garden Light
We live in a dark sky city ( astronomic observatory is down town) and we needed some lights to indicate the path to the house from the driveway. These lights are exceptional. First of all , they are solar, you don't need batteries or chargers. They only come out after dark, on their own. You can choose from the 3 ways of assembly: mounted on a wall or pole, hanging from a metal pole ( provided) or mounted on a plastic pole ( not hanging) which is also provided. The mounting screws are also included. The assembly is very easy, no tool required unless you choose the wall /pole mounting option. We first had the lights hanging from the metal rods provided but we ended up preferring to have them mounted to the wooden pols at the end of our pathway. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IHQKTWW
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Big Ant Car Windshield Snow Cover #snowcover
We are using this with our VW Tiguan and it fits the windscreen ok. It will probably fit the most cars out there but probably won't fit any truck. As per description, you can use it as a picnic mat outdoors too, or even a yoga mat. The exact length is 77.5 inch, and is 27.5 inch wide. This is made of multi layer material, is waterproofed, resistant to ice and frost and does not let UV to penetrate. The material is thick and soft, rolls tide easy. This Windshield snow cover comes with a storage bag for easy storing when not in use. https://www.amazon.com/Big-Ant-Windshield-Snow-Cover/dp/B01IR2DSGU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1469243807&sr=8-1&keywords=B01IR2DSGU
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Tesion 12-Inch x 14-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel
Huge pizza peel, 12 inch by 14 inch. A normal pizza is about 9 inch in diameter so, this is HUGE! https://www.amazon.com/Tesion-12-Inch-14-Inch-Aluminum-Handle/dp/B01I4U1PPG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475032696&sr=8-1&keywords=pizzapeel
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Fayachi BoreSighter Bore Sight kit
These Bore Sight kits used to be very expensive, more than a hundred dollars. Nowadays they are plenty out there under $50. They are usually great for adjusting your scope on your rifle.This particular kit is for .22 to .50 caliber, has 4 different caliber kits. Don't do what I did, I stuck one of the kits in the non removable silencer of my pellet rifle and the tip of the lit refused to come up and is still in the silencer. Know your rifle caliber and use the appropriate kit size. the needed batteries are included. The assembly is really easy. You can turn the laser light on and off by turning the battery case in the kit until you hear a pop. I am very happy with this kit, my .22 Winchester really needed a scope recalibration.
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Holographic Laser Powder Nail Glitter
Amazing halo 3D effect with this powder. Works only with clear polish, as my experience. Black polish looks OK too. https://www.amazon.com/Holographic-Glitter-Rainbow-Manicure-Pigments/dp/B01K718X5U/ref=sr_tnr_p_1_13106421_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1475794826&sr=8-1&keywords=B01K718X5U&th=1
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#vahdamteas organic tea
Lovely aromatic tea, completely organic. It comes in a vacuum sealed pack with an extra paper waxed self sealing bag for fresh keeping. This tea leaves we are using in a tea infuser and It makes delicious green tea. The darjeeling tea is full of antioxidants and is calorie free. This tea is also vegetarian and gluten free. Replace your wine with this tea, you'll lose weight and live longer. Or, at least it will feel like it. https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Himalayas-Natural-Cleanse-Slimming/dp/B00R65SD4C/ref=sr_1_225?ie=UTF8&qid=1474319328&sr=8-225&keywords=detox+tea
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TripWorthy Unisex umbrella
This is a very nice and solid umbrella. It has buttons to automatically open and close and comes with a storring satchel. the structure is made of high quality aluminum, made special for high winds. The canopy is large. This umbrella is neutral and can be used by men and women. The canopy is water proofed, as you'd expect. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DYYNF00
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LIANSING Universal All in One Worldwide Travel Adapter
5 different adapter for more than 150 countries worldwide plus 2 USB 2 adapters. Surge protected. https://www.amazon.com/LIANSING-Universal-Worldwide-Adapter-Charging/dp/B01FO4W5W2/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1474681919&sr=8-9&keywords=travel%2Badapter&th=1
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Got Glamour Nose Hair Trimmer
These little nose hair trimming scissors are really sharp! Yes, really sharp. The rounded tip is great, can't poke yourself with it. My husband is using these trimmers to trim his mustache with it, he says they are really better than the hair scissors he was using before, much sharper and manoeuvrable. I personally like that they are light, not to big and that the rounded tip is big enough. They are made of steel coated with titanium. They are made in the USA, which, for me, is a plus.
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TripWorthy Electric Pencil Sharpener
Good pencil sharpener. It it is operated by 4 AA batteries, not included. The little engine is strong, you need to keep the pencil in place with a firm hand. I am using it a lot for sharpening coloration pencils and it works well on them. Sometimes it breaks finer writing graphite pencils but that happens with a manual sharpener too. I love that is has a little safety hutch, a little child won't be able to push it's little fingers through it and the actual blades are at the bottom of the sharpener, little fingers can reach it even if they break through the safety latch. For the price and if you use pencils a lot, this is a good buy. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DYY7UU6
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Kulaton Pencil Sharpener Battery Operated (Office Product)
5.0 out of 5 stars Decent buy, August 8, 2016 By Sunshine Edit Review Delete Review Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Kulaton Pencil Sharpener Battery Operated (Office Product) 0:23 Length:: 0:23 Mins Decent pencil sharpener. It it is operated by 4 AA batteries, not included. The little engine is strong, you need to keep the pencil in place with a firm hand. I am using it a lot for sharpening coloration pencils and it works well on them. Sometimes it brakes finer writing graphite pencils but that happens with a manual sharpener too. For the price and if you use pencils a lot, this is a decent buy.
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Cable clips
Fantastic product! The silicone the clips are made of is soft but durable. They each can hold 3 cables. These cable holders are for desk surfaces and meant to help with cable management when cables are going over the desk edges, as all pc's cables do. They have a unique shape that allows them to expand and go over 2 inch thick desk surface and will fit anything under 2 inch thickness. https://www.amazon.com/review/R3Q1LKIC20AFX/ref=pe_1098610_137716200_cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv
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