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LPS: Ten Types of Outfits
Views: 35723 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Vines (clean) Warning Headphone Users!
Audio: 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymzf3ui6Gx4 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfgjEx5x37s
Views: 62241 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: How to Annoy Your Ex
Here’s the beautiful video with incredible dance moves at 3. https://youtu.be/vmsEvZY3i_w Music Titles by Kevin Macleod: Investigations.
Views: 17047 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Ten Things I Hate About Throwing Up
Only 90s kids remember this video Music Titles by Kevin Macleod: Monkey Spinning Monkeys.
Views: 10543 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Cheater (Short Film)
Respect your relationship!
Views: 22227 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Camp Riverwood Episode 8: Not As It Seems
Utter humiliation is all that surrounds Gwen. It’s her worst nightmare coming true: her flawless reputation going down the drain. With her bratty, hissy fit on YouTube, things can only go downhill for her from here. Meanwhile, what about Melody’s reputation? With how things are going at the moment, it seems as though she and Dakota are truly going to bond this week. With Gwen out of the way, Melody sure is excited for what’s coming to her. But maybe she shouldn’t be so certain that everything’ll be okay.
Views: 15215 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Clean Your Room!
Views: 187480 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Ten Types of Dreams (Remake)
Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icaNBBWWqIc
Views: 10093 LPSAllisonTV
What My LPS Do When I’m Not Home PART 4 {FINALE PT 2} The End
Music Titles by Kevin Macleod: Mandeville.
Views: 73974 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Classroom Disaster! (Funny Skit!)
Views: 34804 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Ten Things I Hate About P.E!
Music Titles by Kevin Macleod: Scheming Weasel.
Views: 14614 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: No Snacks (Skit)
Views: 14149 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Fifteen Types of Farts
Music by Kevin Macleod: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys. None of the music or sound effects (aside from farts)used in this video belong to me. All credits to the rightful owners.
Views: 13873 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Every Stereotypical LPS Series Trailer (THIS IS A JOKE VIDEO!)
im not actually making this series lol and im not trying to hurt or taunt anyone, this is for fun and comedic purposes also comment "great butts fart alike" if you see this...
Views: 14946 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Ten Things I Hate About Dreams
Dreams can sometimes be enchanted, happy, and wonderful. Unfortunately, you always have the downsides to dreaming during your bedtime. Here are ten things I hate about dreams! Music by Kevin Macleod: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys.
Views: 5556 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: 10 Things I Hate About Diarrhea!
Ever accidentally plant that lovely gift in your panties? Ever release the disgust within in the form of liquid poop? Here are ten things I hate about it!
Views: 11394 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Camp Riverwood Episode 1: The Invitation (Inspired by LPS Popular)
A normal, spectacular, and fun filled summer was all Melody ever expected for this time of year. But maybe she shouldn’t let her hopes get too high, especially when an anonymously sent invitation turns her summer upside down. A mysterious note forcing Melody into an event isn’t necessarily what she wanted, nor was its “kind offer” what she was thinking of spending her summer participating in.
Views: 48561 LPSAllisonTV
44 Things I Dislike About Haters - Part 2 (Final!)
Music by Kevin Macleod: Fluffing a Duck and Pixel Peeka Polka - faster.
Views: 9810 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: My Strange Addiction: Episode 2 (ADDICTED TO POOPING IN CHIMNEYS!) Part 1
Boy, it’s been a long time since the last episode. Hope you guys enjoy!
Views: 19251 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Stop Bullying! (Remake of My First Video)
The first video was made sometime in summer 2015 eh too lazy to check
Views: 19786 LPSAllisonTV
LPSAllisonTV Survives a Tornado! Pt 1
A hazardous, treacherous disaster is hurtling towards the crew faster than you can say "pass the popcorn". Allison, Rachel, Alexandra, Gabe, Joey, Bernie, and more are all working together to build the most fun yet safe shelter right in their basement! Will they survive? What is all the commotion going on outside while some of the members are still out there? Will they ever find out, or will the tornado beat them to it? Music by Kevin Macleod: Sneaky Snitch, Faceoff, Pop Goes the Weasel, A Turn for the Worse, Cryptic Sorrow, Nervous, The Hive, and Atlantean Twilight. My Twitter: https://twitter.com/LPSAllisonTV All My Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_QKGEyH0RQ&list=PLqsDJE7lN6y3LixhKmqyhuLVnxborwljc&index=1
Views: 26731 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Abnormal Pain Episode 10: Dirty Secrets
Things are not looking good as Bridget and Sally explore the Teachers' Lounge some more. They discover horrible secrets that are now revealed, as all the snacks have somehow disappeared and more hazardous drugs appear. And as if that wasn't enough, the Talent Show has been rescheduled, sending the girls into spiral confusion and panic. Things are looking absolutely horrifying as new dirty secrets are discovered. Music from Petz Dogz/Catz 2: Gongoro Peak, Lonesome Park, Crystal Caverns, and Jade Fields. Other music from The Dog Island.
Views: 4332 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Ten Types of Cousins
Hi Music by Kevin Macleod: Fluffing a Duck.
Views: 7679 LPSAllisonTV
LPS: Camp Riverwood Episode 4: Traitor
A fun party has arrived to lift spirits and get kids like Melody into the swing-of-things, but it doesn’t appear to be working. Gwen is the one to make sure of that. A fun time is all Melody wants to have at this party, but maybe even that is too much to ask for. That boy and his lovely girlfriend are certainly up to no good, and their relationship completely bulldozes Melody’s confidence.
Views: 18692 LPSAllisonTV

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