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Kendall Jenner + The Kardashian Klan - Illuminati Tranny Dynasty
NOTE: We have Tranny Trump blowing up syria, we have the WSJ and big companies attacking our revenue on Youtube! BUT WE WILL NOT YIELD! Here's a new episode guys :D She is not the easiest one to expose, would have been much harder but I recently did research and found out that many Jenners are part of the Kardashian Klan so there we go, rofl!
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Scarlett Johansson - Red Jo, The Tranny Everyone Ought To Know!
New Backup Channel - Batman https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfkWAKr5mXGO0rEo5pQGvGQ (Tell me in comments if link doesn't work!) If you want to know more about Scarlett Johansson's gender then this video is for you! She is an MTF tranny that is starring in all these superhero movies etc. brainwashing the masses! Don't waste your time watching them, these secret Trannies have been brainwashing humanity and causing all the problems you see in the world! If the masses dont' work up these freaks will be their undoing!
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Margot Robbie - Illuminati Super Tranny
So I essentially have Suicide Squad on Torrent and after this I'm unsure if I want to watch it, Robbie is such a Drag Queen, but then again everyone in Music/TV/Movies/Adult Film is, been trying to warn people but no one IRL listens
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Amy Schumer - Illuminati Tranny Comedian
Another abomination exposed, disgusting, horrid, good riddance!
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The Spice Guys - Illuminati Feminist Tranny Pop Group
Introducing...The Spice Guys!
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Adult Film Trannies + Illuminati Models
NOTE: These are all in Adult Film with Lucy Pinder and Stacy Keibler being Models/WWE, these are all pretty obvious Trannies this time round, Most Males Including: Jessy Jones, Xander Corvus, Keiran Lee and Johnny Sins are also Female To Male Trasngenders! All this Pornstars have the biggest penises is all Fake/Staged, Enjoy the video!!! P.S: I am still trying to encourage a large group of Nofappers that all Porn is just a bunch of trannies but still to no avail, it would allow them to quit 100x easier P.S.S: I found a way to boost my audio after recording so tell me what you think of that too! Thanks for watching! Go here for more transvestigations: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLucCC337JgYlFsOf89REJxdaL-avYRsxn
Views: 14781 Peter Parker
Leonardo Dicaprio - The Female of TrannyWood
Almost 20,000 Views! Thanks for everyone sharing this everywhere! For more transvestigations go here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLucCC337JgYlFsOf89REJxdaL-avYRsxn Robin (Peter Parker Backup Channel) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRqZQ0vdDGU0HNDjVShx38A Batman (Peter Parker Backup Channel) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfkWAKr5mXGO0rEo5pQGvGQ Iron Man (Peter Parker Backup Channel) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChRjmYbk3vuLcMor5DjqdAA
Views: 26136 Peter Parker
Rowan Atkinson Reuploaded - Same Tranny Bean, Same Tranny Team!
Reuploaded from Spiderman! Rowan Atkinson is an FTM that has lied to the masses! He is another secret tranny that should be exposed! These people live among us but never show us their real intent, true demons!
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Vogue - Illuminati Tranny Magazine
NOTE: If someone can recommend me a better voice changer than MorphVox Pro I would gladly appreciate it, there wasn't much I could do about the audio, for info on these trannies in TV/Movies/Music/Porn go to: MrE3000: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAgVKvt3syB7gV-hL9bMTYw Jon Humanity:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2W_G8MSW4eBJDXGsvpMqdQ For more info on Illuminati History: http://www.realhistorychannel.org/-NWO1763-1939.pdf http://www.realhistorychannel.org/NWO1939-2015.pdf http://www.realhistorychannel.org/hidden-access-2
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Playboy - Another Illuminati Tranny Magazine
NOTE: All of these are trannies, this is a great deception on our mind, most likely cloned as opposed to born then changed
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Shania Twain - Illuminati Tran! It Feels Like A Man!
NOTE: I've started adding GIFS now too, I don't mind taking recommendations although there are some that I do honestly struggle with My Videos will turn your world upside down, BEWARE Which Celebs you Idolize!!!
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Hemsworths Exposed - Illuminati Tranny Duo
My 3rd Video! I expose the Hideous Hemsworths who are really just a bunch of Fake Men trying to steal women from real mortal men! They are a bunch girls and their skeletal structure proves this! Watch and be amazed!
Views: 7406 Peter Parker
Sophie Ellis Bextor - MTF Tranny - We'll Get Over You!
Sophie Ellis Bextor is a MTF Tranny, the male jaw is so big with this one, you could crack nuts with it! Don't be afraid to leave a comment, this is very difficult to understand and if you've got any question, I'll reply!
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Zoella - YouTube's Secret Tranny Exposed
Reupload from my Spiderman backup channel for those who have not yet seen! Zoella is one of the trannies pushing make up tutorials, boring whats in my bag videos etc. She is not a real female and she is tricking so many men into lusting after her and tricking so many females into thinking this is how a woman should look! These Illuminati trannies are evil liars! Please tell me if you see any more youtube stars who are trannies, these ones are hard to spot, many say PewdiePie is an FTM but I am not so sure! Update 21st July: Jeffree Star is actually an FTM (In Drag), I am still looking into these, many make up artists on youtube are either: MTFs like Zoella FTMs (In Drag): Gigi Gorgeous is a good example!
Views: 2520 Peter Parker
Lauren Southern - Alt-Right Illuminati Tranny
NOTE: Thanks to SHUTTERSHOT45 for clip at the start! Most of the Alt-Right are trying to get us to dislike the SJW Left when the real issue is the Illuminati Elite! Next Week I will try to do more in the Music Industry as those are my favourites to cover, although I also prefer covering MTF over FTM, I'll try to look for some more MTF also, Goodbye!
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NOTE: French 1st round of voting is coming up! Spread this on Facebook, Twitter, everywhere! The fact that hardly anyone knows is so serious! If she wins she will put all the blames on Conservative Policies when it is really Zionist Policies! We must not let her trick the French people like Trump did!
Views: 2518 Peter Parker
Girls Generation - KPop Tranny Group
NOTE: After some long research I feel that pretty much all Kpop girl groups are MTFs and Boy bands are FTMs! Very shocking stuff, the world is still living a lie and praising the people who are secretly transgendered! I have also found that the Rothschilds themselves are trasngendered, Jacob Rothschilds is an FTM Jewish Tranny! The Transgender agenda may well be bigger than the Jewish agenda considering every Freemasons is a Tranny and not a Jew! Jewish Trannies are at the top but ultimately I will keep researching the elite 1% Trannies! The Freemasonic Trannies and the Robots are both massive issues, I wonder how relevant the Jewish part of this even is when they are all Freemasonic Trannies, Jewish or not!
Views: 5875 Peter Parker
James Deen and Stoya - Porn's Tranny Ex Couple!
Stoya and James Deen are both secret trannnies that have been pushing degeneracy in porn for a long time! They are both secret trans ! If you want to know what these secret trannies are all about come watch this video in it's entirety! For more proof that Stoya's rape claim is a hoax check here: https://www.dangerandplay.com/2015/11/29/how-we-know-the-stoya-rape-accusation-against-james-deen-is-a-hoax/
Views: 7844 Peter Parker
BTS - Illuminati BangTan Trannies
NOTE: I would love to see BTS fans prove me wrong, these are definitely women! Stop worshiping these losers!
Views: 7957 Peter Parker
Naomi Kyle - IGN's Tranny, You Never Saw It Coming!!!
If you enjoyed my Naomi Kyle video you may want to take a look at MTF Jessica Chobot who also used to work for IGN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpM-F09F_g0
Views: 5670 Peter Parker

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