Videos uploaded by user “George Brand”
Attack Attack! - Turbo Swag (guitar cover)
In the chorus, I played the lead guitar part. It may be hard to hear in the song, but I'm pretty sure I got it right.
Views: 985 George Brand
Maps and Makers - Bass Covers
Buy the album "Asleep In the Clouds" from iTunes. You will not regret I'm aware its sloppy and off. DEAL WITH IT
Views: 276 George Brand
Pirate Blues - As Cities Burn Acoustic Cover
I don't know why it continues to cut off the end. pitchy. silly faces. yerp
Views: 314 George Brand
OH! The Moment - Plantations - guitar cover
did some improv
Views: 152 George Brand
Dressed Up To Undress - Breathe Carolina Acoustic Cover
not sure why it cut the end off : /
Views: 146 George Brand
Of Mice and Men - Those In Glass Houses (guitar cover)
check out my band's cover of this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22SF63S-CRU
Views: 223 George Brand
Down - Blink 182 Acoustic Cover
down down down down
Views: 245 George Brand
MANvsMACHINE Bass Covers
From their Ep Chapters. Check them out on Facebook and purchase their music on iTunes!
Views: 100 George Brand
Bullet For My Valentine - Waking the Demon (guitar cover)
not my best, but good enough... had a few timing issues
Views: 92 George Brand
Swing Life Away acoustic cover
My second video..I'm pretty sure I've gotten better, but you be the judge. My first cover of this is still up
Views: 179 George Brand
Swing Life Away - Rise Against cover
This is the first video of me singing. I've been practicing for about a month now. I am aware that I do not play the song perfectly. I am only using the guitar to accompany my singing. So don't be to harsh? :D
Views: 69 George Brand
Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up - Cover
The poor quality takes away quite a bit in my opinion. But anyway
Views: 68 George Brand
Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? - The Offspring - Cover
movie maker has been cutting off the end of my videos :(
Views: 40 George Brand
Dirty and Left Out - The Almost - Cover
singing with a cold, tired of waiting
Views: 32 George Brand
Sonnet 116
For the Norton Anthology Student Recitation Contest
Views: 40 George Brand
Blink 182 - Down (acoustic cover)
I've been singing for about a month and this is a song that I've been practicing.
Views: 180 George Brand
Chiodos - Intensity In Ten Cities - Piano cover
learned the song mostly by ear, and I'm mainly a guitarist so don't judge it too much
Views: 188 George Brand
Boneworks - Oceana - Bass Cover
I play guitar and sing in a band called Falling From Fallacy. Oceana is a big influence on us. Find us on facebook
Views: 183 George Brand

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