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Very Strange song: Clannad - Ocean of Light (Trance)
This is a very weird/ interesting song i found. It's called ocean of light. i love it..but what do you think?
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Music From Avalanche - Dreams of Above
This is like my favorite song so i felt like uploading a vid to it.. i thought i did a good job: let me know what you think of the song/ video
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Nostrum - Brilliant (original version)
My fav song! a beautiful song which has a great chorus. The arrangement of the song and the sound effects were perfect! Click for surround sound - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXwSbJN4z1Q&fmt=18
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Magic Box - Carillon (rocco mix) *ORIGINAL*  (emo/goth techno/trance/hardstyle)
I AM NOT THE FIRST TO UPLOAD THIS =[ but the other people who uploaded this either had the artist wrong, or had an odd version. i don't own this song, and i only upload it for entertainment (not commercial) purposes only. ohh, and i want to give a BIG thanks to my 108 subscribers (as of 4/8/09) and i want to also thank those who in the future will subscribe to me! okay you people have fun, and enjoy the music *song dedicated to my awesome gf. i love you Paige!* *Not dating her anymore, but we are friends, so this can still be dedicated to her xD* -shaunnn
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Patrick Phelan - Snes Top Gear (Track 1)
If you want to download all youtube audio tracks (including mine) ... go here: http://www.avs4you.com/avs-video-converter.aspx?sct=aff&ct=regnow&cid=77225 and just click download. Great chiptune song! And i've never played this game before but i like the music xD enjoy! Disclaimer: I have absolutely NOTHING to gain from uploading this. And if you have a problem with this video: MESSAGE ME AND I WILL PERSONALLY DELETE IT OR AUDIO SWAP IT!!!! thank you xD -shaun
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Techno Trance - I Like Chopin
Click for HQ: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IktzS9j5ndA&fmt=18 or add &fmt=18 to the end of the url and press enter This song isn't very origional but i think its worth uploading. ARTIST: DJ AQUAz
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Old school Techno Trance (1995) - Bellisima
ARTIST = DJ Quicksilver Click for surround sound - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKyWaL7ZPfI&fmt=18 or add &fmt=18 to the end of the url Awesome song with a unique beat...wish there were more like it.
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Marble Saga Kororinpa OST - Bullets on Ice (Chill Mountain 3)
**This is my favorite song from the game, and one of the best of all time in my opinion!** This song was directly ripped from the 2009 Wii game "Marble Saga Kororinpa" I will upload most of the songs (the ones I thought were the best) Be sure to check out the rest :D Enjoy!
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Bounc3 - Bleeding Heart (Uplifting Trance - Eurotrance)
you can download this on bounc3's newgrounds..(so just google it please)
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Ambient Trance: Alexander Perls - The Storm (Long Edit)
Ohhh yeahhh! I'm liking this video. i'm not the first to upload it, but i would like to share with everyone who has not yet heard of this song. And the video is from kingdom hearts 2 believe it or not. I just looped the video and reversed it. It is a cutscene from the ending. enjoy! Ohhh yeahhh! Me gusto este video. Yo no soy el primero en cargar, pero me gustaría compartir con todos los que aún no ha oído hablar de esta canción. Y el vídeo es de 2 kingdom hearts lo creas o no. Soy el mejor colocado el vídeo y revocó la misma. Es una escena del final.
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J-Core: Dj Noriken - Sunset Emotion
The last person who uploaded this song got suspended. so here is the ressurection of one of my favourite songs. Dj Noriken - Sunset Emotion Download the album i got this from here: http://www.jcoreplanet.co.cc/index.php/j-core/170-druggys-acid-rack-virtual-oblivion.html Just make sure you have: 1)WinRAR or WinZip 2)Ogg to mp3 converter You can get this software here for free: Ogg to mp3 converter: http://www.oggtomp3converter.com/ WinRAR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHqwc0GY0MI
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Marble Saga Kororinpa OST - Endless Power (Stone Temple 3)
This song was directly ripped from the 2009 Wii game "Marble Saga Kororinpa" I will upload most of the songs (the ones I thought were the best) Be sure to check out the rest :D Enjoy!
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Marble Saga Kororinpa OST - Spook Dance (Haunted House 1)
This song was directly ripped from the 2009 Wii game "Marble Saga Kororinpa" I will upload most of the songs (the ones I thought were the best) Be sure to check out the rest :D Enjoy!
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Wario Ware: Dr. Crygor
Get ready to work out!!! I zoomed in after like 30 seconds. im not a pro!!!
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Lichtenfels - B-Boys Fly Girls (Remix) (Animedreamer240)
I always LOVED this song..and i am the second to upload it (although the original upload was deleted) you can buy it on itunes or download the video to mp3 converter here: http://download.cnet.com/Free-YouTube-to-MP3-Converter/3000-2194_4-10665553.html?part=dl-6290628&subj=dl&tag=button Disclaimer: I have absolutely NOTHING to gain from uploading this. And if you have a problem with this video: MESSAGE ME AND I WILL PERSONALLY DELETE IT OR AUDIO SWAP IT!!!!
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Marble Saga Kororinpa OST - Spin Town (City 1)
This song was directly ripped from the 2009 Wii game "Marble Saga Kororinpa" I will upload most of the songs (the ones I thought were the best) Be sure to check out the rest :D Enjoy!
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Arksun - Arisen (Dark Albedo Presents: Mimozart Remix)
This is an old trance tune that I downloaded from Ares a long time ago. I still like it, and nobody else on youtube uploaded it..so I am proud to be the first to upload this, and give my praise to Arksun and Dark Albedo! Congrats! hope you all enjoy :D Kthxbye :]
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Techno Trance: Underworld - Dark Hard
cool and long song i found on ares. click for surround sound - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PL3hwBh_K8g&fmt=18
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Trance/ Future Trance: Yuzo Koshiro - Blue Blazes
enjoy!!! i love yuzo koshiro (aka maximum tune bmg)
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Aquateca - Kohwai (Original Mix)
Buy it here: http://www.beatport.com/track/kohwai-original/437877 Kohwai is an excellent trance song by the Russian DJ: Aquateca (Victor Shimyakov), and from the album Solaris 016 (slrs016). Additionally, Solaris is the label behind some of my favorite artists, namely Solarstone and Orkidea. If you enjoy this track, be sure to check out Aquateca's "Azure (Original Mix)" Produced by Aquateca and Solarstone Published by Dharma Songs 2007 Solaris Recordings
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Techno !? Seven oh 99 - Push Face (Quality Version)
Sorry for the long wait for this...but here is the good version. thanks veronica for this! Please subscribe to my backup account: youtube.com/user/generationelectronic i have been getting a lot of complaints, and my account may very well soon be suspended... thanks!
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Techno/ Trance/ Hardstyle/ Chiptune Mix 2009
TITLES + CREDITS: 1) Dj Amuro - AAA 2) Refresh - A step too far (Dj Tony Remix) 3) Dreamnation - Daggmask 4) Henry Homesweet - Gameboy 5) T-Free - Give Me Your Hand 6) Barcode Brothers - Flute (Dj Digress Remix) 7) Dimrain47 - Revolutions 8) F-777 - Element of Dance 9) Dj Brixx - Down to Earth 10) yuzo Koshiro - Evil Association
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How to Rip Wii ISO Music Files (and .brstm to .mp3 conversion) FREE
Here is all of the software I listed in the video: BrawlBox: http://brawltools.googlecode.com/files/BrawlBox%20v0.63d.zip Wii Scrubber: http://dl.qj.net/wii/homebrew/wiiscrubber-140-multiboot.html WinRAR: http://www.kat.ph/winrar-v3-90-final-crack-t2943271.html AVS Audio Converter: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5220677 OTHER TUTORIALS: How to use torrents: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmGtyVazrrY How to use WinRAR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q8hAdmNHpY
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Guyver - Will Power (Trance Empire Volume 6) Techno Trance
Guyver - Will Power I would also like to thank all of my subscribers for helping me reach my goal of 300! and congratulations, SuicidalSara for being my 300'th subscriber :D This is a great song, that I found on Ares! It is labeled that the song come from "Trance Empire Volume 6" Hope you all like this song, and I have found a lot of more rare trance songs on Ares, so be sure to tune in, and keep checking to see if I have uploaded anything new :] Thank you all :]
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Dj Zombie - While Tha Rekked Spinz (ITG Techno Soundtrack)
Horray! i am the first to upload this song :D Download here:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P6MO96DH NOTE: copy and paste, don't click the link, it won't work! (note: i will delete the download link if the author of this song contacts me) Disclaimer: I don't own this song, and i have nothing to gain from me uploading it..so PLEASE! if you own this song, CONTACT ME FIRST!!!! then i will delete it! thanks for watching!! -Shaun
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Marble Saga Kororinpa OST - Station (Space Station 1)
This song was directly ripped from the 2009 Wii game "Marble Saga Kororinpa" I will upload most of the songs (the ones I thought were the best) Be sure to check out the rest :D Enjoy!
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Techno Trance Randomness: Planet X - Ferbi boys
Click For Surround Sound - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRAyhwJ4d8Y Requested by broyeur747..but i dunno if this is the right version. either way the song is great! a long..but very good song nobody else had this song so i figured i better do it! enjoy peeps:)
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PROOF that i can throw cards fast (look at 2:52 fr best shots :])
I was sick and tired of people that said that i can't throw cards fast and its their problem if my method is too hard WHICH IS WHY IT WAS CALLED ADVANCED!! so this is the moral/ motto to this fiasco: "THINK before you COMMENT"
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Marble Saga Kororinpa OST - Sweet Home (Neighbor's House 1)
This song was directly ripped from the 2009 Wii game "Marble Saga Kororinpa" I will upload most of the songs (the ones I thought were the best) Be sure to check out the rest :D Enjoy!
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Toy Tracks (Kirby's Epic Yarn) Piano/ Synthesia Tutorial
The midi can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/?832s4q2wu4waceb I transcribed this myself, which means that there are probably a few errors :P For more Kirby's epic yarn sheet music, midi's and tutorials... Subscribe to Darkreme and myself :] Thank you and enjoy!
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Amazing Techno Trance - It's A Dream
A great song. ARTIST: DJ DEAN! not mine:) if you want me to upload more...comment or subscribe. let me know u want more
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Awesome Techno Trance - The Deep Blue
Click for surroundsound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-p3S-ISkLA&fmt=18 ARTIST: KAI TRACID my fav trance song a cool abstract image.
Views: 71050 Shaun Johnson
How to Convert OGM Files Into AVI or WMV For FREE!!
VirtualDubMod: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/VirtualdubMOD#comments (click the thing that says download from direct link) If you also want subtitles: http://forum.videohelp.com/topic222005.html (the directions are on this page somewhere: just keep scrolling) OGM files are files that have 2 or more SEPARATE things (like audio, video, and subtitles), which needs to first be extracted into separate components, and then needs to bee merged (or put) together in a standard format (like AVI or WMV). i am not to great of a speaker, so make sure you watch the video thoroughly, and make sure that my directions matches my actions (like in this video i accidentally got my right and left mixed up xD)
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Marble Saga Kororinpa OST - Silent World (Ocean Treasure 2)
This song was directly ripped from the 2009 Wii game "Marble Saga Kororinpa" I will upload most of the songs (the ones I thought were the best) Be sure to check out the rest :D Enjoy!
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Origami Invitation/ Note + Triplecross (Remo-com vs Castalia remix) - (DJ) Johan Gielen
This is truly the best song ever created..and i'm the first to upload it ^_^ Also: READ THE ANNOTATION
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Zalza - My blue Hashpipe (Chiptune/ 8-Bit)
This is a great song that i got from a chiptune compilation! I hope you like this feel-good chiptune as much as i do :] I'll keep the vids comming :D
Views: 3051 Shaun Johnson
Bissen - Quicksand (some unknown hard techno/ trance remix)
All i know is that in involves armin van buuren but it is not this: "Bissen - Quicksand (Joint Operations Centre Remix)" but i like this version alot better. 1'st upload xD enjoy and download here:::
Views: 738 Shaun Johnson
J-core: DX Pasta - Circulation
There isn't Japanese lyrics, but the album i got it off of was among the J-Core Genre.. Download the album here: http://gabber.od.ua/blog.php?id=2576 Great song!! Very fun! so put on them stereo headphones and rave like nobody's watching =] thats it :]]] Disclaimer: Song is not mine, and i am not the person who put the album up for free downloading: so don't get mad at me if you don't like yer song being downloaded...
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Wheelchair Wheelies: Reverse, and Crazy Spins
After visiting my grandma so often in the Rehab Center, I learned a bunch of wheelchair tricks! The staff didn't seem to mind...too much. Hope you enjoy this video!
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More Than FPS: #03 - Radiant Historia Review (DS)
Welcome to Episode Three of a new series of reviews dubbed: More Than FPS (More Than First Person Shooters)! As you may have inferred from the title, I will only be reviewing games that stand out from the pervasive and generic shooters. This episode, I will be reviewing the 2011 turn-based RPG: Radiant Historia, developed and published by Atlus. If you have any requests for games, please leave me a comment, and I'll do my best to follow through! Please Enjoy! Music Used: 1)Shadows Dance in the Darkness 2)Dreams Showed by a Cloud of Dust 3)Blue Radiance (Battle Theme) 4)Shadow Forest (From: Chrono Cross)
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Sapphire Control - Mercury Sea
This is the chiptune/electronic song found from the awesome video game playlist I stumbled upon a while ago: http://rissole.github.io/vip.js/ Supposedly it was once available on sapphirecontrol.net, but that site is dead. So here you go! Enjoy :)
Views: 163 Shaun Johnson
Marble Saga Kororinpa OST - Holy Corridor (Stone Temple 1)
This song was directly ripped from the 2009 Wii game "Kororinpa: Marble Mania" I will upload most of the songs (the ones I thought were the best) Be sure to check out the rest :D Enjoy!
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How to play Grand Metropolis (Sonic Heroes) on Piano/ Synthesia
I transposed this myself, and this is my own interpretation of the song. Hope you like it! Midi DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?3pndyk550dybev0
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Umbrella - Black and Silver (Full Version) (Digital Generation EP Track 10)
I love J-Core's uploads...but she didn't upload the whole song for this! so i did! i don't own this song, and i have nothing to gain from it. so personaly contact me and i will sort things out if this is you're content
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Talk to Animals - Computerisms (Also, Tails doll explanation and how it started)
I'd like to take the time to do two things in this video: 1) thank veronica for getting me this song 2)talk about the notorious tails doll! if you are deeply interested as i was: go here: http://quackerandbowen.com/sonicr.html thanks you for watching! download the song here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GXUS1EJ8 Lyrics: You can come and meet me, fly a thousand miles But that wouldn't change things, it's not worth your while How would things be different if now you can't love me If I stand in front of you instead of a computer screen But I know you have a girl, says she makes you happy But she's been with other boys, and that is not what you need But if you come to Texas, would you even kiss me? Would you even want to, would you even love me? 8D
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Electronic Sub-Genres Variety Mix (Including Techno, Speedcore, Gabber, Goa, Ibiza,  8-Bit)
GENRE LINEUP: 1)Trancecore 2)Chiptune/ 8-bit/ VGM 3)Hardstyle/ Happy Gabber 4)Acid (Trance) 5)Ibiza (Trance) 6)Electronic Post Hardcore? (im not positive) 7)Tech House 8)Speedcore 9)(Detroit) Techno 10)Anthem (Trance) 11)Jumpstyle 12)Dream (Trance) 13)Gloomcore 14)Hard House 15)Ambient 16)Goa (Trance) 17)Dark Wave 18)Happy Hardcore 19)Minimal 20)(Vocal) Progressive (House) SONG LINEUP: 1)CLSM - Liberation 2)Gamma - Feeling Good 3)Southstylers - Pounding senses (Deeper Inside Remix) 4)Acid Squid - A.S.Y.S 5)TUNEIT - Air Fantasy 6)Hanni Kohl - ABSCHIED 7)David Guetta - Love is Gone (Remix) 8)T+Pazolite - Necropotence 9)Joey Beltram - Energy flash 10)Pulp Victim - The World 11)Madstylerz - Madstyle 12)Gouryella - Ligaya 13)The Horrorist - One Night In New York City 14)Warp Brothers - Power 15)??? - Reflections 16)Chakare vs Xerox & Illumination - Seven Days (Pleiadians Remix) 17)Dawn of Ashes - Torture Device 18)Brish & Ham - Angel Eyes (Original song: Dj Raaban - Lucky Star) 19)Minimal freaks - Why Not? 20)Morgan Page - The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix) Now: this took me a long time to create.... So as a reward for making this *ahem* please take a look at my other videos or even subscribe if you want! but most importantly rate this video 5 stars!!!! thank you!!! ++enjoy :) Disclaimer: I do NOT own any songs or images.. but either way i have nothing to gain from this video, and it would be very stupid to flag this video for copyright if i only have it shown or played for 30 seconds!!
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How to get an Aquarium as your Desktop Background (Xp, Vista, Windows 7)
LINK TO DOWNLOAD AQUARIUM LOOP: http://fenopy.eu/torrent/aquarium+video/ODAwNzA5Ng?update=1330311306 HOW TO GET DREAMSCENE (allows you to set a .wmv or .mpg as your desktop background Vista (premium): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F69DF7MMLuY Xp: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w3JapEYKj8 windows 7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lex9OB-leFc ECT STUFF (NOT REQUIRED) Youtube Video Downloader: http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd/Free-YouTube-Download.htm Avs video Converter for free torrent: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5137274/AVS_Video_Converter_v6.3.1.367___Crack_[RH] How to use torrents: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmGtyVazrrY How to resize and crop videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmchuLEqErY
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Extreme Hail/ Sleet Storm
yahh..a rly big hailstorm in reading, PA btw...the whole video isn't in slow motion
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Stellar Electronic Mix 2011: Featuring Techno, Trance, House, Chiptune, Lounge.
Thank you all for listening to this compilation. All credit goes to the artists of the songs, of whom nearly all can be found on Itunes. List: 1)Holy Land Anthem - Yuzo Koshiro 2)Unreal Hero - Digital Insanity 3)Launch Base (Elevator Music Remix) - Gecko Yamori 4)Ultimate Destruction - TMM43 5)King of my Castle - Wamdu Project 6)Power Plant - Jun Senoue 7)Earth Protector - Kamil Polner 8)Chime - Orbital 9)Zanzibar - Global Experience 10)Devil Jin - Tekken (T-T) Please let me know which songs you like and don't like so I can improve future mixes Thank's again for watching, and enjoy!
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