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Shadbala For Beginners
Never judge a book by its cover! Never judge a planet by just looking at it in your horoscope. Do the Shadbala calculation before you come to a conclusion. However Shadbala calculations are difficult and it is best done by a horoscope software. This video is just to get you introduced into the concepts of Shadbala.
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Transit vs Dashas: Which is more important?
Many people who have been involved with Vedic Astrology for a long time have been confused when it came to this topic. Transit or Dashas: which is more important. When they read about Transits they come to know that they are in a good period but they are at the same time going through a bad dasha and bhukti. Which one is going to give more effects? The Transit or the Dasha-Bhukti. Get the answers you seek by watching this video.
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Which is the MOST afflicted house in your Horoscope. (if any).
When you read Astrological books published in India you will across this term affliction in many places in the book. Beginners in Astrology keep asking me what is the meaning of affliction. When do we say a house is afflicted? Are there many types of affliction. There is the weakly afflicted houses to moderately afflicted houses in the horoscope. How to find out the most afflicted house in your horoscope? In this short video I have explained how to find out which house is the most afflicted house in any horoscope.
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Sade Sati: What if Saturn is my friend?
Many people have wondered if Saturn will let them go Scot-Free during Sade-Sati if Saturn happens to be their friendly planet as per the rules of Vedic Astrology. For example if Saturn is your Moon sign lord, or if Saturn is exalted or in his own house or if the person was born in a Saturn star will Saturn let go of the person? This video addresses to this question. Find out!
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Aspects : The Popular Mistake
In Astroloyg Aspects means looking at another house or planet. We all know that every Graha (Planet) aspects the 7th house from itself. There are the normal aspects and the special aspects. Aspects are quite easy. That is what some of you may have thought. Watch this video to see how we can make a mistake on a simple aspect of Astrology - The Aspects - In this video, by using an example of Mangal Dosha (Kuja Dosha) being cancelled by Jupiter I have tried to explain that you must be very careful when it comes to aspects. For those of you who do not want to know how the exact aspects are arrived at in a horsocope, I strongly recommend the use of Jagannatha Hora Sofware which can in a minute let you know the aspects. For those who would like to know how to do it yourself, buy Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra Volume 1 and learn it. It is quite easy.
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02. Strange but True - 12th house of loss
This is the 2nd episode of the series Strange But True, SBT as I would refer to from now on. Please pause the video at the point you see the pause button symbol. Read the questions. Please try to answer them with 1 word answer. Then after seeing the entire video type your comments on what you think about the content of this video. I assure you that these kind of videos will take you to the next level in Astrology.
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Planetary Conjunctions: How close are they in your horoscope?
Without knowing the degrees of the planets you will not be able to know if a planet is in conjunction with another planet or not. So before you start reading a horoscope write the degrees of planets adjacent to the planets in your Vedic Chart. If you do not do that your Astrologer is most likely to make a mistake when reading your horoscope.
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Saturn Remedies: When and how to do it?
Are Saturn remedies expensive? No. Most of them are do it yourself and inexpensive considering the money we spend on many things that harm us. Try it out and watch the result. Change the effect of Saturn on you. Change your Karma. Do the remedies at appropriate times.
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Know your Yogas : Using Jagannatha Hora Software
There are more than 1000 Yogas in Jyothisha (Astrology). What is the meaning of Yoga. Yoga means a particular combination. A combination with regard to the Ascendant, or simply a planet with another planet and so on. Raja Yogas, Vipareeta Yoga, Gaja Kesari Yoga, Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas, Parivartana yoga are among the popular yogas you hear quite often. For those who are eager to know your yogas, I recommend that you use Jagannatha Hora Astrology Software because you can download it for free and within a few minutes you can find out the more important yogas in your horoscope.
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Marriage : The greatest afflicting planet?
There are 9 grahas (planets) in Astrology. There is a reference point in astrology called UPAPada Lagna. Any malefic planet which occupies the Upapada Lagna spoil the marriage experience. Of the Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu which one do you think afflicts the Upapada Lagna most. Please kindly watch this video to find out the answer and also leave your comments.
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Barren Signs in Astrology
In Astrology barren signs work against fertility and birth of children. In this video I have discussed what are the barren signs in Astrology, how you can use this knowledge by using an example. The knowledge of barren signs and fruitful signs will help you go one step forward in judging a horoscope with regard to childlessness or assessing the putradosha in the horoscope. In my experience I have noticed a very high incidence of important planets occupying the barren signs.
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Find Sub Lord of your Moon without KP System
KP System is a modern system of Astrology invented by Prof. K S Krishnamurthi. K P stands for Krishnamurthi Paddhathi. In this system, Prof. KSK, who was also an expert in traditional Astrology speaks of a new concept - the theory of the sub lord. Each Nakshatra is sub divided into 9 parts, and these 9 parts are in the same proportion as the Vimsottari Dasha system allocation of time periods. So the 9 parts (9 sub lords) are not equal in length as in the case of Navamsa. So it looks like there is no connection between the Sub lord theory and traditional Astrology. In case you think so, here is the surprise. Watch the video to find the link between traditional Astrology and KP system. The link is your own Moon and the Vimsottari Dasa System.
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Rapt Conjunctions of Planets
The importance of conjunctions have been usually ignored by most people including a few Astrologers. Conjunctions may turn the table or boost the positive power of a planet. In this video I have discussed the impact of a rapt conjunction which happens when planets are pretty close to each other. If they are on the same degree then watch out!
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Mooltrikona : Do not ignore it!
Most of us know what is MoolaTrikona. However most people in Astrology rarely have given importance to a planet in its Mooltrikona zone. In the first part of this video I have explained where is the Mooltrikona zone for each of the graha. This way you can see the difference from a graha being in its own sign. Then to prove a point, I have used the horoscope of Muhammad Ali the greatest boxer of our times. Muhammad Ali has Mars the warrior planet in the MoolTrikona of Mars. I await your comments.
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Secrets of Planetary Aspects
Most people who have been in Vedic Astrology for quite sometime know what the term planetary aspects mean. However many people do not know that planets aspects other houses which they thought planets do not aspect.
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01. Strange but True in Astrology
In Astrology we can use logic to understand the effects of planets to a great extent. However sometimes we are bewildered at what the Maharshis of Astrology said about certain combinations. Sometimes the reason is obvious but sometimes not. In times like this we need to memorize the rule or keep referring a classical book or we may make a big blunder while predicting or reading a horoscope. So I decided to do a series on Strange but True and this one is the 1st episode of the long series. Let me see the reaction of my viewers on such a topic and if I get a good feedback I will do more of this in a short time. These kind of seemingly contradictory rules in Astrology make Astrology a fascination study.
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Career and Vedic Astrology Series : Moon (Chandra)
Moon is the fastest graha in the sky, so Moon is the traveler. If your job requires travel all the time then you are probably dominated by the Moon. Moon rules so many other professions and business. Watch this video and find out.
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The Logic : Why pray to Lord Ganesha in Ketu Dasha?
One of the top remedies during a tough Ketu Dasha is the worship of Lord Ganesha. Ketu is described as the headless trunk in Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra. Have you seen the connection between Ketu Dasha and Lord Ganesha? If you have not yet seen the linking factor, please watch this video.
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Understanding Bhava Chart with an example
Due to the many emails from my clients as well as viewers on what exactly is the bhava chart I decided to do this topic once again but this time with the help of the white board so people can really see and understand instead of just giving a lecture on what is the bhava chart. I hope this time it works. Only feedback from you will let me know if this worked or not!
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Top 8 Facts about Saturn (Vedic Astrology)
I made this video for all those who want to quickly learn about the role of Saturn in the Vedic Horoscope. I also made it for all those who are going through a challenging phase of Saturn. I picked up 8 important facts on Saturn which I tell each one of my client. I have been working on this video for several days due to lack of time and when I finally uploaded it I noticed that I did it on 17th (8) when the Star on this day was Uttarabhadra the 26th Star. Salutation to Lord Shani. Indeed Shani (Saturn) is the most important planet in your horoscope.
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2nd marriage from UPAPADA Lagna
2nd marriage possibilities are more clearly seen by using the UPAPADA LAGNA also known as UL. Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu if occupies UL or the 2nd from it indicates trouble in marriage and if the lord of the UL or the 2nd house from UL is either exalted or debilitated then there is surely a 2nd marriage or a strong long term 2nd relationship. See the video to learn more on what you can know from UL
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Parivarthana Yoga : The basics
A positive Parivarthana Yoga is similar to.... You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. This is a famous English idiom that means....You do a favor for me and I'll do a favor for you.; If you do something for me that I cannot do for myself, I will do something for you that you cannot do for yourself. Using simple analogies I have explained the basis and the basics of Parivarthana Yoga. Do you know that in the horoscope of Smt Indira Gandhi, the Ex PM of India there are 3 sets of parivarthana yogas. Are all of them good? That reminds us of.... is every parivarthana yoga good? No. There are the bad one's too. Watch this video on how to differentiate the good from the bad.
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Repay your loans the easy way
Loans are always a headache. We wish to close the loan as quickly as possible. We want to do it easily. We want to get out of it. Here is a simple and effective idea to close the loans as quickly as possible. Why not try it?There is no additional cost in trying out this method. You lose nothing but will gain a lot using this method.
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Karma and Astrology : Part 2 of 8
If you have not yet watched the Part 1 of 8 may I suggest that you watch it first and come back to this video. In this video I have focused on Karma and Effort. Karma and Effort are separate and yet inseparable. Effort becomes Karma and Karma becomes effort. Watch this video and please type out your views on this topic in the comments sections below. To read the article click this link: https://dhilipkumarek.wordpress.com/article/karma-vs-effort/
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Vipareeta Raja Yogas
Vipareeta Raja Yogas are strange yogas in a horoscope that indicates something like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The ugly duckling becomes the swan. What is Vipareeta Raja Yoga? An orphan child is adopted by a millionaire. How is it different from the regular Raja Yogas? Watch this video to clarify your doubts about this controversial topic!
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64th Navamsa : An interesting case study
Ever since I did the video on Mr Amitabh Bachchan and discussed the effect and power of the 64th Navamsa and its lord, questions about the 64th Navamsa started pouring in. Many actually got scared. Please note that for a dangerous accident to take place many combinations must indicate the event in the first place. What is the 64th Navamsa. How do we find the 64th Navamsa. How is it related to the 8th house. How do we use this knowledge vis-a-vis the Transit of Planets. Most of us are used to reading the effects of Transit of Planets from the Moon sign. This video shows you the importance of transit with regard to the Ascendant which is superior to the Moon sign based Transit.
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Find the Stars from your Navamsa Chart: Part 1
One of the main purpose of having a Navamsa Chart along with the Rasi Chart is to find out which star a particular planet occupies in the Rasi Chart. For example can you tell in which star is the Sun in your horoscope merely by looking at the Navamsa. Is there such a method is what comes to your mind right now. In part 1 I have discussed the basic rule. In part 2 which you should miss I have explained with an example which is my own horoscope.
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Career & Vedic Astrology Series :  Mercury (Budha)
Does Mercury rule your profession/career/business that you are currently engaged in? From ancient times, Mercury represented the calculations and the messages and even today it does. However things have changed a lot every since. Today Mercury is the most important planet as it seems to dominate the world. Mercury rules the electronic revolution, the information. Watch this video to find out what are the other professions (careers) and types of business activity that Mercury rules.
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Astrology - the 3rd house
We cannot do much with what we possess unless we have all the supports in place. We need help and assitance from various people. In the first part of our life we need to be helped by our siblings (brothers and sisters) in case there is a fight with your neighbors or other intruders. As you grow up you need servants, driver, maid, and a dog at home to assist you in safeguarding what you have earned and possessed. The 3rd house is the house of assistance. No businessman can do well without the "Employee Luck". Examine the horoscope of a rich businessman and you will surely see that his 3rd house is beneficial and strong. If the 3rd house lord is in the 6th house your brothers or sisters are likely to be of no use to you or may even give you lot of trouble and anxieties. The 6th house is the house of enemies. So your sibling may become your rival. The 3rd house is the house of communication. It rules your hands, your neck, ear, nose, throat. If the 3rd house lord is in the house of profession then you may be a great TV show performer or a journalist, or very good with electronics and communications.
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Secrets of Ashtakavarga: Sade-Sati effects
In your computer horoscope have you seen many charts with lots of numbers in them? Have you wondered what they are trying to tell you? Numbers are a simple way of understanding many facts of life. Ashtakavarga charts are an easy way to understand a horoscope. Simply look at the numbers and you will know a great deal about the person. This is not numerology but part of Astrology. A quantitative way of assessing your possibilities in life. The aim of this Video is to let you know one of the many many ways you can use the Ashtakavarga chart. Believe me; I am going to discuss only the simple methods that even a novice in Astrology can easily understand.
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Good & Bad Planets:  Leo Ascendant (SIMHA LAGNA)
In this video I have explained using a simple method the benefic or good planets for those people born in SIMHA Lagna or LEO Ascendant. This is on the basis of what Maharshi Parasara taught 5000 years ago. Find out from this video which planet is the Number 1 Malafic Planet (Bad planet). Is JUPITER a friend or foe for SIMHA Lagna people because Jupiter is the lord of the 8th house? Such questions are answered.
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Planets that protect you
In Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra Volume 1, Chapter 11 Maharshi Parasara explains the various yogas in a horoscope that indicate evils surrounding one's birth. There is yet another chapter in Volume 2 which deals entirely about inauspicious births. All that said, Maharshi Parasara comes up with another Chapter that is entirely devoted to understanding the cancellation of such bad yogas. This he calls Arishta Bhanga Yogas. How lucky you are if you have one of those combinations that protect you from such challenges. Watch the video to know more about which planet is actually protecting you. Strengthen it if such a graha is your friend. Worship it if such a graha is your enemy.
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Inauspicious Births : BPHS Vol 2 : Chapter 87
Maharshi Parasara has given us the knowledge about inauspicious births and the appropriate remedies. These can be found in BPHS Vol.2 Chapter 87 to 98. Once upon a time I thought that if a son is born in the star of his father or mother or brother or sister it is to be considered lucky. Instead Maharshi Parasara classifies it under inauspicious births. Each topic is covered under different chapters. This means that these are very important information. So I decided to do a video on this. As usual I await your comments and views on this topic.
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Karma and Astrology : Part 1 of 8
Most of us know Karma as much as we know Astrology. Those who believe in Karma may not believe in Astrology and sometimes those who believe in Astrology may not believe in Karma. Karma and Astrology are inseparable. Astrology has its basis in the theory of Karma. Without Karma we cannot explain the reason why certain planets (Grahas) are in certain houses in the horoscope. Is there a way to find the relationship between Karma, Astrology, Effort and Freewill? In this video by using an experience from my school days I have tried to give you an explanation. It is just about 10 minutes. It may change the way you view a horoscope.
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How to Set up your Bhava Chart on Jagannatha Hora
If you have started using Jagannatha Hora to cast horoscopes then chances are you may be using the wrong Bhava Chart. If you want to know how to set up the correct bhava chart then watch this video. In less than 6 minutes you will know this once and for all. So no more mistakes with the bhava chart.
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Planets do not control us!
Planets do not control us. They are not the cause of our problems and solutions, our happiness and unhappiness. They are just indicating what is in store of us?
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Career and Vedic Astrology Series:  Venus (Shukra)
Does Venus rule your profession/career/business that you are currently engaged in? From ancient times, Venus represented the entertainer and the things that people are passionate about and even today it does. However things have changed a lot every since. Today Venus rules many important careers or business activities in the world. Venus rules cinema, TV, fashion, photography, animation, graphics, YouTube. Watch this video to find out what are the other professions (careers) and types of business activity that Venus (Shukra) is involved with these days.
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How to do a Navamsa Chart?
Navamsa Chart always accompanies a Rasi Chart. Navamsa is the queen of all charts while the Rasi Chart is the King. The Rasi Chart is the real sky when you were born but the Navamsa Chart is something else. How is it done? Should you not know about it? Even though the horoscope software does it perfectly, should you not know how it is done? If you watch this video you will know how exactly to do it.
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Sharing my experience with you : Part 1
In this video I have shared something that I have been observing for a very long time (from the year 1994). Those who are undergoing Sade Sati (7.5 years Saturn phase) go to Astrologers more frequently. Even if a person has never been to an Astrologer somehow he decides to consult a professional Astrologer when he or she is going through Sade Sati. Watch this video and please do not forget to type out your view in the comments section.
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Lords of 12 Houses for Beginners in Astrology
The most fundamental knowledge in your Vedic Astrology Chart (Horoscope) is the Lord of each of your 12 houses. If you do not know this, then there is no way you can proceed in the world of Vedic Astrology. This is approach if unique to Vedic Astrology. In this video I give a very simple scientific way to remember the lords of each houses without having to refer to a book. Watch the video and post your comments in the comment section.
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Good and Bad planets for Sagittarius Ascendant - Dhanus Lagna
5000 years ago, the great Maharshi Parasara declared certain planets as good and bad (or neutral) for all those people who are born with Sagittarius on the Ascendant (Dhanus Lagna). Watch this video to learn why Venus usually considered as the best of planets becomes the most harmful planet for all those people born in Sagittarius Ascendant (Dhanur Lagna).
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How to Spot an Eclipse in a Horoscope?
It is very easy to spot an eclipse in any given horoscope. All you need to do is watch this video and you will never forget how to do it.
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How much Fate and Freewill do you have?
Is there a way to find out if a certain event in your life that has happened, happened because of fate or because of your freewill. Yes. There is. If you have your Vedic Astrology Horoscope then it can be done. Watch this video to find out more about how much fate and freewill you have in your life.
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Transit from Moon or Ascendant?
Of the many questions I received after I uploaded my video on Jupiter Transit 2014, the most often asked one was why should we read Jupiter Transit only from the Moon, why not from the Lagna or Ascendant. In this video I have answered this question. Please watch the video and add your questions in the comment section so I will have them answered for you in my future videos.
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Exaltation and Debilitation of Planets - Vedic Astrology Lesson No.5
Exaltation and Debilitation are two terms that are so frequently used by those who know Vedic Astrology. What do they mean? This video is all about that...
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Bhrigu Sutram :  Sun in 1st house
Sun in the 1st house indicates serious eye trouble usually retina problems that are difficult to cure even by the best of eye doctors. The person may live away from his place of birth. Apart from this it indicates many experiences in one's life. Watch the full video to know the most important effect of Sun if the Sun occupies the 1st house in your Bhava Chart.
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Career & Vedic Astrology Series - Saturn
Those days in the ancient world when Astrology began each planet was associated with fewer career options - today in the 21st century each planet rules 100s of careers. Is Astrology outdated? Is there a way to find out among the 100s of career option which one suits the most for each person? The answer is Yes. Watch this video to find out how to do this....
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Bhrigu Sutram : Moon in the 3rd house
Sage Bhrigu has given us wonderful tips on how to read a horoscope especially based on the positions of grahas (planets) in houses 1 to 12. The information is available in Bhrigu Sutram and I have gained a lot by studying the book which is a translation done by Dr G S Kapoor. I thank him for the efforts he has taken. This is a new series where I am going to cover Moon from house number 1 to 12. There are many interesting facts about Moon in the 3rd house. Watch the Video to learn more about the Moon if it happens to be in the 3rd house in any horoscope. I have provided the Sanskrit words so you can derive new meanings from the ancient text. The words are as follows : Bhagini-Saamayaha - Sister similar, usual, normal, maybe twins Vata-Shariri - Vata Prakriti - Wind and Dry factors, Rhuematic health problems Anna-heenaha (food related problem) Alpa-bhagyaha (less fortunate) Chatur-Vimshathi-Varshey Bhaavi-roopaynah Raaja-dhan-day-na Dhraviya-Chedhaha Go-Mahishyadhi-heenaha (loss through cattle or stocks or in business) Pishunah (backbiter) Medhavi (Scholar) Sahodara-Vriddhi (increase/development of coborns)
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Good and Bad Planets for Scorpio Ascendant (Vrischika Lagna)
In this video I have explained in detail the good and bad planets for all those people who are born in the Ascendant of Scorpio (Vrischika Lagna). If you want to know why Mars is considered a Neutral planet even though Mars is the Lord of the Ascendant then you need to watch the video. I have used a method that would allow you to understand why certain planets are functional malefics and functional beneficṣ.
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An Astrological Investigation of Childlessness
One swallow doesn't make a summer, and one planetary position does not contribute to childlessness. An Astrologer should work like a detective, like a chess player, look all over the place or the chess board and think a lot. Do not jump to conclusions or conclusions might jump on you. Learn as many rules as possible and then use as many of them you can if you are looking at moving to higher levels in Vedic Astrology. The study of Vedic Astrology is complex but it is not difficult though. In time you will know.
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