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Men With A View, Part 2: Joy Behar
A loud, obnoxious transgender who is on hormonal overload and a path of deception. That face doesn't lie though....
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Robert & Michael's High School Reunion: Lisa Kudrow Transvestigation
Lisa doesn't get nearly the transvestigation attention he deserves, so here it is!!!!!
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2017 Lifetime Transchievement Awards Conclusion: Honorable Mentions (Madonna is A MAN)
As the ceremony comes to a close, we would like to recognize our other nominees for this award. It was a difficult choice, but we could only have one winner. In the end, Vadge had that special combination of deception and physical distortion that set him apart from these other nominees, and that's why we salute him one final time as this year's winner.
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Sandra's Top Drag Queen Moments (Sandra Bullock Is A MAN)
Just for the hell of it.....some of Sandra's extra "draggy" times.
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Tranny Confidential: Kim Basinger
We would have hoped it would be different this time, but nope! Not even close. Another deceptive transgender.
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Aveeno Won't Help You: Jennifer Aniston And The Point Of No Return
The aging tranny is really bustin out these days!
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Men With A View, Part 5: Whoopi Goldberg
This one has it all, Transgender prestige, coveted awards and even a trendy male body double, and yet, still, the essence of woman evades her....
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Grace Is Actually Will, Part 1: Debra Messing Transvestigation
Sadly, they have decided to regurgitate the garbage that is Will & Grace so as a special tribute, we are going to transvestigate the entire cast!!!!!
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Men With A View, Part 4: Barbara Walters
The original big broadcasting tranny and creator of "The View" is also the ultimate in living transgender gargoyles!
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Vadge: 2017 Lifetime Transchievement Award Winner, Part 1: Stage (Madonna Is a MAN)
No one works harder for Baphomet than Vadge. That's why we are recognizing over 35 years of contributions to the Satanic Elite Agenda, just in time for their sacred holiday of Saturnalia! This is a three part series consisting of Stage, Sound, and Screen. Tonight, we have Part 1: Vadge on stage through the years. Enjoy!
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Lifetime Transchievement Bonus Vid: Vadge, A Life In Photoshop (Madonna Is A MAN)
Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's Photoshop.....Join us as we continue to honor Vadge with our 2017 Lifetime Transchievement Award Retrospective.
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The Met Gala: Vadge's Favorite Red Carpet Tranny Event (Madonna is A MAN)
Vadge never misses the Met Gala.....
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The Many Faces Of Lancome Men, Part 1 (Transvestigation)
At 5:52 I said "Hips" instead of "Ribs", so sorry about that. Join me as we take a look at more deceptive marketing to women. The Faces of Lancome are anything but.
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Men With A View, Part 1: Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Deceptive tranny posing as a conservative woman. The View is transgender propaganda at its worst.
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The Pioneer Tranny: A Possible FEMA Connection
Did you know that the Pioneer Tranny is the 23rd largest land owner in the U.S.? He Made $23.9 Million over the past decade renting large swaths of land to the Federal Government. Another snake in the grass, another deceiver 100%!!!!!
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The Many Faces Of Lancome Men, Part 2 (Transvestigation)
Join us, as we take a look at three more of Lancome's "Ambassadresses". Ambassadors to humanity on behalf of the baphomet transgender movement.
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Tranny's Company: Suzanne Somers
FYI-DISNEY FILED COPYRIGHT ON ME SO THIS VID MAY HAVE TO BE RE-EDITED! Another request! Suzanne has achieved so much. TV sitcoms, movies, his own skincare line and so much more. However, as we will see, Suzanne can never achieve natural womanhood. Another Hollywood Tranny. Fair Use Act Disclaimer This site is for educational purposes only. Fair Use Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Fair Use Definition Fair use is a doctrine in United States copyright law that allows limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the rights holders, such as commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching or scholarship. It provides for the legal, non-licensed citation or incorporation of copyrighted material in another author’s work under a four-factor balancing test.
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Like Father, Like Son: Melanie Griffith And Tippi Hedren.
Another generational transgender family......Part of Bad Plastic Surgery Tranny Week!
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Real Housetrannies Of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice
Teresa is all about that Castrato life....Enjoy!
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Transgender Award Show Fashion Icons: Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker is a TRANNY)
This one loves to wear dresses that really show off those male traits. Let's pay a tribute to those futile efforts, shall we?
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Guilty As Charged: Lisa Rinna Transvestigation (Re-Edit)
Lisa Rinna A Deceptive Transgender who needs to quote "Own Her S***", her words not mine.
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Talk Show Transgender: Kelly Ripa
Sorry for the background noise, Plumbers are here doing some work. But, anyway, today we are going to take a look at Kelly Ripa. This video was requested and we have most definitely found another Trannywood creation.
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More Talk Show Transgenders: Kathie Lee Gifford
Kelly Ripa was Kathie Lee's successor, and much Like Kelly Ripa, Kathie Lee is also a deceptive transgender. Join me as a we take a look. Another Trannywood creation. The person who is kissing Kathie Lee that I included some pics of is Frieda Pinto.
Views: 15201 Evan
The Many Faces Of Lancome Men, Part 4 (Transvestigation Bonus Vid)
So I've come across some interesting pictures of a pregnant Anne Hathaway. Have we really found a woman or is there more trickery at hand? Join me as we take a look at another Lancome Corporate Face.
Views: 11525 Evan
Who Should Be 2018's Transchievement Award Recipient?
Who would you like to see go home with the gold this year?
Views: 2059 Evan
The Gilmore Trannies
Wholesome family programming? Not by a long shot. Just more of the same old story in Trannywood.
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Vadge: 2017 Lifetime Transchievement Award Winner, Part 2: Career In Music (Madonna Is A MAN)
Over 35 years of serving Satan through song. Once again, has any one single tranny worked so tirelessly? Not only in music, but film, feminism and deceptive programming of all shapes and sizes. A tranny of many trades indeed. We look back, while trying to contain the vomit, on a career that has spanned decades. Part 2, Vadge's Lifetime transchievements in music.
Views: 8056 Evan
The Walking Dead, Tranny Edition: Joan Van Ark
Joan is not only a poor deceptive tranny, but he also looks like he died on the operating table........Part of Bad Plastic Surgery Tranny Week!
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Men With A View, Part 6: Rosie O'Donnell
Don't be deceived, just another fat man in drag......
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Holly Hunter And The Curious Case of Five O'Clock Shadow: Transvestigation
Re edit for time and cohesiveness, because hey, we can always improve, right? Holly Hunter, boy in a dress......Not much else to say.
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Bad Boy: Tea Leoni Transvestigation
Thought you found a real woman with Tea Leoni? Think again, just one of many Trannywood creations.
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Tawny Kitaen: Tranny Groupie
Yes, the Whitesnake groupie is also a dude.....and one that is not aging well at all!!!!!
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Grace Is Actually Will, Part 2: Megan Mullally Transvestigation
Karen's a man.....just like "Grace"
Views: 6648 Evan
Even More (Talk Show Transgenders), Gayle King
Pals around with Oprah, co-signs on the New Age doctrines that all of these people spew. Gayle is another Trannywood Creation.
Views: 13587 Evan
It'll Be A "Scream": Neve Campbell Transvestigation
Everyone's favorite wild thing is just another Trannywood creation.
Views: 15158 Evan
Androgynes Plus Eight: Kate Gosselin
Jon & Kate Plus 8. Another gender inverted farce. Join me as we a take a look at yet more deception. "The Learning Channel" gimme a break! My phone went off at 9:47 lol.
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Dharma's Actually Greg: Jenna Elfman Transvestigation (Jenna Elfman is a Tranny)
Mary is very imaginary because Mary is a man....
Views: 8492 Evan
The Many Faces Of Lancome Men, Part 3 (TRANSVESTIGATION)
Sorry it's long, but please join me as we take a look at a few other Lancome male spokesmodels. Bonus vid coming soon! As always thank you for watching! Sorry I said "Hips removed" at 3:29 I meant "Ribs" May bad!!!!!!!
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St. Elmo's Trannies; Andie McDowell Transvestigation (Andie Mcdowell Is a Man)
Like Maniston with his Aveeno Campaign, McDowell has hocked L'Oreal for years, Yet the man inside refuses to be kept hidden.
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Gender Bending Necromancer: Theresa Caputo Transvestigation
The "Long Island Medium" says she can communicate with the dead. She also claims to be a woman. Let's take a look shall we? At 4:06 I said "heads" when i mean "shoulders". I swear I will quit talking like Nancy Pelosi lol.
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Lifetime Transchievement Bonus Vid: The Man Desperate to Look Like Vadge (Madonna Is A MAN)
Vadge has been such an inspiration to so many.......Just another reason why he is this years deceptive award winner!!!!!!! Again, many congratulations to Vadge on his many accomplishments!!!!!!
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The Political Tranny Nightmare of Nightmares: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
His deception is as ridiculous as his ideas.....These people have to push it at every angle....Movies, Politics, advertising.....it's all the same. @:45 I meant Country. Sorry I have been working graves. Im a bit tired lol.
Views: 12199 Evan
Is Marianne Williamson Really A Man?
Hadn't seen this person in a few years, but she is looking much like so many others who work in Trannywood and pal around with Oprah.
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Vadge: 2017 Lifetime Transchievement Award Winner, Part 3: Silver Screen (Madonna Is A MAN)
Again, such a tranny of many trades. Even after a hectic schedule of recording trash and spreading propaganda on world tours on an almost constant basis, Vadge once again surpasses all expectations by also finding the time and dedication the serve Baphomet on the silver screen! Again, Just one more reason that this dynamic deceiver is our 2017 Lifetime Transchievement Award recipient!!!!!
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"Juno" What Time It Is: Ellen Page Transvestigation
We got another tricky dicky on our hands, oh yes we do.....
Views: 5209 Evan
Adventures In Transgenderism: Elisabeth Shue
Elisabeth Shue.....another "Hollow (wo)Man"
Views: 12017 Evan
Sandra Oh. Oh, By The Way (Another Tranny) Sandra Oh is a man
Another Disney Company tranny shill that looks like a horse's ass.
Views: 4127 Evan
Family Time With The Pioneer Tranny
It runs in the family.......
Views: 2113 Evan
Deceptive Transgender In The City: Lea Thompson Transvestigation
Caroline In The City was a male.
Views: 5936 Evan
Obvious Half-Baked Tranny: Gaby Hoffmann
Just caught a glimpse of this one on the TV while my family watched in awe and I looked on in disgust. Gaby Hoffmann isn't fooling anyone. Clearly transgendered.
Views: 9235 Evan

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