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Fort time with A and L
Hello buckets! Sorry we havent posted for far too long. Anyway, we are DONE with #SCHOOL and said hello to VLOGS! Anyway, we have a special participation with Kristine so this would be fun! Anyway ENJOY! SHOUT OUT TO AINY ANIMATIONS!!!!
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DORM ROOM Expectations vs Reality
Hello buckets! Sorry we never posted in like forever. So anyway this is our second video for #school. So i hope u guys like it and please subscribe! Shout out to PRICKASMR! If u would like a shout out and for us to subscribe u just comment about our comment of the day! WATCH TO FIND OUT!!!
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Before the First day of School vs Before the Last day of School
Hey guys so this is our first ever video for #SCHOOL. So I hope you guys like it and give it a Thumbs up so please subscribe!
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July 13, 2018
Read in the conments!!!
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Hey guys! We finally showed up and it is now time for Gatcha! We are going to start a new series and maybe have a few shoutouts! We hope you guys enjoy! Please LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!
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Hey guys! This is our first episode and we hope it will be a success! We hope you guys enjoy! We will have a new episode every week so we hope you guys enjoy!
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The Peppa Pig Camper Van
This is the first video to our PEPPA PIG COLLECTION. So please like and Subscribe!
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