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Atlantis - City's Fall.avi
This is the beginning of the movie, when a large explosion and a giant wave that threatens the city, The Heart of Atlantis hides it. And Kida's mother dissapear.
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Pushing Daisies - 1x09 Begining.wmv
The 1X09 begining of the spectacular TV serie Pushing Daisies
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Silent Hill: Origins bad Ending
This is the bad ending of silent hill: origins. After saving Alessa from the cult, Travis wakes up on the gurney in the room with the first mirror you see in the game. After a few sound clips of what appears to be Travis killing people, it soon becomes clear that Travis was The Butcher all along. He remains restrained on the table in the foggy world, but in a body bag in the alternate world, trapped in Silent Hill forever.
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Xena and Gabriele-My Name is Lincoln
Here's a video of xena and gabriele with the soundtrack of the movie "The Island" My Name is Lincoln enjoy it =)
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