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How to Create Indoor/Outdoor Sculptures Using T-shirts
Ideal class for you and your friends who need some “together time”. You’ll create a unique sculpture in this 3 part 9 hours series – even if you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body! Truly, everyone can be an artist. Your sculpture will be a person in a seated pose, using a single color. Your “person” can be female, male, angels, or fairies, or similar human-like form. How they sit and how they are dressed is up to you. In this introductory class you will learn the basics of a Paverpol sculpture. First, you’ll learn how to build the sculpture form using a wire frame and aluminum foil. It’s really easy – once Bev shows you her special techniques! Next you will dip your t-shirt material in liquid “Paverpol”. Finally you’ll learn how to wrap and dress the form with the t-shirt material. After curing your finished sculpture can be displayed indoors or outdoors, even in our extreme north american weather. No need to bring it indoors for the winter. Your sculpture will add beauty to your yard or garden year round. Your neighbors might even ask if you’ll create a sculpture for them!
Mold Making for Glass Art
https://www.curiousmondo.com/mold-making-for-glass-course Nearly all glass makers (unless they are blowing glass) need molds which can go in the kiln, as part of the process of creating their work. This course aims to introduce all the mold-making techniques for casting glass, with detailed information on materials, recipes for mould mixes, methods and applications. It helps the student to learn which methods are appropriate for different types of work, and covers all the basics of how to make your mould. It also includes practical information on sourcing, storing, using and recycling materials, and how to develop your own recipes and methods for particular projects.
How to Weave with a Pin Loom
Pin loom weaving is seeing a resurgence in popularity because the looms are small enough to be handheld, they're portable, they come in all shapes and sizes, they're great for stash-busting, and they're fun, fun, fun! In this class we'll talk about different kinds of pin looms, the various yarns that can be used, plain and patterned designs, and - most importantly - what to make with all those squares! Pin loom weaving is easy to learn and fun for all ages. Once you start you won't want to stop. Different kinds of looms and yarns for weaving Setting up the warp strands Plain weave, textured weave, patterned designs Attaching squares together Which yarns work best How to read a pattern ...and muc more!
Top Tips: How to Needle Felt Incredibly Cute Lambs!
Discover the joy of needle felting while creating your own lamb herd. In this content packed course you will learn: - The basics of needle felting - Different types of fiber - What felts and what doesn't - Different types of needles and how to use them We will create together: - Over 11 pieces for you to create in this course Get your fiber and needles ready because we will make a lot of amazing pieces for you to decorate your home, give as gifts and/or sell! http://www.curiousmondo.com/how-to-felt-lambs
How to Create Scrapbook Mini Albums
In this course you will lean how to make your own one of a kind scrapbook mini album. We will create our books building from the hard covered book to the pages, decorating and adding pictures. Your mini album will make a perfect keepsake for all your special memories. By the end of the course, you will know how to design and assemble a truly unique gift for all those you love.
Using a Pick-up Stick on a Rigid Heddle
During this in-depth, fun, and super informative course you will learn: How to weave a beautiful lace scarf How to insert a pick-up stick and use it Figuring the best Sett for your project Looking at an unbalanced weave (bound weave) ...and more!
Weaving on the Rigid Heddle Loom
In this class we will learn the direct method of warping a Rigid Heddle loom. We will be warping a hound’s-tooth check scarf using a fine wool yarn. First Day of class Putting the yarn on the loom (Warping) Parts of a Rigid Heddle Loom Yarns that are good for this project How to put on a longer warp when you want it Techniques that will get the warp on fast and easy Tricks for making this an enjoyable process Second Day of class Shuttles that work well with a Rigid Heddle loom Fixing any errors in the warp Using two shuttles with ease Keeping your edges even Finishing and caring for your masterpiece
Sculpting a Simple Ball-Jointed Doll with Polymer Clay
In this class, we will learn to sculpt a darling, ten inch, child-like ball-jointed doll from ProSculpt polymer clay. A BJD is a posable, interactive doll with special joints that give the doll movement. We will sculpt each piece one at a time, and also give special attention to how to sculpt a cute, young face. We will learn about ball-joints and how they work, and how to easily incorporate them into your sculpting process. We will then show you how to sand and prepare each piece, blush the doll for realism. Finally, we will string her together and show how to pose her. Ball-jointed dolls are incredibly popular. Once you understand the basics of their construction, you will be able to add ball joints easily to your sculpting projects.
How to Create Elves in Polymer Clay Sneak Peek
https://www.curiousmondo.com/polymer-clay-elves-course How to Create Elves in Polymer Clay with doll artist Karen Baker. Check the full course!
How to Carve Reverse Intaglio Into Quartz Crystal and Glass
During this fantastic and in-depth course you will learn: -What diamond bits to use -How to use and control a flex shaft while carving -How to keep your stone wet while carving into Stone/glass -How to create shapes and textures with different diamond bits -I will show my techniques on how I create planets, trees, ships and various different figures.
Weaving a Scarf on a 4-Shaft Loom
All About Triangle Looms
Our triangle loom is handmade. Available in several sizes. The nails are stainless steel. Very easy to use weaving with a “continuous yarn” weaving method. https://www.mondomarkettv.com/all-about-triangle-looms/ You will receive the loom unassemble as pictured ready for you to customize as you wish and give it your unique twist! It comes pre-drill so you know exactly where to put the nails. Easy Peasy! Paint it if you fancy that, or leave it “raw”, add the nails (included and marked where to put them) and have fun weaving! The fact that comes with the nail separate makes you save a lot in shipping.
Interview with Shiflett Brothers - Creativity in Focus- Sculpting Series
This week Shahar is chatting it up with the awesome Shiflett Brothers! Tune in as they talk about art, life, business, and sculpting! These guys are awesome sculptors and very cool people
Waldorf Style Wool Dolls How to Sneak Peek
https://www.curiousmondo.com/waldorf-dolls-and-mobiles-course Waldorf Style Wool Dolls How to Sneak Peek with Shahar Boyayan
Wire Wrapped Hearts
https://www.curiousmondo.com/wire-wrapped-hearts-course Learn how the unusual shape of the puffed heart stone can be securely wrapped and beautifully displayed in your creations. Kathy Hacking will show you how attention to small details can have you creating wire wrapped jewelry that is durable and beautiful. She will be sharing a variety of heart shaped pendants with instructions for how to consistently make lovely wearable art. What you will learn: - Weaving a copper heart - Choosing materials, and the value of slowing down - Weaving a frame with fringe & making closed loop drops - Weaving Earrings - Heart shaped cage pendant, top down with cz - Heart shaped cage pendant, Bottom up & variation for incorporating charms - Weaving a beaded cage pendant - Incorporating beads and more than one stone and creating a unique focal point - How to create an openable pendant that lets you change out the rock. - ...and much more!
Beginning Precious Metal Clay (PMC) Jewelry
This course is designed to introduce you to that amazing world of precious metal clay. We will cover the basics and beyond! You’ll learn the tools you’ll need, different types of clays, kiln and torch firing. How to texture, stamp, mold and shape that clay the way you want. You will also learn how to layer the clay and create dimensional pieces. Caring and storing your clay. How to re-hydrate your clay when it dries out and much, much more! We will create earrings, charms and pendants. In this course we will cover: How to roll out the clay to a consistent thickness Texturing the clay Refining edges and surfaces of dried clay Making Slip Firing times and techniques Variety of bails Joining Layers Using cork/paper clay for hollow forms Basic stone setting for fire in place CZ’s Painting with slip Torch firing Making molds How to store unused clay ...and MUCH more!
Sculpting Santas with Polymer Clay Sneak Peek
https://www.curiousmondo.com/sculpting-santas-course Sculpting Santas with Polymer Clay with Karen Baker. Amazing course and no detail is left behind
The Art of Teddy Bear Making
Since its creation in 1902 the Teddy Bear has become not only a favorite toy for generations of children, but also an almost universally recognized symbol of love, comfort, and joy. Even adults are not immune to Teddy’s charms for he has also become a fine collectible, and a purely delightful form of artistic expression. Hi, my name is Tami Eveslage and I am a Teddy Bear Artist. I have been making bears, dolls, and other stuffed critters since I was a child, and I have been selling my bear creations for almost 25 years now. I absolutely love what I do and I can’t wait to share my knowledge and passion with you during my class here at Curious Mondo. In this class you will learn to create a Teddy Bear like this one from start to finish. This bear features some more advanced techniques such as his needle sculpted face and paws, and shading techniques, but since I will show you the entire process from start to finish, you will learn all of the basic Teddy Bear making skills as well. These include things like choosing appropriate fabrics, pattern layout, machine and hand sewing, and all of those little steps you might not think of that create a finely crafted bear. So if you have never made anything like this before, or you just want to expand on your bear making skills, I hope that you will join me here at Curious Mondo for The Art of Teddy Bear Making.
Advanced Teddy Bear Design
While he is not exactly a Teddy Bear, this red panda is playful, cuddly and as cute as can be! Join Tami and learn to make one of these darlings for yourself. In this class we will employ many of the techniques we used in our “Making Artistic Teddy Bears” class, such as hand and machine sewing, needle sculpting and scissor sculpting the face and paws, and more while learning to address the unique challenges of working with extra dense synthetic fur. The main focus of this class will be designing and creating a more realistic animal with many posing options. We will learn to alter a basic bear head pattern, to design a non-jointed body pattern, to create a full body armature, and to employ techniques for creating distinctive markings. https://www.curiousmondo.com
How to Create a 10 inch Pose-able Needle Felt Doll Sneak Peek
How to Create a 10 inch Pose-able Needle Felt Doll Sneak Peek with Colleeen Spies. For the full course go to: https://www.curiousmondo.com/needle-felt-doll-course
Crystal Reverse Intaglio Sneak Peek
https://www.curiousmondo.com/reverse-intaglio-course How to Carve Reverse Intaglio Into Quartz Crystal and Glass Sneak Peek. Amazing technique if you work with crystals or glass. With Jack Hoque
Concrete Jewelry - Concrete: Not Just for Sidewalks Anymore
Register here: http://www.curiousmondo.com/concrete-jewelry-free I have been working with concrete at the jewelry scale for nearly 20 years and feel that this is a perfect time to compile a collection of projects that will allow the viewer access to the basics of concrete jewelry as well as various techniques and procedures for combining concrete with a variety of other materials. Additionally, the nature of concrete lends itself almost automatically, to building narrative into a given piece of work. With all its references to concepts such as protection, permanence, longevity, strength, or rigidity it enables the artist to synthesize the material with the idea and meaning of the piece. I have experience in a wide swath of jewelry making using both traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques. I have written articles for a number of magazines on the subject of integrating these and also authored a book that includes many such materials and techniques. I believe that concrete, though a seemingly unlikely material for jewelry, is actually very well suited to personal adornment and allows a broad spectrum of artistic expression for makers at all levels. Additionally, artists will be able to include concrete as a material in conjunction with materials they are already using such as polymer clay, metal clay, resins, gemstones and traditional metals to name just a few. My intent is to show a series of projects that will use concrete in conjunction with numerous other materials including but not limited to metals, plastics, found objects, cloth, and leather. Owing to the nature of concrete I will also cover a range of cold connections both traditional and some that I have developed, as well as setting gemstones, beads and metal clay in concrete.
How to Dye Yarn and Fibers Online Course Sneak Peek
In this course we're going to cover things like dye chemistry and how the conditions in the water that we use affect the colors that we get, we're going to talk about the different types of fibers that you can dye whether they're prepared fibers or unprepared fibers, how to custom tailor a yarn or fiber or fabric that you need to meet your needs, etc. Regardless of your skill level, whether you're a knitter, a felter, or you're not crafty at all and you just want to be able to dye a scarf this class is for you! We'll talk about things for all skill levels that you can do to dye with acid dyes. http://www.curiousmondo.com/how-to-dye-yarn-and-fibers
Turn Your Art Into a Business! Creativity in Focus.
Marketing consultant Robert Imbriale shares some tips from his experience working with artists. Another great episode of Creativity in Focus podcast
Intermediate Sculpting with Fabric Hardener - Textile Art with Paverpol
Let's move beyond working with t-shirts and play with different colours and textures as we create a standing figure for your garden. In this class we will learn how to support your figure, this way we can get much more creative in our poses. We'll be using a different technique for wrapping our structure and that will give us more freedom in building our body. No More uni-boob). We will work with different fabrics to create a more colorful and sometimes textured piece.
Basic Bottle Glass Fusing Tip Top Tips
http://www.curiousmondo.com/basic-bottle-glass-fusing-course Basic Bottle Glass Fusing with Jodi McRaney-Rusho. Check teh full course
Colors to Dye For Live Training with Kathleen Baer
Using Procion MX Fiber reactive dyes. We will dye plant-based fibers like cotton, rayon and bamboo and protein fibers like wool and silk We will go from lights to darks and also do multicolored pieces. You will learn to combine the primary colors red, yellow, and blue to get all the colors of the rainbow. We will be doing low water immersion, snow and ice dyeing, bucket dyeing, gradation dyeing, and various other techniques. In our last class we will also do some rust dyeing, sun printing, ink dyeing, dyeing with union dyes, overdyeing, eco dyeing, and discharge dyeing. Our bonus will show ways you can use your hand dyed fabric. Creating your own fabric is one of the best parts of working with fiber. Come have fun and be surprised by the colors you create.
Turning Fiber Into Yarn: The Art Of Spinning
All of the fantastic fiber you get from animals can become beautiful yarns, batting and stuffing. At first, when you look at the wool fleece, or hair right off the animal you may wonder how that dirty, messy bundle of wool/hair will ever become yarn, but it will. This course will show you how to do it! Yarn has been spun on spindles for thousands of years. With a little fiber and a spindle, you too can participate in this oldest of alchemies!
Planned Color Pooling
Learn quick and easy ways to use variegated yarns to create beautiful and unique patterns in your finished crochet and knitted pieces.
Textile Sculpting Intermediate Level Sneak Peek
Textile Sculpting with Paverpol Intermediate Level Sneak Peek. With Beverly Oliwa. Check full course: https://www.curiousmondo.com/intermediate-paverpol-sculpting-course
How to Weave with a Pin Loom Sneak Peek
https://www.curiousmondo.com/pin-loom-weaving-course How to Weave with a Pin Loom. Sarah Scott shows the basics of the pin loom weaving, creating texture, bindings and how to make big pieces
Advanced Ball Jointed Doll Course
In this advanced course you will learn how to sculpt a ball jointed doll. We'll discuss how to sculpt delicate fingers and toes, and how to create an advance knee with a big range of motion and bend. We'll cover how to sculpt a face, the body, wig making, outfits, and more!
How to Add Images to Fused Glass
http://www.curiousmondo.com/images-on-glass-course Learn How to Add Images to Fused Glass with Kerry Collet
How to Create Elves in Polymer Clay
Karen Baker was born in So. Cal, she has always been a artist but discovered polymer clay about 10 years ago, hooked on how detailed you can get with the medium she started making human figures. Her dolls are in collections all over the world and she enjoys teaching classes as well. She currently lives in Utah with her husband and 16 year old son, 2 cats and one horse.
Introduction to Simplified Tole painting Sneak Peek
http://www.curiousmondo.com/intro-to-tole-painting-course Introduction to Simplified Tole painting Sneak Peek
Online Course How to Start a Wellness Business
http://www.curiousmondo.com/free-wellness-business Join us for this free, live online course.! You get your certification then what? How to start and run a business in the wellness industry. Can be related to beauty or to health. Instructor and Wellness entrepreneur Leesa Meyers will guide you to everything you need to know in order to have a successful wellness business. Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/curiousmondo
Basic Wire Wrapping Online Course Sneak Peek
http://www.curiousmondo.com/basic-wire-wrapping-course Basic Wire Wrapping Online Course Sneak Peek
Costuming Art Dolls Sneak Peek
Check how Art Doll Artist Karen Baker makes costumes for her art dolls. To check the full course click here https://www.curiousmondo.com/costuming-for-art-dolls-course
How to Make Temari Balls
Temari Balls are an old Japanese art form. They are thread covered balls which are stitched on with colorful threads. The designs can be intricate or simple. In this class, students will learn to cover a Styrofoam ball with sewing thread and then divide it into equal parts. Learning to divide the ball evenly is one of the most important challenges for getting a pleasing over-all design. Then we will stitch or wrap the ball with colored embroidery floss or other fine threads, finally turning it into a beautiful ornament.
Beginning Lampworking
This is a comprehensive beginning lampworking course. Learn about safety, lampworking and beadmaking equipment, glass properties, beadmaking techniques and annealing. Using table-top oxygen/propane fueled torches and soft glass, students will learn to make beads of various shapes; how to use shaping, raking and poking tools; surface decoration; pulling stringers; basic encasing, and simple cane-making.
How to mold and cast Ball jointed dollsSneak Peek
https://www.curiousmondo.com/molding-and-casting-bjd-course How to mold and cast Bjds. Watch Noemi Smith showing you how to make silicone molds and cast BJDs in resin
Beginning Gourd Carving Sneak Peek
Beginning Gourd Carving with Ken Poole. Over 10 hrs of instructions on gourd carving, wood burning, inset on gourds and relief carving. See the full online course at: https://www.curiousmondo.com/beginning-gourd-carving-course
Recycled Glass Jewelry
Learn how to make beautiful and creative kiln formed beads using recycled bottle glass! Bottle glass is an inexpensive alternative to art glass that is also great for the environment.
The Art of Teddy Bear Making with Tami Eveslage - Creativity in Focus- Sculpting Series
We interview Tami Eveslage where she talks about making Teddy bears and the art of selling them. Artistic Teddy bears have a high market value for collectors. They are soft sculptures
Introduction to Simplified Tole painting
Tole painting is an easy-to-learn painting method where the painter traces a design outline onto a painting surface, then applies basic brushstrokes to give that surface decorative accents. Learning the basic brushstrokes is the key to this painting method. Each lesson contains vital information you will need to practice your stroke work, prepare your surfaces, and finish your projects with ease and satisfaction!
Making a Heron Beverly Oliwa
Create a Beautiful Heron with Beverly Oliwa. She will teach you years of Experience in how to make her Famous Art work. Join us at https://www.curiousmondo.com/paverpol-heron-free

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