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Signal in the Sky (Live)
I get a little teary eyed watching this performance. It's one of the videos shown during the CCW Summerfest
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CCF (The Evolution of Fridays) Vol. 3
This is what became of my beloved CCF. This is Cartoon Network Fridays (Screams in Horror). This ran from October 2003-2007. There is also elements of the Summer Fridays theme song in this intro. I just have the intro so please do not ask me if I have anything else from this era.
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The Cartoon Cartoon Show (Primetime Version)
This version of the Cartoon Cartoon Show came on at 8pm on Primetime in Nov. 2002. this version shows random Cartoon Cartoon episodes and select pilots. Also when CN dropped the Cartoon Cartoons and changed to "City Era," The Cartoon Cartoon Show was the only place to watch your favorite Cartoon Cartoons.
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6 Brand new Cartoon Cartoons
This Promo is for November 26 1999 on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays, two weeks after the premiere of Mike, Lu, & Og and Courage the Cowardly dog.
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CCF Big Pick opening and Grim & Evil premiere
the best marathon ever.
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Summer Fridays Intro and segment.
Premiere Date MAY 23, 2003. This Is the first (and only) Broadcast of Summer Fridays I recorded. This is all I have of Summer Fridays because I was so mad at the change that CN took away the host, bumpers, and everything else. This is in my opinion signs of the demise of CN.
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CCF Bet You Didn't Know Vol. 1
Since i'm out of full CCF uploads, I figured I put up a few collection videos. Here is volume 1 of the Lenny Baxter Collection of facts about our favorite Cartoon Cartoons.
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Cartoon Cartoons The Top 5
This Show was a weekly countdown from Spring 2002 to (I believe) sometime in 2009.(due to bad promotion and scheduling at 6am). This style wad used until the end of the powerhouse era. The City era style was a bit different but still retained the same music. (not sure how it was used during the nod era). Sorry I don't have number two.
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CCF Time Squad Host pt. 6
Last part Flex contest.
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The Cartoon Cartoon Show
This is not a CCF but It's Cartoon Cartoon Related. I love the music in the update of the What a Cartoon Show and It also has a sneak peek of my next CCF upload
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CCF Dexter Host Dec. 14, 2001 pt. 1
This is really a new CCF. Dexter has been updated to his new season look.
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CCF Dexter Host Sept. 2001 pt. 5
from 10pm-11pm and the last 3-part Orbit Code
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CCF intro bumper collection Vol. 1
Most of these intros (Dexter, Eds, Cow & Chicken, PPG, and Johnny) premiered during Cartoon Cartoon Weekend 1999. CN change them the following week to the cartoons saying "Fridays" the rest of the Intros premiered during their premiere dates on CCF (with the exception of Grim & Evil who premiered during the Big Pick Weekend) Which one is your favorite?
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CCF Eustace & Muriel Host pt. 1
1st part
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CCF Roller Coaster Bumpers Collection (Remix)
These are the same rollercoaster bumpers collection but it uses the unused CCF intro music. I mainly used them from the CCF May 9th, 2003 broadcast.
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Grim & Evil premiere promo
Promo from 2000 big pick winner
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CCF KND Premiere Night pt. 1
It's Time Squad again. CCF went back to 7pm-1am. Hosting at the top of the hour only from here on out. KND will get a Puzzle Bumper in the future. this part is from 7pm-7:30pm
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Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Promos 2000
I believe these bumpers premiered in 2000. It's the Original CCF bumper Extended, Johnny Bravo Extended bumper, short Dexter bumper, and short Courage one. These are the only ones I have. 90sCartoonNetwork has the short Ed, Edd, n Eddy and Powerpuff one.
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CCF Dexter Host Dec. 14, 2001 pt. 5
Another SNL spoof. A lot of you have been waiting on the Christmas Party. It will be my next upload.
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CCF Time Squad Host pt. 1
First time hosting.
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CCF Fall 2002 pt. 1
This CCF is from late September 2002. There were a few changes to CCF from June 2002. Shorter theme song (till CCF's end). The hosting is now in the middle of the show instead of at the beginning(till December 2002). And the schedule no longer shows what time the show comes on. Also there is no outro at the end of the broadcast at 1am
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CCW Summerfest Powerpuff segment
This segment includes promos for The Premiere Premiere Show, Fall 2002 Primetime Lineup, and Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?
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CCF Roller Coaster Bumpers Collection
What's your favorite Rollercoaster bumper. I like the DeeDee and the Red Guy P.S. Accidently out 2 mayor bumpers.
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CCF Sheep Hosting pt. 2
From 8pm-9pm
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CCF Bubbles Host pt. 2
from 7:45pm-9pm
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CCF Big Game XXIX Tailgate Party Pt. 1
This CCF Special premiered on January 26th, 2001
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CCF Eds Pool Party Marathon
This CCF is the only CCF to play this Extended intro. They played Ed, Edd, n Eddy from 8pm-12am, The Powerpuffs Girls and Grim & Evil came on from 12am-1am
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CCF Mojo Host pt. 7
Do the monkey with the monkey, also check out the SNL spoof.
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CCF Halloween Party pt. 4
The last part. Were you surprised at the ending. My next broadcast will Bubbles again from November 16, 2001.
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CCW Summerfest pt. 1
I call this a mediocre marathon because of No theme song, no host, no intro bumpers, no show intros, no full episodes, no Big Pick, No Cow & Chicken, no I Am Weasel, No Sheep, No Mike Lu & Og, and No Outros. Comment if you agree.
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CCF KND Premiere Night pt. 3
From 9pm-11pm. Sorry I don't have the 10pm host slot. I stepped out of the house during it's airing. It's just a repeat of KND from earlier and a new Powerpuff Girls.
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6 New Cartoon Cartoons Promos
I decided to put all versions of these promos, If you look closely, some parts of these promos inspired and made it to the 2000, 2001, and 2002 CCF intros (including the 2002 extended intro and the unused CCF intro)
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CCF Nov. 22, 2002 pt. 2
This is the last I have of this CCF. This night includes the Series Finale of Courage the Cowardly Dog :( but this night also includes the Season 4 Premiere of Dexter's Laborartory. (return of Kat Cressida as DeeDee) :)
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CCF Johnny Host pt. 2
from 7:30pm-a little after 8:00pm
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CCF Mojo Host Nov. 23, 2001 pt. 6
The last part. the Next broadcast will be hosted by the Mayor. He's got a new Dexter and he's giving away TV/VCRs with Dexter Videos.
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CCF Ed and Eddy Host pt. 1
2nd time Ed and Eddy host yt:crop=16:9
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CCF Sheep Hosting pt. 1
Sheep one and only time hosting CCF. This part is from 7pm-8pm
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CCF Announcer Host Pt. 1.
The CCF Stars took a break on this late 2000 CCF. From 7:00pm-8:00pm.
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CCW Summerfest pt. 2
They were a lot of music videos to premiere this weekend. I would post them but I can only upload a 3 minute video.
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CCF May 9, 2003 pt. 1
This CCF was two days after my Birthday and the last CCF I recorded. Unfortunately CCF ends in Two Weeks to be replaced By Summer Fridays. Since March 2003, CCF promos only showed what was going on the entire month. The Puzzle Bumper are before the commercials and the Rollercoaster ribbons are after the commercials. P.S. check out Codename: Kids Next Door Puzzle bumper. this part is from 7pm-7:30pm
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CCF Johnny Host  pt  3
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Cartoon Cartoon Primetime
This premiered in May 2001(during the premiere of Primetime) and lasted all month long, and then became Cartoon Cartoon Summer from June-August, but still using Primetime bumpers.This includes two primetime bumpers and the Primetime opening. In my opinion it was just as good as CCF (musicwise)
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CCF Big Pick Winners Show pt. 2
The last of the Big Pick stuff I have and the newest Cartoon Cartoon KND that will premiere a year and a quarter later.
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CCF May 9, 2003 pt. 6
From 12am-1am. The last hour of CCF I ever recorded. If I would've known the next week would be the final week of CCF, I would have recorded it. Don't worry though, this may be the last hour but not the last upload. stay tuned......
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CCF Christmas Party (2001) pt. 1
For those who don't know, the original broacast of the Christmas Party was in 2000 and repeated in July 2001 (Christmas in July). This is the third (and last) repeat of the Christmas Party. Air Date Dec. 21, 2001
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CCF Summer 2nd week pt  4
The halftime of CCF, don't you just love Johnny Bravo's monkey.
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CCF Edd Host Dec. 7, 2001 pt. 6
the last part. Dexter is hosting next week. It has been updated to the way Dexter looks now.
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CCF Big Pick Dexter segment.
Dexter promotes Major Flake (CCF fall lineup promo included)
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CCF Dexter Host Dec  14, 2001 pt. 3 (Remake)
The last video was cut off. so I reupload the 9:30pm slot.
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CCF Bubbles Host pt  3
from 9pm-10pm
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