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Warrior Cats Opening: Fire and Ice
I wanted to animate my Warrior Cats opening version for book "Fire and Ice". This song inspirated me very much ^^ I dream animating some opening for all books of the first series, expect the first book, because there's already awesome openings for it :3 Sry my bad english, derp... ^^' This took me for two years. I didn't animate this nonstop, only times when I had a lot time and inspiration AND FINALLY IT'S READY!! :) Now I have one project less in my computer, so I'm really happy :''3 I know I need more practise in animation but I still hope you like this :3 Programs used: Animating: Adobe Flash 6 Backgrounds: photoshop 2 Editing: Windows movie maker
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Happy Birthday to TheBakaRedfield!!
Happy birthday my dear dearest friend! Have a good day and have fun! Lots of hugs for you! Here's my little present for you~ Hope you like it ^^! The character Keiki is TheBakaRedfield's OC from our roleplaying game! This little animation is from a scene that I found really hilarious in the game :D The Ending song is in finnish and sings about partying and drinking alcohol all the time XD
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Nanikeidemonai Dance -  Darrette Style
Hello, here's my version of this short dance! XD I used mine and Sahishinya's OCs from Darrette, our role play game. There is so many animated versions of this dance, but I wanted to study and learn to animate more human anatomy. This took about a year to animate, but not nonstop. I had a big break middle of somewhere ^^' But finally it's ready!! I'm kind of satisfied with this :3 Enjoy~! Programs used: - Adobe flash cs6 - Movie maker
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Hang On (map part 4)
I hope I did this right This is for chipietpista's warrior females map
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Hide your hearts OC map part 3
Oc map part for Golzy Blade Dee.
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The World Is Cold Map Part23
I got it ready in time! I hope I cut the music right o.o This is my very first time joining in a map! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44EuK8ji8jw
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Junya And Hajime -  Yellow Light
This was my Christmas present for my best firiend Shashinya! These two are our OCs from our RPG. I had to cut the music, 'cause the end of the music was too long :''D ___________________ Programs used: Adobe Flash cs6 Photoshop 2 Windows Movie Maker
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We Are Warriors Map Part 1 (for kinjaru123)
Finally this is ready yey! I've never animated dragons before. I had to study dragons anatomy before animating them. But this was nice challenge! ^^
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Tom's Dream
This is Tom's sad dream. This was my school project and i decided to use my comic characters. I do not own the music! Music is by Kevin kern - Through the arbor.
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Darrette Caramelldansen 8D
This is caramelldance of my oc CHARACTERS. I made this just for fun~~ 8D
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