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Trey Gowdy Challenges the Press on Benghazi
Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) challenges the press' knowledge of the events surrounding the Benghazi Embassy attacks on September 11, 2012.
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Ben Carson Shames CNN Anchor Who Tried To Besmirch Him On Live TV
Fair Use. Video Transcript: CNN probed into Ben Carson's miscreant childhood past in an attempt to discredit his rags-to-riches transformation. Camerota: She and another reporter went back and did talk to your elementary school friends, as well as your junior high school friends. Carson: Which elementary school friends? Camerota: I believe it's all laid out actually on CNN.com. Carson: No, I saw your article, I didn't see any elementary school friends there. Camerota: They…they say that they… Carson: This is a bunch of lies! That's just what it it is. It's is a bunch of lies. Carson called out Alisyn Camerota and the media for their diverting tactics. One of the tactics that is used by you guys in the media, particularly when someone is doing very well, is 'let's find a way to get them distracted, and get all the people distracted so that we can get away from the real issues.' Camerota backtracked, attempting to call the process vetting. But Carson called out the glaring double standard. Camerota: You know it well, just from the short time you've been involved in vetting. Campaigns… Carson: Is that what was done with this current president? Is that what you guys did with him? Camerota: Yes, as a matter of fact. Carson: No you did not! Give me a break. Camerota: President Obama's autobiography Dreams of My Father was also vetted. You will recall Dr. Carson… Carson: Give me a break! Haha! Are you kidding me? The so-called vetting that you all did with President Obama doesn't even come close, doesn't even come close to what you guys are trying to do in my case. Carson's life story is a big part of his appeal as a candidate. If CNN can make it seem like a ruse, they can remove the threat that a black conservative poses to the Democrat Party. If you choose not to believe it, if it doesn't fit the narrative that you want, that's fine, OK? Let's let the American people decide. Is the media worried about Ben Carson? Do they see him as a threat? Share and comment below.
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Hillary Clinton Spars With Benghazi Victim’s Families During Latest Democrat Debate
Fair Use. Video Transcript: Putting away the softballs, Univision’s Jorge Ramos brought what’s been missing during Democrat debates, hard hitting questions. JORGE RAMOS: On the night of the attacks in Benghazi, you sent an email to your daughter Chelsea saying, that an al-Qaeda-like group was responsible for the killing of the Americans. However, some of the families claim that you lied to them. Secretary Clinton, did you lie to them? Just to refresh, here’s Hillary Clinton’s and President Obama’s story. HILLARY CLINTON: We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. OBAMA: As a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world. Now I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video. The problem is, they both knew it wasn’t the video. Hillary Clinton said so in her own email. JIM JORDAN: You’re looking at an email you sent to your family. Here’s what you said, at 11 o’clock that night - approximately one hour after you told the American people it was a video you say to your family, “Two officers were killed today in Benghazi by an al-Qaeda-like group.” Most significantly, the next day within 24 hours, you had a conversation with the Egyptian Prime Minister. You told him this, “We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack - not a protest.” So what did Mrs. Clinton have to say about being called a liar by a Benghazi victim’s mother, Patrica Smith? CLINTON: You know, look, I feel a great deal of sympathy for the families of the four brave Americans that we lost at Benghazi. And certainly I can’t even imagine the grief that she has for losing her son. But she’s wrong. She’s absolutely wrong. At the time I emailed with my daughter, a terrorist group had taken credit for the attacks on our facility in Benghazi. Hang on, let’s take that back. JORDAN: We know, not we think, not it might be, we know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack - not a protest. CLINTON: Within 16, 18 hours, they rescinded taking credit. They did it all on social media. And the video did play a role. We have captured one of the lead terrorists and he admits it was both a terrorist attack and it was influenced by the video. So which is it? First you say it was from a video, but in an email you claim it was a planned attack. Now it’s both? Do you trust Hillary Clinton? JORDAN: State Department experts knew the truth. You knew the truth. But that’s not what the American people got.
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Trey Gowdy Berates DHS Official Who Has No Clue About Rights
Video Transcript: South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy was forced to teach a DHS official about Constitutional rights during a House hearing. GOWDY: Let me ask you another question about the terrorism list. What process is afforded a U.S. citizen, not someone who has overstayed a visa, not someone who crossed the border without permission, but an American citizen; what process is currently afforded an American citizen before they go on that list? KELLI BURRIESCI: I’m sorry, um, there’s not a process afforded the citizen prior to getting on the list; there is a process should someone feel they are unduly placed on the list. GOWDY: Yes, there is. When I say process, I’m actually using half of the term due process, which is a phrase we find in the Constitution–that you cannot deprive people of certain things without due process. My question is can you name another constitutional right that we have that is chilled, until you find out it’s chilled–and then you have to petition the government to get it back. Is that true with the First Amendment? BURRIESCI: Sir, there are strict criteria before anybody… GOWDY: That is not my question. My question is what process is afforded a U.S. citizen before that person’s constitutional right is infringed? That he’s fine with doing it with the second amendment. My question is how about the first? How about we not let ‘em set up a website? Or a Google account? How about we not let ‘em join the Church until they can petition government to get off the list? How about not get a lawyer? How about the Sixth Amendment? How about you can’t get a lawyer until you petition the government to get off the list? Or my favorite, how about the Eighth Amendment? We’re going to subject you to cruel and unusual punishment until you petition the government to get off the list. Is there another Constitutional right that we treat the same way for American citizens that we do the Second Amendment? Can you think of one? Can you think of one? BURRIESCI: I don’t have an answer for you, Sir. GOWDY: Alright, well, I’m out of time.
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Movie Star Says He Stumbled Upon Possible Pedophile Ring During Filming, Contacted FBI
Link to interview: https://deadline.com/2018/12/sacha-baron-cohen-who-is-america-shocking-scenes-donald-trump-dick-cheney-sarah-palin-oj-simpson-golden-globe-nomination-interview-1202522910/ Actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen said in an interview with Deadline that he might have uncovered a pedophilia ring in Las Vegas during one of his undercover interviews. The actor was filming his “Who is America?” series in what he called, “the time of Harvey Weinstein” when he attempted to see how far a Las Vegas concierge would go to help the rich and famous. In an interview that was not included in the show, Cohen posed as a character called “Gio,” set up a meeting with a Las Vegas concierge and asked his most repulsive request: Where could he find children to date? Cohen reported that it “became really dark stuff,” and the interview was not put in the show because of it. “And then at the end of the interview I say, listen, I want to go out and celebrate now. Can you get me a date for tonight? He says, ‘what do you mean, a date?’“ “I go, you know, like a young man. He says, ‘well, what kind of age?’ I say, lower than Bar Mitzvah but older than eight. And he says, ‘yeah, I can put you in touch with somebody who can get you some boys like that.’” When Deadline inquired how Cohen handled the interview, the actor said that he “immediately turned over the footage to the FBI because we thought, perhaps there’s a pedophile ring in Las Vegas that’s operating for these very wealthy men. And this concierge had said that he’d worked for politicians and various billionaires”
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Trey Gowdy Shreds Hillary Clinton’s Lies During Hearing With FBI’s James Comey
Video Transcript: The Bulldog, Trey Gowdy, rapid-fired through Hillary Clinton’s lies during a House hearing on Thursday. GOWDY: Secretary Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her emails, either sent or received. Was that true? JAMES COMEY: That’s not true. GOWDY: Secretary Clinton said, “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email, there is no classified material.” Was that true? COMEY: There was classified material emailed. GOWDY: Secretary Clinton said she used just one device. Was that true? COMEY: She used multiple devices. GOWDY: Secretary Clinton said all work-related emails were returned to the State Department. Was that true? COMEY: No, we found work-related emails, thousands… GOWDY: Did her lawyers read the email content individually? COMEY: No. Gowdy schooled Mr. Comey on Mrs. Clinton’s “intent” of mishandling classified material. GOWDY: In your old job, you would prove intent - as you just referenced - by showing the jury evidence of a complex scheme that was designed for the very purpose of concealing the public record. She affirmatively rejected efforts to give her a State.gov account, she kept these private emails for almost two years and only turned them over to Congress because we found out she had a private email account. So you have a rogue email system set up before she took the oath of office, thousands of what we now know to be classified emails - some of which were classified at the time, one of her more frequent email comrades was in fact hacked and you don’t know whether or not she was and this scheme took place over a long period of time and resulted in the destruction of public records and yet you say there is insufficient evidence of intent? Gowdy finished with what he said is most concerning about the double standard for Hillary Clinton. GOWDY: You mentioned there’s no precedent for criminal prosecution. My fear is there still isn’t. There’s nothing to keep a future Secretary of State or president from this exact same email scheme, or their staff. And my real fear is this: it’s what the chairman touched upon. This double-track justice system that is rightly or wrongly perceived in this country. That if you are a private in the Army and you email yourself classified information you will be kicked out. But if you are Hillary Clinton and you seek a promotion to Commander in Chief you will not be. So what I hope you can do today is help the reasonable person you made reference to, the reasonable person understand why she appears to be treated differently than the rest of us would be.
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NFL Superstar: If Black Lives Matter, Stop Black-On-Black Crime
Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman made it clear he doesn’t support the calls to kill whites or cops made by the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Sherman: I don’t think any time’s a time to call out for an all-out war against police or any race of people. i thought that was an ignorant statement. His comments came after King Noble, a controversial Black Lives Matter activist, used the cornerback’s image in a meme to advocate for the murdering of whites. It features Sherman and teammate Marshawn Lynch saying, “When we gon kill these KKKrackas Bro.” Noble, is also the man behind this violent and racist video calling for the deaths of white people and white cops. Noble: Today, we live in a time when the white man will be picked off, and there’s nothing he can do about it. His day is up, his time is up. We will witness more executions and killing of white people and cops than we ever have before. It’s about to go down. It’s open season on killing white people and crackas.” Sherman was quick to oppose the call to arms, calling it” ignorant,” and also reiterated that if one black life matters, all do. Sherman: You should never let somebody get killed - that’s somebody’s son, that’s somebody’s brother, that’s somebody’s friend. So you should always keep that in mind. I think as long as we have black-on-black crime, you know, one black man killing another … if black lives matter, then they should matter all the time. After Sherman discussed the good and bad apples of law enforcement, because there are both, he argued race has nothing to do with the problem. Sherman: At the end of the day, we’re all human beings. So, you know, before we’re Black, White, Asian, Polynesian, Latino - we’re humans. So, it’s up to us to stop it." Is the Black Lives Matter movement making race relations in America worse? Share and comment below.
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CNN Tries To Teach Us About "Full Semi-Automatic" Guns!
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Black Leaders Issue Powerful Message to CNN over Don Lemon's Anti-White Comments
Don Lemon recently called white men the 'biggest terror threat' facing America. For more news, visit our site: https://www.westernjournal.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WesternJournal/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WestJournalism
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Megyn Kelly Exposes Huge Hillary Clinton Lie About Benghazi
For years, Hillary Clinton and President Obama have blamed the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi on a YouTube video that incited out-of-control protesters. Clinton: Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior along with the protest that took place at our embassy in Cairo yesterday, as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet. Obama: The natural protests that arose because the outrage over the video, were used as an excuse by extremists. Brand new evidence from Hillary’s own email PROVE that was a lie. There were no protests. Jim Jordan: If there’s no evidence for a video-inspired protest, then where did the false narrative start? It started with you Madam Secretary. But what troubles me more is I think you knew the truth. Within 24 hours, you had a conversation with the Egyptian Prime Minister, you told him this: “We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack, not a protest.” Let me read that one more time. “We know,” not we think, not it might be, “we know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack, not a protest.” State Department experts knew the truth, you knew the truth, but that’s not what the American people got. Kelly then voiced what millions of Americans feel towards Mrs. Clinton and the administration. Kelly: This is, this is what drives people crazy! It drives ‘em crazy! You know, why not just come out and lay it out? This is what makes people distrust, not just these politicians, but Washington, but the administration, but anybody who even raises their hand and testifies under oath believing you’re not being straight with me. Can Mrs. Clinton ever be trusted again? Will she be prosecuted for her involvement in Benghazi? Share and comment below.
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Reporter Calls Obama’s Foreign Policy A ‘Fantasy’
AP reporter Matt Lee called the Obama Administration’s foreign policy a fantasy during a State Department press briefing. Matt Lee: “And everytime this happens, the line comes out from people in this administration and other governments as well is that we will not accept North Korea as a nuclear-armed state. And, yet it is. You also say this about other things too. You say you will never accept Crimea as a part of Russia. And, yet it is. Isn’t it time to recognize these things for what they are and not live in this illusion or fantasy where you pretend that things that are, are not?” John Kirby: “The short answer is, ‘no.’ But I would challenge…" Matt Lee: “No? Is it preferable to live in a fantasy world?” John Kirby: "I would challenge this idea that it’s a fantasy world. Just because, um. Let me put it this way. At this level of foreign policy, you know, you…you have to make choices. And uh, you don’t have to accept everything." Matt Lee: "You have to accept reality." John Kirby: "Even at face value. No. We are not going to accept North Korea as a nuclear-armed state. Um, and we’re not going to recognize that. Um. We are, however, going to deal with their efforts..." Matt Lee: "The fact that they are a nuclear-armed state." John Kirby: "Their efforts at developing that program." Do you think the government is taking the threat of North Korea’s nuclear program seriously? Share and comment below.
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Rival Candidate Sends Intern To Rally In Attempt To Embarrass Donald Trump
VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Donald Trump was confronted by a young woman Monday, who had doubts about his views on women. Lauren Batchelder: "So, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you can prove me wrong, but I don’t think that you are a friend to women." Donald Trump: "I knew I shouldn’t have picked her." Mr. Trump told the crowd that he respects women and employs many women in his organization. Donald Trump: "I respect women incredibly. I have given women more opportunity than I would say, virtually anybody in the construction industry." The woman’s identity was later revealed as a plant working for another candidate. Trump tweeted Tuesday: “The arrogant young woman who questioned me in such a nasty fashion at No Labels yesterday was a Jeb staffer. The woman is Lauren Batchelder, whose LinkedIn profile shows she is an intern for Jeb Bush. At the New Hampshire rally, Lauren failed to embarrass Trump with her questions about equal pay and women’s reproductive rights. Lauren Batchelder: "So, if you become president, will a woman make the same as a man? And do I get to choose what I do with my body?" Donald Trump: "You’re going to make the same if you do as good a job. You’re going to make the same if you do as good a job and I happen to be pro-life. OK? I’m pro-life. OK."
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ABC’s ‘The View’ Loses Sponsors After Mocking Nurses
Video Transcript: Two major sponsors pulled their advertising from “The View” after nurses across America were outraged by comments made by the hosts. Michelle Collins: But then there was a girl who, um, wrote her own monologue. Which I was like, “Turn up the volume up, this is going to be amazing. Let’s listen.” And she came in, in a nurses uniform and basically read her emails out loud. Collins: And shockingly did not win. I was like, "That’s not a real talent.” Joy Behar: Seriously? Collins: I swear to God. It was hilarious! Behar: Why did she have a doctor’s stethoscope around her neck? Collins: She helps patients with Alzheimer's which, I know, is not funny. But I swear, you have to see it. Like, Google it if you can. Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, recalled a story about an Alzheimer's patient, “Joe,” who became more than just a room number to her. Because you are not a room number and a diagnosis when you are in the hospital. You’re a person, very first, and Joe reminded me that day that I’m a lifesaver. I’m never going to be just a nurse. Comments made on “The View” prompted Johnson & Johnson and Eggland’s Best to pull their advertising from the show. They both issued messages on Facebook supporting nurses. Johnson & Johnson said, “We value and appreciate nurses and their educational journey. And Eggland’s Best's post said, “Eggland’s Best appreciates nurses and values the important role they play in family health.” “The View” was quick to backpedal from their comments in an act of desperation. I actually want to say something, because something happened Monday on this show that was really, you know, I think taken out of context. I was not talking about her as a nurse. We were talking about the talent competition and it got misconstrued. For all of us, we want to say, we love nurses. Nurses, if you’re watching, we adore you, we respect you. Clap for the nurses. You guys are wonderful, you’re the most compassionate people. V.O.: As you might expect, a social media backlash ensued, and commenters were vicious. Michelle Malkin said, “Why ‘The View’ is bombing: It’s devolved into a bickerfest of elite lib divas who mock women. Another reads, “Like watching the Titanic take years to sink. ‘The View’ loses advertisers after Miss America remarks. This one says, “yeah that should diffuse the controversy. Please… keep sticking your feet in your mouth. Just cancel this dumb show already. Do you support nurses? Should “The View” be cancelled? Share and comment below.
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Ben Shapiro on Abortion - “You Don’t Get To Kill Things Just ‘Cause It’s In Your Uterus”
Video Transcript: Conservative firebrand Ben Shapiro laid into a pro-choice student during a Q and A session at Salisbury University in Maryland. STUDENT: So women should just you know, say, “Suck it up and have a child?” SHAPIRO: Well if you get pregnant, yes, because you don’t get to kill things just because it’s in your uterus. STUDENT: It’s my body, how about you just stay out of it. **indecipherable** SHAPIRO: I don’t care about your appendix. And I don’t care about your thorax. I don’t even care about your uterus. I care about what’s in it. STUDENT: I can take out my appendix if I don’t want it. So why can’t I take out other parts of my body? SHAPIRO: Because they are not independent living human beings. STUDENT: They aren’t independent living human beings when they’re a bundle of cells. SHAPIRO: At what point does that bundle of cells become a human being in your view? STUDENT: Uhm… SHAPIRO: No really, I mean this… STUDENT: No, I just need to calm down for a second. SHAPIRO: Sorry, did I hurt your? Then another student took the baton and tried to argue for abortion. STUDENT 2: The concept of body autonomy means that I don’t have to give up any part of my body unless I say so. SHAPIRO: The baby is not part of your body. STUDENT 2: Yes it is, I nurture it. SHAPIRO: Really? My wife is pregnant right now and she’s 30 weeks pregnant. Actually 32. That baby is kicking the living crap out of her. Ok, that is a living human being in there. Ok, and I promise you it’s not a bundle of cells. I can guarantee you it’s not a bundle of cells because that is a baby. STUDENT 2: It’s still technically a bundle of cells that is requiring… SHAPIRO: You’re technically a bundle of cells! Here’s the final point. Abortion is a very simple issue: If you believe - as you do apparently - that that’s nothing in there but a bunch of goo, then you’re right. If you believe in something called science, that that is more than a bundle of goo, then you do not get to kill it just because it’s convenient to you. STUDENT 2: No science definitely dictates that a fetus until it can leave the womb and be technically viable is… SHAPIRO: What is it? STUDENT 2: a bundle of cells inside our person. SHAPIRO: Ok, so if you can only live on life support, you’re not a person? You stop being a person? So if you get in a car crash and get put on life support - on an iron lung - take out the iron lung and you’re not a person anymore? Is that how this works? STUDENT 2: If my brain is no longer functioning… SHAPIRO: No you’re brain is functioning, but you can’t breathe on your own. STUDENT 2: Then I’m still technically viable. SHAPIRO: No you’re not because the machine is keeping you alive. Look, again, the bottom line is this. If you’re defining whether something is a life or not based on your own convenience, that is the nature of evil. If defining what a human being or not - whether something is a human being or not based on if you want it or not, is nasty. STUDENT 2: You’ve manipulated science to enhance your own… SHAPIRO: You’re the one manipulating science. You’re the one suggesting that it’s like snot. It’s not.
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Watch The Reaction Of U.S. Military Leaders As President Obama Touts Military Power
Video Transcript: PRESIDENT OBAMA: I told you earlier, all the talk of America’s economic decline is political hot air. Well so is all the rhetoric you hear about our enemies getting stronger and America getting weaker. Let me tell you something, the United States of America is the most powerful nation on earth. Period. Period. It’s not even close. It’s not even close. It’s not even close. His comments seem ironic in light of news that John Kerry and DoD Ash Carter called Iran to help when U.S. Navy sailors had boat trouble. LOUIE GOHMERT: I understand that John Kerry has indicated that look, when he got word, he and Ash Carter called the Iranians to, you know, help take care of our Navy guys ‘cause they had some mechanical problems. Now when our Navy ships have problems, we don’t call Iran, we call the rest of the Navy. We can call the Air Force, the Army, the Marines, Coast Guard. We don’t call Iran. There are secrets on every military ship we have that has no business being in the hands of the Iranians. So for the Iranians to even issue a statement at all saying, “We are going to release them soon,” tells you that they control whether or not they can leave. That situation should not be allowed to happen.
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Gen. ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Shuts Down NY Senator On LGBT In The Military With One Sentence
Video Transcript: KRISTEN GILLIBRAND: Do you believe that allowing LGBT Americans to serve in the military or women in combat is undermining our lethality? JAMES MATTIS: Frankly, senator, I’ve never cared much about two consenting adults and who they go to bed with. GILLIBRAND: So, the answer is no? MATTIS: Senator, my concern is on the readiness of the force to fight and to make certain it’s at the top of its game so when we go up against an enemy, the criteria for everything we do in the military up until that point our young men and women across the line of departure is they will be at their most lethal stance. That’s my obligation, as I move into this job. GILLIBRAND: For the record, I’d like, in writing whether you believe gender or… Understood, sir. Just for the record… JOHN MCCAIN: The senator’s time has expired. Please adhere to the rules of the Senate. GILLIBRAND: Thank you, mister chairman.
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Hillary Clinton AGAIN Calls Benghazi Victim’s Mom A Liar
Video Transcript: In March, Hillary Clinton called Patricia Smith a liar for claiming Clinton said a video cause Benghazi. CLINTON: You know, look, I feel a great deal of sympathy for the families of the four brave Americans that we lost at Benghazi and I certainly can't even imagine the grief that she has for losing her son. But she's wrong. She's absolutely wrong. On Sunday, Mrs. Clinton again accused Mrs. Smith of lying. CLINTON: My heart goes out to both of them. Losing a child under any circumstances especially in this case… I understand the grief and the incredible sense of loss that can motivate that. As other members of families who lost loved ones have said, that's not what they heard. I don't hold any ill feeling for someone who in that moment may not fully recall everything that was or wasn't said. And it's not just Patricia Smith. Tyrone Woods' father also said Hillary lied. WOODS: I gave Hillary a hug and shook her hand and she said we are going to have the filmmaker arrested who is responsible for the death of my son. She made this statement not only to me but to other family members. Also, a half-hour after this happened, when they had the casket ceremony, she also lied to the American public because she said - and these are her words as best as I can recall, "Rage was directed at American embassies as a result of that awful video that we were not responsible for." CLINTON: We've seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. WOODS: So she said basically the same thing in private to the families that were grieving. And then a half-hour later, she said basically the same thing, as far as causation, to the American public. So Hillary, who is it that's lying?
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Ben Carson ‘Gets Sick And Tired’ And Truth Bombs ‘The View’ About Women’s Health
Ben Carson did his best to infuriate the liberal hosts on ABC’s The View with his views on abortion and women’s health. Whoopi Goldberg: You sort of feel that there’s not actually a war on women, but there may be a war on what’s inside of women? Carson: Yeah. The babies. I mean we’re killing babies all over the place. There is no way you can convince me that they’re not important. That they’re just a mass of cells that you can do anything to them. This prompted Joy Behar to bring Planned Parenthood into the discussion. Behar: So how important is birth control then to the Republican party? They should be out there, really applauding Planned Parenthood for supplying birth control, mammograms and everything else. Why are they against Planned Parenthood? Because Joy, they kill more babies using tax dollars than they provide women with birth control. Oh, and they don’t provide mammograms. Cecile Richards: We don’t have mammogram machines at our health centers. And we’ve never stated that we did. V.O.: Behar then tried to corner Carson about governmental support programs, but he wasn’t having any of it. Carson: Here’s what I believe in. Because I get sick and tired of people, particularly progressives, saying, “Carson grew up poor, he must have benefitted from government programs and now he wants to withdraw all the programs. Behar: We do not assume that! Carson: Wait a minute! I’ve heard that so many times. You’ve heard it too. Goldberg: Not from us! Behar: Not from us! Carson: It’s a bunch of crap! And what I really actually want to do is provide people with a mechanism for coming out of a state of dependency and climbing the ladder and becoming part of the fabric of America. Do you support Dr. Carson? Share and comment below.
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Trey Gowdy: The House Does Not Pass Suggestions, We Make Law
Rep. Trey Gowdy, (R-SC) delivered a rousing speech Wednesday on the House floor in support of the ENFORCE the Law Act, which passed the House Wednesday. Gowdy cited several quotes from then-Senator Obama about respecting the Constitution, yet as President, Obama is disregarding his previous comments.
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Steven Seagal: If The Truth Came Out, Obama Would Be Impeached
Actor Steven Seagal appeared at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix on February 22, 2014 where he called for the impeachment of President Obama.
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Mexico’s New President Quickly Signs Legislation Aimed at Shutting Down Migrant Caravans
With the city of Tijuana reeling from an influx of migrants that Mexican authorities allowed to enter the country, Mexico’s new president has acted to stop further migrant caravans before they begin. On Saturday, new Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador signed an agreement with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to increase jobs in the region as a way to stem the flow of U.S.-bound migrants, The Washington Post reported. Finance ministers of the four nations will meet in the first quarter of 2019 to develop “programs, projects, and specific actions, for the sake of jobs generation and poverty fight in the region,” according to the agreement. An “integral development plan” will be created to make Central American nations better places to live, reducing the numbers of citizens who cite high crime and high unemployment as reasons to leave. Dialog with U.S. officials about the border will continue Monday as Mexican officials meet with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, according to Politico.
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Hillary Clinton Mocks FBI Investigation - Me In Handcuffs Will Never Happen
Video Transcript: MATT LAUER: Do you know what I hear a lot? [Republicans] are clinging to the hope that the way they’ll be able to deal with that, is that at some point between now and the election… HILLARY CLINTON: [cackle] LAUER: They say this. They say this. That they will get to see Hillary Clinton in handcuffs. CLINTON: Oh my goodness! LAUER: That there will be some kind of political perp walk based on your private server. CLINTON: That is not going to happen. There is not even the remotest chance that is going to happen. Mrs. Clinton went so far as to downplay the investigation. CLINTON: I think it’s - it’s a security review. It is a security review and there are lots of those that are conducted in our government all the time. And you don’t hear about most of them. You’ll hear about this one because it does involve me. So that’s why it gets so much attention. Judge Napolitano rebuked Mrs. Clinton, arguing she’s sending the wrong signals to the FBI. NAPOLITANO: It is a perfect storm of legal misery for Mrs. Clinton. What she has done is for the umpteenth time in public, sent a dog whistle to the FBI - a signal to the FBI. She forgot they were watching. She knows it’s a criminal investigation. She knows she’s the target of the criminal investigation. She knows the government has an extraordinary amount of resources investigating her and she’s laughing at them. Not a good thing to do. Do you think Mrs. Clinton will end up in handcuffs? Will she get bit after poking the bear? Share and comment below.
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Bill Clinton Mocks FBI Investigation Into Hillary Clinton’s Emails
Video Transcript: While Hillary Clinton has maintained it is a “security review,” Bill Clinton has now mocked the FBI’s investigation into her secret email server. BILL CLINTON: If you’re driving in a 50 mph zone and a police officer pulls you over when you’re driving 40, says, “I’m sorry, I’ve got to give you a ticket ‘cause you know the speed limit here should be 35 and you should have known it.” So everybody is breathless about this. Look, this is a game. Judge Napolitano again explained why the Clinton’s defense that “the emails weren’t marked classified at the time,” falls flat. NAPOLITANO: That defies an oath she took her first day in office which says, “I have an obligation to recognize a secret when I see one, whether it’s marked confidential, secret, top secret or not.” There were so many in that category. There were 2,200 - of the 60,000 [emails] - that contained State secrets. Of those, 20 contained top secret and of those, 4 were so secret, that the FBI agents investigating her lack the clearances to examine them. The Judge added that Mrs. Clinton is battling the FBI on two fronts with a second investigation. NAPOLITANO: Bill, there are two teams of FBI agents investigating her. When I say teams, I mean dozens and dozens of agents. One team is investigating whether or not she used her power as Secretary of State to confer American governmental benefits on foreigners and foreign countries that contributed materially to the Clinton Foundation. The other is investigating the emails. BILL HEMMER: The Clinton Foundation goes where? NAPOLITANO: Yes. That is not drawing to a close. That involves several hundred thousand pages of financial documents which the FBI didn’t begin examining until January. With both investigations looming, the Judge said this is a big problem for voters. The Democrats and the public have the right to know if the Democrats are about to nominate someone who’s going to become a criminal defendant.
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Senator Tom Cotton Rips Harry Reid’s ‘Cancerous Leadership’
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Hillary Calls Trump Original ‘Birther’, But Her Campaign Actually Started It In 2008
Video Transcript: Hillary Clinton on Thursday again lied by blaming Trump for the Obama birthers. CLINTON: And let’s not forget that Trump first gained political prominence leading the charge for the so-called “birthers.” He promoted the racist lie that President Obama is not really an American citizen. Part of a sustained effort to delegitimize America’s first black president. Awkwardly enough, it was Hillary’s campaign that started this rumor in 2008 by hinting he may be a Muslim by circulating this photo. Then in March of 2008, during 60 Minutes, Mrs. Clinton would not say he was not a Muslim. STEVE KROFT: You don’t believe that Senator Obama’s a Muslim? CLINTON: Of course not. I mean, that’s, you know, there is no basis for that. You know, I take him on the basis of what he says. And you know, there isn’t any reason to doubt that. KROFT: You said you’d take Senator Obama at his word that he’s not a Muslim. You don’t believe that he’s not a Muslim? CLINTON: No. No, there is nothing to base that on, as far as I know. To make matters worse, even the liberal MSNBC last year argued that her campaign started the rumor. JOE SCARBOROUGH: For Hillary Clinton to come out and criticize anybody for spreading the rumors about Barack Obama when it all started… MIKA BRZEZINSKI: On 60 Minutes. SCARBOROUGH: It all started with her and her campaign passing things around in the Democratic primary - rich. It started, this started with Hillary Clinton and it was spread by the Clinton team. BRZEZINSKI: We’re just telling the truth. HAROLD FORD: I don’t recall that but if you’re telling me that was the case, I just don’t recall. JOHN HEILEMANN: It was the case. SCARBOROUGH: It was the case. Thank you John Heilemann.
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Developing: Judge Rules Broward County Violated Constitution, Broke Records Laws
This is a huge win for Rick Scott. For more news, visit our site: https://www.westernjournal.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WesternJournal/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WestJournalism
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Uh Oh: NH Women Offended At Hillary Clinton Playing Gender Card - MSNBC Shocked
Video Transcript: During Thursday night’s debate, Hillary Clinton claimed she couldn’t be an establishment candidate because she’s a woman. HILLARY CLINTON: Senator Sanders is the only person who I think would characterize me - a woman running to be the first woman president - as exemplifying the establishment. And I’ve got to tell you… Kristen Soltis from the Washington Examiner says young women voters don’t care that Hillary is a woman. KRISTEN SOLTIS: I think it’s a very bizarre argument. And what I’ve seen time and again - whenever I’ve done focus groups or research on younger women - they don’t necessarily give her credit because she’s a female candidate. They sort of assume that they’ll see a female president in their lifetime. That that to them does not seem like this incredibly special reason to vote for her. They want to know do they agree with her on the issues. New Hampshire voters agreed with her. WOMAN VOTER: I also am a woman. I also face discrimination as being a woman. Her feminism does not represent my feminism. And I think that’s really important to differentiate that. WOMAN VOTER: It’s like, I think you have to realize that everybody is human and like, you have to go for who has the best ideals. Just because she’s a woman, doesn’t necessarily make her the best candidate. MSNBC reporter Tamron Hill was blown away these women wouldn’t blindly vote for another woman. TAMRON HILL: The young women there did not care that Hillary Clinton could be the first woman president. In fact, several of them were offended when she brought the line up pointing to the fact that, “How could I be an establishment? I’m a woman running for president.”
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Nancy Pelosi Reelection ‘Personification Of Why Democrats’ Lost Election
Video Transcript: Networks, even CNN, see Nancy Pelosi as the embodiment of why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. JOHN BERMAN: She’s a very good caucus leader, but she is the personification, in some ways, of why the Democrats lost. She’s a San Francisco liberal. She’s a coastal liberal - elite, seen as out of touch with the middle of the country. So when you talk about the future of the Democratic Party, Mark Preston, where is it? What is it? MARK PRESTON: And I think this is the great untold story because you know, obviously our focus has been, you know, 1,000 percent on Donald Trump and how he’s going to govern the country. But the fact is the Democratic Party is in total shatters right now. And it isn’t just Nancy Pelosi, it’s also the United States Senate, Democrats there, and it’s also State houses across the country. And the Democratic Party, I mean, to your point, is aging out at this point. They need some fresh, young leaders in there to come in with new ideas. That’s because the Democrat party leadership is really, really old. [TWEET] The average age of the House Republican leadership is 47. The average age of the House Democratic leadership is 76. Fox News argued that Republicans should be thrilled Nancy Pelosi was reelected. BRIAN KILMEADE: You know who’s the happiest? Republican leadership because they feel as though they’ve been steamrolling her for the last eight years plus, and she’s the reason why they lost the majority in the House. She does a lot of great things to raise money for a lot of members who feel as though they owe the support to her because she does a lot of fundraising. But she’s somebody that still at her age, at her point in her career, still feels it’s necessary to lead a party that she helped tank. And I think [Tim] Ryan made a name for himself. He came out and said some things that only Republicans have been saying, “They’ve become a regional party, not a national party, the message is not resonating.” LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY: But what does it say when your rich, great, great aunt - you have to continually kiss that musty ring. How horrifying for so many Democrats! Especially the freshman class - the few of them - and the younger generation of Democrats who see exactly what Ryan is talking about. MELISSA FRANCIS: Nancy Pelosi is all about bringing in those rich dollars from everywhere, she’s so connected. They’re afraid to disconnect from that but they don’t see that she is Hillary Clinton. I mean, this is exactly why they lost the election. It’s this rich, elite, out of touch, they don’t care about workers, they care more about the environment than anything else and workers in middle America have seen that and have felt betrayed. And like you said, yes, Republicans are thrilled that they’ve kept Nancy Pelosi in charge. Just keep heading down this road that has been a disaster for you in this last election.
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Covington Teens' Lawyer Issues 48-Hour Ultimatum
Covington Teens' Lawyer Issues 48-Hour Ultimatum An attorney representing students and alumni from Covington Catholic High School announced on Wednesday that his clients are giving journalists and celebrities 48 hours to either retract false statements made about them or face legal action. “Everybody now is on 48-hour notice so by Friday, everybody needs to retract and correct any false statements they have issued about these kids,” Los Angeles-based attorney Robert Barnes said on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.” Barnes pointed out, unlike falsehoods directed at public figures (like politicians), the standard to successfully prove libel in court is negligence, not malice. “Slurring and libeling the entire school and all the alumni for the school, and all you have to do is prove negligence, and by this standpoint, by this point in time, it is clear the anyone who continues to lie about these kids has done so illegally and can be sued for it.” Those guilty of making false statements about Covington High may be defendants in a lawsuit, because he will start filing them next week.
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Official Trump @War: Full Movie
(UPDATE: We've Been Restricted by YouTube. Alternate Location To Protest: StreamTrumpAtWar.com. This movie was getting too popular Trump @ War, a movie documentary by Steve Bannon, is an amazing and detailed accounting of the revolution between liberal and conservative ideologies that took place in the months leading up to the 2016 elections. Most people who followed mainstream liberal media outlets never saw the depth of the actual force and violence exacted against Trump supporters during demonstrations and rallies. This film is a display of the no-holds-barred attacks against his supporters, and a truthful exposition of the efforts to diminish Trump’s message and stop him from winning the election in November of 2016. Bannon, former White House chief strategist, released this movie to chronicle Trump’s road to the White House. More importantly, Bannon says the movie shows why it’s critical for every American who voted for him in 2016 to support him in the midterms. Trump AT War, Trump @ War, TrumpAtWar For more news, visit our site: https://www.westernjournal.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WesternJournal/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WestJournalism
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'Trump @ War' Official Online Premiere Trailer - Western Journal
Get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the brutal war Trump's waging to Make America Great Again! Exclusive Worldwide Online Premiere of Trump @War only on The Western Journal 9/18/18 @ 8pm EST. Go to www.trumpmovienow.com to register for your exclusive access. For a short time, starting 9/18/18, this film is being made available for free, streaming on WesternJournal.com.
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MSNBC Host Can’t Believe Who Hillary Asked To Moderate Next Debate
George Stephanopoulos: “You and Bernie Sanders going to debate in New York?” Hillary Clinton: “I’m hoping to. You know we offered dates which they refused. You offered, GMA offered a debate during GMA on Friday the 15th. I’ll be there.” On a Monday episode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski denounced Hillary Clinton’s decision to have George Stephanopoulos moderate the upcoming debate. Mika Brzezinski: “Wait a minute. She wants to do a debate with George Stephanopoulos as the moderator?” Willie Geist: “That was one of the proposed ideas.” Kristen Welker: “One of the proposed ideas. And I know that…” Mika Brzezinski: “Didn’t he work for her?” Kristen Welker: “Yes. And there was some speculation this weekend is that one of the reasons why the Sanders’ campaign is absolutely not…” Mika Brzezinski: “Didn’t he donate to the Clinton Foundation?” Kristen Welker: “Yes, he did. You are absolutely right.” Mika Brzezinski: “OK. I’m just curious. Are you kidding me.” Kristen Welker: “No, I’m absolutely serious.” This information was exposed in part by author Peter Schweizer, who wrote a booked titled “Clinton Cash.” The $75,000 donation was exposed in part by author Peter Schweizer, who wrote a booked titled “Clinton Cash.” Mr. Stephanopoulos stated: ”I made charitable donations to the Foundation in support of the work they’re doing on global AIDS prevention and deforestation, causes I care about it deeply.” Mika Brzezinski: “It appears the Clinton campaign wants to do either a debate that no one will see or a debate with a moderator that might not be completely fair towards Bernie Sanders.” “Am I overstating the concern about trying to choose a moderator on GMA by the Clinton campaign that actually worked for the Clintons?” What do you think? Does George Stephanopoulos have too much of a conflict of interest to fairly moderate the next Democrat debate? Share and comment below.
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Mexican President Makes Desperate Offer to Migrant Caravan
Several thousand Central American migrants turned down a Mexican offer of benefits if they applied for refugee status and stayed in the country’s two southernmost states, vowing to set out before dawn Saturday to continue their long trek toward the U.S. border. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto announced what he called the “You are at home” plan, offering shelter, medical attention, schooling and jobs to Central Americans in Chiapas and Oaxaca states if they applied, calling it a first step toward permanent refugee status. Authorities said more than 1,700 had already applied for refugee status. But after one of the caravan’s longest days of walking and hanging from passing trucks, the bulk of the migrants were boisterous Friday evening in their refusal to accept anything less than safe passage to the U.S. border. “Thank you!” they yelled as they voted to reject the offer in a show of hands in the town of Arriaga. They then added: “No, we’re heading north!” Sitting at the edge of the edge of the town square, 58-year-old Oscar Sosa of San Pedro Sula, Honduras concurred. “Our goal is not to remain in Mexico,” Sosa said. “Our goal is to make it to the (U.S). We want passage, that’s all.” Still 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) from the nearest U.S. border crossing at McAllen, Texas, the journey could be twice as long if the group heads for the Tijuana-San Diego frontier, as another caravan did earlier this year. Only about 200 in that group made it to the border. While such migrant caravans have taken place regularly over the years, passing largely unnoticed, they have received widespread attention this year after fierce opposition from U.S. President Donald Trump.
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Ex-SEAL Who Takes on Stolen Valor Cases Savages Nathan Phillips
Ex-SEAL Who Takes on Stolen Valor Cases Savages Nathan Phillips Nathan Phillips, the Native American activist who was filmed banging a drum in the face of a high school student in Washington on Friday, might not have been the type of veteran that he made himself out to be. According to former Special Forces members, while Phillips called himself a “Vietnam times veteran” he never corrected those who called him a “Vietnam veteran.” Jim Hanson, an Army Special Forces veteran and president of the Security Studies Group think tank, tweeted a video by former Navy Seal, Don Shipley who is known to shed light on cases of “stolen valor.” Shipley secured what he said were Phillips military records, and said the Indian from the Omaha Nation and former U.S. Marine was never deployed overseas and was, in reality, a refrigerator mechanic. Hanson posted several more videos where Phillips talked about his time in the Marines, and the hardships he faced, as well as phrasing about “coming home.” Phillips had previously turned down an offer to meet with the students he had confronted at the Lincoln Memorial. Phillips has since changed his mind and said that he will represent the “Indigenous Peoples March to Covington Catholic High School for a dialogue about cultural appropriation, racism and the importance of listening to and respecting diverse cultures.” https://www.westernjournal.com/ex-seal-phillips-refrig-mechanic/
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NY State Residents Devastate Cuomo, Schumer with Lowest Ratings Ever
New York residents struck back in a new poll, telling Democratic leaders how they feel after weeks of being pushed to the left. A Siena poll showed that both Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who signed the Reproductive Health Act into law, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who has followed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s anti-Trump lead, received their lowest ratings ever, WGRZ reported. “Now, for the first time ever, half of New Yorkers view Andrew Cuomo unfavorably. It’s his lowest favorability rating ever and his lowest-ever job performance as governor,” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg, according to the Albany Times-Union. “And it is a dramatic drop in both ratings from last month.” Greenberg noted that no one party group was responsible for the drop “Politically, Cuomo’s ratings drop is across the board, as he fell with Democrats, Republicans and independents,” Greenberg said, according to the New York Post. https://www.westernjournal.com/ny-state-residents-devastate-cuomo-schumer-lowest-ratings-ever/
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Kamala Harris' Own Father Turns on Her in Bombshell Statement
Kamala Harris' Own Father Turns on Her in Bombshell Statement The father of Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris said he wanted to “dissociate” himself from his daughter’s “fraudulent stereotype” of attributing her support for smoking pot to her Jamaican heritage. Last week, on New York’s “The Breakfast Club” radio program, Harris denied opposing the legalization of recreational marijuana use. “That’s not true,” she told co-host Charlamagne Tha God. “And look, I joke about it — half joking — half my family is from Jamaica. Are you kidding me?” the former prosecutor added. Harris’ father, Stanford University economics professor emeritus Donald Harris, responded in a statement to Jamaica Global Online, arguing his daughter is trafficking in “identity politics.” “My dear departed grandmothers , as well as my deceased parents, must be turning in their grave right now to see their family’s name, reputation and proud Jamaican identity being connected, in any way, jokingly or not with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot-smoking joy seeker and in the pursuit of identity politics,” the professor wrote. “Speaking for myself and my immediate Jamaican family, we wish to categorically dissociate ourselves from this travesty,” he added. https://www.westernjournal.com/kamala-harris-father-turns-wish-categorically-dissociate-travesty-report/
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Alec Baldwin Busted: Disgraced Actor Arrested for Alleged Assault
The actor known for his impersonation of Donald Trump was just arrested for alleged assault. For more news, visit our site: https://www.westernjournal.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WesternJournal/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WestJournalism
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'Empire' Creators Give Smollett Nasty Surprise
'Empire' Creators Give Smollett Nasty Surprise Jussie Smollett’s character has been taken out of the final two episodes of the upcoming season of Fox’s “Empire,” the show’s executives announced Friday. Smollett plays Jamal Lyon, a gay singer, songwriter, who is the estranged son of one of the program’s main characters, music mogul Lucious Lyon. Twentieth Century Fox Television and Fox Entertainment, which produces “Empire,” have been supportive of the 36-year-old actor throughout the weeks-long investigation. However, in a statement to The Wall Street Journal, the studio said Thursday, “We understand the seriousness of this matter and we respect the legal process. We are evaluating the situation and we are considering our options.” “Empire” coworkers and several cast members want Smollett written off the show entirely, TMZ reported. “We’re told many of the ‘Empire’ actors are ‘f—ing furious’ and feel if FOX honchos don’t fire Jussie, he should quit on his own … because he doesn’t deserve a spot on the hit show,” according to TMZ. The actor posted $100,000 bail on Thursday after being charged with one class 4 felony court of disorderly conduct in filing a false police report. It carries a penalty of 1 to 3 years in prison, and a fine of up to $25,000. https://www.westernjournal.com/empire-removes-smollett-final-episodes-reports-surface-set-arguments-calls-firing/
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Pres. Obama Contradicts Sen. Obama On Judicial Nominations
In 2006, then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama tried to filibuster Judge Samuel Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court due to his conservative views. 1/26/06 “As we all know, there’s been a lot of discussion in the country about how the Senate should approach this confirmation process. There are some who believe that the President, having won the election, should have the complete authority to appoint his nominee, and the Senate should only examine whether or not the Justice is intellectually capable and an all-around good guy. That once you get beyond intellect and personal character, there should be no further question as to whether the judge should be confirmed.” “I disagree with this view. I believe firmly that the Constitution calls for the Senate to advise and consent. I believe that it calls for meaningful advice and consent that includes an examination of a judge’s philosophy, ideology, and record. And when I examine the philosophy, ideology, and record of Samuel Alito, I’m deeply troubled.” Ten years later, now-President Barack Obama, in his last year in office, is railing against Senate Republicans who want to block his opportunity to appoint a replacement for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Then came the question about his own efforts to delay the appointment of Samuel Alito back in 2006. “How do you respond to Republican criticism that your position is undercut by the fact that you and other members of your administration who were in the Senate at the time tried to filibuster Judge (Samuel) Alito in 2006?” 2/16/16 “You know the a, look, I think what’s fair to say is that how judicial nominations have evolved over time is not historically the fault of any single party. This has become just one more extension of politics. And there are times where folks are in the Senate, and they’re thinking as I just described primarily about, ‘Is this gonna cause me problems in a primary? Is this gonna cause me problems with supporters of mine?’ And so people take strategic decisions, I understand that.” Do you think President Obama should be permitted to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice? Share and comment below.
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Donald Trump Offers Job To Woman During DC Press Conference
Donald Trump held a press conference at the Old Post Office building which he is transforming into a hotel, when a woman in the audience asked if his new hotel will be hiring veterans. Donald Trump: "Are you talking about here? We are doing some of that actually already. We have been very much involved. Why? What are you looking for? What kind of a position? Come up here. Come here. She looks so smart and good. Do you mind if I do a job interview right now? We need good people. How are you?" Woman: "I’m fine." Donald Trump: "So what’s your experience in front of the world?" Woman: "Well, I design. I do wreaths. I do all types of decorations." Donald Trump: "And you like this building?" Woman: "Yes, I do." Donald Trump: "OK, so here’s what I’m going to do. There’s the man. Stand right over here. If we can make a good deal in the salary, she’s going to probably have a job. OK? All right, good. Have a good time. Thank you sweet, thank you. Good. Thank you, so nice. Really nice." When asked why he decided to promise a job to someone he did not know, Mr. Trump said he has instincts about people. Donald Trump: "I felt good about her. I’ll tell you what, I looked at her, I said she, you know, I have gut instinct, OK? And we’re allowed to have that. And I looked at her and she asked a question and it was a very positive question. She looks like she’s got a great, look and she’s - look at that with the tears. How nice. She’s just a good - she just seemed like a good person to me. She just seemed like a good person to me. Now maybe she won’t qualify because you have to qualify for - but I think she will. I think she, to me, looked like a good person. I have instincts about people. For instance, I had an instinct about you originally that you’re a very fine reporter. And I was right. OK? No, she made an immediate impression. And while I agree it’s a big audience she’s going to become a super star. Tomorrow she’ll move out to Hollywood. Look at her. Don’t leave me. OK. Go ahead, yes."
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AOC Gets Devastating News from Ethics Group
AOC Gets Devastating News from Ethics Group A Washington, D.C-based ethics group is claiming that New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s social media usage violates House ethics rules against using taxpayer resources for political purposes. Ocasio-Cortez’s political Instagram account contains direct links to her House Instagram account and includes a link for political contributions The group claims these actions violate House ethics rules. “In a way, it’s a straight forward complaint,” Kendra Arnold, executive director of FACT, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Broadly speaking, the rules clearly define that politics and government works cannot overlap. There are reasons for that: mostly because we don’t want our taxpayer dollars going toward campaigns.” FACT is a nonprofit group whose past president was Matthew Whitaker, an attorney who served as President Donald Trump’s acting attorney general in 2018. House Ethics Rules forbid lawmakers from using resources like House video for political purposes, the complaint notes. The rules also prohibit a member from posting a link to her official social media site on a campaign social media site. Ocasio-Cortez solicited donations on the page that used official House video footage, according to FACT. This is not the first ethical complaint the New York congresswoman has had this week. https://www.westernjournal.com/scoop-ethics-group-files-house-complaint-ocasio-cortezs-twitter-use/
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Texas Teacher Forced 7th Graders To Deny That God Is Real Or Get Failing Grade
A Katy, Texas middle school student, Jordan Wooley, testified at a school board meeting about an assignment that questioned the existence of God. “Today I was given an assignment in school that questioned my faith and told me that God was not real. Our teacher had started off saying that the assignment had been giving problems all day. We were asked to take a poll to say whether God is fact, opinion or a myth and she told anyone who said that a fact or opinion was wrong and that God is only a myth.” The West Memorial Junior High School teacher refused to consider the students’ position when they objected. "She started saying, telling kids that they were completely wrong and that when kids would argue, she had told them that we would get in trouble. When I tried to argue, she told me to prove it. And I tried to reference things such as the Bible and stories that I’ve read before from people who have died and went to heaven but have come back and told their stories, and she told me that both were just things that people were doing to get attention." The 7th grader said the teacher threatened the students with a failing grade if they believe that God is real. “Another child in my class had asked the teacher if we could, like, try to put what we believe in on the paper, and she said you can if you want to get the problem wrong, she’ll fail, you’ll fail the paper if you do.”
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Former Mexican President Vows Not To ‘F—king’ Pay For Border Wall, Trump Responds With Threat
Video Transcript: Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has now vowed twice not to pay for Donald Trump’s border wall. FOX: I declare, I’m not going to pay for that f—king wall! He should pay for it! He’s got the money! JORGE RAMOS: Are you afraid that he’s going to be the next president of the United States? What would that mean for Mexico? FOX: Not at all. Not at all. Not at all. Democracy cannot take to crazy people that doesn’t know what’s going on in the world today. What is Trump? He’s not a Republican. Absolutely not! Those are not the Republican principles. He is not a Democrat. He is just himself. He’s egocentric. China and Mexico are the two largest trading partners. MARIA BARTIROMO: Which is why [Trump] thinks he’s going to be successful and Mexico’s going to pay for the wall because he knows Mexico needs the U.S. when it comes to trade - just the way the U.S. needs Mexico. FOX: I have to say, we’re not, I’m not going to pay for that f—king wall! I am not! And he should know that. And I’m not going to apologize. During Thursday’s GOP debate, Trump responded with a threat of his own. WOLF BLITZER: How are you going to make them pay for the wall? TRUMP: I will, and the wall just got 10 feet taller, believe me. Just got 10 feet taller. We can do it for 10 to 12 [billion] and it’s a real wall. This is a wall that’s a heck of a lot higher than the ceiling you’re looking at. This is a wall that’s going to work. Mexico will pay for it because they are not doing us any favors. BLITZED: If the Mexicans don’t pay for the wall, will you start a trade war with Mexico? TRUMP: Well, you know, I don’t mind trade wars when we’re losing $58 billion a year … You want to know the truth, Mexico just took Carrier Corporation - maker of air conditioners. They just took Ford - they’re building a $2.5 billion plant. They just took Nabisco out of Chicago. They’re taking our businesses. I don’t mind.
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Donald Trump Jr. Helps Woman Push Stalled Car Out Of Busy Road In Mesa, Arizona
Shanda Deloatch and her family broke down in their car in Mesa, Arizona and Donald Trump Jr. helped push their car off the street and into a parking lot.
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DoD Official Confirms They Can Begin Building Wall NOW
DoD Official Confirms They Can Begin Building Wall NOW A top Pentagon official testified before Congress on Tuesday President Donald Trump would not have to declare a state of emergency in order to direct the Defense Department to erect barriers at the U.S. border with Mexico. GOP Rep. Vicky Hartzler of Missouri raised the matter with Under Secretary of Defense for Policy John Rood during his appearance before the House Armed Services Committee. She pointed to Title 10, Section 284 of the U.S. Code, which authorizes the DoD to provide support for counter-drug operations, if requested by the appropriate federal and state authorities the law allows for the “construction of roads and fences and installation of lighting to block drug smuggling corridors across international boundaries of the United States.” Rood first acknowledged that the DoD has been providing support for counter-drug missions for decades and that support continues. Hartzler followed up: “So you’re saying that Congress has authorized the Department of Defense to build a fence to counter drugs? That is already law?” “Yes, that’s right, if it meets that criteria in Section 284, yes ma’am,” Rood responded. https://www.westernjournal.com/dod-official-department-can-begin-wall-construction-without-state-emergency/
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GOP Border Security Negotiator Makes Shock Announcement On Gov't Shutdown
GOP Border Security Negotiator Makes Shock Announcement On Gov't Shutdown Tennessee Republican Rep. Chuck Fleischmann told “Fox & Friends” on Friday that the possibility of a second government shutdown was “nil or next to nil.” Fleishman is a member of the bipartisan committee responsible for hashing out a government funding deal that is agreeable to both sides when it comes to border security. “Our situation is going to be, we want to keep the border safe, we want to build the wall, and we want to keep the government open,” he added. Lawmakers have until Feb. 15 to come to an agreement on a funding bill before the three weeks of funding put in place on Jan. 25 runs out. Fleischmann gave the same response when asked by Bloomberg about the committee’s progress and the possibility of another shutdown. https://www.westernjournal.com/border-security-negotiator-another-shutdown-isnt-happening/
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After Trump Invites Him Onstage, Activist Reveals Truth Behind What's Happening
After Trump Invites Him Onstage, Activist Reveals Truth Behind What's Happening to Conservatives on College Campuses During President Donald Trump’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday, he took a moment to recognize the discrimination conservative students face on college campuses. “I turn on my television the other day and I saw somebody that was violently punched in the face,” Trump said to his audience at CPAC. “The man’s name is Hayden Williams,” Trump added. “Hayden come up here please.” Williams jumped onstage to say a few words, but he refused to use his several seconds of fame to talk about himself. “It’s great that I’m being recognized,” he said, “but there’s so many conservative students across the country who are facing discrimination, harassment and worse if they dare to speak up on campus.” Williams was on UC Berkley’s campus on Feb. 19 helping local student activists when Zachary Greenberg, 28, allegedly assaulted him. Williams said that if progressive socialists had their way, the Constitution would be put through a paper shredder. “If you keep defending us, we’ll keep defending you,” Williams said of Trump. https://www.westernjournal.com/trump-invites-onstage-activist-reveals-truth-behind-happening-conservatives-college-campuses/
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Ginsburg's Excuse for Canceling Personal Appearance Raises Way More Questions Than It Answers
When it was first announced that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was undergoing surgery, many people on both sides of the political aisle wished her a speedy recovery. But it appears that her recovery may not be as speedy as anyone had hoped. But that is not all. Given Ginsburg’s position and the fact that if she leaves the bench, President Donald Trump would be able to nominate a third justice for the Supreme Court, there are reasons why some on the left might be pushing for any truly poor recovery to be covered-up. To date, while Ginsburg has not attended oral arguments at the court, she has reportedly been doing at least some work at home while she recovers. CNN wrote that she has been reviewing briefings from home. In addition, while the other members of the Supreme Court will be in attendance at a “regularly scheduled conference — Ginsburg is likely to vote by proxy.” While this may be understandable while in recovery, it hardly seems like a legitimate way to perform her duties on a permanent basis. That would be, by all accounts, simply her and the left wanting to hold onto the seat to prevent Trump from appointing another justice. There are those who say that the left uses the judiciary to create law. https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/ginsburg-cancels-another-event-focus-work-despite-missing-work/
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Kavanaugh Accuser Admits She Never Met Him, Allegations Were Made Up
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Parkland Dad Finally Has His Fill of David Hogg, Rips Him Apart Over Sick Accusation
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