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Roll Up Duet - Wiz Khalifa Ft. Khalia
This is the combination of the song Roll Up by Wiz khalifa and of the female reply by Khalia. The original female version can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUyhHv9IKRw Yeah I was bored when I decided to make this, but I reckon it sounds good to add a female vocal into the mix. Please comment :) No Copyright Infringement Intended.
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TVD - Stefan & Katherine's Love - Breathe Again
"I've never met a women, quite like you" "I look at you and I see, an angel" "I'm in love with you" - Stefan "I love you stefan" "We will be together again" "I promise" - Katherine You can't deny their love, I'm aware that there are probably dozens of vids of this couple with this song, but really...it fits them so well, it wouldnt have sat well with me if i used another song. It's basically their love story, which i think is actually really epic and romantic, it's spanned over 145 years. And, I can't help making this, coming from a Stelena fan it's hard to imagine Stefan with anyone else other than Elena. Hey, it's still Paul/Nina, that's my excuse and it's good enough, :) Please watch and rate, subscribe even? Comments are really appreciated, it shows people are watching it. :) No copyright infringement intended.
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Nina Dobrev - Hub Production Competition
This is my second fanvid for the Hub Production competition...in fact, this is my 2nd fanvid...ever. So please...please just try to enjoy it :) Also, love you guys for watching it! if you liked this sort of random Vampire Diaries related vids that are both noobish but very much full happiness then subscribe. :) But by no means do you have to! Please comment! I'd love to hear what you guys have to say :D No copyright infringment intended.
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Stefan and Elena - I Got Your Back (Keri Hilson & T.I)
This is my nooby video all about Stefan and Elena. I made this in an attempt to spread the love...lol haha. Honestly, this video is all about the good and bad times that they have gone through and how they've got each other's backs. Please leave a comment, rate (subscribe even?) because its all really appreciated. And although i admit that i dont have much...skillz they really are the best. No offense to Damon of course, hahaha. Lastly, no copyright infringement intended.
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(Ripper) Stefan & Elena - Distance
Klaus: Turn it off! Elena: What did you do? Klaus: I fixed him Elena: I love you Stefan: ...go! Stefan: What are you, 5? Elena: Why? are you afraid I'll fa- *Falls* *Rippah Stefan dashingly catches her, and then a moment, just a moment of tender, gentle ...eye-sex* (lol) Elena: I knew you'd catch me Stefan: You know you can hate it all you want. But I'll always protect her. Stefan: You could have let me die in that fire tonight, why didn't you? Elena: Because I still have hope, I know who you really are, better than anyone. And I'm not giving up. Stefan: Do you have any idea how pathetic that makes you? Elena: No, it's makes me strong. --------------------------------------------------- So, this is totally late. Well, I started making this after watching 3x05 - The Reckoning but was just so busy I never got time to finish it. Today, I finally had time so I worked obsessively on this. It's basically the relationship Stefan and Elena have right now, or, Rippah Stefan :) With Stefan's emotions forcibly switched off, it makes for quite an interesting relationship. It's like they love each other, and hate each other. One moment they're saving each other and the next, want to kill each other. Quite interesting indeed. And fun to watch. And don't say that when Stefan caught Elena at the bleachers that he was just compelled to do it. Look at his eyes man, LOOK AT HIS EYES. It's Stefan! So about the video, I hope it turned out alright. Basically, I'm just trying to show how BOTH Stefan and Elena are constantly reminded of the past they shared. At first I was going to cut that last scene out, but then I realised Elena is badass, and no matter who (not even Stefan) can get away with attacking her, her BAMF self should stick around more often. :D Please comment or rate. I like reading your comments so please, do. :) ~I have no life~ P.S Thanks for sticking with me and reading the whole thing. :) No Copyright Infringement Intended.
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TVD II Elena/Katherine (Stefan+Damon) - Shattered
Characters: Elena, Katherine, Damon and Stefan Song: 'Shattered' - Trading Yesterday Program: Sony Vegas Pro 10.0 This is Elena's life before and during her relationship with Stefan and Damon, how they fell for her and vice versa. It also showcases how Elena and Katherine aren't so different, as well as all the trouble that the two brothers have brought into her life and the result of that. See it's basically an Elena-centric video that compares her to Katherine. I know this won't win me views (at least so I don't think so) but it was made for fun, and I'm kinda proud, but don't let that stop you from making constructive criticism. Also, I love Elena and Katherine so it was quite easy for me to make this video. Personally, I did this to compare to my very first video, which was an Elena video as well, and funnily enough the song was also by this band. Anyways, enjoy, comment and well, thumbs up would be preferred but don't let that stop you from expressing your opinion. :D No Copyright Infringement Intended.
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Stefan & Elena - I'm In Here
This has some scenes from season 3. That premiere was SO sad for Stefan and Elena, it inspired me to make this video. E - "Stefan? Stefan if this is you. You'll be okay. I love you Stefan. Hold on to that. Never let that go". I wanted to make a video about that episode, but I couldn't find the right song, until I found this little beauty. It's perfect. Just listen to the lyrics. The song goes "I'm in here, can anybody see me?" which represents both Stefan and Elena in so many ways. Right now, he's the ripper, and for the majority of the episode you thought he'd gone completely over the edge (c'mon, admit it) until that phone call to Elena at the end. Stefan is still Stefan, even though he's killing. Whereas for Elena, she's hiding behind a face, in reality she's just, so miserable. "Can anybody help?" It's ironic how, even though Stefan's the one killing people, in the end his the one who needs help. He's not only being controlled by Klaus, but his own blood lust. And Elena, well she just wants to stop feeling the way she feels. I also tried to show how, even though they're separated, everything they do reminds them of each other. Also, there were a few effects and techniques I tried out in this video for the first time, so I'm hoping it turned out right. Anyways, thanks for watching! Please leave a comment, I really do appreciate them, and I love reading them too. :D Honors for this video (3) #66 -- Most Discussed (Today) -- Film & Animation -- Australia #26 -- Top Favorited (Today) -- Film & Animation -- Australia #28 -- Top Rated (Today) -- Film & Animation -- Australia Honors for this video (1) #78 -- Top Favorited (This Week) -- Film & Animation -- Australia No Copyright Infringement Intended.
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Joanne & Nari (My Friend's 'Secret' Crush)
I made this as a joke really, at first I started it only to make fun of Joanne, but then before I knew it I already made a decent long video. Although I never really finished it, I decided to edit it slightly (so that it doesn't end abruptly) and post it up here on youtube. :) It's probably not funny to anyone who doesn't know us, because well... well you should know. Lol. And, it's probably not even entertaining for you either, but, I had a lot of fun making it because... who doesn't like to make fun of their friends?
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Stefan/Elena/Damon - Perfect
~PLEASE READ~ First of all, just imagine that Katherine in modern times is actually Elena okay? so that means that theres no katherine in this video. The scenes with the clips that are kinda oldish looking are suppose to be sometime in the past, im not talking 50 years in the past im just saying like not that long ago. lol Basically, this "kiss" between Elena and Damon will happen eventually, the reason im showing the clips of her and stefan is basically her thinking back to him. As the viewers should too. And the main message im trying to convey in this video is how tragic this love triangle is. As much as I love Stefan and Elena I cannot deny that Damon and Elena are a cute couple, that they will/have feelings for each other and that it will inevitably develop. The main thing im trying to show though is that you shouldn't forget about stefan and how great he really is because I think that since near the end of the season we really got to see the good in Damon, we forgot the good in Stefan. So what I'm trying to say is, don't forget about Stefan because even though it might not centre on his good nature, in his love and humanity towards Elena in the upcoming episodes, it doesn't mean it's not there. Also, thank you guys for watching! please comment...if you want to. :D No copyright infringment intended.
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Stefan & Katherine & Elena - Take It Slow
Stefan (about Katherine) - "Are you going to tell me why you came back here or were you just playing another game?" "So let's start with Katherine...she was, the most beautiful girl that I had ever met" Elena - "Okay, so he's a little pretty" Stefan (about Elena) - "I met a girl, we talked...it was epic" Stefan (about Katherine) - "I kiss you and I know that I'm, I'm falling in love... I am in love with you" Stefan - "Elena's warm, and she's, she's kind and she's caring and she's selfless ... and it's real. And, honestly when I'm around her I ... I completely forget what I am" Katherine - "You wanna know why im here Stefan? I came back for you." "I love you Stefan, we will be together again...I promise" "I never compelled your love. It was real, and so was mine." Stefan "Today, when we're fighting, if I say 'I can't do this anymore, Elena' ... what I really mean, is that I love you." Elena - "Fine Stefan, whatever ... really means I love you too." Stefan - "In 1864 you faked your death" Katherine - "In 1987 you were in Chicago, you were standing in the front row dancing all night. You were watching Bon Jovi and I was watching you." "Of course I checked in on you over the years" Stefan "Who were you running from?" Elena - "This is what she wants, she wants us to fight. She wants to get between us" "It's you and me Stefan, always." Okay, so basically Katherine's back. :) This is what's happening in the show, with the 'kill Katherine' element taken out. Soooo, who do you ship more? because...I'm torn. lol. Hope you enjoy! :D No Copyright Infringement Intended.
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Stefan & Elena - Stay Just a Little
The Vampire Diaries; Stefan and Elena Song; 'Stay Just a Little' by Kina Grannis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "You know Stefan's never coming back" "Then we'll let him go, we'll have to let him go" That scene broke my ginormous Stelena heart into tiny little pieces. The video is pretty self explanatory (hopefully), they just want to be with each other a little longer, they've been apart, and they've been together. They've been through the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, but they've never given up on their relationship, not until now. (At least for Elena) And it just makes me bawl my eyes out when I think about everything they've been through, and they say the end makes you think of the beginning. But this isn't the end! It's you and me Stelena, always. :P No copyright Infringement Intended.
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Nina Dobrev - Vampire Diaries
This is my Hub Productions video for the competition. This is also my first video, so if you just came upon this video...please excuse my bad editing skills...its very noob i know. The song I chose is Beautiful by Age of Information.
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Affections Touching Across Time on Piano
this is me playing affections across time on piano. this is my first vid so go easy on me. if you enjoyed this then pls subscribe as i plan to up load more. pls comment!! btw i realise i hav stubby fingers lol
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Kingdom Hearts Hikari/Simple And Clean Piano Version
hi everybody, first off i would like to apologise for my bad playing and making you waste nearly 4 minutes of your life T-T lolz anyways this is the song hikari and also known as simple and clean on my keyboard. i just learnt it recently and thought i would record it since the last videos ive made were months ago and were absolutely terrible. =D lolz if you would like the sheet music or the midi then its available here: http://ichigos.com/sheets oh and a little mention of mickan44 who people should also check out her vids because shes only played for 7 months and is already better than me! lolz but just wanted to let you know i felt the need to upload a vid since u said u were waiting for me to put up a new vid...yeah, took me like an hour just to record this!! HOPE YOU ENJOY!! =D i do seriously hope everyone enjoys!! rate and comment pls :)
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Hishoku No Sora piano version
PLS SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT IF YOU WANT TO!! :D LOL this is me playing hishoku no sora, also i would like to thank dannylee425 for making me a tutorial :D
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Stefan & Elena - Wanna Be Loved
Song: "Kiss Me" by Ed Sheeran. -------------------------------------------------------- "That kind of love never dies" - Klaus -------------------------------------------------------- STELENA IS BACK BITCHES ('Bitch' in this context refers to all 'haters', not necessary 'Delena' shippers, or alternatively, it is also not in referral to female dogs, so take a chill pill and enjoy the love. I'm looking at you, Elena-haters. *stares*) The 'story' is pretty straightforward, hopefully. It's just that ever since the whole Klaus 'turn it off' ordeal, Stefan's had a hard time turning his emotions back on, Stefan and Elena's relationship so far has been pretty rocky, to say the least. This is just me trying to show that process of recovery. :) So, you can 'like' this video, thumps up :), or down :(, comment (I love to read them) and if you want, you can even subscribe. :D Enjoy! No Copyright Infringement Intended.
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