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The Rose from Eden Mods Review
A review of The Rose V1 atomiser from Eden Mods
Views: 6096 safer vapers
GP Spheroid V2 Review
A review of the GP Spheroid V2 purchased from www.vapourart.com
Views: 5483 safer vapers
Nahual Review
A review of the Nahual Genesis style atomiser...
Views: 4920 safer vapers
VIGGO mod Review
A review of the VIGGO mod from Vape Jam, purchased from www.shmovapes.co.uk
Views: 4047 safer vapers
"COOLFIRE 2 - The Giveaway"
Post entries on : https://www.facebook.com/premiereliquids & https://www.facebook.com/groups/safervapers This giveaway is worldwide...so good luck! Some entries may be used in a video to announce the winner on the 28/02/14
Views: 2311 safer vapers
Fortune mod Review
A review of the Fortune "original Brass" mod from Fortune mods... FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/410695959074634/ Drip tips available at : http://spartan-mods.co.uk/drip-tips-2.html
Views: 10099 safer vapers
GP Paps V3 Review
A Review of the GP Paps V3 from www.vapourart.com...
Views: 8602 safer vapers
GP PAPS X 1.5 Review
A review of the GP PAPS X1.5 purchased from www.vapourart.com
Views: 6189 safer vapers
The Billetbox Review
A review of the Billetbox available (if you're lucky) from www.billetboxvapor.com
Views: 11418 safer vapers
Kayfun 3.1 & Lite Clones Review
A review of the Kayfun 3.1 and Lite from www.kernowvapes.co.uk
Views: 25521 safer vapers
Innokin Itaste 134 Review
A review of the Itaste 134...A monstrous variable wattage beast!
Views: 20348 safer vapers
Zenith v2 RDA Review
A Review of the Zenith V2 available at www.shmovapes.co.uk
Views: 9317 safer vapers
"Dr Noah" Mechanical Mod Review
A look at the hand crafted one off mod from Chris Birks the "DR NOAH" from www.affordablemods.webs.com
Views: 151037 safer vapers
The Innokin Coolfire 1 Review
A review of the Innokin Coolfire 1
Views: 15421 safer vapers
Nemi by Atmomixani Review
A review of the Nemi by Atmomixani, a 14650/14500 mechanical mod
Views: 5812 safer vapers
Sigelei OHM Meter Review from www.kernowvapes.co.uk
A review of the new Sigelei ohm reader from www.kernowvapes.co.uk £12.49: BARGAIN!!! 14500 BATTERY IS NOT INCLUDED!
Views: 5941 safer vapers
GP Paps v2.5 Lux Review
A review of the GP Paps V2.5 Lux from www.vapourart.com
Views: 4267 safer vapers
KYlin Mod (pieces T clone) Review
A review of the Kylin mechanical mod from www.kernowvapes.co.uk
Views: 7813 safer vapers
Microstick Review
A review of the Microstick from mini-ecig
Views: 14150 safer vapers
Black Heimdall Review
A Review of the Black Heimdall by Vape Jam, available at www.shmovapes.co.uk
Views: 7382 safer vapers
Brass Nemesis Clone/Fake Review
A review of the Brass Nemesis clone...and a little Damo rant ;-)
Views: 18293 safer vapers
"Caramel latte" E-liquid from www.vapingking.co.uk
A reviw of Vaping Kings new "caramel Latte" A rich creamy coffee Ejuice with caffeine
Views: 1735 safer vapers
Hammer Clone/Fake review
A review of The Hammer Clone from Tobeco...
Views: 6761 safer vapers
Turtleship Clone Review
A review of the Turtleship Clone available at www.vapegeek.co.uk
Views: 17970 safer vapers
SIXTY CHINA (69 mod clone) Review
A review of the Hcigar 69 clone available at www.kernowvapes.co.uk
Views: 7114 safer vapers
Playboy Cigalikes and Ego kit Review
A Review of the Playboy range of disposable cigalikes and ego kit from www.premier-eliquids.com
Views: 3750 safer vapers
Smok E-Pipe Review
A look at the SMOK E-PIPE and the BDS90 drip tip...
Views: 13390 safer vapers
SAT 22 Review
A review of the SAT22 genesis style atomiser...
Views: 26520 safer vapers
Roller by Atmizone review and Ohm meter giveaway
please leave a comment under this video on www.facebook.com/groups/letsvape/ Apologies for lack of graphics at the end...
Views: 2191 safer vapers
Red Rod Review
A review of the RED ROD 18350 mechanical mod...
Views: 5933 safer vapers
The Squape Clone Review
A review of The Squape clone from Tobeco available at www.kernowvapes.co.uk
Views: 12141 safer vapers
The Rose V2 Review
A Review of the Rose V2 by www.edenmods.co.uk Future batches will be stocked by the following: UK & EUR: www.vapist.net USA: www.bigbuddhavapors.com AUS: www.vapersphere.com.au Philippines: TheVape Room Malaysia: Le Gadgets
Views: 28753 safer vapers
GP Heron Review
A Review of the GP Heron from www.vapourart.com...
Views: 14087 safer vapers
Totally Wicked e-PIPE Review
A review of the Totally Wicked e-PIPE from www.totallyinspired.webs.com
Views: 10902 safer vapers
Nzonic v5 Review
A review of the Nzonic V5 from Madz Modz ***LINK IN VIDEO IS INCORRECT apologies!*** available at WWW.SHMOVAPES.CO.UK
Views: 3769 safer vapers
DHX 25 (Ba Gua 22 clone) Review
A review of the DHX 025 from EHPRO supplied by www.kernowvapes.co.uk
Views: 6792 safer vapers
The Mirror by Kato Review
A review of The Mirror by Kato available at www.shmovapes.co.uk
Views: 8422 safer vapers
"BACK TO BASICS" Totally Wicked Tornado Tank...In PINK! Review
A Look at the Tornado Tank by Totally Wicked, a good starter ecig for those wanting to take the first step into vaping, this demonstration model was supplied free from www.totallyinspired.webs.com and Big Tom loves the pink!
Views: 2134 safer vapers
Nzonic v3 Mechanical Mod Review
The Nzonic V3 a telescopic mechanical mod with magnetic switch from Madz Modz
Views: 5629 safer vapers
HEMO Mutant Review
A review of the HEMO mutant from Fallout mods available at www.vapeXplosion.com
Views: 5969 safer vapers
Sat Mod Mini Review
A review of the Satmod mini 18350 by Satburn...
Views: 4589 safer vapers
Copper Nemesis Clone/Fake Review
A review of the Copper Nemesis Clone from www.vapegeek.co.uk. Please excuse the sound, we had a faulty mic, and also apologies for not putting side by side with other Nemesis' I had a family emergency and ran out of time...Stay safe!
Views: 22248 safer vapers
ROK Legend starter kit Review
A Review of the ROK legend starter kit available at www.rokuniversal.co.uk
Views: 3787 safer vapers
SteamGunk "Captain Custard" Ejuice Review
The Steamgunk site is now LIVE! WWW.STEAMGUNK.CO.UK Captain Custard: A creamy custard 70/30 pg/vg ejuice from STEAMGUNK...
Views: 2585 safer vapers
Taifun GS Clone/Fake review from www.vapegeek.co.uk
A review of the Taifun GS clone/Fake by HCigar available at www.vapegeek.co.uk
Views: 16208 safer vapers
UDT V12 Review
A review of the UDT V12 from www.vapegear.co.uk
Views: 4464 safer vapers
Dani Extreme Review
Dani Extreme available at www.shop.greek-mods.com Pipeline pro available at www.pipeline-store.co.uk Dani manual: http://www.dicodes.de/upload/dicodes_battery-holder_Dani%20Extreme_manual.pdf
Views: 11042 safer vapers
The Nemesis "CLONE/FAKE" mechanical mod review
The Nemesis CLONE aka The Chemesis, a replica of the world renowned and much loved mod...
Views: 68243 safer vapers

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