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Liverpool (Documentary) Britain's Underworld
Britain s Underworld goes to the world famous home of the Beatles Liverpool - but we investigate the darker side. Using the port as the foundation for a criminal empire based on drug dealing Scouse villains started to import cannabis heroin and cocaine on an unprecedented scale. Exploring run-of-the-mill provincial crooks to some of the wealthiest gangsters in British history including one with an entry in The Sunday Times Rich list we chart the rise of the drug pioneers. br br Plus find out how a supergrass helped bring down two of the country s biggest and richest criminals.
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Sex - In - The - Ancient - World - Egypt (Documentary HD 2016)
We think that the Kama Sutra was the first depiction of a "sex manual." But our discoveries will show that the "Turin Papyrus," written and read 2000 years earlier, is in fact the first sex manual in history. Containing various pictures of sexual activity perhaps focused on Ramses II and his many wives, the manual is an intriguing visual representation of sex in ancient Egypt. Travelling to the Egyptian Museum in Turin, we marvel at the incredible papyrus artwork which some believe poked fun at the sexual side of the Egyptian lifestyle. The film crew used computer graphics to recreate one of the most famous Egypt erotic hieroglyphs - the Turin Erotic Papyrus, housed in the Museo Egizio in Turin. The production crew travelled to Luxor, Deir el-Medina and Cairo to film Egypt's fascinating tomb's and temples in order to present the sexual mysteries of the symbols and images within their walls. The film claims to digitally recreate the 'first old men's magazine' and also to reveal what went on between the bedsheets in ancient Egypt.
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