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NextGen atomizer first overview
NextGen is a next generation genesis atomizer that incorporates some innovative key features. Silica/cotton wick or mesh wick? Many users in the vaping community avoid mesh usage due to certain restrictions/disadvantages like leakage, complex wick building, less vapor production, smaller tank capacities, certain position that the user has to hold the atomizer etc. No need to worry any more. NextGen managed to integrate the advantages of both worlds. From now on, vaping will never be the same Technical Specification: • 22mm width • All metal parts are made from 304L food grade ss • Ultra-fine brushed finish • Center positioned,”phantom’’ mesh wicking • Innovative vacuum tank system • Only 35mm height (46mm with its own drip tip) • Net tank capacity: 5,0ml ss tank / 4,7ml glass tank • Reduced evaporation chamber for intensified flavor and high density vapor • Adjustable air flow control ring through 4 twin vertical holes at 0.9mm-1.1mm-1.3mm-1.5mm • All atomizer parts (only 10) can be easily disassembled for cleaning, without any special tools • Evaporation chamber is surrounded by e-liquid when the tank is more than half full, cooling the atomizer • Simple way of hooking and clamping the resistance wire on the positive pin, with only one nut used for all wire diameters(up to 0.35mm). You can even use ribbon 0.5mm or double 0.30mm wire • Easy refilling and emptying the tank using any standard e-liquid bottle without a tip/needle • The implementation of the center post prevents it from any spinning during usage or even coiling • Two pieces, drip tip included. Inner part is made from acetal, outer part from ss, for efficient temperature reduction(Any standard 510 drip tip can fit though) • Positive post insulator from ketron®1000 peek • 2 tanks, quartz glass and stainless steel included • Spares bag and ss rod for easy and accurate wick building are included Unique Advanced Features: Due to its pioneer vacuum tank system design NextGen has the following exclusive (for a genesis atomizer) features : • Unlike any other genesis atomizer to date that actually uses "gravity" for the mesh wicking NextGen uses vacuum to implement that. This means that with each draw, e-liquid advances (rises) through the wick. In addition to the obvious benefits of this approach, no residues are returning into the tank so the liquid always retains its original color and composition. • Can be positioned vertically, horizontally or even inverted without any leakage (Pocket friendly). • No need to search and align the air hole accordingly every time you vape. • No need to tilt the atomizer for proper wicking. And it’s just the beginning. Vape Different!
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Nextasis First Overview
Nextasis first overview and airflow system presentation.
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NextEra First Overview
Introducing the NextEra BF atomizer specs: • 22mm diameter(base) - 18mm on top • 25mm visible height (without 510 & driptip base) • Reduced chamber (10mm inner diameter) • Made from 304 SS (Ultra fine finish) • Wide bore 510 drip tip • Quadrant® PC 1000 tank holding ~2ml of juice • Center wick (mesh - cotton - wire rope - ceramic) • Both BF & non BF pins are included • Topfill non BF option • A hollow positive pin drops the liquid from the deck level into the tank • 8 Easy adjustable airflow options Dual or single slot (3 dual opposite airholes at 1.2mm / 1.5mm / 1.8mm) #squonkdifferent
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7 steps to feel the Nextasis
Quick preview of Nextasis atomiser by VapeWare Mods #VapeDifferent
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NextGen at  0.5 subohm build
NextGen at 0.5ohms build with dual parallel 0.25mm(30AWG) coil,80/20 VG-PG,24W
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NextGen center post assembly-disassembly.
Music by: http://www.bensound.com
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NextGen on CNC
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NextGen Promo
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Nextiny easy reffil
A nice trick to avoid flooding in the chamber while reffiling Nextiny. Especially for you guys that you are using thin juices (70VG / 30PG) or lower.. Just turn the atty upside down when you are screwing the last turns of the topcap. This way only the air should come out through the chamber.Not the juice.This works for NextGen too.
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