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Tutorial: Atlantis Coil Rebuild | Using 26g Royal Wire & Japanese Cotton
Hey Guys, This weeks build tutorial is a super fun one, an Atlantis Coil Re-Build Tutorial. I'm going to go in-depth to show you guys how to make your atlantis perform about 50% better. The build you will be learning is a single Macro coil, with 26g Royal Wire, coming to .6 - .7 Ohms. If you follow this build, and do it the way I show, you will be able to get a warm, flavorful vape, with ZERO dry hits!!!!!. You guys are gonna be amazed when you see the vapor production I'm getting from this build. Alright guys, I hope you enjoy this video. If you have any questions, leave a comment below, don't forget to subscribe. ALL PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO ARE AVAILABLE AT: http://vaporyshop.com/ FOR WHOLESALE, EMAIL: [email protected]
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24G Royal Wire | Center Post | Tutorial
What's Up Vape Fam. Sorry that I have been away for a while, I have been swamped with a ton of new stuff in my life, but I'm back and we are going strong. This is a full in-depth video on how I build my Center Post Builds. In this tutorial I show you guys how to build a 24 gauge Royal Wire, center post build, on a 3 post RDA. I'm building on the Astron RDA by Cosmic Innovations. Many people when building center post, just push the coil to the center of the deck, but I call this the lazy man center post. I'm showing a template technique, where you pre-bend your coils lead before puting them in your RDA. Alright guys, I hope you guys can learn some new tricks in the tutorial. We have a lot of dope new vids coming, build tuts, product reviews, and more. Enjoy Fam, KK
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RSST Genesis Atomizer Build Tutorial | Amazing Build!!
Hey guys, so I wasn't planning on putting this vid out so soon, but I was having such good luck with this RSST that I wanted to share this with you. I will stand by this build, and put it up against any genesis style build, even some normal dripper builds lol. The flavor and vapor production is amazing, I'm in love with this build. The build is running at .41 ohms, using 24 guage Royal Wire, with a 7 wrap micro coil. My main wick is a steel braided rope, with a cotton sleeve. Thanks for you support I hope you all enjoy this tutorial.
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What's up Vape Fam, Thanks so much for tuning in to watch this video, it has been a while since I have posted anything. This is just the first of many new videos to come, I'm hoping to post at least one new video a week. DESCRIPTION: This was a very fun review/build tutorial to do because I am just so in love with the GOON RDA. It's truly a first of it's kind, and it has a lot going for it. This atty is produced by 528 Customs, and was designed by Blueeyedgoon83 from Instagram. Like I say in this video, right away you can tell this rda was designed for builders, by a builder. BLUEEYEDGOON83 IG: https://www.instagram.com/blueeyedgoon83/?hl=en It's offered in three finishes, Brushed Stainless, Brass, Copper, and a Black Version is coming out soon. The retail price most places is around $60.00 US, in my opinion it's well worth it for what you get. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUILD SPECS: (the build I did in this tutorial) Dual Fused Claptons / 2 strands of 24g Royal Wire / wrapped in 36g Ni80 / 6 Wraps on a 3mm id / .08 ohms I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING 24G ROYAL WIRE FOR YOUR CORE IF YOUR FOLLOWING THIS BUILD, I RECOMMEND USING Ni80 or KA. THE RESISTANTS IS JUST TOO LOW FOR MOST BOX MODS, AND ISN'T PRACTICAL. IF YOU FOLLOW THE SAME BUILD WITH 24G KA AS THE CORE, THE RESISTANCE WILL BE .15 OHMS. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHERE TO BUY THIS RDA: http://www.528custom.com/ https://www.districtf5ve.com/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOST ART LIQUIDS https://www.lostartliquids.com/ VAPERS CHOICE COTTON http://www.vaperschoicecotton.com/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GO FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM!!!! https://www.instagram.com/the_kanthal_kid/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Dual Micro Coil Vertical Build Tutorial | Great Clouds & Flavor
Hey guys, I got a lot of requests for this tutorial on Instagram. As of right now this is my favorite all around build for clouds and flavor, it also doesn't drain my batteries and eat juice as fast as some of my other builds. What makes this my own build isn't the vertical coils, but the wicking method, using a single piece of cotton, that wraps over your center post. I still haven't seen it anywhere else. Well enjoy, and if you guys try this build out and like it, post it on Instagram, and tag me @The_Kanthal_kid_vs.
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This is a full in depth review and build tutorial, for the Twisted Messes TMSquared RDA. This RDA is Kent's second atty he has produced, and in my opinion it's far superior to the first one. He collaborated with JayBo for the design, and teamed up with Wismec for the manufacturing, this was a great decision IMO. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------- BUILD SPECS (FOR THIS VIDEO) Dual Fused Claptons // 24gKa1 / Fused with 38g Ni80 / 6Wraps on 3mm ID / .14 ohms / Wicked with VCC. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------- TMSQUARED SPECS: - Split post design allowing coil installation into the center, far sides or via the standard method. - Negative post milled into the deck - Deck is 22mm - Four individual 2.8mm post holes - Clamp style posts with flat bottomed screws for better connection (thanks to JayBo) - 5.5mm juice well - Stainless Steel throughout the RDA (except contact pin) - The black Drip Tip is not delrin. It is RADEL, a high-temperature plastic with a slightly lower melting point than PEEK - That Hex-Driver tho! (check the gallery pic and prepare to fall in love with hex screws) WHAT'S INCLUDED: - TMSquared RDA - SS Drip Tip - Radel Drip Tip - SS AFC Tube - Black AFC Tube - 510 Adapter - Extra O Rings - Extra Hex Screws - Hex Driver WHERE TO BUY THIS RDA: http://twistedmesses.com/product/twisted-messes-rda-v2-squared/ http://localvape.com/collections/frontpage/products/twisted-messes-rda-squared ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------- LOST ART LIQUIDS https://www.lostartliquids.com/ VAPERS CHOICE COTTON http://www.vaperschoicecotton.com/ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------- GO FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM!!!! https://www.instagram.com/the_kanthal... ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------- UP CLOSE VIEW / SPECS: 3:01 - 7:24 BUILD TUTORIAL: 7:24 - 18:00
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Dual Micro Coil Tutorial | .1Ω / 22gauge Royal Wire | In Depth Build Process
Hey Guys, this is my first video of many. This channel will be dedicated to build tutorials, product reviews, and anything related to vaping. In this video I'm showing a very in depth look into my build process, and I will be showing you guys how to build a .1Ω dual micro coil. I'm using 22 gauge Royal wire not Kanthal in this video. IF YOU HAVE NOT SUB Ω BEFORE, THIS IS NOT THE BUILD FOR YOU. You can still watch and learn, but this build will be a shock to you if your not used to low ohm builds. Thanks for the support guys, ENJOY!. Also if you don't follow me on Instagram, I post a lot of content there. My user name is The_Kanthal_Kid_VS.
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Vaporshark RDNA  /// Product Review
What's up fam, this is a review that I've been wanting to do since ECC. This is my review for the Vaporshark RDNA. I was given this device for review by Vaporshark, and I completely fell in love with it. I go pretty in-depth about this product, it's features, and how it has been using it for two months. I hope you enjoy this review, as always if you have any questions leave them in the comments, or email me at [email protected]com. Don't forget to thumbs up this vid. PRODUCT INFO -------------------------------------------------------------------- 120 Day Warranty Designed by Vapor Shark Powered by Evolv DNA 30 Pocket Size at 3.25 x 1.67 x 0.92 Inches Supports 0.5 ohm or Higher 30 WATTS Of Power Spring-Loaded Gold Plated Center Pin Panasonic NCR18650B (3400mAh) 800 mAh USB Pass Through Charging Wireless Charging Upgradeable Piggy Back Board For USB Improved Button Tactility ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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CRFT Ejuice Review
Hey guys, Sorry I took such a long break, I have a bunch of cool videos in the works that will be coming soon. This first one is a review of one of my favorite juices, CRFT. The flavors in this juice line are// Strawberry Blond: Strawberry Custard Gravel Pit: Guava Peach Trail Mix: Dried Fruits and Nuts Lime Cola: Coca-cola and Lime I hope you guys enjoy this review, be sure to make it to the end to receive a coupon code to save some money on your CRFT orders at vaporyshop.com
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Cookie Butter | Juice Review
Hey guys, so here is my first juice review. I chose Cookie Butter because it's pretty new, and a lot of people are talking about it right now. As I explain in the review, I really didn't like this juice at first, but it has grown on me. It has a great ginger and cinnamon cookie taste. Also, towards the end of the review you guys will be getting a coupon code for 10% off Cookie Butter at vaporyshop.com, this juice is going quick so get it while it's hot. Here is the link to Cookie Butter at Vapory Shop: http://www.vaporyshop.com/cookie-butter-by-wicked-premium-eliquid/
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Royal Premium Elixir | Lady Sophia E-juice Review
Lady Sophia is a part of Royals Premium Elixir Line. This is one of my favorite juices to date, and I'm glad I'm finally getting to review it for you guys. FLAVOR PROFILE: Fresh Mango with Lychee, and a hint of candy. This is a short yet concise review, I'm going to try and keep my juice reviews to be like this. If you guys have any questions about the juice, remember to leave a comment below, also don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Alright guys, enjoy. This juice is available at: http://www.vaporyshop.com/royal-premi... For wholesale email: [email protected] My IG: The_Kanthal_Kid
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