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Here's some #JACHARY to brighten up your day :) Like I said at the end of the video, I know that it's just a bromance but I'm not trying to hurt their friendship in any way. I made this video just for fun and I quite enjoyed editing this. I hope you liked this video because I am currently posting this at 12am which is way past my bedtime (well for me it's not as this is pretty normal to me) Instagram - @whydontwepatootie Twitter - @kimmloveswdw
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All Why Don't We Mashups 2017-2018 - Comment down your favourite mashup in the comment section below! - - [ABOUT] Hi! My name is Kim Marie and I started becoming a fan of a band called Why Don't We during early 2018 and created a fan account on Instagram. I found out about Why Don't We on YouTube and the first song I've ever heard from them was "Something Different". I liked listening to their songs in 2017 but never really got to know them till 2018. I am a Filipino limelight that has recently moved to Australia in December 2017 from New Zealand. - If you'd like to DM me on my fan account on instagram, you are more than welcome to as I'm pretty active. - Instagram: @whydontwepatootie Twitter: @kimmarie_m
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