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"Who Can I Turn To" - A Fake Book Piano Sing-A-Long.
Please, sing along with my piano playing. Ask a friend to do harmonies. Have fun! Who Can I Turn To - 1964 Words & music by: Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley Enjoy!
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"My Funny Valentine" - A Fake Book Piano Sing-A-Long.
Please, sing along with my piano playing. Ask a friend to do harmonies. Have fun! My Funny Valentine - 1937 Words by Lorenz Hart Music by Richard Rodgers Enjoy!
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"Soon It's Gonna Rain" - A Fake Book Piano Sing-A-Long.
I played this live on my baby grand, from a fake book. The video shows the music as I play it. Enjoy!
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Vignettes of Bryan, Ohio.
125 years in photos: 1840 - 1965.
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"Being Alive" - A Fake Book Piano Sing-A-Long.
Please, sing along while I play "Being Alive" from one of my fake books. Have a friend sing harmony. Singing is an excellent breathing exercise. Covering songs from my fake books is my new 2016 music project. After twenty years of committing to playing only my own music (composed songs and improvs) I have decided to record some simple fake book renditions of popular songs... just for fun! "Being Alive" - 1970 - from the Broadway musical "Company." Words & music by Stephen Sondheim. Enjoy!
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How To Make An Adjustable Rope Necklace.
The music is from a piano improv session back in 2011. Enjoy.
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The Man That Got Away - A Fake Book Piano Sing-A-Long.
From the movie "A Star Is Born" - 1954. Words by Ira Gershwin - Music by Harold Arlen.
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"Lover Man" - A Fake Book Piano Sing-A-Long.
Substitute "Lover One" for "Lover Man" for a gender-transparant rendition when you sing this one… as you desire. "Lover Man" (Oh, Where Can You Be?) - 1941 Words & music by: Jimmy Davis, Roger "Ram" Ramirez, and Jimmy Sherman. Enjoy!
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"What A Wonderful World" - A Fake Book Piano Sing-A-Long.
"What A Wonderful World" - 1967 Words & music by: George David Weiss and Bob Thiele Please sing along with my piano playing… it's fun. Have a friend around who likes to sing, too? Try some harmony. The more the merrier. Having a party? Remember… the more you drink, the better you sound! (old entertainer joke: "Drink up folks; the more you drink, the better we sound!") Enjoy!
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"Autumn Leaves" - A Fake Book Piano Sing-A-Long.
(Sing this one through twice - the second time you're on your own for the melody line - I play something else to spice things up a bit.) Please, sing along while I play "Autumn Leaves" from a fake book. Have a friend sing harmony, too. It's a great workout for your breathing. "Autumn Leaves" - 1947 English words by Johnny Mercer French words by Jacques Prevert Music by Joseph Kosma Enjoy!
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"The Lady Is A Tramp" - A Fake Book Piano Sing-A-Long.
Please, sing along with my piano playing. Ask a friend to do harmonies. Have fun! The Lady Is A Tramp - 1937 Words by Lorenz Hart Music by Richard Rodgers Enjoy!
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"The Night We Called It A Day" - A Fake Book Piano Sing-A-Long.
Please, sing along with the words as I play from a fake book. The Night We Called It A Day - A 1941 Jazz Standard. Words by Tom Adair. Music by Matt Dennis. Enjoy!
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How To Make A Necklace - Dec-19-2009.
Video shot by Audrey Ray Daniel: http://www.youtube.com/araystudio Three piano improvs by me, recorded in 2009: Tear Down, Yearning, & Rabble Rouser. In this video I show the whole process I go through to pin my amulets and string my rope necklaces. Each necklace is fully adjustable, from choker to full length. The rope ends are knotted and finished so they won't fray. Enjoy!
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How To Make Art That Moves & A Piano Improv: "Spring Herald."
How to make art "beat" like a heartbeat… Start with: A 12" square double-framed high-quality canvas. Paint the whole canvas with black liquid acrylic paint. Mix some acrylic varnish with holographic glitter. Pour the mix over the black-painted canvas, sitting level on a table. Don't brush it - shake it around to disperse the "stars & galaxies." Let the canvas dry completely - it will look like outer space. Clockwork: Drill/punch a small hole through the center of the painted canvas. Install a digital clockwork to make the canvas a clock. Use the piece as a clock, as you wish. To install art that moves with a beat: Draw your design on a piece of 5" square 140lb. watercolor paper - with felt ink markers & pens. Remove the second hand from the clock you've made. Tape the second hand to the back center of the 5" square drawing. Use tape in a way that balances the weight of tape & second hand on the back. Gently push second hand back in place. Insert battery - adjust to center the art - and enjoy. NOTE: If the piece of paper is smaller and lighter, the whole piece can be made to turn completely - try a circular piece of paper for your drawing. Variations are endless! Try installing more than one clockwork. How about painting the canvas like a flower head (sunflower, etc) and the center with a raised and beating (or turning) seed head? On and on! Enjoy! P.S. The piano improv is one of my newest - November, 2015. It's called, "Spring Herald."
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My Stained Glass Art: Window or Watercolor Paper?
ANSWER: Watercolor paper MATERIALS: 11" x 14" watercolor paper - Sharpie fine point black markers - Office Max wedge felt highlighter pens - Gallery Glass transparent latex paint. HOW TO: See how to make art with these materials in my most popular video: "How To Make Easy Art #2." THE ART: The shape represents my "two broken heart" glyph, which is a broken-line version of my "two connected heart" glyph shown in earlier videos, including my first stained glass drawing video. THE MUSIC: The piano improv was recorded live at my Yahama baby grand - September 10th, 2015. Enjoy!
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Ballet School Figures - Piano Improv - 2009.
My mother made this amazing quilt. It is 100% hand-stitched, no machines! It is huge, huge, huge! The pattern is called Cathedral Window. It was shown at the 8th Annual San Francisco Quilter's Guild Show, at the Galleria, some years back. It took her twelve years to make it, all hand sewn. Why would she make it SO BIG? She's gone now, so I'll never know. No one knew she made it until I discovered it. The piano improv is called, "Ballet School Figures." It has a certain preciseness that reminds me of the thousands and thousands of stitches that went into this quilt. Enjoy!
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Remember - Feb-01-2008.
http://www.blessmyheartart.com/composed.html See all my YouTube composed song videos on one page! Some lyrics: "Yesterday and tomorrow, One is gone, one to come. Who can say what tomorrow brings, On the wings of today?"
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Piano Improv - Inside Job - Feb-27-2011.
I played this with my eyes closed, start to finish; no peeking. My hands land on keys, and I begin to play something. It's that simple. Enjoy!
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Piano Improv & Original Story
"The Urban Forest Canopy" A story about the "dead trees" in the City...telephone poles! The piano improv was recorded Sep-19-2009. The piano is a Yahama 5'8" baby grand - model G2 - 1960. I recorded the improv with my Zoom H-2 digital audio recorder. I used Soundtrack Pro to create a .WAV file, which I imported into iTunes. All the art is hand-drawn: Sharpie markers, acrylic markers, & acrylic paints. I composed the story in Keynote: from the iWork 08 suite of programs on my iMac. - I exported the Keynote slideshow to QuickTime, - Exported from QT to a .m4v file, - Imported it into iMovie, - Added my original piano improv from iTunes, and - Exported it to a Medium file for YouTube. Enjoy!
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Two Keys Mesh - Piano Improv - Feb-02-2017.
For the new year - I'm trying to improve my improv playing. Here, I mesh two keys - C and F. That means I've got both B natural and B flat as "players" in the improv. Usually, I try to keep an improv within the key I choose to play in at the beginning. Here, I'm trying to play an improv where I know I'm going to "hook up" two keys. I keep my rhythm steady (as I define it) - I create a "beat" of a few measures - repeat - then go on and create another - repeat - until the end. Like beating a drum for a few beats, repeating, another rhythm, repeat, etc. The piano is a percussion instrument - like a drum - which was my inspiration. The art is a drawing I made in 1999 of two stars coming together - like the two keys (C and F) in this improv. Enjoy!
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Familiar Friend - Piano Improv - Sep-24-2015.
Sep-21-2016 - This is a video of my San Francisco sky this (11:30 AM) morning, from my garden deck. I have often watched fog clouds blowing quickly over my house and thought, "I'd like to video this." Well, today I (finally) did. Here are six minutes of low fog clouds blowing by at a rapid clip. There are no effects in this video - it's just as it happened this morning. I'm glad I'm finally sharing it with you. Enjoy!
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"High Noon" - Summer Solstice Piano Improv - June 22, 2015.
This is a live recording of me playing my Yahama G-2 baby grand piano in my living room - June 22nd, 2015. I recorded from underneath the piano with my Zoom H-2 digital recorder. I edited the beginning and the ending to cut it to length, and normalized the volume; saving it as an .aiff file. No signal processing, just volume control. I loaded it into iTunes and played it while displaying the iTunes visualizer called "Jellyfish." I recorded my computer screen playing the visualizer. I used my Flip 720HD digital camera; which is great for video, horrible for sound. I loaded the video into iMovie, silenced the audio, added the original .aiff file, synced the two, and made this movie. The music generates the colors and patterns for the visualizer "Jellyfish." It's like a dance. Enjoy!
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Tiny Love Song - Keyboard Improv.
Painting: Jan-2014. Series - Ocean Views - #1. 12" x 36" - Acrylics on canvas. Designed to be hung two ways = two views. Audio: Yahama KX-88 keyboard, recorded into GarageBand.
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Piano Improv - "Opening Up." - Aug-09-2013.
First notes of the day. An 8:00 AM Friday morning recording session; start to finish. I rarely play with the lid open. Enjoy!
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Midnight On The Oasis - The Land Of Dreams - #102.
Piano improv in two movements - Apr-06-2016.
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Four-Improv Suite - July 25, 2015 - One sitting.
I recorded these four improvs in real time, on my Yahama G-2 baby grand piano.
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All Things Being Equal - Two Keyboard Improvs - 2012.
September 22nd, 2012 will be the Fall Equinox, when the day and night are the same length. That is represented in the two hearts connecting in the center of my drawing (Sharpie fine point markers on watercolor paper). This is my latest hand-drawn 11" x 14" art - showing more and more as the five minute video (not still photo) advances. The two keyboard Improvs were recorded live into GarageBand, then I made it sound like harps and guitars. It is a realtime improv, and should sound hand-done, not drum-machine perfect. Enjoy!
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Be Prepared - Emergency Plan #1 - Hammock
I live in San Francisco, CA. After the Napa earthquake a couple of weeks ago, everyone's talking about being prepared for "The Big One." I decided to video myself setting up my cheap hammock stand, taping it together, and having it ready in the garden. Whew! It was a humbling experience, and something that would be hard to do in an emergency situation. The music is a piano improv I did some years back - "Leveling Off" - something I forgot about and discovered when looking for music to go with this fast-motion video. Enjoy! I wonder what else I can test out? Setting up a tent? Hmmm. Yeah!
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Ink Drawing - "Two Hearts In Stained Glass" - Nov-13-2015.
Friday-The-13th! I drew my two connected hearts signature, "hung" it visually from three of my triangle shapes, and drew in black "leading" lines. I colored the panels with pigment pens, which reacted bizarrely with the transparent yellow acrylic paint I used as a covering glaze. The colors turned from red-orange-yellow-green-blue-violet to muddy browns. AT NIGHT, framed and on the wall in low light, THE TRUE COLORS RETURN! Amazing, and bizarre. The piano improv is a three-movement suite recorded Sep-16-2015. Movement #3 is (I think) the most beautiful thing I've played in a long time. Enjoy!
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Acrylic Nebula Paintings + A Piano Improv.
These are some of my acrylic-on-canvas paintings of imaginary cosmic nebulas. The piano improv was recorded live on December 20th, 2015. Enjoy!
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Short & Sweet - Piano Improv - 2016.
Here is a 56-second video of me picking a lemon from my tree today (Oct-04-2016). This video is my “excuse,” so I can share a very short & sweet piano improv that (I think) is beautiful and relaxing. As a bonus, here’s my lemonade recipe. Recipe: Whole Fruit Lemonade. 10 cups of water (and a pitcher big enough to hold it) 1/2 cup sugar One whole lemon Cut the lemon into large chunks, put in a blender, add 2 or 3 cups water, blend until pureed, and strain into a fine mesh strainer (over a large pot). Press the solids until all the liquid runs through into the large pot. Pour liquid into a 10-cup pitcher. Add the sugar and water. Stir, refrigerate, and enjoy.
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Six One-Panel Cartoons & One Piano Improv.
I watched some YouTube videos on how to draw cartoon figures. I took what I learned and drew these six one-panel cartoons, purely for fun and the "stretch" of learning something new. I drew them on regular 8.5 "x 11" paper, using plain old black Sharpie markers. The captions are my own additions. The piano improv was recorded on my baby grand in May, 2015. Enjoy!
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32 New Drawings & 4 New Improvs - 2015.
32 original ink drawings - 11" x 14" Themes are outer space and close-ups of cells.
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Cloud Memories #1.
Piano improv recorded live on my Yahama KX-88 keyboard into GarageBand. No editing of the recorded file. The photos are memories of my garden, from 1988 & 1990. Better to store the photos "in the cloud" than in a cardboard box. Enjoy!
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