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Mnet Idol School   Shippable Moments
Natty is in this video to soothe our burning flames
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Underrated Appreciation - Bin Haneul
Pls thanks
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Idol School -  Top 9 Prediction
Only thing you should be afraid of, is how accurate I am. Produce 101 S1 and S2 - Never been Wrong Majored in Psychicolocology Perfect Predictions 10/10 would do again
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IOI trying to dance randomly and Shit  [Eng Subs/Fake Subs]
Turn on subtitles Just IOI betraying each other and shit
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IOI getting destroyed by door and shit
Turn on Subtitles for a good time
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Tasha and Bin Haneul - Tashaneul     [Do Well For Me]
Tribute to love in it's truest form Tasha and Bin Haneul Songs used Bolbbalgan4 - Galaxy IOI - Downpour (piano version)
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IOI Amigo Party [Eng Sub/Fake Sub]
Turn on subtitles for a good time
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Jackson and GEM doing stuff
Owner of Video: GEMBlog I just wanted to add eng subs for u guys turn on subs
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Fromis Weird Af
credit to mnet official
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Please Cheer Up Bin Haneul
Turn On Subtitles So I heard some twats were dropping mean comments on my bby girl Unluckily for them they have to deal with a 6 dan black belt of wingchun, taekwondo, salami and i dont know what the fuck I'm talking about sorry. Just watch Haneul slay my ass with sheer talent.
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Mnet Idol School - Top 9 Final Members Fromis_
So... Seems like this is what were rolling with Clips used for each member are personal preference. Bias: JANG GYURI Natty Haein :(
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IOI - Misty Road
Fancam from 독신주의자 Remember to turn on subtitles This the day we all cried like bitches hearing sohye belt that shit out. Today just like that day i still cry like a bitchass hearing her.
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IOI and Wanna One Kiss Transfer Complete
Daebak may be just a child, but he is far wiser than we believe.
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Park Jiwon Extra Exemplified
Make sure you turn on subtitles Park Jiwon Leaves JYP Displays JYP withdrawal symptoms
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Hashtag - Kim Dajeong
Belongs to its owner
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Kwon Eunbi
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Superman Toy Review
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Mnet Idol School Ep 3 - Essential Parts
Make sure you turn on subtitles for the best time of your lives Dont worry fam I got you with the good shit
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IOI Telepathy and shit [Eng Sub/Fake Sub]
Turn on Subtitles for a good time
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Lee Dahee - Munchkin
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Kim Sejeong melt me
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Bin Haneul is Love
Make sure you turn on subtitles Please vote for Bin Haneul She is a goddess Please Thank you Everytime I look out the window I look up and see the sky There is something about the sky Someone else's name is also sky Thats right Bin Haneuls English Name is sky Therefore, every time I look out the window I see Bin Haneul Bin Haneul is the Sky Bin Haneul is my sky Bin Haneul is my love
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So Mung Me Baby
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