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Quick Fix to Gurgling in Vape Tanks
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com STOP TAKING YOUR TANK APART! We live in the real world and don't have time for that. shake it off and move on.
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BUY A CHEAP DRIPPER! (RDA) Then Shop 4 Juice
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Quick video on why everyone should buy a cheap dripper (RDA) How everyone should really be tasting samples when they go juice shopping.
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The Straight Volt - Ep 12: All Purple Efest Batteries (Season Finale)
Sponsor: Smax E-Liquid http://www.smaxjuice.com/smax-story
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Protanks and Evods, Anti-Gurgle Rebuild Method
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com In this video I teach everyone how to rebuild a kanger coil that will no longer gurgle. I intentionally use little to no tools. Basically: Nail Clipper, Silica, Cotton, Kanthal. Torch (optional)
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Cloupor T5 - 9.3 Volts! More than stacked Mechs
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Guys I'm well aware of all the things and features I left out. This is done intentionally to not waste anyone's time that you could have found out on the Cloupor Webby. Holding the UP + DOWN to lock the device is not worth mentioning. Just as much as what else is in the box like cables and screws. It is my belief that you came here for professional insight and that's what I intend to provide.
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HB6 Testimonials Indiegogo Follow Up
https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/best-18650-batteries-for-vapers-as-of-may-2015/x/9082876 Big Lou's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5WpOEQizqs
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Vape Shopping With Peg - Episode 5 INT'L Vendors
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Vender Links: http://www.angelcigs.com/ Coupon Code pegasus 5% discount http://focalecig.com/ Coupon Code pegasus 11% discount
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Build Tutorial: Fogger V4 Regular 3 build methods.     (Ivogo)
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com This item was featured on vape shopping episode 5 part of a secret shop. You guys already know fogger is a decent tank. Let me show you a few ways to set it up.
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Fused Clapton Coils Explained: How to spot Good vs Bad
PVA Fused Clapton Coil direct Link: $25 = 10 pcs jars SS 316 http://pegasusvaporacademy.com/product-category/coils/
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Mechanical Mods and Conductivity Explained
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Conductivity Chart of Metals http://www.kp44.org/electric/ElectricalConductivityOfMaterials.php There is many charts and listings out there. I picked this one because its easiest to read.
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Advanced Vaping Safety - Battery Configurations / Parallel & Series
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Battery University Link: http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/serial_and_parallel_battery_configurations Robotics Link: http://www.societyofrobots.com/robotforum/index.php?topic=3200.0 Rapid Tables Ohm's Law Calculator: http://www.rapidtables.com/calc/electric/ohms-law-calculator.htm Special Link: (scroll down to the bottom and read the review) http://www.ibiblio.org/kuphaldt/electricCircuits/DC/DC_11.html
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How to setup stainless steel mesh wick in a genesis atomizer properly.
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com I'm well aware there are other tutorials of this, however I wouldn't have made this video if I didn't see a ton of flaws.
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Coil Building 102: Micro Coils and Gauge Sizes
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Coil Building 101 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9qjAey11f4
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The Straight Volt Season 2 Episode 12 (Season Finale) - Leopard Imren 50 Amp
For the best batteries on the planet: http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com/ Vape Dinner Lady Juice. http://vapedinnerlady.com/
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Ceramic Tweezers - A Coil Builder's Must Have.
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PVA 40 Trailer
Thank You to all who have been patient, we've made it this far and its been an incredibly tough journey. I cannot describe the stress of dealing with China companies, Sourcing parts and overall trying to keep to everyone together. I hope this video will allow you all to keep the faith for a little longer. We would not have come this far had our intentions not been pure. We have many more projects and campaigns to conduct, we would love nothing more than to get through this and maintain our reputation. Please continue to have faith, this project will go through. The intention of the PVA-40 was designed to be an everyday "goto mod" Retail versions will be bundled with both batteries and nickle wire.
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Vaping Batteries Explained: What to buy? What is the Best Battery?
Come Visit Us: http://pegasusvaporacademy.com
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A Vaping Travel Solution - Kayfun Mini 2.1
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com This item is 1 of 2 that I picked up from AngelCigs.com From the Shopping with Peg series: episode 5 Use Coupon Code: "pegasus" for an additional 5% off your entire purchase. http://www.angelcigs.com/
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Kanthal VS Nichrome and other Gimmicky Wires
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com You really shouldn't need wires outside of anything you can get from Temco. http://www.temcoindustrialpower.com/
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The Straight Volt Season 3 Episode 01 - HB6 (ivory) VS HB6 (pink)
GUESS WHAT STRAIGHT VOLT FANS - GRAPH TIME IS BACK! http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com/
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Nemesis / Kayfun / Kick setup: an excellent combo
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com This video is part of a multi-series, original video here: http://youtu.be/Bo8JykP-r1A
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Youde AGA - T3 HD Version + 2 build tutorials
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com As always you can find Quality Youde Items from my friends at VaperCompany. http://www.vapercompany.com/ Use Coupon Code: "pegasus" for an additional 8% off. Free domestic shipping always.
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UD YouDe Technology Atomizer Aga - T5
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Aga - T5 available at VaperCompany http://www.vapercompany.com/ Coupon Code: Pegasus for 8% off your entire purchase.
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Coil Building 101: Determining what coil to build
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Test is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJlghrREDkY&src_vid=-9qjAey11f4&feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_1010947067
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UD YouDe Technology Atomizer Aga - T6
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Original Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-YQFC6Ir98 To purchase this item: http://www.vapercompany.com/ Be sure to use coupon code: "pegasus" for an additional 8% off.
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Kayfun Nemesis Connection Parts: turn anything into a Hybrid.
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Fun Item on Fasttech: https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10006473/1666400-connection-parts-for-kayfun-v3-1-rda-nemesis-mod
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Vaping Equipment For Newbs: what to buy?
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Innokin Itaste VV Ver.3 http://101vape.com/mods/183-innokin-itaste-vv-v3-express-kit.html Smoktech Airflow Controller http://www.discountvapers.com/smoktech-tank-airflow-controller/ AnyVape Davide Tank http://www.discountvapers.com/anyvape-davide-glassomizer/
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UVO AQUA setup
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com This video is part of a multi-series, original video here: http://youtu.be/Bo8JykP-r1A
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The Straight Volt - Ep 03: MXJO
The graphs are just my findings based on equipment I've purchased from Western Mountain Radio. The posted results are not meant to be slanderous or bring any particular company down. If your product is good the truth will prevail. I simply post and advise based on the graphs.
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http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com I'm sick of people talking smack, you have a lot of nerve preaching false info on a channel dedicated to bringing truth to vaping.
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Mechanical Mod & Battery Safety
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Kanthal Resistance Chart: http://godofsteam.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/resistance-chart-for-kanthal-a1/ 30 AMP batteries: Efest Purple 30amp 18650 Sony US18650VTC5 MNKE Orange 18650
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UD YouDe Technology Atomizer Igo - W6
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Original Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-YQFC6Ir98 To purchase this item: http://www.vapercompany.com/ Be sure to use coupon code: "pegasus" for an additional 8% off.
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Cloud Chasing 101: Getting into RDA drippers
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com This video is part of a multi-series, original video here: http://youtu.be/vKuC-1ojVhc Here we learn where and what to buy for entry level stuff as well as how to build it.
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Subscriber Request Video: Stacking 18350
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Why you shouldn't stack 18350. In my opinion it is much more pointless than dangerous, but still dangerous.
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Starting a Vape Shop: If I were to get into this business.....
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com This video is from a subscriber request. I am 100% about the community helping the community. Hope this helps Rob.
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4 new YouDe UD Atomizers Aga - T6 / Aga - T7 / Igo - W6 / Igo - W7
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com 4 New Atomizer Summary of the newest Youde Technology Atomizers. 5 Part Series Video To purchase these item: http://www.vapercompany.com/ Be sure to use coupon code: "pegasus" for an additional 8% off.
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General Understanding Series VS Parallel Unregulated Devices
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UD YouDe Technology Atomizer Aga - T7
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Original Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-YQFC6Ir98 To purchase this item: http://www.vapercompany.com/ Be sure to use coupon code: "pegasus" for an additional 8% off.
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Better Vape Wicking Material? CelluCotton - 100% Rayon
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Longer video than usual guys, sorry but I truly had a lot to say. As always I love little things that turn your old toys back to new toys, I've been shoving this stuff in every major item own. Sally Link for this stuff: http://www.sallybeauty.com/cotton-coil/GRAHAM5,default,pd.html
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Lemo Tank RTA by Eleaf Ismoka  Review
http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com Vapercompany: be sure to use Coupon code: "pegasus" for 8% off your entire purchase. http://www.vapercompany.com/Eleaf-Lemo-RBA-p/e16lemo.htm No BS, just full on customer service.
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Vaping in Series Mode: Wizard Math VS Real World Math.
This Video is dedicated to a subscriber: Eric Millikan Eric, hope this clears the air for you.
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http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com I do not recommend this item to anyone not even pro builders because its not fun, I bought this for the challenge build. So if you don't like to tinker, don't buy this. Surprisingly there isn't any build videos for this item as of the upload date.
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PVA: New Vaping Battery Series Announcement.
PVA PO BOX Pegasus Vapor Academy. BOX 1231 Arcadia, CA 91077
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PSA Buyer Beware - Ceramic Tweezers Announcement.
PVA Ceramic Tweezers Direct Link: http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com/products/pva-ceramic-tweezers
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