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Ants in your Pantry-Terrytoon 1945
This one has lots of what Terrytoons are notorious for: cycles! And cycles of the commonest kind: ants harvesting and a baby factory! It also has a voluptuous Queen Ant and a sweetly delivered punchline which may make it worth your trouble. Withheld from television release; presumably because it leaves too many "birds-and-bees" questions unanswered for tiny tots (and their beleaguered parents).
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"All Out for "V"-Terrytoon 1942-World War II
Forest animals give their all for war defense. Good-looking, extremely catchy music.
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MIGHTY MOUSE in LAW & ORDER-Terrytoon 1950
I don't hang on to many things I loved as a child, but this is forever. The virtues of Jim Tyer's shootout need not be stated, and I was especially wowed by the bizarre surprise in Carlo Vinci's "gun matching" scene. As a kid, before home videos, I had to keep memories of this one in my head through the school day so I could attempt to reproduce the "feel" in still drawings at home. Animation like this is not just made up of "funny" and "cool" drawings; it has to be expertly timed to "read" at all. They all knew their stuff (not just the "stars" of the studio).
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Farmer Al Falfa's Ape Girl-Terrytoon 1932
The Farmer is abducted by a capering Jungle Goddess. As "pre-Code" as a Terrytoon ever got. Most animation is by Frank Moser; with him are Art Babbitt, Jerry Shields, Bill Tytla and others.
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Dancing Mice-Terrytoon 1931-Farmer Al Falfa
The Farmer and his cat vs. the mice. A good example of the humor with which Philip A. Scheib used sound in the early days. Made during the short period when Terrytoons incorporated popular tunes from outside sources: in this case, "Good Evenin'".
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The Winged Horse-Oswald Rabbit-1932
The early 1930s Lantz cartoons are sometimes exhausting to watch because the creators went out of their way to make every occurrence a funny, or, more often, weird one. Makes me wonder if anyone involved missed "the good old days" with the "literalization" of animation that took hold by 1935. (TV title getting the original "Winged" wrong.)
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If Cats Could Sing-Terrytoon 1950
Opera-singing alley cats. Just about every element that spells 'Terrytoon' is on display (including a bouquet of Tyer).
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G-Man Jitters-Gandy Goose-Terrytoon 1939
Young Gandy dreams he is a "G-man" (actually an old-fashioned deerstalker-capped detective) investigating strange noises in a haunted house. With Frankenstein, Dracula and Mrs. Jones. Opening musical theme: "The Happy Farmer" by Schumann.
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Danemon's Monster Hunt at Shojoji-Japanese Animation 1935-Anime Cartoon
A slapstick tale of a real life figure who transmuted into legend: Ban Naoyuki (1567 — 1615), a Japanese samurai general. Here, depicted as a lovable, blustering strongman (who uses pince-nez!), he does battle with a house of tanuki, the funloving, shapeshifting raccoon dogs, led by the one-eyed Date Masamune (1567 –1636) another historic warrior. Both these true-life personalities continue to figure in Japanese popular media. Here we see the comic, Fleischer-inspired side of Japanese animation, with a hero resembling Bluto, and modern props incongruously figuring in a historic milieu. But still, an atmosphere of comic suspense is maintained. “Drawings”: Yoshitaro Kataoka, who made some of the earliest efforts in color productions, was also a creator of manga.
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The Banker's Daughter-Terrytoon 1933
If you've seen a strikingly good idea in a Heckle & Jeckle or Mighty Mouse cartoon, chances are it's not the first time Terrytoons used it. Here, 14 years before he debuted in the Mighty Mouse series as a cat, is the first appearance of Oil Can Harry. Note: The bank manager proposes to cut his staff's salaries "right in two", which Paul Terry did to one employee when it was reasoned the artist was too old-fashioned (and drunk) to be employable elsewhere. Prominent animation by Bill Tytla, Jerry Shields, Frank Moser, Art Babbitt.
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A June Bride-1935 Terrytoon-Farmer Al Falfa
The Farmer tries to keep his pet from eloping. The "star attraction" here, as far as I'm concerned, is the ballad "Agnes", probably an original song by Philip A. Scheib (during a period when they were working hard to introduce them in these films; "Gypsy Life" being the only one anyone remembers). The scenes with the couple on a bicycle was an early one by "Connie" Rasinski, exhibiting his learning from Bill Tytla. The shot with the cats walking down the aisle is by a staffer whose animation was full of awkwardness and errors, but was also ambitious and charming.
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Cocky Cockroach-Terrytoon 1932
What can one say? Large-hipped girl roach animated by Frank Moser. Crooning roach by Bill Tytla
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The Birth of Jazz-Krazy Kat-1932
Impressive early music synchronization with fevered visuals, 1930s-cartoony to the point of being camp. Classical themes: "Moonlight Sonata", "Poet and Peasant Overture". Popular themes: "Down Home Rag", "St. Louis Blues".
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How Wet was My Ocean-Sourpuss-Terrytoon 1940
Surfside antics with the Timid Pig. Unbilled appearance by the early, ginger-haired Sourpuss.
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King Zilch-Terrytoon 1933
Exceedingly bizarre cartoon with the second appearance of the title character (the first was CINDERELLA) and the debut of Fanny Zilch's design (soon to start the first "Oil Can Harry" miniseries.) Whether the King's character was "inspired" by the debut of Van Beuren's Little King series, no one alive can say.
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The World's Affair-Scrappy Cartoon 1933-Chicago World's Fair
Scrappy and Oopy are the welcoming "committee" at the Chicago World's Fair. Zestful. Loaded with celebrity caricatures. The man receiving hair treatments is a spoof of supervising animator Art Davis.
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The Big Cheese-Van Beuren Cartoon 1931
Comical character piece climaxing in a boxing match. Set in the rough, tough city; apparently the Bowery, if we let the music tell us. With one of those Mickey Mice that bugged the big "D".
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Beanstalk Jack-Terrytoon 1933
Fairy Tale rehash in which Jack encounters a gang of pseudo-jazz skeletons (animated by Eddie Donnelly). The pre-sound stylings of Frank Moser & Jerry Shields highly contrasts with Bill Tytla's advanced, otherworldly Giant.
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The Hot-Cha Melody-Krazy Kat 1935
Krazy as Faust on Tin Pan Alley. Clever cartoon on plagiarism. Krazy stands on his own, then falls into the abyss.
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The Peace Conference-Krazy Kat 1935
As the world prayed for peace, the Mintz studio parodied it as an effeminate alternative to head bashing. Pre WWII satire of world politics. A curious mix of potent political imagery and typical cartoonery. Hitler is conspicuous by his absence, and Tony the fruit peddler stands in for Mussolini.
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Once again, Robin Hood rescues Maid Marian from a terr-u-ble fix. Some artists involved: Dan Gordon, Larry Silverman, Milton Stein, Carlo Vinci, "Connie" Rasinski. Robin Hood's jousting match is creatively staged, the animation largely by Rasinski and Vinci.
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The Nutty Network-Terrytoon 1939
Jungle animal spoof of the public reaction to Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds" broadcast. With the Bert Lahr lion as "The King". Fine "cartoon-hot dance" music by Philip A. Scheib.
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A Happy Family-Krazy Kat 1935
One of director Ben Harrison's rubber hose extravaganzas, full of motion, detail and creepiness. Pretty quartet sings clever theme lyrics.
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Russian Dressing-Krazy Kat 1933
Krazy Kat is a young Russian worker assigned to "blow up the Palace". Filled with authentic-sounding Russian folk melodies. Video from an ASIFA Hollywood event, with audience laughter and occasional heads.
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This rare later Gandy has him as “the new sheriff”. Many gags are pale echoes of Bugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam encounters, but the crazy animation and satisfying climax may make it worth your while.
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1950 was possibly the high point of loopy Terrytoons animation. This one puts a novel twist on the Tom & Jerry “kill the romance” plot. Very overstated, wild animation by all.
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Farmer Al Falfa's 20th Anniversary-Terrytoon 1936
Celebration of a generation of entertainment proves that some things never change. It's very spirited, though, and had me tapping my feet and laughing out loud while reviewing it. Note: Terrytoons was welcoming an influx of talent from the closing Van Beuren Studio at the time (animators Carlo Vinci, Larry Silverman, Reuben Timmins among others). One will see an intrusion by a favorite Burt Gillett star. Oldtimer Jerry Shields' work, however, remains exactly the same as it was at the time of the Farmer's debut.
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The Lumber Champ-Pooch the Pup-Walter Lantz 1933
Pooch and his ladyfriend are harassed by a whip-wielding lumberjack. Strange humor 'neath the tall timber. (The 'thinking out loud' device is unique, thank goodness!) Woodchoppers' theme: "Nola".
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Jealous Lover-Terrytoon-1933
Street brawlers pursue Terry mice in the big, bad city. Some animators: Bill Tytla (scenes with crooner), Jerry Shields, Frank Moser.
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Taro's Monster Hunt-1936-Japanese Cartoon-Anime
A Bosko-cloned samurai battles traditional monsters and demons. Drawings: Hiromasa Suzuki
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Parking Space-1933 Walter Lantz-Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Disaster ensues when Oswald neglects his day care center. I won't spoil the experience for you; just let this document of one-sided American "history" wash over you like a cool fungus.
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The Bandmaster-Krazy Kat 1931
Conductor Krazy leads his group through "Stars and Stripes Forever" and "Twelth Street Rag". Another example of Ben Harrison and Manny Gould's mastery of gags and synchronization after the Charles Mintz studio had been making sound cartoons for only about a year. Disney's films of the period are outdone in terms of speed and content.
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Mice in Council-Terrytoon 1934
The mice hold an Atlantic City convention to decide who bells the cat. Very inventive cartoon, filled with incident and East Coast references.
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Plane Goofy-1940 Terrytoon-Farmer Al Falfa
Handsome Technicolor production values to tell what could very well have been a typical 1923 script. Note "jumbled, jivey" variation of "Farmer in the Dell" played under original titles. Quite amusing.
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Merry Dog-Walter Lantz 1933-Pooch the Pup Christmas Cartoon
Possibly the most sardonic Christmas cartoon I know of. Happy Holidays!
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The Match Kid-Scrappy Cartoon 1933
Twisted take on "The Little Match Girl". Cartoon child abuse at its finest.
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A Gypsy Fiddler-Terrytoon 1933
A rather wild tale of gypsy-loves-princess. Features the first use of the song "Gypsy Life", heard later in the Mighty Mouse cartoon.
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A Mad House-Terrytoon 1934
Mad Doctor who rooms with a house of skeletons plans mischief. M.D. animation largely by Bill Tytla.
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Radio Girl-Terrytoon 1933
Quirky, funny cartoon. A mouse longs for his "radio sweetheart".
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A Howling Success-Terry Bears Terrytoon 1954
A favorite plot at the studio: a character running around the house being terrorized mostly by his own imagination. A sure-fire setup for freak-out animation by Jim Tyer, Carlo Vinci, Conrad "Connie" Rasinski (the director, after whose dog "Pago" was named) and Paul Sommer.
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County Fair-Oswald Rabbit-Walter Lantz 1934
A brat leads Oswald the Lucky Rabbit on a merry chase at the fairgrounds. Slapdash, violent laugh riot sparked by a round of parental abuse. Not to be confused with KOUNTY FAIR, an Oswald from a few years earlier. With Bill Nolan animation and a pretty score by James Dietrich.
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Bluto Laugh Reel (improved)
Vocal workouts of the great Jackson Beck.
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Hook and Ladder #1-Terrytoon 1932
An opera-singing firemouse rescues his lady fair. A stream of incongruous gags, including "ethnic" ones. A few Terrytoons employees were members of the real-life Larchmont (N.Y.) Volunteer Fire Dept. "The Flame" animated by Frank Moser. Includes Barker Bill TV opening followed by home movie release opening.
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Maniac's Soliloquy Sequence-Terrytoon 1932-Bill Tytla animation
Bill Tytla's showy, mobile, comedic drawings were a heavy influence on the Terrytoons 'style' from the early 1930s thru to the late 1950s. It can be observed in Jim Tyer's work in particular. Sequence from BLUEBEARD'S BROTHER.
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By the Sea-Terrytoon 1931
Tale of a romantic rivalry with a lot of personality humor...and a Betty Boop voice!
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Oom Pah Pah -Van Beuren Aesop's Fable 1930
A New York cartoon made in New York. It's the New Yorkiest! A few of the animators: Vet Anderson, Harry Bailey, Eddie Donnelly, Jim Tyer (at his early wildest). Finale song: "San".
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Sadie Thompson's Song-Steamy Harmonica by Leo Diamond
Harmonica by Leo Diamond, late 1950s. This video has not been posted for profit; only for good fun and good music.
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The Apache Kid-Krazy Kat 1930
A chase through the sewers of Paris. The term "Apache" here refers to cheap Parisian lowlifes and criminals. The traditional S&M dance-of-passion theme is "L'Amour De L'Apache" by Offenbach. Video from ASIFA-Hollywood show with audience laughter and occasional heads.
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12th Street Rag Sequence-Krazy Kat 1933
The final sequence from STAGE KRAZY, showing Krazy at the keys playing "12th Street Rag", composed by Euday L. Bowman. This stands out because of its cutting to the beats of the music, creating a kind of montage. Clumsy in spots? Definitely. But a unique and advanced effort for 1933. Arrangement by Joe De Nat.
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