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Emancipator - "Ares" (Big Gigantic Remix) HD LIVE - Camp Bisco 11 - 2012
What an incredible opportunity to get to see Emancipator & Special Guests at Camp Bisco this year. We anticipated this set was going to be epic, and we weren't disappointed. I shot this from the front. Emancipator, Dom Lalli from Big Gigantic on Sax, Bonobo on bass (not for this song), Gabe and Eric of Inspired Flight, and Molly from Paper Tiger. Thanks Bisco!
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Deadmau5 - Lollapalooza 2011 - FINALE Professional Griefers/Daft Punk Lyrics &  Ghosts N Stuff
Deadmau5 doing Expert Griefers w/ Daft Punk Lyrics at Lollapalooza with his new stage production. Apparently, he couldn't use all the bells and whistles because of the rain, but it still looks pretty fucking awesome. Shout out to everyone who braved the rain and danced for a couple hours in the mud!
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JJ Grey & Mofro covering Otis Redding - Electric Forest 2011, Rothbury
JJ Grey covering the great Otis Redding at Electric Forest 2011 - the best festival ever
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Lollapalooza Girls MUD WRESTLING - Sunday, August 7 2011 - Chicago
Don King in the blue shirt recruits a couple of girls from the crowd to mud wrestle. Right before they start, a beautiful rainbow appears, then these girls just go at each other. It was awesome.
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Paul Simon live @ The Vic, Chicago - The Only Living Boy in New York
Paul Simon covering the Simon and Garfunkle original, The Only Living Boy in New York. May 16th, 2011. Vic Theater, Chicago. 5/16/2011.
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[HD] Pretty Lights - Red Rocks - Aug 18, 2012 - Someday is Everyday
Pretty Lights at Red Rocks 8/18/2012. Led Zepplin Remix into "Someday is Everyday" (starts around the 1 minute mark).
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HD Carl Cox LIVE - Rage Against the Machine - North Coast 2011, Chicago
Carl Cox and his tasty beats at NCMF 2011. Goes into Rage Against the Machine "Killing in the Name of" and the crowd goes apeshit. Awesome performance for the veteran! Played right before Fatboy Slim, and Fatboy couldn't hold a flame to CC.
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Emancipator Live @ Camp Bisco 2012 - with Inspired Flight & Molly from Paper Tiger
Emancipator live at Camp Bisco XI - 2012. The live set featured guests Inspired Flight, Molly from Paper Tiger, Bonobo, and Dom from Big Gigantic. Great set! Enjoy!
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Robert Randolph - If I Had My Way w/ Black Water interlude - Cosmo, Las Vegas
March 19th, 2011 at the Cosmo Hotel in Vegas. Sorry for the shakiness at times, I was jammin, and a little drunk. . .
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Big Gigantic - Electric Forest 2011 Rothbury - Lucid Dreams
Shot from the crowd at the incredible Electric Forest in Rothbury, Michigan.
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JUSTICE LIVE HD - Lollapalooza 2012 - Civilization
Justice doing "Civilization" at Lollapalooza 2012, Grant Park, Chicago. Sorry for the shakes. Booze was flowing on Sunday.
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Drive By Truckers - Go Go Boots w/ Burlesque @ Vic, Chicago - 2/26/2011
Awesome DBT performance. Go Go Boots. Title track off new album with sexy burlesque dancers
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Lollapalooza - Pretty Lights "Finally Moving" - Saturday, August 6th 2011
Derek Vincent Smith/ Pretty Lights killing it during Finally Moving at Lollapalooza, Grant Park, Chicago. Almost went into the remix, but was cut off by the Fire Marshall. What a knob jockey.
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Pretty Lights w/ Break Science - Forest Stage, Electric Forest 2011, Rothbury - Fly Away Another Day
Derek Vincent Smith of Pretty Lights plays some old school Pretty Lights "Fly Away Another Day" with Adam Deitch of Break Science. Rothbury, Michigan. Electric Forest 2011 Forest Stage on Sunday July, 3rd.
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SKRILLEX at Congress, Chicago - In For The Kill - November 12, 2011
Skrillex 'In For the Kill' filmed from the crowd at the Congress Theater in Chicago. Whoa. Pure Insanity.
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Pretty Lights - New Years Eve 2011 - Chicago Bulls Intro
Chicago Bulls intro before it gets really good. Sorry, i was busy dancing, drinking water, and licking faces. . .
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Glitch Mob - Lollapalooza - Animus Vox Remix
The Glitch Mob doing an Animus Vox remix @ Lollapalooza in Grant Park, Chicago. Saturday, August 6th, 2011.
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North Coast Music Festival 2011 - Big Gigantic - I Need A Dollar Remix
Big Gigantic performing the remix of I Need a Dollar by Aloe Blacc. NCMF 2011. Killin it!
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[HD] Pretty Lights - NEW TRACK - RED ROCKS - Aug. 18, 2012
Pretty Lights dropping a new track at Red Rocks on 8/18/2012. My first time there, and I was completely blown away. Enjoy, and grab all PL music free at prettylightsmusic.com. Played it after "My other Love Remix", then this song, into "Who Loves Me"
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Drive By Truckers with Kelly Hogan - Lets Do It Again - 2/26/2011 - Vic Theater, Chicago
Drive By Truckers with Guest, Kelly Hogan, during the encore performance on Saturday, February 26th, 2011 at the Vic Theater in Chicago. Lets do it again
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Robert Randolph & Family Band - Park West, Chicago - "Press On" - Oct. 29, 2011
Robert Randolph and the Family Band at Park West in Chicago on Halloween Weekend. Performing on of my favorite RRTFB songs "Press on". Enjoy!
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Mos Scocious - Outkast "Prototype" into Gnarls Barkley "Crazy" - Birds Nest, Chicago
Mos Scocious @ Birds Nest in Chicago. March 4th, 2011
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HD Benny Benassi - House Music and James Blake Dubstep Remix - North Coast 2011 Chicago
Benny Benassi killed it at NCMF 2011. This is House Music that goes into a James Blake dubstep remix. Crafty old veteran still has plenty left in the tank! Check out my other videos on my channel page if you like this one.
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Paul Simon live @ The Vic, Chicago May 16, 2011 - Jimmy Cliff cover into Mother and Child Reunion
Paul Simon covering Jimmy Cliff song "Vietnam" and transitioning into Mother and Child Reunion. The Vic Theater, Chicago, Illinois. 5/16/2011
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Wolfgang Gartner - North Coast Music Festival 2011 - Faith Evans "Love Like This" Remix
Remix is only like 20 seconds, but wolfgang killed it at North Coast 2011. Go see this guy live if you get a chance. This crowd was a rager.
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SKRILLEX at Congress, Chicago - Scary Monsters to Weekends - Nov 12th, 2011
Skrillex in the Skrillex Cell performing Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites and Weekends at the Congress Theater in Chicago, IL on 11/12/2011
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Zoogma - Camp Bisco 11 - 2012 - ILCC, Mariaville, NY
Prob my favorite set of the weekend. If you don't know these guys, check them out at www.zoogma.net. Camp Bisco 11 in Mariaville, NY. Would've been longer but my camera died. Enjoy!
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Pretty Light remix Nas "NY State of Mind" - ACL Aftershow 2011 - Austin Music Hall
Nas opened for Pretty Lights on 9/15/2011, and Pretty Lights teed one up for Nas to come out on stage for a collaboration, but then we learned that Nas was already back at his hotel. Sooooo disappointing. But it was cool. He started with "I know the truth" and ended with it. Sick fuckin show!
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Pretty Lights - New Years Eve 2011 - 5 Minute Face Melt
Prepare to have your face melted off. Pretty Lights NYE 2011 Congress Theater Chicago, IL
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Pretty Lights ACL Preshow - "The Time Has Come" - Austin Music Hall
Derek goin old school with "The Time Has Come" off Filling up the City Skies in Austin at the ACL Aftershow/Preshow. Whatever you want to call it. He killed it there, and at ACL on Friday. prettylightsmusic.com for free downloads of all his stuff.
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Hollywood Holt with Mic Terror - Claychella 2011 - Lincoln Hall, Chicago
Hollywood Holt & Mic Terror @ Claychella 3/5/2011. Lincoln Hall Chicago
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Mos Scocious - Sesame Street Joint - Snuffleupagus - Birds Nest, Chicago - 3/4/2011
Mos Scocious - Birds Nest, Chicago - 3/4/2011. Sesame Street Joint
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Galactic - Park West Chicago - 2/18/2011 - beat box and MVP
Awesome beat box and Derrick Rose, I mean Corey Henry of Rebirth Brass Band gets MVP chant
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Fatboy Slim - North Coast Music Festival 2011 - Chicago
Fatboy Slim performing at NCMF 2011. Awesome weekend.
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Big Gigantic - Lincoln Hall Chicago - 2/12/2011 - Old School
February 12th, 2011. Big Gigantic at Lincoln Hall in Chicago doing some old school stuff.
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Big Gigantic - North Coast Music Fest 2011, Chicago - "Solitude"
Big Gigantic doing their jame "Solitude" from their "A Place Behind the Moon" album. They killed it. Had to stay up front even though it was raining. Sorry for my finger in the shot. . .had to protect the lens
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The Decemberists - Riviera Theater Chicago - Crane Wife 3 - 2/4/2011
Crane wife 2 into 3. Messes up words at beginning of 3
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Tiesto - Electric Forest 2011, Rothbury
The bass sucks, but I got my raccoon crew at 2:20 in the video. Most. Epic. Weekend. Ever.
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Dying rubber chicken
yup. that's it.
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Big Gigantic - Lincoln Hall - 2/12/2011 - Black and Yellow Remix
Black and Yellow Lincoln Hall Chicago. February 12th, 2011
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Amon Tobin ISAM Tour - Congress Theater Chicago
Amon Tobin ISAM Congress Theater Chicago, October 2011
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Ghostland Observatory FINALE - Metro, Chicago - August 26, 2011
Ghostland Observatory 8/26/2011. I've been to a lot of shows, but this was by far one of the coolest. These guys are incredible to see live. My eyeballs came in their little eyeball pants...
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