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Gundam War in the Closet - 19 Masters of the battlefield
Sorry for the wait, Playstation network, went back online so I kinda spent most of my time playing the games I had on for a while now and went online. Anyway, since my business is starting to pick up pace, it might take some more time than usual to release new episodes. In the meantime, enjoy the show =) Props to Overclocked Remix for the Awesome OST Music: We can see No. 373 - Overclocked Remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVmmdE6pYyk
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Gundam War in the Closet - 17 Shinning Highway
The battle intensifies when newtype team engages the Albion along with those who left the military to assist Celestial Being.. Music is "Apex in TECHNO" remixed by Mattias Häggström Gerdt from Armored Core series OST. Download the album, it's so awesome! Overclocked Remix site: http://ocremix.org/album/24/the-answer-armored-core-tribute-album-
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War in the Closet 2 pv
An experiment of various techniques, visual effects and other stuff. Had this thing for a while, all that was left to do was edit it then add a few more scenes. I uploaded this to celebrate Joshuagundamu's 750th subscriber hit. Congrats =) The contents of this videos such as music, voices and sound effects are all recorded from Gundam and Armored core 4. I don't own any rights to these materials, I just want to show that both series are awesome and that they can actually mold together =) Legends: Normals - Grunt MS such as zakus or Tierens NEXT - High performance units such as Gundams Raven - Refers to the colony Anatolia's mercenary. Has no name and does not speak. Pilot of Unicorn Pax/Pax economica - Law used by the governing companies to put an iron grip on the colonies Primal armor - Next's special feature such as Unicorn's NT-D Enjoy!
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Gundam war in the closet- 08 Cosmic Flare
On their way to Lagrange 5 for supplies, Celestial Being engaged in Combat with one of the federation's Special forces. Against one of the federation's most dangerous units,Celestial Being struggles their way to safety
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Gundam War in the Closet - 12 Trapped
DISCLAIMER:All materials such as sounds and music are owned by "Sunrise". Music is from Gundam UC Soundrtack Even though Bushido and his Susanowo has been defeated, Celestial Being is still cornered in space by the sheer number of the Federation's special forces. Unable to break free, they are forced to make difficult decisions..
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Gundam War in the Closet - 20 Betrayal and Deception
I never thought it would be as long as 7 mins. Anyway, I'm kinda running out of options for BGM, would appreciate if you guys could share some. Finally Got my new toys in this vid, including 2 Geara Zulu Guard unit, 3 more Geara Zulus, 2 more Jegans and 1 00 Condensor type =D Next release would prolly next month due too busy schedule -___- BGM: "Silent line" by From Software from AC3
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Gundam War in the Closet- 9 Destiny
Celestial Being is pinned down as the EFSF launches an assault on Albion while trying to pursue a group accused of treason and is now seeking refuge to Celestial Being. The commander of this operation is a man called 02, a brilliant Tactician once working for Celestial Being during the Zeon rebellion. Torn by the ideals and morals of the group, he stayed behind along with a handful of individuals when Celestial Being defected from EFSF. He let the group of refugees go until they can contact Celestial Being and then launch an assault once Celestial Being's mothership location have been confirmed. When the assault began,only Cherudim Gundam is operational while the others still under repair. 06,pilot of Cherudim will now have to protect Albion while protecting the Refugees. PS. From now on, the numbers refer to as the codename of the pilots. Originally, my story wasn't supposed to be Gundam but since I started this Stop motion series,I revised the script a bit to better suit the Gundam's capabilities. Pilots are not the ones on the anime, they're fictional characters that came from my personal hobby =)
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White Story
A story of some Rebels hoping to land a critical blow on the Federation by capturing a federation vessel with a General on board. The base defenders fought hard to buy time til the vessel escapes, but something went wrong; it was a trap.
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Gundam war in the closet- 03 Infiltration
My third entry to my stop-motion fanfic project: The Federation receives Intel that Celestial Being just recently brought in a weapon stolen from Federation's R&D division.Mr. Bushido is to take command of a squad of GN-x in an attempt to infiltrate the colony believed to be housing Celestial being and seize the package MEP-2458.Once confirmed that Celestial Being is indeed in the Colony,they are to destroy the it along with the residential block. While 0 Raizer is still being upgraded,00 receives an optional weapon to increase its performance Featuring Robot Damashii 00 Seven swords. Enjoy :D
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Gundam War in the Closet - 24 Brawl in space
After a fierce battle, White was able to totally disarm the Sinanju of any weaponry. Crimson tells White of their plans to drop the colony, and that they only need to buy time till the plan commences. Before White can react, an enemy appeared rushing towards Crimson's Sinanju. A pair of hired guns mean to wipe out the Crimson team once they've completed or failed their objectives.. This episode is really short with little dialogue since there's not much to tell here. It's really more on trying out new techniques and effects. I decided to make it short because some people get bored if it's all action. The next will be more dynamic and longer, but it will take a while....a LONG while. Savor the screen time for these two units while you still can....=) PS I forgot...Fire don't last that long in space -___- Music: Death to the king - Overclocked Remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0-O43IzXhc
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Gundam war in the closet- 06 Clashing Blades
00 and Raizer, separated from the rest of Celestial Being, struggles to find their way out of Taklamakan Desert and rendezvous with their comrades. On this Barren desert,neither Celestial being nor the Federation has the means to communicate because of the massive quantity of GN particles and Minozky Particles dispersed around the area. For Mr. Bushido,this is the perfect opportunity to redeem the honor he has lost since the Zeonic Rebellion... The duel is on!!=)
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Gundam War in the Closet - 18 End of the line
Music is "Hyper Monkey Likes the Dancefloor" remixed by Mattias Häggström Gerdt from Armored Core series OST. Download the album, it's so awesome! Overclocked Remix site: http://ocremix.org/album/24/the-answer-armored-core-tribute-album-
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Gundam War in the Closet - 11 Angel Hunt
DISCLAIMER:All materials such as sounds and music are owned by "Sunrise". Music is from Gundam UC Soundrtack As Bushido separates the 00 raizer from Albion, Federation overwhelms Celestial Being with numbers and brute force. The Federation's triumph card, the Arch Angel, steps forth to hunt down Celestial Being, bringing with them the Federation's symbol of power, the Justice and Freedom Gundam. If the Arch angel and the rest of the special forces fall, the Federation will have no choice but to surrender to Celestial Being, but the odds doesn't seem well for the crew of Albion... Meanwhile, the 08th Mobile Corp(Celestial Being's Earthbound allies) attempts to provide support for their allies in space using their ground type Gundam that were optimized for space use.. Visit my blog: http://warinthecloset.blogspot.com for details bout my work =)
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Gundam War in the Closet - 27 The Final Hunt pt. 3
Battle keeps on going... BGM: Apex in TECHNO and Hyper Monkey Likes the Dancefloor Credits to Mattias Häggström Gerdt OverClocked ReMix (http://www.ocremix.org) for the awesome remix of my favorite soundtracks
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Gundam War in the Closet - 13 Trial
DISCLAIMER:All materials such as sounds and music are owned by "Sunrise". Music is from Gundam UC Soundrtack The battle becomes more and more intense as the Fedies send in more troops to overwhelm Celestial Being with numbers. In a desperate bid to break free, Seraphim pays the ultimate price.. Visit my blog: http://warinthecloset.blogspot.com for updates on my works =)
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Gundam War in the Closet - 10 Burning desire
During the Zeon rebellion, a mercenary codenamed "Bushido" ventures the battlefield to find meaning for his existence. Because Zeon produces more top notched pilots than the EFSF, he finds it worth while to side with the feddies and challenge these soldiers in combat. However, with the debut of the Gundams first launched by the Federation's special forces;Celestial Being, he minds interest in their capabilities. As the war rages on, his interest grew into obsession which drove his desire to fight them. At the last stages of the war, he switched sides from the federation and fought alongside the Zeon Supreme Commander for the sole purpose of facing the Gundams in combat. For each encounter, he grew more and more obsessed with fighting the Gundams, to the point where he claims he was born to face them. At the final stage of the war, he lost in battle with the white and blue Gundam. He survived the destruction of his mobile suit and was held captive. 10 months later, he found out that Celestial Being has begun opposing the federation. Burning with the desire to regain his honor, he made a proposition to the Earth Federation officials to hire him in combat without any fees, he only requires them for supply and maintenance of his mobile suit. That said, he was sent back to the battlefield where he belongs. Taking advantage of Celestial Being's overhaul,he sets an ambush for them and challenges the white Gundam to a duel..
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Gundam(g) test EXTENDED
I somehow enjoyed making videos out of these guys,they're just plain cool =) PS I hope you guys know that making a "run" animation out of old generation MSIA is no laughing matter. It's harder than coming up with a battle scene -___-
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Gundam War in the Closet - 15 Battle for tommorow
The action part =) BGM is "Twist it" from AC4 soundtrack of fromsoftware =)
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Gundam war in the closet- 02 Bushido
My second entry to my stop-motion project: The Earth Federation Government launches the operation: Fallen Angel. Its objective is simply to eliminate Celestial Being and all who are aiding them.That said,the federation hires Mr Bushido,a mercenary held prisoner who once fought alongside Zeon and is now seeking revenge on one of the Gundams that defeated him. He is given a Custom Ahead because his original MS (Masurao) was one of the MSs stolen by Celestial Being. As his first assignment,he is to destroy one of terrorist groups that are said to be helping Celestial Being. Featuring Robot Damashii Ahead Sakigake, GN-X III and MSIA Tieren.Enjoy the show!
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Gundam War in the Closet - 25 The Final Hunt pt. 1
Final battle arc part 1 starts now,part 2 next week, then 3 on the other week. Dunno how long this will keep going, I'm not following the scrip word by word anymore '__' Also...I forgot to put the WitC logo and my insigniaon this one -_____- Note:The figures above are ROBOT DAMASHIIs. Not HG,MG,nor 1/100 and obviously not PG.. Enjoy =)
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Gundam War in the Closet - 23 Prelude to destruction pt. 1
pt. 2 will come up 2 weeks from now. Originally. Decided to split them cause it's been a while since I've updated my channel. pt.1 is the dialogue while pt.2 is action heavy. If you don't want dialogues then skip and wait for the part II =3
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Gundam War in the Closet - 22 Trailblazer
Riza, along with Seven and Artemie, attempts to deliver the new unit that will replace Zero's personal unit. Equipped with 2 new drives based on the 00 Raiser's twin drive. The ex-Fed CB engineer Dr. Elbert E. managed to improve the unit's performance dramatically and perfect the unit's system. Since Zero isn't a newtype, a second seat is provided for Riza as a co-pilot who handles the control of the six Sword bits. She is also in control of the twin drive system and also serves as an operator for Zero. Having received this information,the federation forces lay an ambush in an attempt to capture the new drives New toys!! =D
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Gundam War in the Closet - 21 Allegiance and Truth
*NOTE: Dialogue heavy, lesser action. Few reasons wh this was delayed: 1)My Playstation Eye was no longer functioning well so I had to buy a new one. Unfortunately, our local Sony center and the Video game store I always go to was out of Playstation eye so I had to wait for a couple of weeks to get the new one. 2) Was intended to be longer and supposed to have small action pieces on the second segment. I kept that segment on a different drive, then after a week, that specific drive, out of 5 F* drive, not to mention it's the newest too, died on me. All my work, 3 mins long of raw action sequence disappeared. 3) I bought a couple of new games to try out my 3d tv, which distracted me for a week til I got used to 3d lol 4) Work and school So there you have it. Anyways, 4 more episodes left before I'm done with this story so I can finally move on to a new series. Oh, and let me have your opinion. Which of the units below do you think I should put up as the last boss? a) Wing Zero b)Alvaaron c) Strike Freedom d)V2 assualt e)Gigantic Haro Mobile Armor
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Gundam War in the Closet - 30
As I am still unsure of how to use my new camera, I will be using the setup I am most familiar with for this episode. I promise this will be the last time.... Sypnosis: It's been over a month since that decisive battle, a new enemy appears. From the Dark side of the moon, countess unmanned units emerged and started attacking indiscriminately, reducing the planet's population to less than 30%. This new threat utilizes a certain class of machines that defy the very law of physics; these machines are known as S-types. Caught by surprise, Shiro and the group found themselves cornered in space. PS Forgive me for some spelling errors by the way, I didn't realize my wireless keyboard was running out of battery until I've posted this Music: Meizong - Salt Mines : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVhHu... License: http://bit.ly/CCAttribution
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Gundam war in the closet- 07 Abandoned base
Celestial being and its allies launches a full-scale assault on one of federation's largest Mobile Suit Base located within Chinese Deserts. The resources obtained once the base falls can be used to prepare them for the next target, Jaburo, Federation forces' HQ. However, not everything went according to plan. As federation top brass learned that other anti-federation faction will cooperate with Celestial Being on this attack, they've set up a cyclops system underneath the base that will blow up 10km in radius once Celestial Being has overwhelmed the base defenses. The Remnants of Zeon has received intel regarding the trap and attempts to contact Celestial Being and their allies
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Moonlight Wings Quickie
The best wing effect that I can come up without using an editing software. I might need an extra arm or two for this effect, this scene took me days to finish; a lot of trial and error. I'm so happy with the final product that I just had to show it to you guys early =)
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Gundam war in the closet- 05 Trans am
Celestial Being descends to Earth's gravity to rendezvous with allied forces on the ground at Taklamakan Desert. The Federation has prepares an ambush but the information was leaked by a Feddy Lieutenant. The Lieutenant and a fellow officer defects to Celestial being and assists the Ground forces with their stolen G-Fighter and a Prototype Rx-78 Gundam;A melee type MS that was manufactured without the use of GN technology. Amidst the roaring battlefield, destinies intertwine once again and will trigger the activation of Trans-am.. UPDATE: I got new Robot Damashii Figures along with the insanely expensive Trans am Clear version with GN sword III! Anyway,I incorporated new effects but the framerate and quality have been degraded because the file was too big and so it encounters an error everytime I'm about to upload it. PS. In this universe,the pilot of 0 Raizer would be a girl to add a bit of romance to it. And of course GN archer and G fighter's pilots as well and are paired with their respective partners. The figures above are ROBOT DAMASHIIs. Not HG,MG,nor 1/100 and obviously not PG.. Enjoy =)
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Gundam war in the closet- 01 Angels' return
My first entry to me Sop-motion Fanfic: 10 months after Zeon's rebellion,the members of Celestial Bein(having experience the terrible atrocities of the war)departed from Earth Federation,taking with them the Gundams along with all of its secrets and hid them to a location where the federation could not find them. It's only been a few months since the war has ended,the Earth Federation Government grew corrupt and arrogant. They became paranoid and began carrying out operations to eliminate any faction that has a potential threat to the federation and ruled the Earth sphere with an iron fist. Hoping to change all of it,Celestial being uses the Gundams in attempt to once more end the suffering. Featuring Robot Damashii Gundams(00,Arios,Seravee,Cherudim) and the GN-X II squad with MSIA Jegan as their leader. Dead mobile suits at the ground are MSIA Tierens. Enjoy the show!
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Beam saber Tutorial
Visit my Blog: http://warinthecloset.blogspot.com I really had fun making this so I hope you guys will enjoy this =)
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Gundam War in the Closet 16 - Apex in a circle
A lot of you might ask "how the hell did Hyakku shikki survive!?' Well, it just did..Just like how char survived numerous deaths. It's like his machine's special ability =) Music is "apex in cirle mix" on Armored Core best OST album, copyright by Fromsoftware
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Gundam War in the Closet - 29 The Final Hunt pt. 5
So yeah, this one will be short as extending the fight any further would delay the story. Rewrote the original script and added some twists to it. I personally think this ep is a bit lackluster but I had to progress the story somehow. Plus, I had to drop a couple of scenes involving the Big blue ship they captured; SpcaeforceOne because I somehow misplaced the damn thing Anyways, hope you enjoy this one despite the content, I promise the next one will have a lot more =) Music: Lost Ashes - Scattered :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krVDgvmGKQw License: http://bit.ly/CCAttribution
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Gundam War in the Closet - 28 The Final Hunt pt. 4
The hunt is at its climax.. Here it is! 2 weeks worth of sleepless nights! I might stop making 6mins long video and shorten my WiTC videos to 2 mins so I can release them more often. What do you guys think? Music: Lost Ashes - Dreamchasers (feat. Car): http://youtu.be/7EKDEp1KEiE License: http://bit.ly/CCAttribution
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Sinanju 1
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Gundam. Materials such as music are copyright by Sunrise A presentation of one of my favorite suits. One of the best robot damashii ever created =)
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Stop Motion Gundam-testflight Zeta
I wanted to test some new sound effects and I wanted to see how the EMSIA Zeta's transformation sequence would be in stop motion. It's a bit irritating because I have to switch the inner frame just to transform from MS to Waverider mode,but it looks good nonetheless =3
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00 vs Reborns - Testing voice clips from setsuna and Ribbons
Disclaimer: Materials such as music are owned by Bandai and it's branch,Sunrise. I own the toys but not the franchise =) Recorded from the PSP game "G world".Just trying to see if it'll look good =) I should adjust the voice volume next time...
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Gundam war in the closet- 07.5(deleted scene)
A scene meant to be at the last part of episode 7. Because I think the " base self destructing,engulfing 00 and turn X" scene was good enough as an ending. While I'm sitting bored, I just went ahead and edited it. But I got carried away and made the battle scene longer until I think it's worth showing off to everyone =)
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Gundam War in the closet (Prequel)-01 Celestial being
A prequel to my stop motion story: The Federation's Celestial Being launches the Gundams for the first time. Gundam Exia and 0 Gundam were the first units to utilize the GN technology and were the first to use conventional Beam weapons I was bored last night and I was playing with my Zakus and GMs. And so I made a stop motion out of them =)
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Rplay - Destiny "Sword Alone" Arc Edge/Bolt Caster in Crucible Montage
Hey guys, been a while since I uploaded a new video. Here's some Destiny gameplay on the PS4 with my favorite weapon of all time, the SWORD! Loving this game right now. I'm playing it like at least 5 hours a day since the Taken king DLC launched and it's not healthy So, a little update on my hobby. I bought a new camera; Sony A6000. Currently I'm having trouble utilizing it for stop motion as I can't find any software that would tether with the thing. I admit, I did not think this through. Because of this, it would take some time before I start using it for stop motion. Have a few test clips but they're not worth showing. Didnt think using a real camera would be so much different from using the playstation Eye. Shoutout to Katsuhono for the tips; you're awesome,man! Music: From The Dust - Supernova: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3cPiYfwuo8 Lincense: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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RPlay - Hawken Gameplay Montage(AWESOME MECH GAME)
If you don't already know, I love mechs, specially ones that look practical or realistic. Aside Armored Core (king of all mechgames), there aren't a lot of mech games out there that offer the same fast paced, tactical gameplay. So I was really excited to play this game when I found out about it around a month ago. At first I didn't know how to approach the game; do I play safe and patient, do I rush , do I hit and run, or do I hide and shoot at whoever has low hp? Acting like a Gundam pilot will kill you in this game,I learned that the hard way.. Got myself on a rough start but now I'm getting used to the controls. Too bad the game was abandoned by the devs(if my sources are correct), would have been nice if they kept improving the game. Music: From The Dust - Sorytheria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPypFmcweeU Lincense: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Alteisen short demo
To add, or not to add....(on to the series) that is a question.. A few of you actually asked me to do a stop motion of this guy but I wasn't able to because I don't have one. HOWEVER, a friend of mine(YT acct - p7s7x9) lent me one and so I decided to give it a try. Amazed at its posability and durability(cuz it's metal), I might consider putting him along with his partner on WitC. I'm having second thoughts though because this isn't really Gundam universe material =/
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Visit my blog: http//warinthecloset.blogspot.com Updated this clip,gonna use it later for a presentation =)
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Zaku testflight
Here's a quick update:My Extended MSIA Zaku IIs are finally here! along with a bunch of stuff. Here's a test result of me attempting smoother frames(around 20Fps). Still working on the next episode. watch out for that one =)
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Something I did during my free time whenever I get any.. I so miss doing stop motion =/
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Geara zulu
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Gundam. Materials such as music are copyright by Sunrise A presentation of the Robot Damashii Geara zulu =) Visit my blog for updates: http://warinthecloset.blogspot.com Leave a comment on my channel of what unit you want me to present on stop motion shorts. Rememer, the unit should have a robot Damashii figure version =)
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Sony A6000_Test5 Custom FA Unicorn
After several trial and errors, I'm beginning to understand how to use this thing. Though it's highly inefficient compared to what I'm used to though as an hour of work only yields up to 2-3 seconds of smooth animation. This one is supposed to be part of an episode, might reuse this one in the future HUGE thanks to Katsuhono, my eternal friend, for helping me figure out how to tweak camera settings and for taking the time to teach a dumbass like me how cameras work. Do me a favor and check out his channel, or even tell him I sent you =) https://www.youtube.com/user/KatsuhonoProduction
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AC vs FA
A animation short featuring an Armored core model fighting a Frame arms unit, both by Kotobukiya. Intended to be 30sec.-1min. but one of the model's leg joint broke so I decided not to finish it anymore. This is why I hate using model kits, they're too fragile and stiff. Whenever I use one, I had to be 10 times more careful in doing stop motion, which delays the entire process of finishing a clip. Just so you guys know, I'm still around and I am halfway finish with the next episode. Life caught on to me so I've been really busy nowadays,don't have much free time for stop motion anymore =/
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Destructive Flower
An unfinished clip of the toys I received for Christmas, especially 1/144 Dendrobium Orchis. Normally, I don't like using model kits for stop motion but this thing is just too good to pass out. This kit was assembled and painted by a friend. It was so beautifully crafted that I suddenly have the urge to make stop motion out of it. The unicorn was attached with the Stamen's tailbinder to allow it to lock unto the Orchis properly. This scene will eventually be part of War in the Closet but won't show up for a while. Supposedly a Christmas Presentation for GPH(Gundam Philippines) But I didn't make it in time for theParty..Merry Christmas Everyone =)
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UC battle test
My attempt to create a more realistic scene. It's roughly based on Joshua's FOP(hope you dont mind =)). But I consider this a failure tho.. Also,I tried uing some voices. Guess they're failures too....
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Gundam War in the Closet - 24.5 Preparation to attack
Here's a quick video to start off the final battle arc =) Originally part of a bigger video including the final battle itself. I decided to cut them to parts instead because it's already over 20 mins and I'm still not done yet. Will upload the next video a week or two from now =)
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Nu Gundam test
My entry to spue2001's contest. Supposedly,this was a test to see how an EMSIA that is as heavy as Nu gundam or Sazabi would do well in a stop motion that would be set on space. This was also meant to showcase my new toys =)
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