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DIY: Bodycon Skirt - No Sewing Required
Materials: -Old, fitted t-shirt (stretch fabric) -Scissors Optional: sewing supplies to clean up cut edges Quick and Easy! Hope you guys enjoyed it :)
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DIY: Suede Cord Necklace
Materials: - beads - suede cord (in color of your choice) - end bead - pliers - super glue (optional), you can finish it more "professionally" with an end cap and then adding the finishing bead but I was lazy and cheap lol If you make one, please share it with me! I'd love to see it :)
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DIY: No Sew Pillow from Old T-Shirt
How to make a pillow out of minimal materials and an old t-shirt. No Sewing Involved! Supplies - Pair of scissors - Measuring tape or ruler - White crayon, chalk, or fabric chalk/crayon - Stuffing or old pillow Enjoy!
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DIY: T-shirt Bracelet & Headband Part 2
Enjoy part 2!
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Bail Sizes: A Basic Guide
Artbeads Q & A (guide is in 7th question down) http://answers.artbeads.com/answers/8573/category/Swarovski_Pendants/swarovski-pendants-questions-answers/questions.htm?page=2 I was not asked by any company (artbeads included) to talk about their products or website.
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Part 2 - Buying from Asian Wholesalers (Review & Tips)
I forgot to mention that you can also join surveys on soompi in which another soompier will take your order for clothes from the site they are offering to buy from. When they receive the order (that was made for a bunch of people) they will then send out your portion. This way you don't have to reach any minimums, however they may or may not charge a service fee. Soompi List of Wholesalers http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=265510&st=0&start=0 Soompi Clothing Reviews Thread http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=270816&st=3020 Thanks for watching, comment and subscribing! I was not paid or compensated in anyway by any of the companies mentioned in this video.
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DIY - Base Shaper for Any Purse! (Quick & Easy)
This method can be used to make a base shaper for any bag/purse be it the Longchamp Totes, LV Speedy, etc... Have fun! *Not sponsored. Cutting mats bought at Dollar Tree
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DIY: Foldover Elastic Hair Ties (Anthropology, AE etc DIY)
Learn how to easily make your own foldover hair ties! All you need is: 1. Foldover elastic 2. Scissors 3. Ruler 4. Lighter I bought my elastic from this lovely Etsy store. http://www.etsy.com/shop/ShekhinahPalace Cheapest I could find (taking shipping into consideration), and if you want to substitute a different color for one of the pre-bunched ones, he's more than willing to do so! *I am not being sponsored by anyone to do this video. All items purchased with my own money and all comments are my own*
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Review: Double Eyelid Glue & Tape
Eye Magic by Orange Avenue Koji Eye Talk Echo Eyes Tape
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Avocado Goat Cheese Toast | Inspired by Pinterest
Ingredients: 1. Quarter of a medium avocado per slice of toast 2. Sliced bread of your choice ( I used country multigrain from TJs) 3. Butter (butter alternative or you can omit if you want) 4. Goat cheese 5. Extra virgin olive oil 6. Lemon juice 7. Red pepper flakes 8. Ground black pepper 9. Salt 10. Everyday seasoning from TJs (optional) Enjoy!
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Part 1 - Buying from Asian Wholesalers (Haul)
This FTC thing confuses me, but i'll just state that i bought everything in this video with my own money and i'm not affiliated with the company. any comments I make are my honest opinion. Review about my experience with the company and advice on shopping international wholesale will be in part 2, stay tuned! Products purchased from http://www.wholesale-dress.net I strongly encourage you to wait until my full review and suggestions video before you decide to buy from them, but browsing is fun :) Let me know if you want a quick update on the new pendants i've made :)
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DIY: How to make a Swarovski Crystal Necklace for Cheap
Total Price: $4.88 (isn't that awesome?) 1. visit www.fusionbeads.com or www.artbeads.com 2. look for CRYSTALLIZED™- Swarovski Elements and then crystal pendants 3. choose shape, color, and size of beads 4. choose appropriate bails (under the category Findings) 5. purchase your items and watch my tutorial! **you may need needle nose pliers, not all bails can be manipulated by hand** Hope you guys enjoy, feel free to contact me with any questions.
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DIY: Maxi Skirt to Infinity Scarf
Transforming an ill fitting maxi skirt into a shorter skirt and infinity scarf!
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DIY: Simple Tissue Paper Decoupage
I apologize if I sound really quiet, just turn up the volume :) More detailed instructions below: Supplies: - Scissors (but you can just rip the tissue paper too) - Tissue paper (any color), or any thin colored paper - White school glue - Water - Sponge applicator or medium brush - Small dish for decoupage mixture - spoon or other utensil to mix glue and water - Object/surface to decoupage - Something to cover your workspace (optional) Directions: 1. Mix 3 parts glue to 1 part water in dish until even consistency 2. tear or cut pieces of paper to your liking 3. dip applicator or brush into mixture and lightly coat the area you are putting your first piece 4. place piece of paper onto the coated area 5. brush over paper with more glue/water mixture 6. repeat steps 2 - 5 until satisfied Hope you guys enjoy this DIY :) As always, comment, rate and subscribe!
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OOTD - Casual Bridal Shower
Dress - Charlotte Russe Shoes - Aerosoles Plumtree wedge in patent tan Accessories - Aldo, Forever21
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Thrifting Haul + Mini Follow Me Thrifting
Total cost of everything comes out to be under 55 bucks! (not 65, as it said before) Some great links about vintage shopping: Sammy Davis Vintage Blog: http://sammydvintage.com/2011/03/vintage-fashion-shopping/ Thrift Store Confidential Blog: http://thriftstoreconfidential.com/2011/04/12/thrifting-for-vintage/ Thanks for watching, don't forget to subscribe!
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Ulta Haul!
Just some stuff I picked up at my local Ulta. ulta nail laquer in femme fatale and sweet nothing opi rumple's wiggin nail tek quicken fast dry top coat st. ives daily microdermabrasion maybelline dream matte mouse concealer in light 4-5 Formula 10.0.6 shine free moisturizer ecotools concealer brush
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Circle Lenses! (A Preview)
A sneak peak of my circle lenses! Do you guys want a full review? Brand: Geo Style: Angel Brown Purchased with my own money, not being paid or asked by any company.
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Haul: Collective (Again!)
Recent purchases and long awaited purchases www.iherb.com $5 off coupon code: enter EHO242 at check out www.lumierecosmetics.com Enjoy! Questions, suggestions? Don't be afraid to message me :)
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Review: Chicnova.com
My stats: 5'4" Dress: Stripe Print Shift Dress in Color Block (currently sold out) - $24.20 http://www.chicnova.com/stripe-print-shift-dress-in-color-block.html After wearing the dress a couple times I have noticed that the fabric does pill in the hip area, but many garments - including expensive ones - have this problem as well. Disclaimer: Dress gifted to me c/o chicnova.com All opinions are 100% my own!
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Haul: Collective
Things I've bought in the past couple weeks, enjoy!
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Tag: What's in My Bag?
This is the stuff I carry with me most of the time. How about you? Feel free to make your own video too, I'd love to watch it! Watch in 720p for best quality.
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