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Warrior cats - Fire and Ice ~ prologue *OLD*
************************************READ ME PLEASE!!!!!!****************************************************************** EDIT (23/09/2012): Good grief this is really looking elderly now 0.o You guys have the book, just jump ahead to episode 2 or something :'D hoobloominray! I never thought i'd get this thing done XD (holy cookies fluffy actually managed a full episode of something non-Unknown Blood! LE GASP!!!) Hope it was worth the wait!!... which it clearly isn't XD yush tis my failsome attempt at animating warriors, also me attempting to be origional by doing fire and ice and not into the wild as it's been done a lot lol. I know this isn't very good but it's mah bestest shot *salutes corel painter X*!!!! Bllllaaah I spent about 2 months animating it and 3 days editing, which is pretty fast by my standards XDXD total frame count: 457. NARFISHNEEESSSSSS!!!! The PAAAIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNN I go through to make ye guys HAPPPY!!!!!! You may need to have a volume control handy during this, my bad ^^' Of course I must say a HUUUGGGEEEE Thankies to all mah voice actors!!! Ones in this episode are: temporaryrock ~ tallstar Y2JenJenn ~ ashfoot xSwiftwishx ~ morningflower tribbleofdoom ~ deadfoot horseloversomuch950 ~ webpaw rockpaw98 ~ runningpaw Swiftsilver23 ~ tornear you guys FRIKKING ROCK!!! WHY DO MY ICONS CONSIST ENTIRLY OF FEEEEET!!!!!! AAARRRGH XCXCXC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he he the sound effect are rather *ehem* el rubbisho but some I had to make myself *kit mewing and human -_-''' fail* and others were pinnacle includes or internet freebies XD If ye be interested then some backgrounds were taken by me in france, the new forest and google :P I also had to draw a few (the moon is a real piccy i just added staaaarrrrs :D). I.... cannot.... draw.... caaars!!!! DIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!! Human anatomy is too hard XC meh XD YAY FOR ABUSING THE PAN AND ZOOM TOOL 8D8D8D8D8D8D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL programs and music is in credits so don't ask please :) but anyways enough ranting. Hope you guys like this and please fav + sub if you REALLY like as it makes me all warm and happy inside XDXD I do NOT own warrior cats this is a FAN-MADE video animation because i love it :3!! The origional sotry is by erin hunter so GO BUY BOOKS NOW!!!!!! The animation and picture ARE mine so no stealy!!!! HOLY COOKIES!!!!! WEEKLY HONOURS!!!??? *faints*: #26 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Howto & Style #6 - Top Favourited (This Week) - Howto & Style #93 - Top Favourited (This Week) - Howto & Style - Global #53 - Top Favourited (This Month) - Howto & Style (0.o wow) #19 - Top Rated (This Week) - Howto & Style #26 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Howto & Style #5 - Top Favourited (This Week) - Howto & Style #87 - Top Favourited (This Week) - Howto & Style - Global #50 - Top Favourited (This Month) - Howto & Style (double wow XD!!!) #40 - Top Favourited (This Month) - Howto & Style (TRIPLE BAKA WOW 8D!!!) (c)Lightning Strike productions
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Warrior Cats Book 2 Fire and Ice
READ ME!!!!!!!! Warrior series, book 2 fire and ice Erin Hunter-ALL CREDIT FOR
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Warrior Cats Fire And Ice
Part 2 of warriors
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The Real Warrior Cats Movie
This was my original video version of the The Real Warrior Cats Movie. I decided to re-upload it to promote the actual Warriors movie. Pay no attention to the date above. In actuality, this video was uploaded last June, in the year of 2008. It surpassed 11,000 views and was commented on over 400 times. But because of an unreasonable removal, the video never excelled any higher. Let's soar far beyond that number this time and help to ensure an actual Warrior Cats movie! ~ Read below for more information on the Warriors Movie ~ Yes, believe it! There IS going to be an ACTUAL Warrior Cats Into the Wild Movie based on Erin Hunter's series!!! Coming to theatres around the year 2012, the movie will be featuring CGI (computer generated imagery) cats! As of now, the Erins are starting productions and negotiating with several film companies on the movie issue. It is not known at the moment which film company with be making the movie. Also, the Erins are trying to gather up an animation team. Though a movie is not ABSOLUTELY confirmed, it is getting REALLY close! Wanna ensure that there will be a movie? Well, you can help by getting this video as many views as possible to show your support for a Warriors Into the Wild Movie!!!!! Also comment on your opinion of a movie!!! Please, help confirm a Warriors Movie NOW!!!! ***For more information or proof of all this, see the updated Warriors Movie video here*** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1745so_66_U
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Fire and Ice
This is a song representation of the book Fire and Ice by Erin Hunter. Song (Love Story)- Taylor Swift Singing- Sparkfur Graystripe's puppeting- Poppyheart Silverstream's puppeting- Sparkfur Props- Scarflame Camera- Scarflame
warriors into the wild part 1
first off all sorry its short!! second of all sorry no voices!! now that thats out of the way yes i know rusty looks possesed near the end sorry, but i did this the day i uploaded it so it aint bound to be perfct X'D so yup i finally did it i finally tried animating warriors X3 warriors(c) erin hunter animation(c) me music(c)okami/clover/not me!!!!!
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Fire & Ice
YAY! It's here!!!!! Would've been here sooner but I kept putting off reading Fire and Ice xD But I zoomed through the video if that makes you feel better x3 I started this yesterday, believe it or not. It was either yesterday or like 11 at night the day before yesterday. Whatever it doesn't matter. The point is that I zoomed through this video like there was no tomorrow xD And gawd, even though it took me forever I LOVE this book x3 Brackenpaw's so CUTE! I just wanna hug him!!!!!!!! And Onewhisker, he's adorable, and I LOVE Morningflower. OH! And of course, Cinderpaw and Cloudkit, you CAN"T beat them xD And Cloudkit's little minons, Ashkit and Fernkit. And Dustpaw/pelt's all like 'GRRRRRR' and Sandpaw/storm is all 'HELLOOOOOO Fireheart *wink, wink*' And Fireheart's all 'Gah! Graystripe's such a duch bag!' and Graystripe's all 'Seeing a RiverClan cat won't harm my Clan at al- OH NO SILVERSTREAM ATTACKED FIREHEART!' And Bluestar's all 'Cough, cough' And Brokenstar's all 'Ima kill you little warrior' and Yellowfang's all 'NUUUUUUUU, he's meh son!' And-and-and.... and.... Yeah.... xD So much DRAMA! And it's just the second book! What's gonna happen next kids! Oh wait, most of you already know! Don't you! FAIL! Sorry 'bout that Anygrr, I like how this video came out, I think I caught most of what the book's about =3 Putting in Coudkit was probably the hardest part but that's it. Bluestar and Tigerclaw don't seem to appear much in this one either=( But then again, they don't play very huge, epicly amazing, page turning, breath catching parts in this book. It's mostly about the whole Fireheart-Graystripe-Silverstream thing and of course Ciinderpaw's accident. OH, and Sandpaw and Dustpaw become warriors. And Brokenstar's been demoted and becomes ThunderClan's prisoner. Haha! And I completly left out Nightstar xD I found the song really quickly too. I heard it somewhere and I was all 'Oooooooo, Fire and Icy like' Oh the joys of the magically appearing logo XD Hahaha....ha....ha? .... I'm just gonna stop talking now -_-; Wait, one more thing, I typed ALL of that and it's only uploaded like 1/6 of this video -_-; *bangs head with Forest of Secrets*
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StarClan's Lift
THIS IS MY 2000 SUBBERS VIDEO! WEWTAGE! THANK YOU ALL SO SO SO SO SOOOO MUCH! I LOVE YOU! *huggles* Sorry if it's unclearrrr at points, if you have questions, just ask and I'll reply, and the most asked questions I'll just put up here because yea. Heeeey! Guess what! I've made a game of this video. Vanna play? All right, here it is: In every cat's part, there is a tribble hidden somewhere. Four tribbles in all. A bunch of people have gotten it, so no more prizes. If you find them all DO NOT COMMENT SAYING SO, that'll ruin it for everyone. Send me a pm. Even though there are no more prizes, I still encourage you guys to play anyway cuz, hey, it's fun XP It's like Where's Waldo but...not... :D Here's the sketch version that I put up as a copyright test if you care: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laBShhUHEeE You can see the changes and stuff that I've made if you vant.
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Warrior Cats Into The Wild 19
I DO NOT OWN, NOR DO I CLAIM TO OWN WARRIOR CATS OR ANY OF THE MUSIC. Well all your complaining got you this XP Treasure it. Oh, and the opening is me having fun with cats that I found on a plain bg XP BLUESCREENING IS MY LIFE.
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Warriors Fire and Ice (little animation)
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Warrior Cats Into The Wild 18
NOM. You BETTER ENJOY THIS EPISODE! It was very hard to make! GAAAAH. So much work...figh sequences, lip syncs, pans, bluescreening, and a spaztastic animation program ROAR. Also I wanted to use more of my fight sequences people awesomely sent in, but they had these nasty black bars at the top and bottom of the screen that made it impossible to add in. Sorrry! D: Random facts anyone? 1: The fighting sounds were pulled right off the song "Glory, Majesty, Unity" by manowar and just has cats meowing on top XP 2. The fight at 3:35 is the one I did a sketchy speedpaint of. 3. Sandpaw got her lines in about ten minutes before I finished the episode. 4. The song playing when Lionheart died is called "Hymn Of The Immortal Warrior" and I've thought of it as his theme song since I first read the books! So I made that bit amvish. Oxo 5. When Greypaw yells "Nooo" it's the same animation from episode 15 and Firepaw was supposed to point that out but I thought it'd ruin the mood XP So just....know that it was the same as in his dream. MMMMKAY? 6. I was afraid my credit song would attract copyright issues, so I didn't put credits. No one ever watches them, so what's the loss? But if you worked with me on this and would like your name somewhere, I'll put it here. So yea. Special Thanks To: Dangerdragon for making colouring a LOT easier and faster, NightEcho for being my SLAVE, and Everybody who gave crit on animations on deviantart. You all rock! God I hope this all fits in the description bar thing...
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episode 1 part 3f - SSS Warrior cats fan animation
^_^ yes. I finally submitted these old files. i feel all fresh now! have done a lot these months. I got into my MA course and got my visa done! moved to a new room, new drawing pad, got new pets and new friends ( both online and real life)... Kate, Wen, *~White Dragon~*, Rainn... and more, they are all very cool! I'm very lucky to met all those helpful friends : D ok back to warriors: - there will be no chinese subtitle for the 2nd half of episode 1 and the rest of the animation because my vista refuses to type in chinese. and I think to just to have english for subtitle should be ok. can save sometime as well. - line animation for 2nd episode is done. storyboards for episode 3 and 1/2 of episode 4 is done. - Rosi won't be working on epi2 and might not the rest so I will be animating it by myself and with help with friend Zing : ) - In episode 2 new voice actors will play Bluestar, spotedleaf and greypaw's voice. the first episode is done but many faults can be found. it's a good experience, many aspects will be improved in epi 2. the overall quality should improve gradually as more episodes are made. so far I have episode 2, 3 and 4 planed out. epi 2 is from rusty's journey to thunderclan to just before longtail's fight. epi3 is longtail's fight to rusty/ firepaw settled and sleep. epi4 is from the intruduction of thunderclan territory to a pair of shadowclan warrior's eyes are found near thunder pass. and epi 5 will be yellowfangs fight and so on. I want to make between 16 to 20 episodes ( approx 20 mins each) from the first book in my spare time, it takes a while. the whole point is to have fun animating cats, and to have an animation series ( even though it's just a personal project) that I can say 'see i did it! and I enjoy it a lot!' man that would feel so good! Thank you very much for like my animations! love warriors! PS. I don't log in much, so I don't check youtube message often. but I do check my e-mail sometime. *** a silly conversation between me and my friend: me: I want to animate warrior cats. friend: what is warrior cats? me: children's novel about cat fight. easy read and make good script, I think I can animate it, just for something fun. friend: cat fight can't be serious. dog fight or wolf fight would make better story, you make me laugh. me: I know, but too many dog / wolf fight out there already. friend: cat fight is funny. me: man let's see, i'll animate cat fights like Bleach. and the final brokenstar fight, i want to animate it like Madhouse style (er... I'll try. i like the way they fight) friend: you crack me up! XD me: wait till the longtail fight then you'll see : p friend: who is longtail? me: ... shit, just wait and see XD (I hope I'll have something good to show) so good luck to myself XD ! FQA. questions i recieved many times... Q. what program I use to animate? A. mostly Flash, Photoshop, Aftereffect. Q. are you a guy or a girl? A. I am a guy.
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Warrior Cats Book 3~Forest Of Secrets
Read please All credit for Erin Hunter, I really love her books
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Warrior Cats Into The Wild Episode 20
This episode took a long time for absolutely no reason other than the fact that I am lazy and took a break from animating for the last couple of weeks ;3 Oh, and results are in - I'm doing cotw next. Lol, no christmas vid or gift amv for you guys :)=
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New Warrior Cat intro
Yeah, I redid it! And now its longer and better!
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Warriorcats: Cats of the Clans
My first video. The pictures is taking from the real book. Music: I guess you're right. Enjoy :)
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Warriors: Fire and Ice Opening
HAY LOOK I ACTUALLY FINISHED SOMETHING 8D Lol yes, I am animating Fire and Ice instead of A Dangerous Path. I just like this book better x3 I will put up a casting call soon, so stay tuned! Next stop, Crescent Soldier Episode 1~ xD Song is Perfect Insanity by DIsturbed. Made with Flash 8 and WMM. Took about 2 days.
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Part 2 Audition for Fire and Ice
here you go again :-D
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top ten bad warrior cats
these are the top 10 baddies in my opinion
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Dreams Of Warrior Cats 2
Here is the link of the site for you :) www.dreamsofwarriorcats2.wetpaint.com DOWC2 ©2009
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firepaw and warriors
... if u see fireheart it is firepaw later in the book to fire and ice
warriors trailer
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Warriors Cats - Part 2
Dropkick Murphys - This is Your Life Yay! Part two! 8D I mostly put characters from The New Prophecy, but I also put a few characters that I missed from the first series. I haven't read The Power of Three, so don't ask stupid things like, "Where's Jayfeather!?" And I didn't put characters in here that I already put in part one, so don't ask "Where's Brambleclaw!?" Okay?
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Audition for Fire and Ice
Here is my auditions fluffylovey
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Warrior Cats
Warrior Cats Video.
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episode 1 part 1 - SSS Warrior cats fan animation
This is not an official Warrior cats animation Its a fan animation by me and few other friends who simply like to animate and voice acting for characters in their spare time : ) Original story, narrative idea, characters belong to novel Warrior cats into the wild by Erin Hunter, official website: http://www.warriorcats.com/warriorshell.html Musics: Nightmares On Tetsukazu Nakanishi Reaper Truelight DNAngel Credits of animation section: Animation directed by Yu, Rosi Animation assistant: Zing Audition: Redtail: Stephen Cumberworth Tigerclaw: 2 Gryphon Oakheart: Ray Bluestar: Rosi Spottedleaf:.. sorry I forgot your name, you are Rosis friend but I forgot, please let me know if you read this, Ill add your name on Rusty: GingaJinketsuKoushi Smudge: Tail 230 Audition assistant: Cat sounds: Gangyzgirl, Rosi Rustys owner: Desiree "Desimaemae" Parker Special thanks (Friends who helped me on voice acting but I disappeared or replace the audition. Sorry about this.. Ill be working more efficiently next time.): EchoFlameFox EchoFlameFoxs friend Nazuna12 jerrymojo2 (voice acting graypaw, will be in the 2nd half of this episode) carbe (link: http://www.wiseoz.com/mysite/carbo) Tag Laurah ************************************** A big Sorry for the long wait, it has been a long time, as a director its my fault not to finish work before the time I planed, I'll improve my time management and make schedule carefully next time. This is the first 10 mins of the first part of episode one, I'll be away for a month and I'll try my best to complete the remains of the 2nd half after I'm back. Actually the animation went well at first, many parts are almost finished, but there have been a very long pause for many reasons. After this experience I'll make myself to work more efficiently in my next project. Thanks to everybody who helped me on it. auditions is hard to manage, there are a few voice people I haven't contact them properly but I'm still thank them and I'll make the production process les confusing next time. Thank you very much for watching, and I wish you enjoy my animations! If you like Warrior Cats story, why not get the original book. Its a fun read, and all about clan cats. FQA. questions i recieved many times... Q. what program I use to animate? A. mostly Flash, Photoshop, Aftereffect. Q. are you a guy or a girl? A. I am a guy.
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Fire and Ice Audition for littlewadles
This is me auditioning for littlewadles' fire and ice. Enjoy.
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Warriors fire and ice audtions for fluffylovey
title says it all! ^^
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warriors cats series episode 4
heres episode 4 dreams with starcan and warnings
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Custom Made Lol Warrior Cats 2
Enjoy everyone! XD I put in the words only and the song belongs to someone else, but I'm too lazy to look the name up so. XD lol
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Warrior Cat Audition
Warrior Cat auditon pls rate and coment
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Warrior cats...Book one: Into the Wild
Please read description before spamming with bad comments: All the picture of what the book one series on Warrior cats would most likely look like if they were real...I tried as hard as I could to make this perfect... Disclaimer: I do not own the Warriors series nor the pictures. I used google and photobucket to get the closest picture fitting each cats description. As you can see, Blackfoot isn't a real picture. I could not find any suitable pictures. At end wasn't as perfect because my software((Microsoft Moviemaker **n00bish....e-e; i no...))was working up. It also skipped Brindleface in Thunderclan so if you were wondering. ;D BUt my main goal was to get a better idea of what the cats could look like and try to get picture that aren't in "TwolegPLace" or "Twoleg Nests" ;3 Song: Everything by Fefe Dobson
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Warrior Cats Into The Wild 17
All right, here's the thing. Copyright is eating me alive. So I sent in a dispute form,I'm putting this up again when I get home with no copy right (ie, taking this one down) but I have to go to school right now, so yea. XP
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Sandstorm for sss warrior cat fan animation
Hi this is my first vid and it sorta sucks sorry i was so prepy lol no rude coments
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Fire and Ice auditions
Here is my auditions for Fireheart and Bluestar. I know my Bluestar voice sounds a little weird, but I have a cold right now. And sorry that it cuts off right at the end xD I don't know why it does that
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Warrior Cat Couples
This is a video of some warrior couples that will be together till the end.
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The Warrior Cat Book Preview
the preview for the warriors book series.
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Fading Echoes
My first Movie Maker video! Its a warriors cats video. I really worked hard on it. Hope you like it!
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warrior cats jayfeather
warrior cats jayfeather
(Finished) Warrior Cats Animating Casting Call
Yep, pretty much everything is explained in the video. If you have any questions, PM me :D
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Characters and original story: Erin Hunter Song: Sacrificial Lamb ((Arrange Album)) Star Ocean The video is just motion tweens of character design, but I promise the series will be well animated! Feel free to audition! Please be sure you have a good quality mic and plenty of confidence in your voice! You can audition for multiple characters, I can decide if you have no specifications. You can also audition for voice effects if you think you have many talents! If you need guidelines on auditioning, I'll try to edit the video description and give a script or something. Please excuse the poor quality, I'm still learning how to make videos for YouTube.
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Warrior cat's power of three eclipse Book trailer
Well i Originally made this book trailer just for my school project but a friend of mine convinced me to put this on here. Music- Requiem for a dream From- Lord of the rings The two towers soundtrack. I own nothing.
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Warrior cats movie preview remake!!!
READ FIRST-Hey as you all know or should know I am the one who made the Warrior cats movie preview. Well I decided to make another one and put it on this account. I worked very hard on it so I hope you like it. Thanks for everything. Also the song used in this video is Requiem for a dream I own a few of the pics but otherwise I own nothing, no copywrite intended.
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Warrior Cats Casting Call
Here are some auditions for you =3
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Warrior Cats of the Forest Episode 1
This is a Warriorcats spoof. Hope you enjoy it! Music: Twilight Zone Theme Song
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Vote on our favorite cat!!!!!!
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Warrior Cats AMV - New Divide
This is a preview of a Warriors animation ive been working on for the past few weeks. Ugh that rat fight scene was a bitch to animate, i was gonna make it longer but im too lazy Im not sure when this will be finished as im also working on several other animation amv things Song: New divide Artist: Linkin Park Animating Program: Adobe Flash Editing Program: Vegas
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Warrior Cats Theme Songs - The Original Series and The New Prophecy
edit: duuude can't believe I made this more than 4 years ago! And more than 100.000 views? Thanks guys!! READ THE DESCRIPTION (especially if you hate HSM, jonas brothers, hannah montana and so on) Warrior Cats Theme Songs for "The new prophecy" ^^ I LOVE some of the theme songs for example Bluestar´s song. it fits her perfectly!! But i also dislike some songs... i don´t know if firestar´s song is okay : / Well- but it was fun to make =) ENJOY! Sorry @ all the HSM haters , but i picked (again) a HSM song for cloudtail:) (At the end, there is a surprise:D) AND: I am NOT a fan of HSM, the jonas brothers, Hannah Montana, demi lovato ans so on ... I just thought the songs would fit^^ Some of them are okay in my opinion, but I also really hate soem of them=)
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Warrior Cats Into The Wild
All the cats in Thunderclan as of Book 1. INTO THE WILD
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warriors cats series episode 2
here is episode two and remember how i complained about it being 7 mintues? and i said it was being mean well there were 4 videos on it so it was like 21 mintues
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