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Warrior Cats ~ Fire and Ice - Episode 2
*****************************Read me************************** The moment at least 4/5ths of my subscribers have been waiting for :'D Cos let's face it, Unknown Blood is crap ^^ Again, as I say every time I post an episode, I am SO SO sorry for making you all wait so long, you don't deserve to wait so long ;w; especially when the outcome is a CRAP as this episode is, I cannot apologize enough xD So yeah I guess here you all go :D Enjoy! There's a lot more animation in this episode than I usually do, like more head movement, walking, running, general movements etc. so that's why it probably took a solid month to finish (around 300+ hours went into making this thing). Next episode is also the gathering, so I'll need to figure out Character designs and such which always wastes time. Oh run and walk cycles, how I hate animating thee! *shakes fist* (sorry about the popping in fireheart's lines :'( They were almost non existent until I re-exported them out of Audacity x.x They all kinda... appeared, MY BAD, SORRY ADAM :C (randomclipproduction) I also must say a BIG THANK YOU to all my voice actors in this episode who all did wonderful jobs ^^ and OMG ALL THE MALE CHARACTERS HAVE MALE VOICES :'D Miracles do happen x'D (and before I get a predictable boatload of people asking, YES, BLUESTAR'S VOICE ACTOR IS TRIBBLEOFDOOM'S MUM AND HER BLUESTAR VA. Loveinthewings is her YouTube, and I ADORE having her on my voice acting team 8D) Also, Leafeonglow, I'm sorry I replaced you, but I thought it'd sound really weird if Ravenpaw sounded like Greystripe and Greystripe Sounded like yellowfang :'C You still has the other 2 parts ^^ Editing this episode was an utter PIG to say the least, I could make an endless list of the number of times I swore and threatened to find the computer's mum in her sleep. The volume of Dragon Age music in this episode was the one thing that stopped me from tearing out my own eyeballs in frustration :3 (well, that and squishy my stress pony, who now has nail marks in his side xD) Oh yeah, and before I forget, it would be highly appreciated if you don't ask when the next episode comes out. I can promise you on my life I will not quit this series unless something ULTRA major happens like me having a stroke or loosing an arm or falling off a mountain etc. but I do take a long time to do stuff, rushing me doesn't help :( sorry! !!!!!I OWN NONE OF THE MUSIC USED IN THIS ANIMATED VIDEO!!!!!! ALL OF THE MUSIC BELONGS TO THE RESPECTED OWNERS AND PUBLISHERS, FOR THEY ARE NOT MINE. However, all art and animation is mine, with the backgrounds courtesy of Google and my own camera. The walk cycles and run cycles were referenced from home filmed/YouTube cat videos, NOT another animations (no plagiarism in here :D) Don't forget to vote for me in King of the Web if you really enjoyed this! http://kingofweb.com/users/3662304312 Wait wait wait, HONOURS?!?!?! 8DDDD #12 - Top Favourited (Today) - Film & Animation #40 - Top Rated (Today) - Film & Animation #88 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation - Global #41 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Film & Animation #38 - Top Favourited (This Week) - Film & Animation #107 - Top Rated (This Week) - Film & Animation #90 - Top Rated (This Week) - Film & Animation ©Lightning Strike Productions
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Warrior Cats ~ Fire and Ice opening *remade*
*************Read please :3******************************8 WHAT IS WITH MY PRODUCTIVITY??!?! TWO ANIMATIONS IN A WEEK?!?!! *heartattack* Wow... it's amazing how crap the old one is next to this one, style changes really do pay off xD So you may be thinking 'Y IS IT TEH SAME THING BUT NOO STYLE?!?!11/1' But I can explain. The opening storyboard for the old one was one I always liked, and I didn't want to think up a new one, so I simply remade the old one (with a few tweaks like the panning and the Fireheart leaps) Some scenes are practically the same (the eyes and Bluestar bit) Oh yeah, it kinda looks like ol' Bluestar has one eye, she doesn't it's just the hair-do I gave her :'D So enjoy :D I'll be working on the episode 2 whenever I can (once my Maths exams are done x.x''' panic face :C) I DO NOT OWN THE SONG OR WARRIOR CATS! Song ~ Faint remix Warrior cats (c) ~ Erin hunter Animation ~ fluffylovey Honours?!?! Oh mai :'D #61 - Top Favourited (Today) - Film & Animation (c)Lightning Strike Productions
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Warrior Cats Fire And Ice Casting Call
i'm not copying off of furshatters. Its my account.
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Re: Warrior Cats Fire and Ice Casting Call ***OPEN***
Here you go! Hope I get a part! :3
Warrior Cats Fire and Ice Casting Call ***OPEN***
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Re: Warrior Cats Fire and Ice Casting Call
Hope i get a part!!! BTW i got a new mic.! can you tell?
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RE: Warrior Cats Fire and Ice Casting Call ***OPEN***
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Omen of the Stars: The Fourth Apprentice: Episode 2
Warrior Cats RP website!!!!!!!!! - http://undyingechoes.proboards.com/index.cgi Continuity errors. Continuity errors everywhere. THIS. THIS. So many things between the start and finish of this that could be considered the ultimate procrastination tools. BUT IT'S FINALLY OFF MY COMPUTER. There are a lot of mistakes in it that I'm sure you people will point out to me multiple times, but I can promise one thing, the next one WON'T take one year. I APOLOGIZE; for any time you can't hear the voices, I have made captions for that; for any time you have no clue whats going on; for any time the music doesn't fit; for any voices 'not fitting'; if you hate the art style/animation; and for any other complaints you may have. Links dA; http://niftyapplestar.deviantart.com/ Alternate YouTube; http://www.youtube.com/niftyapplestarsart Squiby; http://www.squiby.net/user/niftyapplestar Please thank everyone involved in this so much. I couldn't have done it without a single one of them. PLEASE, refrain from any hurtful comments about the voice actors (Go ahead and bash the animation I DON'T CARE) they all tried their hardest and I praise them for that. I DON'T OWN; Warrior Cats © Erin Hunter Music © Rightful Owners
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RWCM: Into The Wild - Episode 1
The first episode of Roblox Warrior Cats Into The Wild has been released! Please enjoy everyone's hard work and stay tuned for the next episode. As you can tell the fight scenes are pretty crappy. You'll have to deal with that because Roblox limits my abilities for the morphs etc. I had to rush the first scene with sunningrocks, mainly because it was 2 weeks delayed and I wanted this episode to come out earlier than this. (That's why the Mousefur part was cut out!) Thanks to dragonkit, gsnap56, victorysaddle, firestardacat, oceanleaf and turtwig44344 for taking some actors places who were offline! All the usernames in the credits are ROBLOX usernames!
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Warriors, Fire and Ice Audition - Extra Cat 1
Trying out for Dawnedrapier's fire and ice animation as the extra cat 1 - Hope you like it ^o^ (Sorry if I mispronounced your username D:)
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(HD)  Warrior Cats Firestar- Into the Wild
This is a tribute sort of thing to when Firepaw/heart/star/Rusty went out into the forest. I know Graystripe was there, and I had footage of my other cat, Phoenix, who looks sort of like Graystripe, out there, but she never got near Firestar, and the video was getting long, so I cut it out. This is my first big warriorcats video, hope you enjoy it! All of the clips and pictures are mine, but the songs aren't. The songs are: Move Along (All-American Rejects) Rise Above the Storm (Beyblade) I'm Not Going Down (Beyblade) Underdog (Beyblade) Sorry if the songs don't fit (I think they do fit though) I had to limit the songs so I wouldn't get copyrighted too much. The cat (Firestar) was played by my cat, Firestar. The other cat in the pictures was Phoenix, who played Princess when she lived with Rusty. As I said before, she was also going to play Graystripe, but I had to cut it out of the video. Our cats are never allowed outside, but we decided to let them out one day, because it was cold, and maybe they wouldn't want to go out anymore if they figured out how cold it was. I filmed them then, and mixed it into a Warriors tribute. It took me about 6 hours to make this... another hour to film it. NOTE: I was shoveling and talking while I was taping these video clips, so that's why the camera was shaking in parts. We had lots of snow this winter. Extra Tags: Onestar Onewhisker Onepaw Bluefur Star Bluestar Firestar Graystripe Greystripe Graypaw Rusty Firepaw Fireheart Sunstrike Shadowstrike Willowcloud Mothwing Skystream Mudfur Gathering Twolegs Snookthorn Snookpaw Into the wild Fire and Ice Rising Storm Forest of Secrets A Dangerous Path Ivypaw Dovwpaw Lionblaze Jayfeather The Darkest Hour The New Prophecy Power of Three Omen of the Stars The Fourth Apprentice Fading Echoes Night Whispers Sign of the Moon The Sight Outcast Brook Where Small Fish Swim Tribe of Rushing Water Tribe of Endless Hunting Stoneteller Fallen Leaves Twilight Sunrise Sunset Dawn Dusk Leaf-bare Greenleaf Leaf-fall Newleaf Erin Hunter Warriors Seekers book series cats funny cute meow Ravenpaw Barley online game Brokenstar Brokentail AMV tribute {╚♀♪♫☼►◄↕‼ Phoenix Firestar
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Warrior Cats Into The Wild: Episode 1 (Prologue)
My DeviantArt: http://philstock2000.deviantart.com/ YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS FINALLY DONE!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HELPED AND KEEP A LOOKOUT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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LPS warriors REMAKE part 1
Hey guys my movie maker was acting wierd but it,s fine now :)
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We Have No Choice -- Warriors Speedpaint
Anyone who knows me even the slightest should've seen this coming XD I was thinking of doing a TallxNight one but then you'd all hate me because Nightfall isn't really in the books and bla dee bla something about conservation of mass... ANYways... This is like a scene from the beginning of Fire & Ice or something. I've been re-reading the book so it's upstairs and I was too l.azy to get it. So. This is going by memory alone o3o And the random blurry cat is Ashfoot. This took like NEARLY an hour... so not too bad XD Music: Wake Up - Arcade Fire I DO NOT OWN AND NOR DO I CLAIM TO OWN THE MUSIC. And since I has stated the music here, I will not reply to you if you ask ^w^ Pic: http://thedogzlife.deviantart.com/art/We-Have-No-Choice-204399407
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Warrior Cats Tribute: My Heart Will Go On | SilverStream & GrayStripe
Thanks for watching, I own nothing, please subscribe.
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Warrior cats as anime humans
More coming!
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Warriors Cats *ALL BOOKS* Download
***NEWS*** UNFORTUNATELY, Sunrise does NOT work for most people! But, better to buy just ONE book than ALL the books, right? Also, the last 3 books (Sign of the Moon, The Forgotten Warrior, and The Last Hope) ARE NOW INCLUDED IN THE DOWNLOAD! WOO! Enjoy everyone!!!! A download of all download books that have been released. LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?rkimfz293je88uk WinRAR: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html Kindle For PC (Amazon Account Needed): http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=kcp_pc_mkt_lnd?docId=1000426311 Kindle for PC is for the .azw files, which can only be read with a Kindle. If you don't have a Kindle, I suggest you get this. ***PLEASE READ THE README NOTE IN THE DOWNLOAD FOLDER, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT* Order of Books in Chronological Order: 1. Dawn of the Clans, The Sun Trail (Not Released Yet) 2. Dawn of the Clans, Thunder Rising (Not Released Yet) 3. Super Edition, Bluestar's Prophecy 4. Super Edition, Crookedstar's Promise 5. Super Edition, Yellowfang's Secret (Not Included) 6. Warriors, Into The Wild 7. Warriors, Fire And Ice 8. Warriors, Forest Of Secrets 9. Warriors, Rising Storm 10. Warriors, A Dangerous Path 11. Warriors, The Darkest Hour 12. Super Edition, Firestar's Quest 13. Super Edition, Skyclan's Destiny 14. The New Prophecy, Midnight 15. The New Prophecy, Moonrise 16. The New Prophecy, Dawn 17. The New Prophecy, Starlight 18. The New Prophecy, Twilight 19. The New Prophecy, Sunset 20. Power Of Three, The Sight 21. Power Of Three, Dark River 22. Power Of Three, Outcast 23. Power Of Three, Eclipse 24. Power Of Three, Long Shadows 25. Power Of Three, Sunrise 26. Omen Of The Stars, The Fourth Apprentice 27. Omen Of The Stars, Fading Echoes 28. Omen Of The Stars, Night Whispers 29. Omen Of The Stars, Sign Of The Moon 30. Omen Of The Stars, The Forgotten Warrior (Not Included) 31. Omen Of The Stars, The Last Hope (Not Included)
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Legend of the Warriors -SSS Warrior Cats Trailer
A tribute video to SSS Warrior Cats fan animation by Yu Ji and Zing :) Man, they rock :D I just love their work :D I hope you enjoy this^^ I DO NOT OWN THE AUDIO NOR THE VIDEO CLIPS.
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Warriors Fire and Ice Audition
Audition for Warriors Fire and Ice
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new warrior cats 2(cats i made 2)
it is new warrior cats i made but i get it a new name
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♦ Wojownicy: Na Wolności (Warrior Cats: Into the Wild  PL ) - SSS - odc.2 part 1
*Polish* Warrior Cats: Into the Wild (fan animation) Translated by DalPol ________________________ Original English version - SSS SSS Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ssswarriorcats Oryginal source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mMWz9evo-s
Warrior Cats-Fan Animation
Just a work assignment for school. Thought I would upload it. Amanda narrated for me C:
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warrior cats 2
its haves warrior cats
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fire and ice episode 5
this episode is like the rising action for season 1 (and yes i have decided there will be seasons(: so enjoy!)
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Wojownicy: Na Wolności (Warrior Cats: Into the Wild  PL ) - SSS - odc.2 part 3
Mój nowy kanał: Patchee Doggie Animation https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB92Vp12uipAK4EzVojhR6w *Polish* Warrior Cats: Into the Wild (fan animation) Translated by DalPol ________________________ Original English version - SSS SSS Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ssswarriorcats Oryginal source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mMWz9evo-s
fire and ice warriors talk show
talk show
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My lines as Fireheart for :warrriors fire and ice part 1
here I FINALLY got them in!
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Warriors: Fire and Ice prolouge
I DO NOT OWN THIS! own by http://www.youtube.com/user/Koshaichu?feature=mhum sub her not me Lol. I usually take her incomplete stuff and upload here :p this was a project she wanted to do but didn't have time for. so let it go xD
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Warrior Cats Into The WIld Trailer
This is my first (?) real/long animation so far.. Its a little crappy, but I'll get to it :3
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Warrior Cats fanimation: A New Fire Opening 1 *abandoned* || End-of-Summer upload!
Happy new school year, my friends! xD Just for fun, I'm uploading this abandoned project that is what I've been working on over the past few months. Literally ALL of my animation progress this summer from May or June through early August is showcased here - you should be able to tell which are my earlier scenes (if you can't: the two scenes involving closeups on the eyes and the run cycle); likewise, you should be able to see my more practiced work (the second-to-last animated scene and also the RiverClan leader). I'm not even redoing the opening to this song; I will be doing an opening, but it will be to the song Colors...I forgot what anime that's from...heh. It'll look a lot more polished than this'n does, and it'll be shorter, too (this song is a bit long for an opening, no?) But I just thought I'd upload this...'cause I was working on it all summer...when I wasn't doing MEPs...and there are a few things in here that I'm proud of...yeah. Basically this is a Warriors fanimation based on my post-OotS AU fanfic. Hurrah. Ask questions below. Programs Used: Pencil, GIMP, Hypercam 2, WMM Also used a Wacom Bamboo tablet... Song: Nageki no Mori ...think that's it...
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Erin Hunter (Vicky Holmes) Reads From Eclipse 9/13/08 - Warrior Cats (2)
Vicky Holmes (1/3 of Erin Hunter) reads from Eclipse at the Redmond, Washington Borders on 9/13/08. Video has been stabilized,
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Warriors Fire And Ice Book Review!
second book of the warriors 1 series :)
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Bluestar audition for wolfloverSTJ's Fire and Ice
I know I won't get the part but hey I tried xD Yet I might get it O.o
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Warrior Cats Trailer
Joa das ist mein Warrior Cats Trailer. Song: X-RayDog Here comes the King Bilder by me
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Warriors Cat Fire Clan
This is my first video. If I make any videos I will use apps on here like this one.
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Wojownicy: Na Wolności (Warrior Cats: Into the Wild  PL ) - SSS - odc.1 part 3
*Polish* Warrior Cats: Into the Wild (fan animation) Translated by DalPol ________________________ Original English version - SSS SSS Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ssswarriorcats Oryginal source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mMWz9evo-s
Warrior cats opening thingy
yeah a short fan vid of warriors...i thought this could be a cool opening....let me know if you would like to use it
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Monster- Warrior Cats
YAYAY! Its my first youtube video!!! Yep, its awesome-sause I know :) Credit goes to the people who drew the pictures, which can be found here http://midna-rules.deviantart.com/favourites/46190511?offset=0
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Warrior cats Eishertz
Tigerkralle ist zurück
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Warrior Cats AMV ~ Ko Ki Ko
*****************************************READ PLEASE*********************************** EDIT: 21/10/2012 Jeeeeeesseeee please I do know the song is about vegetable juice x.x I picked it for an AMV as the laughs were awesome, kay? And no I don't think Hollyleaf was evil, but she's featured because dude, she killed ashfur. So please stop commenting with tthe same stuff all the time x.x. EDIT: 10/06/2012 People! I know hollyleaf didn't die in the collapse!! I started production on this when the hunter's revealed she wasn't dead. Hence why I never showed her actually dying. I also know she did die later on in the books, but I never read them, I kinda lost interest in reading the books after the 1st series. So please, stop arguing about plot details... please? EDIT (8/04/2012): Kay, so many people have pointed out the white bellies. There is a reason, and it's simply because I wanted to leave a distinct feature on all m character designs, and a white underbelly is fairly subtle and easy to add. I duno, just feels wrong drawing them without ;P Ok before I start my rantathon I just want to say, this ENTIRE video was inspired by LadyTeelia's Hollyleaf AMV ~ ko ki ko, GO WATCH IT! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ck2d_x1HLXQ She's a fabulous animator with an unjustly low amount of subs :( Go subscribe to her ^^ Kay, now for my description ^^ BEFORE TOO MANY PEOPLE GET THE WRONG IDEA!!!! I am hollyleaf girl, I don't hate any characters to the extent that some people do, but I am not a dovewing fan, nor am I a hawkfrost fan. The song fit well to how she essentially lost her mind in the last book she was seen (until the erins totally spoiled a good death for her x.x), and it meant I could ram in 2 of my actual favourite characters, Scourge and Tigerclaw/star in ^^ Well, I'm actually pretty pleased with the way this came out, considering it's the first proper AMV I've ever completed, but there are bits I want to burn with hydrofluoric acid and throw the remains into the Mississippi river x.x I DO NOT IN ANY WAY OWN THE SONG!!!! Song ~ Teto Kasane - Ko Ki Ko All art and animation is mine, if you wish to use any, please message me and credit me (It's getting old seeing stolen stuff now x.x) Thank you for viewing ^^!!! HAPPY FACE HONOURS :DDD!!! #14 -- Most Discussed (Today) -- Film & Animation #70 -- Top Favourited (Today) #4 -- Top Favourited (Today) -- Film & Animation #45 -- Top Favourited (Today) -- Film & Animation -- Global #19 -- Top Rated (Today) -- Film & Animation #108 -- Top Rated (This Week) -- Film & Animation #24 -- Most Discussed (This Week) -- Film & Animation -- United Kingdom #69 -- Top Favorited (This Month) -- Film & Animation -- United Kingdom #16 -- Top Favorited (This Week) -- Film & Animation -- United Kingdom #55 -- Top Rated (This Week) -- Film & Animation -- United Kingdom #7 -- Most Viewed (Today) -- Film & Animation -- United Kingdom #81 -- Most Discussed (This Month) -- Film & Animation #15 -- Most Discussed (This Week) -- Film & Animation #55 -- Top Favourited (This Month) -- Film & Animation #11 -- Top Favourited (This Week) -- Film & Animation #108 -- Top Favourited (This Week) -- Film & Animation -- Global #87 -- Most Viewed (This Week) -- Film & Animation #71 -- Most Discussed (This Month) -- Film & Animation #40 -- Top Favourited (This Month) -- Film & Animation ©Lightning Strike Productions
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Dimstar's Past Episode 1
HONORS? 8D #96 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation MY FIRST HONOR ASDHASDAKJ THANK YOUUU! :'D WOOO IT'S FINISHEDDDD! 8D I promise the second one will have more animations because I thikn there could have been more, and less... disfigured cats. XD I don't know what happened in that scene, I was REALLY tired that night and I thought it would be funny to point out Chestnutpaw's random FATNESS in annotations so I decided to keep it. XD AVI FILES ARE HORRIBLEEEE D8 If you know any other video file that takes up less memory then please tell me. XC Here are the voices Dimpaw and Dimkit - Niviadragonrider Whitepaw - My brother Josh Blackpaw - Niviadragonrider's brother Mike Chestnutpaw - Niviadragonrider ...yeah they've got a lot of parts. XD But Blackpaw is a minor character and Dimpaw is only in the first two episodes. X3 Scarletpaw - BlazetheFireDragon Brightstar - Starwarsgirl7 Shadestar - Jihpun Dimlight - Subsonicfire ...We had an actor switcheroo... Whitepetal - Rainshadow1231 Cleardrop: - CPSnowstuff's sister Credits: DISCLAIMER - I do NOT own any of the musics used! Music in chronological order, including the introduction music Victims of Science - The Device Has Been Modified Portal 2 - Vitrification Order Spore Galactic Adventures - "Horror ...lol last time I was on spore other than to record that soundtrack was like 3 months ago. XD I'm never on and probably won't go back. XD X-Ray Dog - Secret Remixed With Swords Portal - Taste of Blood Intaglio210 AND YES, I GOT PERMISSION FROM THIS USER TO USE HER MUSIC - Twilight Spirits OST - Heart of a Warrior
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Warrior Cats Love Story 2
Warrior Cats Love Story. This is really about how Firestar fell in love with Spottedleaf, but before she was killed and he was still and apprentice. I also used how he and Sandstorm will be mates later on. But Graystripe, Sandstorm, Firestar are still apprentices, Tigerstar is still Tigerclaw, and Bluestar, Spottedleaf and Tigerstar are still alive in this (: !!!!~~~!!!DISCLAIMER!!!~~~!!! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO! I DO NOT OWN AIRPLANES IT IS BY B.O.B. AND I DO NOT OWN TIL' I FORGET ABOUT YOU IT IS BY BIG TIME RUSH!!! ALL PICTURES EXCEPT FOR SPOTTEDLEAF ARE FROM WARRRIORCATS.COM!! I OWN NOTHING IN THIS VIDEO IN ANY WAY!
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Spore Warrior cats Graystripe
Graystripe, from Warrior cats by Erin Hunter made from the spore creature creator.
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Warrior Cats: Bluestar and Oakheart - E.T.
EDIT: remake here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CsucDZTx_8 a tribute to bluestarXOakheart. enjoy my fave song :) Song: E.T. Artist: Katy Perry I do not own anything in this video
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top 10 evil warrior cats
this is just my opinion i am not against any one who has a second opinion!!!!!
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warrior cats trailer
fan fiction of warriors
Views: 142 Delaney Guajardo
Warrior Cats- The Forgotten Warrior Animation -Sneak Peek!-
WHAT IS THIS? Before anyone asks, the only cats in this video are Antpelt and Ivypool No, i will not tell you if this is an amv, or animation practice, or opening, or even part of an episode I will also not tell you what music im using. Im keeping this under wraps, and I`ll let you decide what this is
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Warrior Cats
It Is Warrior Cats Into The Wild
Views: 24 Aliatheawesome