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Warrior Cats ~ Fire and Ice - episode 3
****************Could you be so kind as to have a read of me :3?**************** EDIT (12/09/2012): Since I've had so many people asking, YES, THE CAT AT 4:44 IS DIMSTAR/LIGHT FROM DIMSTAR'S PAST!! Urnam7 requested him to be a cameo (which I was going to do anyway, so awesome :'D) in a journal on Deviantart, so yes, story told. Thank god this thing's out the way x.x It's such a boring episode :C ALL THEY DO IS TALK AAAHHHHH. Anywho, so, after yet more time, episode 3 has hit your computer screens :) But let me give you a liiiitttle list of reasons why it's probably gonna take this long again... 1. Next episode has loads of... walking and irritating stuff like eating to animate. 2. I'm in my final school year, studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and I HAVE to work all out to get 3 As so I can successfully apply to University to study vet medicine (the first exams are January, so gonna die on here for a while, and the last lot are the end of May). 3. There is an entrance test for 2 Vet schools that I need to study for to give me the maximum chance of a place. 4. I'm trying to get into the GB squad for Archery.... which means many an hour shooting at the same ol' target face. 5. Unknown Blood first b*tch ;) But here is a list why it will still happen: 1. I have to have a knee operation and will not be able to do any more work experience or gym sessions, so more free time. 2. I am determined to keep this series going, and I can take both my laptop and Desktop to Uni with me, which has all my animation tools on it :) MUCHOS thank you to Zach6700 for steping in as Greystripe's 3rd voice (oops) and being awesome and quick with lines etc. . Actually, thank you ALL epic voice actors :D (a lot of which were hired JUST for this ep :O) I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC OR CLAIM TO OWN IT, OR THE WARRIOR CATS SERIES!!!! I do however own all drawn work, SOME of the backgrounds and SOME character designs. If you've come here from dA, have a look for your character if you submitted one, I did use them all :D Thank you so much for being so paitient, and thank you so much for nearly 4,000 subscribers :'D (how how HOW?!!??!!?) (c)Lightning Strike Productions
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LPS: warriors Fire and Ice book 2 prolouge
well, this is book 2s prologue! if u don't know, it IS about windclan . oh and sorry i used bluestar for tallstar, i couldn't find any other cat for him x3 Instagram: skyehas.nolimit Poshmark: skyekimi Redbubble: skyekimi Get 10% off your order on CuddleClones.com with the code: SKYESPETS
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Warrior Cats - Fire and Ice OPENING (v.2)
******************************READ ME************************** Yeeesss, before you ask, episode 3 is finished, I just need to muster up the courage to start editing x.x So hyes, I decided that Fire and Ice was badly in need of a new opening, as the last one is pretty poor (c'mon though, It was always gonna be poor, I made it is 5 hours from start to finish! This one actually had a full storyboard and real planning xD) To prevent loooaaadds of repeat answers, list of characters in ORDER OR APPEARENCE: Bluestar Fireheart (the orange blur) Clawface Blackfoot Brokenstar Brackenpaw Cinderpaw Tigerclaw Fireheart (actually drawn, not just blurs haha) Deadfoot Tallstar Morningflower Silverstream Greystripe Princess (holding Cloudkit) Mugs shots: Bluestar, Tigerclaw, Greystripe, Cinderpaw, Brokenstar, Tallstar, Fireheart. Oh yeah, and before someone points out 'Brokenstar's face looks wrong!!!' please know this. Drawing persian cats is IMPOSSIBLE. IM. PO. SI. BLE. They are completely useless for expression too x.x worst breed to draw of all time. Song is the Channel 4 racing theme (don't really know if it has a proper name) and I DO NOT OWN THE AUDIO IN ANY WAY, NOR DO I CLAIM TO. I do however, own all the drawn content in here, and the backgrounds are all creative commons or royalty free. (c)Lightning Strike productions
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Warrior cats - Nightclan - Fire & Ice
my nightclan cats
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Warrior Cats: Fire and Ice, fan made ad
I know, the art sucks an' al, but I just wanted to give you lot a taster for some of the stuff I do! Seeya!
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Warrior Cats Walkthrough Fire and Ice
Game is not mine, it belongs to it's rightful creator. I used Hypercam 2 to record this and I downloaded the game at the site. So yeah, I'm playing the game. Use this video to help you if your stuck in the Fire and Ice part.
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[Warriors AMV] ♥ Fire x Gray ♥ Young Love Murdered
i DO NOT, uH,, oWN THE AUDIO AND AM PROTECTED UNDER THE FAIR USE STATEMENT,,, Sorry the quality died. D'': Heavily inspired by: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nN8U5Dl3ySM Thank you for 4600+ subscribers~X3 And Happy New Year, hope it'll be an awesome one without the apocalypse~ ^^ Song: The Harold Song by Ke$ha Characters: Fireheart/Graystripe, Graystripe/Silverstream Plot: This AMV takes place in Fire and Ice/Forest of Secrets, when Fireheart realizes he's been in love with Graystripe for as long as he can remember. Graystripe, however, is in love and eloping with Silverstream at this time, so Fireheart suffers from afar with a broken heart. Unable to take it any longer, Fireheart confesses and Graystripe is suddenly torn between his growing love for his best (male! /gasp) friend and his now pregnant mate. And then, of course, Silverstream dies, and Fireheart and Graystripe reluctantly start something before Graystripe goes to become a RiverClan cat. Phew, hope that made sense. Also, this didn't actually happen in the books. This is what I think happened. Yes, this is cat yaoi. Yes, these are two boys. This was a test to see what would happen if I introduced a slash pairing to this particular fandom. This video is the result of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, so I'd appreciate it if you at least appreciated the art. I'm not going to force you to enjoy the pairing, but please don't troll me or others for it? Got it? Good. ^^ God, I am so proud of this. This video is like my son who returned from a war with a metal of honor and then proceeded to win the Olympics. THAT proud. ; W ;
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Warriors: Book 2: Fire and Ice: Episode 2
I just used one picture instead of a slide show. ran out of videos, i know mainly because of the wait from the minecraft xbox update which came out today. This book is amazing, as it is a warriors book. now with this method, i can produce these easier and the audio is what really matters so yeah chicken chickpen.
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Graypaw Stuck
Hi, I spent my whole day animating SSS warriorcats And I decided it was time to mess around a bit. SNEAK PEEK FTW! GRAYPAW FTW! XD Music: New Kids - Turbo yes dutch music because Im dutch /shot'd KBAI GUYS BACK TO ANIMATING. ~Alu
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SSS Warrior cats intro - English
Hi! Alu here! So I decided to upload the intro in English we -might- use from now on. and yes, I added an extra part to fit the music :b WE ARE PLANNING ON FINISHING PART 1 OF EPISODE 3 IN JUNE. hooray. ;D As long as the voice actors are with us! :) Voice actors, go contact me or wanton! ;D The song is called "True Light" and the English version is by Vic Mignogna. Original Japanese Version - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmzZN-MWiMU&feature=relmfu Kaybyelol Since Yuji left, this project will be continued by Alu, Wanton and Zing. More information: http://sss-warriorcats.deviantart.com/journal/Looking-for-new-team-members-info-EDIT-SCROLL-299093286
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[Warriors.Fire.and.Ice]-1st Casting call~OPEN
Here are the lines: ·Tallstar Male voice. Better a deep tone. ·Lines: -(Whispering): They won't, their night sight is weak. -(Sorrowful but with courage): Windclan has travelled long enough, It's nearly a moon since Shadowclan drove us from our home. The weather is turning colder and leafbare will be here soon. We have no choice but to stay. ·Ashfoot Female voice. ·Lines: -(Protective and with disbelief, a bit of an angry tone would be better): Peace? Here? With fire and monsters? My kits won't be safe! -(Angry) Rats? That's not better than crowfood! ·Deadfoot Male voice. ·Lines: -(Sorrowful): But we weren't safe at home, we couldn't prtoect them from Shadowclan, (angrier now) not even in our own camp! -(Neutral): I've been inside, there's some space away from the stream. At least we'll be safe from Twolegs and monsters. ·Random apprentice Male young voice. Can be voiced by a girl too. -(Scared): Brokenstar and his warriors may still be hunting us! -(Scared and angry): What if the Twolegs see us? ·Random queen Female voice. -(Hasty): Hush! Rat meat is better than starving to death! -(Kindly and with sympathy): We must a new place to settle, Ashfoot. Morningflower needs to rest and eat. Her kits will be born soon. She needs to be strong. The lines end here. I need auditions and the random cats are important too, that he/she is randome doesn't mean you will not talk again in the series, you always can try another audition because the randome are always (or almost) just one episode (or less) character. Another thing is that I need people that are able to send me the voices in time or when the project is on, my e-mail is [email protected] you can send me questions that are bothering you or other things, I'll try to respond to everything. My DA account is XxHoneywingxX. Wanna try out? Sure! You don't need to ask, just make the audition the best way as possible and if I like you I'll choose you for the series. You can make it with a video on Youtube and then send me the link or directly you can send me the auditions by e-mail or g-mail. Thanks for watching and reading this and I hope that you enter the casting as many other people ^^
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SSS Warrior Cats intro [HQ Test]
A test for audio/visual quality expected in episode 3. Original - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mMWz9evo-s ***Note: The rest of the episode will be in widescreen (16:9) format. A.K.A. - no black bars on the sides. :) Notes to self: Things to fix - make 480p, enhance glow, add credtis
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Important note
http://fav.me/d5b8g14 link to dA journal.
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Warrior Cats - Like Lightning He Strikes - Opening
:::EDIT::: I've cancelled the project. The pictures tell the story of the major events through Boltstrike's life, from when his mother as murdered to when he took over the SnowCave. The actual animation will pick up from that point. Here is FizzyPumpkin's (The owner of Boltstrike) more detailed story of Boltstrike's past: http://the-boltstrike-fc.deviantart.c... I've just abou gotten everyone's lines in, I understand there's been a problem concerning the script with about 2 people, I'll make sure to fix that XP Anyway, enjoy =) I made sure to give credit to as many people as possible who worked to make the actual story. LITTLE GAME! SEE IF YOU CAN SPOT BENJAMIN! 8D Made using: Adoby Photoshop v. 11 & Pinnicle Studios 14
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LPS Warrior Cats - The Beginning of Sunclan Episode 1: The Secret
Alison & Paige make their first installment of the Sunclan Movies.
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Warrior cats: Forest Of Secrets - Prologue
Wow done in one night. do you guys see now why I stopped twilight yes you do. yes meep you did help me get through this okay I see you chuckling in that join me. Cats in order of appearance: Oakheart, Mistykit, Stonekit, Graypool, Softwing, Bluestar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Qkqy6-jn8 wweeheHAOAAHHAHAGDHAHAGAHAA
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Fire and Ice prologue
This is the Prologue for Warrior cats Fire & Ice
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Fire &  Ice Prologue
This is the prologue for Warrior cats Fire & Ice
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[Warrior Cats] These Things Firestar will Never Say (Firestar x Graystripe)
Woooot! I made a second one :D there are so many good songs that would go with them... so heres one lol XD alright. Yeah I was lazy in this, but I thought I do it anyway. It's mostly just a PMV. Characters belong to Erin Hunter Song belongs to Avril Lavigne Pictures belong to me Story Flashbacks to when Firestar and Graystripe first met and their time as apprentices. Afterwards, the first part of the story takes place when Graystripe gets sick after he falls in the river. Fireheart always had feelings for him, so he thought he would be a good friend and fetch him some healing herbs. First he cleans himself up, goes visits Yellowfang, who is a bit confused at Fireheart's nervous behavior. Then he heads to the warriors den, only to find his friend missing. But he finds Graystripes trail and follows it. While also thinking about all the things he would like to do and say to his best friend. Once he finds Graystripe though, he finds out he's with Silverstream. Then you all know what happens. Time skips ahead, flashing to when Graystripe and Silverstream is together, till she dies and Graystripe leaves to Riverclan. Leaving Fireheart alone, ending up with Sandstorm to hide his feelings and numb the pain. Then he comes back, but is gone after being captured by twolegs, but comes back with a NEW mate, Millie. And soon has three kits with her. Firestar now, he is depressed about this, but know there is no point revealing his feelings now. But he feels alone because whenever he tries to just talk with Graystripe, his friend almost ignores him to go to his mate. But still, Firestar tries to be perfect for his clan, especially for his friend. So he pulls off he doesn't mind and stays strong. Still he cant help but dream of things that will never happen. One point, Firestar actually wants to tell Graystripe, but is interrupted by all the internal chains that is holding him down, preventing to tell Graystripe. So he just smiles at his friend, Says, "Ah its nothing... sorry for interrupting..." then leaves and smiles at Sandstorm who greets her, but still feels down. Even though he is trying to smile and be happy and strong. Here comes the *SPOILERS* Of the LAST HOPE I havent read it but i get the idea XD The battle between the clans and the Dark Forest Cats start and Firestar fights against Tigerstar, eventually killing him. But he suffers from such wounds he loses his life. While staring at his best friend and mate, knowing he wouldn't last. They didn't know though. Then lightning strikes a tree, causing it to go into flames and fall down on/or near Firestar. The fire fades and Firestar is found lifeless on the ground, and Graystripe grieves for his friend. And Firestar will never say his true feelings. And thats about it :3
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Page 26 to 27 of Warrior Cats Rising Storm
Hey Guys! This is my first video ever so PLEASE don't leave any really mean comments. You can ask for requests from any of the six books: Into the Wild, Fire & Ice, Forest of Secrets, Rising Storm, A dangerous path and The darkest hour.
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Fire And Ice Episode 1 Part 2
Yes! Part 2 is up! Look out for episode 2 part 1, coming soon! Enjoy!
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Let's Play! Warrior Cats Into the Wild Part.1
Please...Turn your speakers/headphones down....Ears dieing....Jk but yeah, try to keep the volume down to keep from your ears exploding :) Be nice, this is my first game walkthrough! No copyright intended, Warriors belongs to Erin Hunter and Harper Collins Company
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Tigerstar just met Scourge *warriors spoof*
EDIT (24/01/2013): I am completely fed up with people complaining about scourge's design. Yes, I forgot his white paw. Oh dear, I'm clearly going to hell for it. White bellies go on ALL my cats, regardless. And a red collor because it's more intimidating and manlier than purple. Kay? Now please shut up about it. (sorry to you people who don't complain all the time, I needed to get that off my chest) EDIT (1/9/2012): Oh the glory of Youtube. I spend a total of around 250 hours making ONE episode of Fire and Ice or Unknown Blood = generally no more than 20,000 views in about a year. I spend ONE HOUR making a crappy warrior cats spoof that's up for a few months = The same amount of views, and a comment a day. YOUTUBE LOGIC. OH YES. :'D Edit: Oh dear, been up for 2 seconds and it's been disliked :'D Oopsie... I utterly despise this song. Not because it is badly made. But because in nearly destroyed my ipod. I set it on continues replay for 4 solid days. It couldn't hack the cheesed up lyrics man :C Mind you, it's pretty badly made too :/ Enjoy one of Tigerstar's more special moments ;) Song = Call me Maybe Scourge, played by me :3
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Warriors "Ice and fire" reading via prologue
i talk about the book and series and read the whole prologue.
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Warriors Cats Trailer
Here is my trailer for the Warriors cat series.
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Warrior Cats Opening (fan made)
*Edit- Okay, so people keep debating in the comments section about how this looks a lot like SSS' style. Now, I'm not going to disagree, I can see and accept myself that there are designs and animation styles that may seem similar so there's no need to keep telling me. However, I was making this for fun and to test out flash (which was new to me at the time), not to get views or try and overpower someone else's animations. I had seen SSS' work prior to making this, so yes that's how I would often imagine the characters in the books and I couldn't imagine some in any way. I didn't take much consideration into character designs for this opening, as I said before I was only making this for fun, and some did turn out similar to SSS' designs without me paying much attention; so yes some SSS inspiration may be in there. However, inspiration does not mean someone is copying others' work; without inspiration there would be nothing creative. Erin Hunter would have been inspired by something to write her books, SSS was inspired by Erin Hunter's work as was I. In general, my main inspiration for this opening just came from the book series and other general anime opening styles; I'm sure SSS was inspired by anime to make an opening as they did. SSS does an amazing job, I'm definitely not trying to copy them or be better in any way, because I know I'm not better XD This is my own animation that I created (which isn't all that great to me anymore because it's quite old now), and I just want people to enjoy it without getting into fights in the comment section. So go ahead and just enjoy the video :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love the Warriors series, and really wanted to make my own animated opening to it :) I know there are a lot of other animated openings to this, and some are a lot better than this, but I still wanted to give it a shot :) I worked really hard on this, so hopefully most of you enjoy it ^^ A few things to point out. - Yeah, usually I make Scourge's collar red, but seeing how this is an opening, I decided to make it the original purple collar, so I hope all you who complain about the colour are happy! - Feel free to use, just give credit for the animation - I was also going to upload the japanese version to this, but it gets muted due to copyright claim :/ So English is all I can do sorry. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. * I don't own any of the characters, story or song Author of Warriors- Erin Hunter Song- Monochrome no Kiss ~ first Black Butler opening Animation- Me Programs used- Flash Professional CS5 Paint Tool SAI
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Warrior cats forest of secrets episode 2
Its finaly done I know its a little jumpy but i tryied my best and i think its alot better than episode 1 I when back and read the book and i forgot the backgrounds were supposed to be snow and onec i put them in they cant be fixed.
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Warrior Cats Opening -ANIMATION- [HD]
Finally. Done. Fuck you. Anyway, no. Not making this. Sorry. This is like, some sort of opening to the first arc of warriors. Cats in order: Fireheart -the one running- Bluestar's foot Bluestar Rusty Longtail Lionheart Whitestorm Tigerclaw/star Darkstripe Yellowfang Cinderpaw/pelt Spottedleaf Scourge Yep. Aww. Poor Scourgey. Before any of you complain, I know very well that Scourge's head did not explode. But cats don't magically get stars in their fur, or talk or go to Starclan either. Uploaded because I'm nice, Rebecca. I am very nice. lolno. Not sure what else to say. Programs- SAI for drawing, GIMP for GIFs, Sony Vegas for putting it all together. Time- Probably about a week, but spread out over about a month. Song- Opening from 'Tales of Symphonia" Yes, I referenced some. But most is me. Warriors- Erin Hunter (s) Animation- All mine, fuck you.
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Warrior cats: Twilight: Episode one
edit: closing comments because they're either about gravity falls or the dog in the background. lol okay NOW this is where part one was originally going to stop. this is half way through the chapter. also i skipped ALOT of the dialog between squirrelflight and leafpool. Mainly because its just back story and we all know it and they repeat the exact same argument in part 2 so bleh bleh bleh and also the lip sync is sO going to improve in part 2. The only lipsync im kinda happy with is cloudtail's (but that's only because i just did it) Music: Gravity falls: Opening theme. Crono trigger: Morning sunlight Legend of the guardians: The flight home Kevin Macleod : sneaky snitch Zelda- Skyward sword: Faron woods Cast: Firestar: Pokelilyx Dustpelt: Angelthewolf333 Squirrelflight: Urnam7 leafpool: shsgirl321 Ashfur: 312shadowwolf cloudtail: Meepalso Programs: Ms Paint Windows Movie Maker (+ some custom effects) Paint tool sai special thanks to meepalso for doing the opening! go sUB HER WHY ARENT YOU ALREADY.
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Warriors Fire And Ice book review
I do a book review on this book and tell a story at school about this book.
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Speedpaint-ice fire cat
It's oooold pic,but you can find it on silverbloodwolf98.deviantart.com
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Warriors book trailer
this was an assignment for school and now i decided to upload it
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'The Fire that saved the Clans' - Warrior Cats speedpaint
Link to original picture on DeviantART: http://finchwing.deviantart.com/#/d54fiuu SPOILERS! SPOILERS RRAAWWRRRRR! Don't watch if you haven't read 'The Last Hope!' (By the way, you may not be able to watch this, because of the song ;_; damn youtube, blocking in countries Dx ) A speedpaint in tribute of Firestar. After finishing The Last Hope, I felt really inspired to do this picture, and I had this song playing in my head while reading so I figured I'd make it into a speedpaint! Hope you enjoy C: I use GIMP 2.6.7 to draw. I use Unregistered Hypercam 2 to record. I use Windows Live Movie Maker to edit the video. The song I used here was 'Intro' by M83. The song and the characters don't belong to me! Only the image and the speedpaint does.
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Warrior cats death
I know how firestar actually died, please stop commenting about it. Check out the sequel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USZnY1ErTZo ok,what there spirit means is when there in starclan or the darkforest you can still die when in starclan and the darkforest and when you do you fade away never to be seen again. Oh ya I JUST FINISHED READING THE LAST HOPE!!!!!
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Warriors Speedpaint #2
thewolfssky.deviantart.com Yes, more PMD music. Deal with it. :3 The scene from Fire and Ice where Fireheart and Graystripe get in a fight over Silverstream. Also, too lazy to animate at the moment. Sorry. Program = Flash CS5
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Liek credit to flowerzinc for da moozic u love dig bicks APRIL FOOLZ DAY!!! ITS DA 15TH
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warriors cats trailer
c est une bandes annoces de la celebre serie la guerre des clans (warriors cats) laissez moi des commentaire read commentair les images ne m appartiennent pas. merci tanks
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Real life warrior cats episode 1
Like I said in the trailer this series is not based on the books. Its my own little thing.
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Warrior Cats Trailer 2012
I was thinking to make a trailer and then I did it, the first music I havefor it was to short and also this music was to short but the I fix it longer in Movie Maker, Hope you like it and I don't own enything in this vid ;)
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LPS Warrior cats:Wildfire's future (Episode #2: 'New Clan member,New Traitor') PT.1
WARNING: Please DO NOT say 'This is nothing like the books!'. This warrior series isn't like the books because this is my original Warrior series, also do not steal my videos and claim them, they're my original content. Thank you. As Burnheart dis-agrees to have Rose (Rosepaw) as a member of Firclan She stirs up a fight almost killing the new-comer. Rose tries to prove she is strong but Burnheart goes a little overboard, Flowerstar breaks them apart, killing the fight. Since Burnheart almost killed Rosepaw and Burnheart was the deputy, Flowerstar expected no more than loyalty from her deputy so she lowers Burnheart's rank to a rouge. (Exiles her from the clan) As far as Burnheart's threats goes Wildfire is chosen to be the new deputy! (GAH Laziness has come to my mind again...sorry guys but that's all I'm writing) © Fireball Productions 2013 © Norcol8Prime 2013
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My Warrior Cats LPSO video
What did u think
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Fire Alone[Speedpaint]
Spoilers for The Last Hope!! I thought it would be appropriate to create something that strained my current abilities in drawing for this cat. *INSERT SAPPINESS* My first introduction to Warriors was Firestar's Quest, a book that I carelessly picked out in November of 2006 for the sake of the shiny golden cover. I read it and couldn't put it down! That started me off in the Warriorcat series. Now about 6th grade, I met the internet xD There I fell in love with ssswarriorcats, flightfootwarrior, and allikatnya. I wished I could draw like them and so I /tried/ I animated and drew things like no tomorrow! I honestly doubt I would be half of the artist I am today had I never stumbled upon Erin Hunter and yearned to be like the people who revolutionized Warriors through the web. Thank you Firestar, thank you ssswarriorcats team, thank you allikatnya, and thank you flightfootwarrior. :3 I don't know what or who I would be had I never picked up that siny yellow kitty-cat book. *END SAPPINESS* :D Yeah.
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Top 5 Saddest Warrior Cat Deaths
Firestar - Hall of Fame (Ugh, I can't remeber the aritists name) Silverstream - If I die young - The Band Perry Bluestar - Set Fire To The Rain - Adele Spottedleaf - 1000 miles - Vanessa Carlton Ashfur - B Team - Marianas Trench Credit Song - All To Myslef - Marians Trench No copyright intended.
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Supporting  the warrior cat movie
like if u support the warrior cat movie to!!
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episode 1 part 1 - SSS Warrior cats fan animation
I did not make this.....all rights go to ssswarriorcats.... I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Warrior Cats Battle Moves
Warrior cats battle moves/ battle techniques! Music: "Awake and Alive"~Skillet "Hero"~Skillet Sources: http://warriors.wikia.com/wiki/Fighting_Techniques Backgrounds: Came from Google Softwares: Vegas Movie Studio version 12
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LPS Warrior cats: Wildfire's future (Episode #1)"New Memeber"
WARNING: Please DO NOT say 'This is nothing like the books!'. This warrior series isn't like the books because this is my original Warrior series, also do not steal my videos and claim them, they're my original content. Thank you. Wildfire, A senior warrior in Fireclan has been having horrific, Mysterious, Disturbing nightmares for more than 2 moons now, As another nightmare passes by Wildfire is awoken to leave his camp to escape his thoughts. While he is out beyond his camp he meets up with his warrior companions, She-cat Tearheart and Tom Scareclaw. After the little meet up Wildfire takes sight in a trespasser, He strikes to later find out this...Trespasser was loner, 6 moons old. Wildfire also finds out the young loner was named 'Rose'. Wildfire seems something in Rose and takes her to the Four-trees as Rose said she wanted to belong. There at the Four-trees the newly aqquantinces leave with Wildfire's mother, Flowerstar to take Rose to Fireclan camp so she can be introduced as a newly apprentince! Thank you all for watching! Hope you enjoyed.^^ © Fireball Productions 2013 © Norcol8Prime 2013
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Warrior cats Into the Wild Episode 1
Sorry that my animation isn't good, I'm still getting use to it. But anyway, this is the prologue of Into the Wild. Enjoy and subscribe! The characters all belong to Erin Hunter! I don't own Warriors (I wish I did). The theme song Is Breaking Free by High School Musical and I DO NOT own it! I repeat, I DON'T OWN it! I used Paint and Windows Movie Maker to make this!
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Warrior Cats opening
i like the warrior cat series and decided to create a fan based opening so here you go
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Warrior Cats, The Fire
Book 2 of series one,The Darkness Begins. I woud love names for the story, and if there is any voice in the backround its my bro. If you want a charcater in the story, tell me, and tell me his/her name and personalitiy. Don't say backstory's because these are diffrent characters. Just say the personality, and who you want the parents to be. Here are the characters (Don't choose Petalshine or Swiftstrike as parents.) Leader: Sootstar- dark gray tabby tom deep green eyes. Deputy: Meadowlake- Light ginger tabby she-cat pale blue eyes. Medicine cat: Fadedpond- Brown she-cat only brown on top of back, paws, tail tip and face. White is on ear tips and rest of body. Warriors: Snowleaf- white she-cat crystal blue eyes. Thornleaf- brown tabby tom pale green eyes. Thistletail- Light brown she-cat amber eyes. Willowfern- Black she-cat with white spots and pale amber eyes. Leapordtail- gray she-cat with white spots on her long fluffy black tail. Apprentice Rosepaw Pinefur- brown tabby tom with pale green eyes. Slashfang- Black she-cat with white socks and ears Orange eyes. Swiftstrike- swift gray tabby tom. Apprentice Puddlepaw Echoeyes- Dark gray she-cat dark blue eyes. Littlepetal- white she-cat with blue eyes. Crowfang- Pure black tom amber eyes. Treefur- brown tom pale green eyes. Lightningcloud- Pale ginger she-cat sapphire blue eyes. Firefoot- white she-cat with ginger paws and face. Bunnypath- White she-cat purple eyes. Puddlestrike- Gray she-cat dark blue eyes. Roseflower- Calico She-cat amber eyes. Sunleaf- Gigner she-cat blue eyes. Petalshine- Gray she-cat blue eyes. Grayclaw- gray tabby tom dark green eyes. Rainwhisker- Gray tabby tom green eyes. Swiftheart- White and black tom pale green eyes. Snowsky- White she-cat dark blue eyes. Icesong- White she-cat with icey blue eyes. Roseleaf- Tortoiseshell she-cat amber eyes. Apprentices: Queens: Elders: Sandheart- ginger she-cat blue eyes. Ravenclaw- black tom blue eyes. Longwing- light brown tabby tom pale amber eyes. If you request a cat to be a parent that is taken, I will kindly let you know that they can't. Please comment on this! (If these weird red words are on screen, sorry about that.)
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