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Introduction BPW Online Academy
Welcome to the next class of the Course BPW Business & Professional Women active around the world for Gender Equality.
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BPW Online Academy Introduction
Introduction to the future BPW Online Academy.
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Join the BPW Online Academy
http://bit.ly/bpwonlineacademy - Learn more about Business & Professional Women International an NGO advocating for Gender Equality.
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BPW Online Academy Introduction
Introduction to the BPW Online Academy that will be launched soon for all our BPW Members.
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BPW Online Academy:  Actual Course
http://www.openlearning.com/bpwi - The actual class of the course: BPW Business & Professional Women active around the world for Gender Equality - started on 17 January 2017. You can still sign up for the free online course
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BPW Online Academy -  End of 1st Class
The first class of this first course ends now. Thank you for participating and contributing to everyone.
Motivation for the BPW Online Academy
We want to spread all the good projects and experiences that already exist in BPW to all our members around the world.
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Introduction to the first course: BPW Business & Professional Women
This is the introduction to the first Course of the BPW Online Academy: BPW Business & Professional Women - active around the world for Gender Equality.
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Boards With Women 1, By BPW Europe
Follow BPW Europe: Twitter: #BoardsWithWomen Web: www.bpw-europe.org LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8273039 Today 90% of Fortune 500 CEOs are men 86% of European listed companies have male CEOs. Is that the corporate world we plan for our girls?
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Talisman Online: 300 Spartans BPW (Light In Darkness/PC)
300 Spartans did not defeat the great Persian Army, but they held them off long enough to save the rest of Greece. We raped them in spk and my guild wanted have little fun at palace. So we went just for troll and less than 30 people from our allies left the whole enemy alliance at a standstill. This is what true power is. Thanks KadMus, Brasil and others who helped in the making of this destruction :)
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Talisman online BPW
The greatest blood palace war. Anarchy defends the Blood Palace from 8 other guilds. If that wasn't bad enough many Anarchy players could not make it. Watch to see how it turns out
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Talisman Online: The Grand Victory / BPW 07.07.2018 (Light in Darkness)
Heathens, the strongest guild in the LiD history, makes a gigantic attack to claim the Blood Palace.
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Talisman Online: Visiting TF BPW (Tiger Fish)
Joined in on a war that was kinda fun :D Dont remember alot of people so i just attacked fairies lol.
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Rihanna - Take A Bow
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Talisman Online  3 Minute BPW Soaring Phoenix
Previously uploaded from channel 001SuperNatural001.
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Talisman Online: KadMus & Co. Surrender / BPW 21.07.2018 (Light in Darkness)
Another week of Heathens and friends' complete domination. KadMus and their allies wave the white flag to surrender and in the end can't move more than few pixels away from the safe zone.
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Talisman Online: Stomping Nerds / BPW 14.07.2018 (Light in Darkness)
After getting totally crushed last week, the KadMus alliance has been preparing to attack. Heathens and friends were ready to stop them.
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Talisman Online: Heathen's Betrayal to UA  BPW (Light In Darkness/PC)
AS foreseen long ago, Heathen's betray UA.
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Talisman Online: BPW 11/14/15 (Giant Sky)
Enemy has come to try and take palace again :D
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Talisman Online: A New Era BPW (Purple Cloud)
We Saw, We Came and We Conquered.
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DontPlayWithFire - BPW PvP
Just a short video of the blood palace war yesterday, even though people bug the shiz out of it, theres still some fun every once in a while. Hopefully it will be better once the bug is fixed. Songs in order : Skillet - Monster Tobymac - Ignition The red jumpsuit apparatus - False pretense Sebastian dix - My victory
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Boards With Women 2, By BPW Europe
Only Talent matter, not Gender Follow BPW Europe: Twitter: #BoardsWithWomen Web: www.bpw-europe.org LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8273039
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Young BPW Recruiting Tips
Learn about the recruiting of Young Women, how to involve them in BPW and the 10 Tips for Young Women to achieve their goals.
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Talisman Online  Zhayedan Wins BPW A New Beginning Giant Sky
Previously uploaded from channel 001SuperNatural001.
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Talisman Online  Zhayedan Storm Vs All BPW 12 30 17 Giant Sky
Previously uploaded from channel 001SuperNatural001.
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BPW International Executive Board
The BPW International Executive Board is elected at the International Congress for 3 years.
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Talisman Online: Zhayedan's New Beginning BPW Win (Giant Sky)
I decided to go take what was right fully mine, i decided to organize an alliance, i decided to organize an attack, i decided to say fuck you to the unloyal people in this game. I DECIDED TO TAKE YOUR PRECIOUS PALACE FROM YOU AHAHHAHAHA SO FUCK YOU PETARDA #ZHAYEDANISHERETOSTAY.
Views: 105 Super Natural
Talisman Online: BPW Hostile Takeover 6/13/15 (Giant Sky)
My alliance takes BPW back within 15 minutes, and enemy gives up shortly after.
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Talisman Online: Some Fun With Heathens BPW (Light In Darkness/PC)
~Follow me on Instragram: @blinkz1 Snapchat: @supernatural001 Twitter: @TheRealSN001 Twitch: @xSuperNatural001
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Talisman Online: BPW Fun With Allies (Giant Sky)
BPW against allys, and some PK on Purple Cloud :]
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Talisman Online: SPK after BPW at new merge (Giant Sky)
This is a pk we had in spk after BPW which turned out to be only 3 minutes long because Tyger sealed right away #29.
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Talisman online BPW SW magao52
Just a small demonstration of BPW in the server Sky around water. I am magao52, from server Sky Around Water, lvl 75 wiz - Officer of Guild Anarchy.
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Talisman Online: 1/30/16 BPW (Giant Sky)
Enemies have come to attack again :D
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Talisman Online: End Of Capella BPW (Purple Cloud)
The op got caught lackin and lost palace.
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Talisman Online: Heathens' attack at BPW 30.06.2018 (Light in Darkness)
Interested in playing in a civilized, english speaking guild? Join Heathens and have fun! :)
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Talisman Of Blood: LCB Vs. BrotherHood BPW
~Follow me on Instragram: @blinkz1 Snapchat: @supernatural001 Twitter: @TheRealSN001 Twitch: @xSuperNatural001
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Taliaman Online: BPW 6/18/16 Zhayedan Vs. Anarchy and MS
War on two servers cause you know how I roll!
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Terry's Belly - 2017
Views: 12885 BikePark Wales
Talisman Online: 1/2/16 BPW (Giant Sky)
~ I do not claim rights or ownership to any of the audio or music in this video. Watch as the worst attackers fail hard even with numbers :)))) They even tried to seal energy tower #13 #22
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Talisman Online: Summon boss event + BPW 12/12/15 (GIant Sky)
Our alliance does the summoning boss event and later that night have BPW. I dont claim rights to any of the music or audio in this video.
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Talisman Online: Best BPW Ever 2/6/16 (Giant Sky)
Watch as so many attackers come up against our defenders. It is survival of the fitess!!!
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Talisman Online: 3 Minute BPW (Soaring Phoenix)
My friend let me use her fairy to help take BPW from some noobs. Seal within 3 minutes and reach 58 members online. New record?
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Talisman online Brasil- KillZone Loses BPW
Blood palace war. killzone Fail :)
Views: 1133 Fernando Medeiros