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The Diamond Shaped Magic Cube, Coolest Cuber Ever ||Rubik's Cube
Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed make sure to leave a like and subscribe. 2017 New Diamond Shape Magic Cube Pyraminx Pyramid Speed Puzzle Cubo Magic https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06ZZWY1NT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_kbuBzb2P0TJRX
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How To Solve An Axis Cube (Axel Cube)
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CrazyBadCuber Skype Name - CrazyBadCuber Edge Orientation Algorithm F U R U' R' F' Edge Permutatino Algorithm R U R' U R U2 R' Corner Orientation Algorithm U R U' L' U R' U' L Corner Permutation Algorithm R' D' R D R' D' R D In this video we take a look at how to solve the Axis Cube. Some people also know it as the Axel cube. This cube is just a basic 3x3 shape mod but it is one of the more complex shape mods for sure. A lot of people buy this cube and scramble it up and can't get it back. The odd shapeshifting aspect of this cube really trips people up. I have to admit I had a pretty difficult first couple of solves but now it's become a very easy cube to solve.
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11 years old Chinese girl,solve diamond pattern Rubik's Magic Cube
11 years old Chinese girl,solve diamond pattern Rubik's Magic Cube
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Hexagonal Dipyramid Showcase and Tutorial
In this video I teach you how to solve a Heagonal dipyramid. Thanks for watching! and as always, have an awesome day. Music by NCS
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Rubik's Twist Tutorial
How to get your rubik's twist (or snake) into ball form! Hope this helps! Feel free to subscribe or request videos!!! :D
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Rubik's Twist Heart 3D | Snake Puzzle Diamond
Rubik's Heart 3D Tutorial. Rubik's Twist Heart Diamond. How to make a Rubiks Snake. Snake Puzzle. Rubik's magic. DIY Do It Yourself . This is a step-by-step video. ALL video - https://goo.gl/vx6izn ~ SUBSCRIBE to channel and you’ll be the first one to watch NEW video ~ Hope you’ll enjoy! Thanks a lot for your LIKE! ……………… #DIY #Puzzle #3D #Howtomake #Heart #Diamond
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Taobao Unboxing: Limited Edition Metal CubeTwist Diamond Cube & an Oversized  HeShu 3x3
Today I received a couple of twisty puzzles from Taobao via Taobaoring. The limited edition graduation color CubeTwist 3x3 diamond cube is very cool, and very heavy, much more heavier than a regular 3x3x3. It is made of a metal called ormolu alloy, and has coloured rhinestones for the stickers. It comes in a nice presentation box with a CubeTwist stand, spare rhinestone stickers/tiles, and a small plastic certificate. Only 3000 of these cubes were made, and mine is number 138. I guess that means mine was the 138th one made? It turns quite nicely sometimes, but then other times it completely locks up. It doesn't corner cut much, and the caps don't seem to come off, so if you wanted to tension it that might be an issue. The giant 3x3 is made by HeShu / 合树 , it is a tiny bit bigger than the huge Yuxin roar lion 3x3, it has tiles and the pieces are uncapped. There doesn't seem to be any caps you can take off for tensioning. The movement is okay, it feels quite clunky and the corner cutting isn't that great.
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Smiggle snake puzzle or Rubik's twist 48 - Diamond 3D
Rubik's Snake is a toy with 24 wedges that are right isosceles triangular prisms. It can be longer (36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108, 120 pieces,...) so that you could make anything from it (such as Houses, Animals, Flowers, Toys, Weapons, Transports,...) A few other names of it : Rubik's Twist, Rubik's Transformable Snake, Rubik’s Snake Puzzle, Magic Snake, Smiggle Snake Puzzle, Line Cube, 扭計蛇, ルービックスネーク, Зме́йка Ру́бика, งูของรูบิค, rubik rắn...)
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1,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 Rubik's Cube Solve [New Version]
***Updated Video*** Nearly 2 million views on the original video! The biggest rubik's cube... ever, being solved by a computer. ***Check this out!*** https://soundcloud.com/kingpin_productions/lorde-royals-king-babylon
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DianSheng MODAO Skewb Diamond Cube White
A brief look at this puzzle including a checkerboard pattern
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How to Solve a Skewb Diamond: Simple Tutorial!
This is a very simple tutorial on how to solve a skewb diamond. although threatening at first, its actually really easy to solve. ALGORITHMS: R U' R' U' R U' R' U dont have a skewb diamond? get one herehttps://bit.co.in/clickmeidareyou
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solving Mirror cube (ft. in Bang Bang Movie) -Niten Mukesh
Mirror cube! Aim: solve this uneven puzzle to make it a perfect cube. I wasn't well, therefore the expressions. Thanks a lot Rajat Bagga for audio-visual effects. (this video is a little faster than the actual speed)
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How to solve a Skewb Diamond: Easy Tutorial
This tutorial will teach you how to solve a Skewb Diamond
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12 pieces diamond wooden cube puzzle - part 1 (taking it apart)
here is how you put it back together http://youtu.be/amSCgJr6whg Hope you find it useful
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Resolver Axis Cube (Principiantes) | HD | Tutorial | Español
Hola cubo-adictos! En este vídeo os traigo un tutorial para resolver el Axis Cube por el método de principiantes. Partes del tutorial (click en los minutos para ir al paso deseado): - Introducción: 1:33 - Paso 1 (Orientar centros): 4:54 - Paso 2 (Cruz primera capa): 9:27 - Paso 3 (Esquinas primera capa): 17:40 - Paso 4 (Aristas segunda capa): 20:54 *Colocarla a la izquierda: D L D' L' D' F' D F *Colocarla a la derecha: D' R' D R D F D' F' - Paso 5 (Identificar patrón [Punto, L, línea o cruz] y orientar): 27:21 *Algoritmo: F R U R' U' F' - Paso 6 (Permutar aristas): 34:13 *Algoritmo: R' U' R U' R' 2U R U' - Paso 7 (Colocar esquinas tercera capa): 36:12 *Algoritmo: U R U' L' U R' U' L - Paso 8 (Orientar esquinas tercera capa): 38:24 *Algoritmo: R' D' R D (Repetir hasta orientar bien la esquina) ________________________________________________________________ TUTORIAL 3X3 PRINCIPIANTES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyY0OxDk5lI TUTORIAL NOTACIÓN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3nxbQhTLtc ________________________________________________________________ Espero que os guste y nos vemos en el próximo vídeo! Twitter: https://twitter.com/CubyPuzzles Facebook: https://facebook.com/CubyPuzzles
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Diamond shaped 3x3x3 rubiks cube solve
Song: The state of Massachusetts Justplaying around solving some of the new cubes i got ^^ will be coming more videos soon :) Thanks for watching :)
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Fastest time to solve 3 Rubik's Cubes while juggling - As Seen On TV China
► Subscribe for more || http://po.st/GWR-Subscribe ► Watch the GWR’s Favourites || http://po.st/GWRFavs There are countless ways to solve a Rubik’s cube, but one boy from China has decided to make the challenge even harder by going for the Fastest time to solve three Rubik's cubes whilst juggling. Read more: http://bit.ly/GWR-RubiksJuggle ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At Guinness World Records we want to show that everyone in the world is the best at something, and we’re here to measure it! Whether you’ve got the stretchiest skin, know the world’s smallest dog or want to create the largest human dominoes chain we want to hear about it. Here on the Guinness World Records YouTube channel we want to showcase incredible talent. If you're looking for videos featuring the world's tallest, shortest, fastest, longest, oldest and most incredible things on the planet, you're in the right place. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Website || http://po.st/GWR-Web Facebook || http://po.st/GWR-FB Twitter || http://po.st/GWR-Twitter Instagram || http://po.st/GWR-Insta
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lightake:High Quality Diamond Style Magic Intelligence Test Cube
http://www.lightake.com/detail.do/sku.24374~c.TJB929352010ZYPYDSF Brand new and high quality Compact and portable design Taiwan version 3# magic cube High quality PVC Stickers Cube+Lube+Solution+Stand Practice your brain and improve your memory Perfect for testing your mental skill and patience
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Branboy2121 - Diamond Cube Review
The website you can get this is popbuying.com for $7. It's a great puzzle! If you have any questions, please ask and i will try to reply. Please rate, comment, and subscribe :D
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Rubik's Twist 36 - Peach Heart / Diamond
SLOW TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/kSevskSKfjY If you like this video, please rate, share and comment! Subscribe to watch more Rubik's Twist videos! Email me about what do you want to see in new videos: [email protected]
Rubiks Flat Tank Diamond Puzzle UFO Cube Walkthrough Solve
Can i get a like for my First walkthrough solve video. PM me or comment with suggestions for a puzzle you would like to see next in a video like this. Does any know the actual name of this puzzle. I know it as the Flat tank Diamond and The UFO Cube. so i listed it as both. please comment below, if you can think of a better title for this video
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Burgo's Skewb Diamond & Skewb Cube tutorial (old version)
This is my other skewb cube method. It works well with the Skewb Diamond and the Square Skewb. It is a very simple and easy method to learn. It can also be used with the Skewb Kite and Skewb Ultimate but it is a little trickier visually. You have to orientate the large corners first and then the small corners on those more complex skewbs, where both types of pieces require orientation.
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Massive Mefferts Unboxing - Red Ghost Cube - Metal Eggs - Diamond Pyraminx
These puzzles will be available here: https://bit.ly/MeffertsPuzzles Check out CrazyBadCuber's Unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFnQSJOCJfg I unbox these awesome puzzles! 8 Metalized Egg puzzles based on 2x2x2s Twin Diamond Pyraminx with 4 colors Twin Diamond Pyraminx with 8 colors 1 Red Ghost Cube Music: Magic Marker by Silent Partner Music from YouTube audio library. My facebook: http://facebook.com/redKB.FB My twitter: http://twitter.com/KennethBrandon My google+: http://google.com/+RedKB My instagram: http://instagram.com/red.kb Here's the gear I'm using: http://bit.ly/RedKB-Gear
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TONGUE TWISTER! Guy Solves Rubik's Cube With TONGUE | Got Talent Global
Guy solves Rubik's cube with his Tongue on Spain's Got Talent 2017! how does he do it? Got Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world. Watch more XXX Got Talent: Watch the original, full length clip: Subscribe to Got Talent Global: http://www.youtube.com/user/gottalentglobal Watch more Got Talent Global videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-z5mbZ-yCI&list=PLF-BDTAHX0p5xf2caJw3l9oPmuHI0PJRA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gottalentglobal Twitter: https://twitter.com/gottalentglobal #gottalent #talent #gottalent #talent #gottalent #talent
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MC-174 Diamond Magic Cube
A physical 3D folding puzzle for creative advertising. The Magic Diamond Cube starts as a cube with 6 sides, then morphs to reveal 6 more square panels with 8 triangle panels for an 18 sided diamond. Engage your clients with the Power of Emotion of the fun and playful Magic Cubes. http://www.MagiCubes.com Call +1-877-99-CUBES (28237)
Promotional Magic Folding Diamond Cube
Monkey (Promotional Magic Folding Shape) is a Creative Magic Cube (3D Advertising Puzzle) & a Funny Promotional Cube (Rubik Cube) that can be customized to different Cube Shape (Folding Cube), Credit Card Cube (Folding Credit Card), Calendar Cube, Revolving Cube, Desk Cube, Magic Cube, etc. Your Client will play for hours by folding & unfolding your Customized Cube Messages (Rubik Cube). Our Available Shapes are distributed into the below Magic Cubes: Rubik Highlighter, Rubik Torch, Rubik Paper Holder, Rubik Key Chain, Rubik USB, Rubik Mug, Rubik Power Bank, Rubik Credit Card, Rubik House, Rubik Ring, Rubik Orbit, Rubik Cylinder, Rubik Calendar. Follow Us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/adburgmedia Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/adburg Instagram https://instagram.com/adburgworld/ Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/AdBurgmediaworld Click Here to Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/user/AdBurgmediaworld For more info Visit our website on http://www.adburg.ca/ Contact Us Canada +1 514 6616623 Lebanon +961 3 119949 Ksa +961 3 119949 What’s App +1 514 6616623
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A simple trick to design your own solutions for Rubik's cubes
The vast majority of people who tackle the Rubik's cube never succeed in solving it without looking up somebody else's solution. In this video the Mathologer reveals a simple insight that will enable all those of you who can solve the first layer to design your own full solution for the Rubik's cube, as well as for many other highly symmetric twisty puzzles. For more details about this really very fundamental idea behind many twisty puzzle solutions have a look at this article by the Mathologer from a couple of years ago http://www.qedcat.com/rubiks_cube/ Googling "commutator, Rubik's cube" will also produce links to a lot of very good articles on this topic. For a few footnotes you may also want to check out this video on Mathologer 2: https://youtu.be/k3IEpugNfJY The Rubik's cube animations in this video were produced using the program CubeTwister by Werner Randelshofer: http://www.randelshofer.ch/cubetwister/ Thank you also to Danil Dmitriev the official Mathologer translator for Russian for his subtitles. Enjoy! Burkard Polster, Giuseppe Geracitano, Karl and Lara
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Rubik’s Twist 36 or Snake Puzzle 36 Tutorial: How To Make A Star or Flower Shape Step by Step
This video tutorial shows how to make a Star or Flower shape with the Rubik's Snake/Twist 36 or 36 Piece Snake Puzzle (Magic Snake) Step by Step. This is an advanced level shape that can be a little tricky so it might require some patience and perseverance! This is the third video I have made so far for the 36 piece snake puzzle which I recently bought online. Please check out my other video tutorials for the standard 24 piece puzzle, 60 piece python puzzle and the Smiggle Serpent Puzzle. Here are links to my other tutorials for the 36 piece Rubik's Twist or Snake Puzzle (Magic Ruler Twisty Snake) How to Make a Turtle Shape https://youtu.be/jGZJYyEZO_U How to Make a Peach Heart Shape https://youtu.be/ZXFYwAzNOpo How to Make a Star Shape https://youtu.be/HLoOnsrZ7Ac How to Make a Heart shape https://youtu.be/BLaQBJz_OIs How to Make a Dinosaur Shape https://youtu.be/4ywSV2yhbI4 Here is a list of all my Snake Puzzle tutorials (24 piece): How to Make a Peacock Shape https://youtu.be/QqobtbC9ADU How to Make a Simple Rocket Shape: https://youtu.be/hCxrUugZxnA How to Make a Prawn Shape https://youtu.be/x_4E4k6pO74 How to Make a Double Stars Shape https://youtu.be/j-hHHKep3dg How to Make an Ostrich 2 https://youtu.be/18wOW7uDPLs How to make a Rooster shape https://youtu.be/dViOsyU47os How to make a Turkey shape https://youtu.be/lhzkZQLV48c How to make an Uzi Gun https://youtu.be/U7O4_PNRd4E How to make a Duck: https://youtu.be/k_w-zWRnqHk How to Make a Sitting Giraffe: https://youtu.be/kaAeP7RrHNM How to Make an iPad Stand https://youtu.be/wzp_0aOADrw How to Make a Flying Bird Shape https://youtu.be/05JJ8HUDG9g How to Make a Lion: https://youtu.be/m_BgZRuOiVI How to Make an Eagle: https://youtu.be/T5jMhUtKMb8 How to Make a Gun or Pistol SLOW https://youtu.be/1UC1pB-0x0g How to Make a Swan SLOW https://youtu.be/oigjXvp_CXg How to make an Elephant SLOW https://youtu.be/ulCFYwThIw8 How to make a Cobra SLOW https://youtu.be/kNCXQ82iWqQ How to make an Ostrich SLOW https://youtu.be/UNjY2mF6C-Q How to make Numbers https://youtu.be/q223u9TqmIc How to make 2 Hearts https://youtu.be/EE0fGy_qaWk How to make a Flower shape https://youtu.be/5E9Wl-vByWY How to make a Seal shape https://youtu.be/Ejs83rIYRE8 How to make a Gift Bow Shape https://youtu.be/kIxnBiclF0w How to make a Butterfly shape https://youtu.be/bq14IurxkT8 How to make a Standing Heart Shape https://youtu.be/qVNX9334-fo How to make a Bow SLOW https://youtu.be/Oeo3fV2aSdM How to make a Slide Shape https://youtu.be/YyX9rTp3JYI How to make a Parrot Shape https://youtu.be/QcoWytBnqIQ How to make a Ninja Star SLOW: https://youtu.be/AxlTrauL_W0 How to make a Laser or Phaser Gun https://youtu.be/oVxr0Jir2m8 How to make a Skull https://youtu.be/O5tETgkjEfU How to make a Bone for the dog: https://youtu.be/fLq2vjOAmM0 How to make an Airplane or Concorde https://youtu.be/TTFiLDetXB8 How to make a Rocket - Slow Tutorial https://youtu.be/LOdP748UBXI How to make Musical Quaver Notes https://youtu.be/yTtp_Sev2GE How to make a Shell & Octahedron https://youtu.be/pE2mDkTuaOw How to make a Ball (Slow Tutorial) https://youtu.be/hXE6osYnQAc How to make a Cat https://youtu.be/L0BmjFcX-Cg How to make a Tortoise to Puppy https://youtu.be/pNpI32MXFv0 How to make a Cobra: https://youtu.be/xGHsauCelJQ How to make a Rocket: https://youtu.be/U4mHekMocEg How to make a Giraffe: https://youtu.be/E8kRkF9Zcvo How to make a Wolf: https://youtu.be/R-D6NigSPgc How to make Glasses: http://youtu.be/op8DJ-Xe0RA How to make a Fish (Beginners) http://youtu.be/0ukSsvgSr_E How to make a Cross or Crucifix http://youtu.be/OWuX5xLvE5M How to make a Key (Beginners):http://youtu.be/n3YkIVlTKOw How to make a Spoon http://youtu.be/uQnBWLsOpcE How to make a Rooster http://youtu.be/-QdZBehhOpw How to make a Heart shape http://youtu.be/_wiIIpM-PBw How to make a Swan http://youtu.be/8a2mzMOdngc How to make a Propeller http://youtu.be/9YsX3dGj7OU How to make a Dog (for beginners) http://youtu.be/Ef-h5dwRriQ Smiggle Python Puzzle or Rubik's Snake 60 tutorials: How to make a Sword Shape https://youtu.be/o5K_xbs0K1k How to make a Dinasour egg https://youtu.be/0AHosXdE9E4 How to make a Tortoise or Turtle https://youtu.be/2-H09yCZ9Kk How to make a Minion Lava Lamp Gun How to make a Tank https://youtu.be/zZvc_A3Hw2k How to make a Mouse https://youtu.be/x2KfvEertSM How to make a Guinea Pig https://youtu.be/QYMCdw5yIoo How to make a Water Gun or Pistol https://youtu.be/OIF5TgvsAQs How to make an Elephant: https://youtu.be/kKYvaaFtubo How to make a Hammer https://youtu.be/l2p323SG7_0 How to make a 3D Heart https://youtu.be/7ZwBvNsD2H0 Tutorials for the Smiggle Serpent Puzzle or Round Rubik's Twist: How to Make a 4-Leaf Clover Shape https://youtu.be/3DPH3c6Pf2I How to Make a Heart Shape https://youtu.be/_6AnKMIz_cg More to come! Please subscribe to my channel for new tutorials :)
Rubik's Twist 36 Tutorial #8 - Sea Lion - Pipe - Peach Heart / Diamond
Hi, everyone! This is the eighth tutorial. Tell me what you think about it, rate if you like it:) This tutorial contains following shapes: 00:03 - Sea Lion 03:58 - Pipe 08:43 - Peach Heart / Diamond Music credit: "Eternal Hope" - Kevin MacLeod - available on incompetech.com License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ If you like this video, please rate and share! Subscribe to watch more Rubik's Twist videos! Email me about what do you want to see in new videos: [email protected]
MC174 7cm Magic Diamond Cube
Brand promotion with trade show gifts using the Magic Cube Diamond - a fun educational 3D puzzle, 100% Custom 4C graphics, or a promotional gift! The Magic Diamond 7cm Magic Cube features a unique style with 6 square faces of a cube and 8 equilateral triangle faces of an octahedron, making it a "CUBOCTAHEDRON." The 7cm Magic Diamond will make for endless advertising magic!
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lightake:CYH Diamond King Magic Cube Transparent
CYH Diamond King Magic Cube Transparent http://www.lightake.com/detail.do/sku.28030~c.TJB929352010ZYPYDSF Brand new and high quality CYH Diamond King Magic Cube Speed smooth puzzle game Magic Cube with built-in transparent color sticker for each side Rotate the magic cube and try your best to complete it Practice your brain and improve your memory and hand skills
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Rubiks Cube - GOLD with DIAMONDS
Please LIKE & SHARE ***SUBSCRIBE*** CHECK this OUT!!! https://youtu.be/Io4ZCez5120
Views: 1450 The Couch Gamer
3x3x3 dipiramide truncada | Diamond Tank | Flat Hexagon Dypiramid |Tutorial | Solución Rubik
3x3x3 dipiramide truncada | Diamond Tank | Flat Hexagon Dypiramid |Rubik Cube Tutorial Solución Spanish Español | Solución Rubik http://rubiksolucion.blogspot.com.es/2016/03/dipiramide-truncada-diamond-tank-o-flat.html Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rubik.cube/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RubikSolucion/ Web: http://rubiksolucion.blogspot.com
Diamond Magic Cube 174
Promo items for trade show gifts simply work better when you engage with the power of emotion. And that's exactly what Magic Cubes do. Engage!. http:www.Magicubes.com or call +1-877-99-CUBES over 30 styles. Free Samples.
Assembling a diamond Rubik's Cube
Hi guys! I'm RandomMANIA14. In this video, I will show you how I assembled my diamond Rubik's Cube. Enjoy!!:-) Credits to: Kinemaster Don't forget to Hit Like and Subscribe for more future Vids.
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6 Color Diamond Cube (Rubik's)
on eBay
Views: 685 wmfootball75
MC174 3D Diamond Magic Cube
The Magic Diamond 7cm Magic Cube measures 2.75 x 2.75x 2.75 inches. A special style that has the 6 square faces of a cube and the 8 equilateral triangle faces of an octahedron making it a CUBOCTAHEDRON. From a fun educational puzzle, trade show gift, promo toy and for other myriad advertising promotions in a clever new promotional product. The 7cm Magic Diamond will serve you endless advertising magic! View at: http://www.magicubes.com/product.php?sid=164 Call +1-877-99Cubes View our other videos at: http://www.youtube.com/user/MagiCubes
2013 Rubik's Cube World Championship: Day 1!
I competed in 2x2 and met a lot of great people! Continue to Day 2! http://youtu.be/Z5SM8rioBAU * Check out the videos I referenced: * Mats Valk's 3x3 World Record: http://youtu.be/vhTMm85G9GE Loui Cormier 3x3 feet North American record: http://youtu.be/fCN_WXHpmpA Matt Bahner's Examinx: http://youtu.be/HLv_Qd62Pro Feliks vs Kevin 2x2-7x7 Relay Race: http://youtu.be/XYEPGrfsgz8 Sarah Strong Reciting Pi to 1337 digits: http://youtu.be/TaNN2AEJyvg Sarah's Shirt on the FiveAwesomeCubers: http://youtu.be/XGqfmD3Q3ec Ravi Juggling Rubik's Cube: http://youtu.be/K_gHa2x2OQA This took place in Las Vegas on July 26th. Special thanks to Josh's family for letting me stay with them. Check out his video of Worlds here: http://youtu.be/kWKQA5FVToQ Like me on Facebook!: http://facebook.com/MMAP.YouTube Or my Google+ page: http://plus.google.com/+MeMyselfAndPi The free music clips I used: 13:30: "The Art of Gardens" by Dan O: http://www.danosongs.com/#music 21:35: "Wallpaper" by Kevin MacLeod: http://incompetech.com/music/
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Cuboctahedron (AKA Diamond Cube) solve
10 Year-Old solving Cuboctahedron (AKA Diamond cube rubik ribik's cubing mefferts speedcube
Views: 6483 Roger Skouson
Magic Cube 2 In 1 Shapes Square And Diamond by  Excel Overseas Corporation
[http://www.eocindia.in/] Our organization is engaged into manufacturing, supplying, trading, wholesaling, importing and exporting of Key Chain, Leather Wallet, Sand Timer, Yoga Accessories and many more.
MC174 Magic Diamond Cube
Promotional products for trade show gifts that offer advertising in 3D. Create Endless Impressions that offers powerful branding with positive emotion. Magic Cubes
Lightake.com: QJ Hexagon Diamond Magic Intelligence Test Cube Black
Views: 981 films4lightake
= 3 Jokers + Three of Diamonds (Rubiks Cube Magic Illusion 6)  by Bob Cubes
= 3 Jokers + Three of Diamonds + Rubiks Cube Magic Illusion 6 - by Bob Cubes This Magic Illusion, which simply involved 4 cards (3 Jokers & a normal card) was 1 of my very early tricks when I was very young. Just want to share with you guys. Enjoy ! For those who missed my 1st to 5th Magic Illusion, here are the links: 1st Magic Illusion : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmnKzhMgnYg 2nd Magic Illusion : “3x3 solved with a toss of the cube” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9InYAY_3jfY 3rd Magic Illusion : :Unsolve The Cube” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_mYdB9ywJA 4th Magic Illusion “Teleportation” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0gltbackVg 5th Magic Illusion : “Solve a 3x3 in 3 sec” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwkihniw0HE 1st 4 Magic Illusions were uploaded under my old fiboo551 account. For some reason, I cannot login my original youtube channel fiboo551 anymore. I have created this new account Bob Cubes. Enjoy the videos that I have re-uploaded. You can re-subscribe to this account. _______________________________________ For those reading this, feel free to add my FACEBOOK page -Bob Cubes timeline for more interesting photos & posts every day !! Cheers !! If any one's interested in buying cubes or cubes related stuffs from 61 manufacturers or if any one you know wants to have How To Solve Cubes tutorial lessons, please whatsapp me at +65 9004 0987 * BEYOND IMAGINATION - The World is Full of Puzzles * - Infinite Possibilities - One Solution - 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 ** Note: ALL ADS in http://singapore.best-free-ad.com are NOT posted by me but by a saboteur who has taken all my ad photos, text description, contents, phone number & sabotage me by putting nonsensical prices **
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Hướng dẫn giải Axis Cube-(Chi tiết)
Tuần này mình chỉ cho các bạn cách giải Axis Cube Biến thể 3x3 trong chi tiết Nếu thấy hay thì hãy ấn nút Like và Subscribe để có nhiều video hơn nhé :v Like Trang FaceBook của mình nếu cần Hướng dẫn chi tiết hơn: https://www.facebook.com/XPCuber/ Mua Rubik giá rẻ ở đây: http://rubikhanoi.vn/
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lightake:Diamond Style Magic Intelligence Test Cube (white line)
http://www.lightake.com/detail.do/sku.23053~c.TJB929352010ZYPYDSF Brand new and high quality Compact and portable design Standard PVC Stickers Cube+Lube+Solution+Stand Practice your brain and improve your memory Perfect for testing your mental skill and patience
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UFO Cube Tutorial - Two Complete Solves
Tutorial on the DianSheng UFO Cube also called Flat Diamond Cube and Diamond Tank. This is an inexpensive and fun shape mod of a 3x3 cube. Includes: * TWO complete solves with tutorial commentary * FULL coverage of UFO Party (Case 1 and Case 2) Links: Black UFO Cube: http://51morefun.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=180&products_id=426 http://www.hknowstore.com/locale/en-US/item.aspx?corpname=nowstore&itemid=fe9bd309-18c9-471e-8839-9722fd1fa2fc White UFO Cube: http://51morefun.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=180&products_id=427 Steps: 1. Bottom Cross: identify bottom edges and put into place 2. Bottom Corners: insert and orient bottom corners using beginner's method 3. Edges: insert edges using the beginner's method: Move target edge over matching colour on F, to insert on: Right: (U R U' R') (U' F' U F) Left: (U' L' U L) (U F U' F') 4. Last Layer: • Orient edges with standard 3x3 algs (repeat if needed): Dot and Line: F (R U R' U') F' Angle on F and R: f (R U R' U' F') f' • Permute edges, turn cube so ONLY one(*) matched edge is on F and do SUNE (1x or 2x) until the rest are matched up: (R U R') U (R 2U R') (*) If it if is not possible to line up only one edge, turn the top layer so that NO edges are lined up, do SUNE and restart the step. • Permute LL Corners: Put a correctly positioned corner at UFR (if available) Cycle UFL, UBL, UBR corners: CW- L' U R U' L U R' U' CCW- U R U' L' U R' U' L Repeat if all 4 corners were originally wrong. Note: UFO Party Case 1 (swapped grey corners) will show in this step when there are only two corners that need to be swapped. To fix, swap the two grey corners between the top and bottom layers, fix the intermediate edge and then re-solve the last layer. • Orient LL Corners: Note: UFO Parity Case 2 (misoriented grey corner) will show in this step. If an odd number of corners are misoriented, this indicates that the grey corner is also misoriented. Orient the grey corner last. a. Place first wrong corner at UFR and do: R' D' R D until it is correct (2x or 4x) Note: the cube will be messed up until all the corners are fixed. b. Turn U until next wrong corner is in SAME UFR position and repeat. c. Continue until all corners are oriented, then turn U to align colours. I welcome your questions, comments and suggestions. If I didn't explain something well or missed a step and you still have questions, please leave a comment or send me a PM and I will do my best to answer.
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