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How To Write The Best Product Description for your Shopify Store
In this video I walk you through the process of writing the best product descriptions to help convert traffic into customers. I also show you an app on called “Describe” that creates product descriptions for you. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2xHPqm4 Get your FREE 14 day trial of Shopify here: http://bit.ly/Get-Shopify Download the resource guide and get extras sent directly to your inbox: http://bit.ly/Apparel-Download About This Video: This video goes through the process involved with writing the best product description for your Shopify ecommerce store. Writing great descriptions with SEO and your customer in mind helps you get found online and convert traffic into customers. We dive into the 4 key points you should keep in mind which include: 1- Keep Your Customer In Mind 2- Listing Functions and Benefits 3- The Voice 4- Optimizing For SEO If you enjoyed this video please subscribe to my channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-JohnxSantos Let’s connect: John Santos on Social: https://www.instagram.com/johnxsantos/ https://twitter.com/johnxsantos SC: @revivejohnny LINKS TO BUSINESS RESOURCES AND INFO. **** RESOURCE LINKS******** ***Shopify- Website Platform, 14 Day Risk Free Trial http://bit.ly/Get-Shopify ***Bluehost- Web hosting package, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee http://www.bluehost.com/track/bluejay90 *** Design Package- Photoshop, Illustrator & More http://bit.ly/Creative-Cloud1 Upload and print your designs with Printful: http://bit.ly/Try-Printful ***Fiverr- Logo Design and Graphics http://tracking.fiverr.com/SH1rz *** Amazon- Recommended Startup Items https://www.amazon.com/shop/jaycashofficial FTC: This video is sponsored by describe.shop.
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How to Write A Product Description
5 Parts To a Perfect Product Description. Make writing your descriptions for your products easy! Download the pdf here: https://www.alisonprince.com/descriptions How to Get More Email Subscribers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8a8hn7oKCac Find out how my 10 and 13-year-old girls sold over 21,000 scarves in 9 months over on the https://0-100k.com/special-webinar-registration Learn how you can start your online store to sell products. Make sure to follow me so you can learn how to run an online store and make money online. Blog: https://www.alisonprince.com/home Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alisonjprince Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alisonjprince/ Join the Because I Can Clan FB page and find out how other 'clanners' are changing their lives!
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Use Case : AdZis -| Product Description Generator for Online Stores
Find an interesting case that shows the benefits of AdZis over other alternatives available. Product Descriptions at an affordable cost, quick time and are reliable. From AdZis, Inc.
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Ecommerce SEO - Get Traffic to Your Online Store [Top 4 Factors]
This video will show you how to use Ecommerce SEO to get more traffic (and customers) to your online store. How? By focusing on the top 4 most critical ranking factors that go into ranking ecommerce websites. Of course, I cover all 4 of these factors in the video. But I'll also list them here as a reference. First up, we have your site's overall link authority. This is determined by the quality and quantity of the backlinks pointing to your site. The thing is, most ecommerce sites think that they can rank with product and category pages alone. But you can't. Like any website, backlinks are important for ecommerce sites. I show you how to build links to your ecommerce site in the beginning of the video. Next up, we have product page optimization. Most of your organic search engine traffic will likely go to your product pages. And I show you the 4 steps that I use to optimize product pages quickly. Once your most important pages are optimized, it's time to dig into your site architecture. This is something that's more technical SEO focused, but it can make or break your ecommerce SEO efforts (that's because your site likely has hundreds or even thousands of pages). The organization of these (also known as your website architecture) is key. Lastly, it's time to optimize your URLs. I reveal some data about which URLs tend to rank best in Google. SUBSCRIBE to get higher rankings and more traffic! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=backlinko
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5 Ecommerce Optimization Tips to Improve Your Product Page Conversion Rates
As an e-commerce store, you make all of your money from product pages. And I am going to show you how to optimize them. Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=neilvkpatel Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neilkpatel/ Read more on my blog: https://neilpatel.com/blog/ Step #1: Optimize your meta tags - Put in your product name within the title tag and include keywords. And for your meta description be descriptive on what the product is and the benefits. Step #2: Optimize user metrics - If people bounce off your product pages it will hurt your search rankings. Focus on your product description, high-quality product images and maybe even add a video. If you have reviews, showcase them as well as what people rate the product as. Step #3: Optimize headings - Headings make it easy to skim your product page as well as tell search engines what your products are about. Within your headings include keywords. Step #4: Include feature lists - When people are looking for products they sometimes Google for the features. Make sure you bullet out the main features on each of your product pages. Step #5: Cross link - Within your product page link to other relevant products. Cross linking ensures that all of your products get indexed, which helps with your search rankings.
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Sign up for the Zero Up webinar: https://www.flyingstartonline.com/go-zeroup As of June 2018, our store runs on the fabulous Dropship Theme. Get it here: https://ecom.flyingstartonline.com/theme In This Video, Rito explains and shows you: - How to set up the perfect Shopify product page - The core elements of each product page on your store - Why you need to pay attention to little things like image placement - How you can increase AOV by 30% on average with this one hack! To learn the entire system step-by-step, enroll in The DOer Club: ⭐ Get The Shopify Bizathon Course: http://TheDOerClub.com ⭐ Watch me build a brand new Shopify Store from SCRATCH in 30 Days - working just 15 minutes/day - LIVE on Camera! #Bizathon3 * Subscribe to our YouTube channel * * Like, Comment, & Share * -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How To Create "Money Making" Facebook Ad Videos" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=972AIFrIksM -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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PERFECT Shopify Product Descriptions for Facebook Ads & Google Shopping
PERFECT Shopify Product Descriptions Save 75% Off My Shopify Training ➡ http://bit.ly/2Eynb0a In this video I show you how to write the PERFECT Shopify Product Descriptions for Facebook Ads & Google Shopping that convert. ⭐ Product Research Tool http://bit.ly/2UR2Xoe ⭐Turned $206 into $1776 Google Ad https://youtu.be/fTRS-EfkUt8 ⭐ My Shopify Training Videos http://bit.ly/2F2ndxM ⭐Affiliate Marketing Training Videos http://bit.ly/2SFubfS #shopify #ecommerce #shopifyproductdescriptions EARNINGS DISCLAIMER This video is for educational purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas mentioned in this video. This is not financial advice. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in this video will require hard-work, experience, and knowledge. We have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information on this video is accurate, but we cannot represent that the website(s) mentioned in this video are free from errors. You expressly agree not to rely upon any information contained in this video. AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I won't put anything here that I haven't verified and/or personally used myself. ✔ PERFECT Shopify Descriptions https://youtu.be/jxuKvwj3L9o ✔ Make Winning Facebook Video Ads https://youtu.be/ZlN_ry74f1Q ✔ Find $100k Dropshipping Products to Sell https://youtu.be/OttCErLEFio ✔ Perfect $1000 Per Day Google Ads for Shopify Tutorial https://youtu.be/Y102_dKqAEA
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10 Sales Psychology Hacks for Dropshipping Sales & Conversions
Learn 10 sales psychology techniques to make more sales & conversions when dropshipping. ►► Free $10,000/Month ebook: http://wholesaleted.com/4-step ►► Get Our Premium Step-By-Step Dropshipping Course: https://thedropshipclub.com ***OTHER LINKS REFERENCED IN THIS VIDEO*** Is Dropshipping a Scam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sB7ZiLRzG4 DO NOT Dropship These 5 Items: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afaknQqkiAw 10 Things to Do BEFORE Dropshipping: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPKvNTly7Pg Start Dropshipping With $50: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY4HQKhRfpo Sales Psychology Hack #1: Use Percentage Discounts Over Number Discounts If you are dropshipping an item priced at $30, and then discount it to $15, you would have two options. You could say that the item is $15 off, or you could say that you save 50%. It has been shown that using the percentage discount in this case converts at a much higher rate. Why? Because even though it is mathematically the same discount, 50 is a bigger number than 15, so it makes the customer feel like they are saving more money. Sales Psychology Hack #2: Add a Reason for the Discount Customers are more likely to buy an item if they see a reason that it is discounted. The reason for this is because it increases the sense of urgency for the customer. For example, if an item is on sale at 50% off as a special easter sale, then the customer has another added element of scarcity: they know that when Easter ends, that the sale will disappear - and so it reinforces that they need to act now and not miss out. Sales Psychology Hack #3: Highlight Benefits, NOT Product Features When writing ad copy and your product descriptions, discuss how this product will benefit the customer’s life instead of talking about the features of a product. Benefits show the customer how the mug will directly improve their life. If you simply list features, then the customer has to take the time to see how these features will impact them. Do the work for them. Sales Psychology Hack #4: Use Jargon & Slang One of the challenges with dropshipping with Facebook ads is building trust between the potential buyer and you. And one way that you can do that is by including niche-specific jargon and slang in your product ad and descriptions. It shows that you are knowledgeable in the niche, and it builds a connection between you and your potential customers. Sales Psychology Hack #5: Paint Pictures & Overcome Obstacles with Photos Photos/pictures can do more than just show off the product. You can also use them to help the customer imagine themselves using the product - and use them to overcome objections they may have about the product (e.g. have a picture that shows the measurements of the product on it) Sales Psychology Hack #6: Use HD Photos that Customers Can Zoom In On Amazon.com have shown that if customers can zoom in on pictures, it noticeably impacts conversions. Customers like to see finer details of items that they buy, and it also makes your store look more professional - building trust between you and them. Sales Psychology Hack #7: Use Short Product Descriptions Usually, short product descriptions work best over long product descriptions when you are running paid traffic to the pages. Long page copy can be distracting for a customer that is in the mood to impulse purchase. This is why we recommend choosing either paid traffic or free SEO traffic to focus on: SEO traffic requires long product descriptions, which conflicts with this. Sales Psychology Hack #8: Use Trust Words & Emblems Another way that you can build trust with potential customers is by including words and emblems on your store from brands/things that people already trust. E.g. you can include credit card company emblems on your site (as you accept them as a form of payment). You can include USPS as ePacket items are delivered via USPS. You can post SSL certificate images (if your site has one installed). And you can highlight certification certificates if the product you’re selling has been approved by one, like the FDA. Sales Psychology Hack #9: Use Emotive Words If your product ad and description, use words that will evoke feelings in a customer. One good feeling to evoke is the feeling of getting a great deal (words that can do this include limited, hurry, slashed, massive and bonus). Another good emotion is curiosity (words that can do this include special, surprise, odd, bizarre and trick). And the final emotion to focus on, is the feeling of looking good (words that do this include gorgeous, stunning and elegant). Sales Psychology Hack #10: FREE is the Most Powerful Word Of All The tried and true technique of selling items for free + just pay shipping still works great. The word “free” is extremely powerful. This technique has been used for years. It’s not always suitable for your promos, but if you get a chance to try it, do it and see your conversions increase.
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How to download FREE product description from Chinabrands ?
Functions of the CB Downloader Client: batch download product information from Chinabrands.com & hits your product shelves on Shopify store quickly and conveniently.With this help, you can sell your products online easily. Subscribe to Chinabrands: http://bit.ly/chinabrands-channel Sign up for free and Use invitation code ztJb4m0awRin to upgrate to Formal Member: http://bit.ly/2fTLStD Chinabrands.com - a wholesale drop shipping platform and supplier for online retailers.Product sourcing can be simplified from this distribution platform. Chinabrands give a way to hits your shopify store shelves without product inventory!!You can earn your e-commerce business by a simple click!! This guide will tell you how to install and use CB Downloader Client. - How to install CB Downloader Client? Download Client(CB Downloader Client download icon is located on the right side of the front page) - Unzip Downloader Client - install the Microsoft.Net framework 4 - Open Downloader & install - install successfully. -How to use the CB Downloader Client? Two ways to download product descriptions: 1.Choose a product at Chinabrands.com - click Description Export button - product information added to CB Downloader automatically - get it in the Downloader. 2. Get a product SKU - open CB Downloader - New SKU Download - add product SKU - Search - Choose Batch Download - view download progress of the downloader. Product information contains product details, HD pictures and other information. You can also watch how to recharge your Chinabrands account video here: https://goo.gl/fXGg9z And How to use Chinabrands playlist: https://goo.gl/pTWFn6 Is it simple to operate it?Join us now!!! If you have any questions, leave a comment! Don’t forget to Like if this video helps you! :P And do not hesitate to SUBSCRIBE!!!
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How to Write Awesome Product Descriptions in Shopify
In this video you'll learn how to write awesome product descriptions for your products. we're focusing on benefit driven product descriptions and always with our target customers in mind. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Start your Shopify 14 Days Trial here: http://www.skilldomination.com/shopify Follow me on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/skilldomination Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SkillDomination Use the Hashtag: #MyDropshippingStory to share your Drop Shipping Stories in Twitter.
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DK Online Shop | Cambodia Online Shopping | Original Product
We are the online shop in Cambodia and import only the original beauty product from Thailand and Korea 100%. Subscribe here to get more product description: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH7Z9w5VGCLRDe0kPxvkLDw
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Creating A High Converting Product Description (Step-By-Step)
Start your FREE 14 Day Shopify Trial: https://www.shopify.com/?ref=tanplanventures-llc1 Dropship-Spy: https://dropship-spy.com?aff=thetanplan FREE MASTERMIND GROUP: https://m.facebook.com/groups/239818513221234 Make sure to SUBSCRIBE! My INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/tannerr SNAPCHAT: “Boom”
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Tips on E-commerce with EKM E-commerce Top Tips - Product Descriptions
Get the latest E-commerce hints and tips from members of the EKM E-commerce Experts Team. In this episode, E-commerce Expert, Dan, talks about creating great product descriptions. EKM has everything you need to create your own online shop, in one place. Build your shop with unlimited products and categories, step by step marketing and SEO setup and easy data import. Design your shop with a choice of over 150 customisable themes and easy to use image editing. Manage you shop with tonnes of powerful features including simple order processing, product reviews and abandoned cart saver. Subscribe to our channel here (http://bit.ly/24NSSs2) for the latest ecommerce tips, online shop tutorials and short films about ecommerce success. Get social with ekmPowershop Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ekmpowershop Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ekm_uk Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ekm_uk/ Hang out with us on Google: https://plus.google.com/+ekmPowershop
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Product Description Generator App - How AdZis App works
Here is a DIY web app that you can use to generate product descriptions for your online store. Visit: https://app.adzis.com to know more. We bring down your pain of waiting for product page content with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Launch quick and win the race!
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Online shopping for Women,Men&Kids&accessories For Dtls checkthe description
✅Best Quality guaranteed I Free returns I COD available I 100% Buyer protection I Exclusively On Largest Online Store✅ Check the below link https://stunningfashions.wooplr.com/ https://stunningfashions.wooplr.com/product/tjori/6247547838529536/kalamkari-cape-with-maxi-dress-in-blue-beige https://stunningfashions.wooplr.com/product/mytri/6117990951157760/indigo-blue-cambric-printed-cold-shoulder-a-line-k https://stunningfashions.wooplr.com/product/jaipur-kurti/5931363096199168/indigo-floral-print-a-line-kurta-with-blue-printed This Channel Provides Home Food Preparations and natural tips for beauty and good health based on the principles of Ayurveda and some other daily routines and activities. For More health-related Videos Please Subscribe Our Channel. & Press the bell icon its completely free HEALTHY SNACK TO TREAT ANEMIA NATURALLY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyZqe... How to Lighten Dark Lips Naturally. పెదవులు నలుపు తగ్గించే అద్భుతమైన చిట్కా (Fast Results) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tse_... Most Effective Natural Facial scrub for men & women https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUrPK... Music_---FREE Creative Commons License STRAIGHT Royalty free Music.
Product Description Strategy (Copywriting) For Shopify Dropshipping (Hindi)
Angrezi nahi aati? Koi baat nahi. Pehle concept samjho - aur phir bataunga tareeka apne store pe acha product description likhne ka. Pura video end tak dekho. 🔥 Dropship Theme Yahaan Se Khareedo: https://ecom.flyingstartonline.com/theme 🛒 Shopify Free Trial Shuru Kariye: https://www.flyingstartonline.com/go-shopify #Rito #Shopify #Dropshipping
How to Make an Online Store Quick and Easy with GoDaddy 2019
Learn how to make an online store quickly using GoCentral from GoDaddy. Start here ➜ https://www.godaddy.com/websites/online-store ---------- Watch the steps to make your online store (number is the timestamp): 1) Get an account 0:42 2) Choose a name and category for your online store 0:58 3) Click to configure domain name and site settings 1:24 4) Add products to your online store 2:39 5) Turn on payment options 5:55 6) Configure shipping prices 6:43 7) Select a theme, preview, and publish 7:20 8) Additional features, including marketplace integration 9:47 ---------- Step 1: Get an account Sign up for an account to set up your online store. Step 2: Choose a name and category for your online store Type in what you want to call your online store, and choose a category to set up basic features. Step 3: Configure your domain name and site settings. Configure your domain name (what someone types into their browser to find your site on the web), and connect your site to your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc). Step 4: Add products to your online store For each product in the store, you’ll need a product name, price, image, inventory level, product description, sizing, colors, and other information to make sure customers can purchase the product from your store. You can also set up sale pricing, SKUs, shipping, and tax information. Step 5: Turn on payment options Connect your online store directly and securely to Square, Stripe, PayPal or other online or offline payment options. Step 6: Configure shipping prices Set up prices for shipping, including thresholds at which customers get free shipping, or set up flat rate shipping pricing. Step 7: Select a theme, preview and publish Choose your colors, fonts, and configure the look and feel for your online store from a curated set of options and images. You can always add your own and adjust the look and feel later if your needs change, including logos and the cover image. Now, take a look at the online store, and make sure the images, products, and prices look the way you want them to when they are shown either on a computer or on a smartphone (since an increasing number of online shoppers are visiting sites from their mobile devices). Then, click the publish button and your online store will be live on the web. Nicely done! We’ll also check to make sure that customers can add products to their shopping cart. Step 8: Additional features It’s also possible to use your online store as the central location to list your products on major online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Jet, and others. Accounts with these other online marketplaces are required in order to do this. So, for example, if you wanted to sell on Amazon, you’d need an Amazon seller account to connect it to your online store. You can also enhance your store with email marketing capabilities, and even do things like create a brand Facebook page right from within the online store dashboard. Want to get this store listed on Google? You can do that from here, too. From your dashboard, you can also track the traffic and performance of your store. ---------- Want to go in-depth on the A-to-Z of how to make an online store? Our online eBook is here: https://www.godaddy.com/garage/how-to-start-a-website-from-a-to-z/ ---------- Check out our collection of over 100 online store resources https://www.godaddy.com/garage/onlinestore/ ---------- Current coupon code discounts for GoDaddy products: https://www.godaddy.com/promos/coupon-promo-codes ---------- If you like, share, or comment, more people like you can get started doing this themselves. Subscribe to our channel to see other how-to videos, stories, and tutorials from other folks who have started their journey and decided to make their own way online. Start here ➜ https://www.godaddy.com/websites/online-store Captions in English, German and Turkish: GoDaddy 2019 ile Nasıl Online Mağaza Yapılır Hızlı ve Kolay So erstellen Sie einen Online-Shop schnell und einfach mit GoDaddy 2019
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How To Write Shopify Product Descriptions For Google Shopping Ads (Optimize Campaign)
In this video I show How To Write Shopify Product Descriptions For Google Shopping Ads. This is important when you Optimize Google Shopping Feed. Optimizing Your Google Shopping Campaigns for Shopify will now rank your ads higher to increase sales! ✅ Ecom Mentors Program + Unlimited Mentorship (24 Hour Discount) http://bit.ly/ecommentors ✅ Free Shopify Mastermind Group (LIMITED SPACE) http://bit.ly/FreeShopifyFacebookGroup ➡️ Download PDF: http://bit.ly/GoogleShoppingHacksPDF Subscriber Google Shopping Ads Shopify Consultation Giveaway 1. Like 2. Subscribe 3. Post Notification 4. Comment 5. Follow Me On IG https://www.instagram.com/chrisnwalor/ ____________________________________________ Disregard Keywords: dropshipping with shopify, shopify dropshipping, how to start shopify, how to get started dropshipping, how to make money online, how to make money with dropshipping, free plus shipping shopify, free plus shipping shopify setup, free plus shipping instagram ad, how to start shopify dropshipping, dropshipping for beginners, old vision, Ebenezer Frimpong, EbenezerFrimpong, Shopify Dropshipping, Google Adwords, Google Shopping Ads, Instagram Influencer Marketing, Business With Thaddeus, Cole Dockery, Chanel Stevens, Julian Reeves, Sebas Bedoya, Youse, The Real Zaki, Hayden Bowles, dropshipping, shopify 2019 , ecommerce, old visions shopify, the realistic entrepreneur google ads, tristan broughton google ads, shopify google Adwords, shopify google shopping ads, shopify google analytics, google shopping campaign optimization, shopping campaigns
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Try it here http://www.smartshoptt.com This application allows your potential customers to shop from your online store directly on your Facebook page messenger. When a potential customer messages your page, an automated system responds and provides product information. The user can now see the product, description price and even add the a shopping cart and complete a full order all from Facebook messenger.
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Woodworking Items That Sell - 10 Product Descriptions Tips For Selling Woodwork Online
http://bit.ly/WinningWoodworkingPlans -- Design and create wood crafts that are original, beautiful and well made and you should be on your way in your woodworking business.  1. Use Multiple Photographs 2. Use Clear Backgrounds To Highlight The Item Only. 3. Show The Product in Use or In The Appropriate Setting. 4. Go For More Photographs Rather Than Less. 5. Tell A Story. 6. Use Descriptive Terms That Have Impact. 7. Focus On The Benefits Buyers Get From Your Crafts. 8. Always Include The Dimensions Of Your Products. 9. Guarantee Your Customer's Satisfaction. 10. Let Buyers Know Why They Should Order Your Woodcrafts Today.
Writing Product Description for Google Shopping
https://blog.adnabu.com/product-descriptions/ In this video, we have a quick guide for writing Product descriptions for Google Shopping Products. We cover why is product description so important. How to find Product description that fits best for your business? How to write great product descriptions and what impact can it have on your business and much more.
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Can I Use the Supplier's Product Description? [Oberlo Weekly Q&A]
One of our viewers asked if you can use the entire product description when you import products into your store. In other words, when you import something from a supplier, can you go ahead and import the product descriptions that come along with it? Great question. So the answer is yes -- when you use Oberlo to plug into suppliers, you can import the product and everything that comes with it. Including the product description. But, um, have you read some of those product descriptions? They aren't always inspiring. The more you work on your store, and the more you research your competition, the more you’ll realize that you probably want to write your own product descriptions. Sure, it saves time to just grab the product descriptions that suppliers have already written. But there’s a decent chance those descriptions were written by someone who isn’t a native English speaker, and who didn’t have SEO and conversion in mind. We spent a few minutes looking at product descriptions on AliExpress, and this is the sort of stuff that would end up on your website if you simply copied the original product descriptions. Fidget Spinner Finger ABS Hand Spinner Tri For Kids Autism Anxiety Stress Relief Candy Colorful Handspinner Toys Gift Or: 2018 Spring Natural Silk Women Scarf Shawl Female imitated Silk Scarves Wraps Plus Size Bandana Long Beach Cover-up And finally: Russian buyers shopping be sure to leave your full name Probably not the highest-converting copy. So what we suggest in this video is going ahead and importing the product descriptions, and then making them your own. Optimize the keywords, clean up that goofy wording, and probably get rid of notes for Russian buyers. You can definitely find valuable stuff in the product descriptions you import. Details about the weight and size of your products, about the materials that were used, etc. All that stuff is legit. So to sum up: Yes, you can import product descriptions. But don’t expect them to have the same impact that your own product descriptions will have. Got your own question? Fire away. We’re always scanning the comments and would love to use your question in our next video. We’re cranking out videos every week, so if you’re as into ecommerce and dropshipping as we are, subscribe for more! Until next time, happy dropshipping. Let’s connect! YouTube » https://www.youtube.com/c/Oberlo?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook » https://www.facebook.com/oberloapp/ Twitter » https://twitter.com/OberloApp Instagram » https://www.instagram.com/oberloapp/ LinkedIn » https://www.linkedin.com/company/oberlo #Oberlo #Dropshipping #moresubscribers
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Writing Product Descriptions That SELL! (Live Over The Shoulder )
Looking to learn how to write product descriptions that actually convert and sell your products? Don't want to settle for average, and want to have the BEST product descriptions available on the internet? If so, then this video may just be for you. Facebook banning dropshippers ad accounts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wS5rud9FKdU&t=179s In order for you to setup your product description for Shopify correctly, you need to follow the 4 universal copywriting laws: 1.) Be BOLD - you have to hook people and get their attention, don’t try to play it safe 2.) Be BRAND - make your copy congruent with your brand, your message, and your identity 3.) Be DIRECT - type as if you’re speaking one-on-one 4.) Spark EMOTION - people buy with emotion over logic If you follow these four rules then you will be able to craft copy that makes people feel like there is no other choice, but to pull out their credit card and buy from you. In the video we break down the 7 key things needed in your product descriptions to give them the ability to convert visitors into customers and sales. As well as this, you get to watch me live over the shoulder create some sales copy using all the key elements, so you can follow along with my live examples, and watch me explain them all to you. Subscribe and follow the journey: https://www.youtube.com/therealisticentrepreneur? sub_confirmation=1
03 name and description of the product ShopitSoon online shopping
This Explain how to Add a New product to shopitsoon Seller Account
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Product Description - Google Shopping Feed for Shopify
In this video, we will see : - What is Product Description? - Options of Product description - How you can optimize this attribute using Google Shopping Feed app for better performance of Shopping campaigns. For more information about Product Description Requirement from Google, please follow: https://support.simprosys.com/faq/product-description For further details, get in touch with us at [email protected]
Legit Review: Club Factory Products (Online Shopping) || Prices in the Description Box
This video reviews the products purchased from club factory and how they turn out to be in terms of quality and price value. Hope you enjoy it!! You can download club factory app from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=club.fromfactory Prices for the things I got: Rabit Cable Holder: INR 54 Anti-spill Silicone Funnel: INR 69 (for 2pc set) Beauty Blender Brush: INR 118 Rings: INR 67 (for the whole set) Silicon tea leaf filter: INR 57 /pc Leaf Long Earring: INR 42 Necklaces: They were in the range INR 50-80 9 pc Travel Kit: INR 150 Travel Makeup Bag: INR 131 Tissue Roll Storage: INR 102 Wall Sticker: INR 185 Funny Student Tshirt: INR 233 Denim Short Jacket: INR 1037(currently) I got it for INR 715 somehow. Let's Socialize: Twitter- https://twitter.com/LostInTrnslatns Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/apps_lost_in_translations/ Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/SenseNHumour/ Google + - https://plus.google.com/u/0/102199747292388526374
100% Bulletproof Shopify Product Description That CONVERT INTO SALES - (Dropshipping)
Shopify products DON'T sell themselves, your shopify product description does. Yet 99% of Shopify stores have terrible product descriptions. So I wanted to show you how you can get more shopify sales on your dropshipping store by improving them. If you are dropshipping with shopify or want to make money with shopify then this video is for you. This Shopify training is straight FIRE 🔥 ECOM BEAST 2.0 COURSE ► https://www.ecombeastcourse.com/join 🔥 TALK TO ME 1 ON 1 ► http://bit.ly/talkwithbeast 🔥 FREE BASIC COURSE ► http://www.beastofecom.com 🔥 FREE Shopify 14 Day Trial ► http://bit.ly/freeshopifytrialbeast 🔥 FREE FB Ads Setup Checklist ►https://bit.ly/2CbaJ3E 🔥 FREE Mastermind Group ► http://bit.ly/beastmastermind 🔥 WINNING Products HERE ► http://www.ecomhunt.com?afmc=8d 🔥 HIGH Converting Theme ► http://bit.ly/convertingtheme ⬇️🦁 CONNECT WITH ME 🦁⬇️ 🔌 INSTAGRAM ► https://www.instagram.com/beastofecom/ 🔌 FACEBOOK ► http://bit.ly/beastofecomfb ⬇️🎥 MY TOP VALUEBOMB VIDEOS 🎥⬇️ 🎥 How My Shopify Store Made $1,021,113 In 2 Month ► https://youtu.be/WftD6xp8qIE 🎥 How I Did $40,000 In 24 HOURS Shopify Dropshipping ► https://youtu.be/jI9Yd6GS1Hk 🎥 TOP 3 Shopify Niches 2018 REVEALED! ► https://youtu.be/h6P2BKKNOsY 🎥 REVEALING My First $11,310 Winning SHOPIFY Product ► https://youtu.be/I_kTRt5dBD0 🎥 $100,000 SHOPIFY Products To Dropship This Summer ► https://youtu.be/n655qd2a2iM 🎥 My $1000 a Day Shopify FACEBOOK Ads Copy That CONVERTS ► https://youtu.be/Ay2Eloncmms 🎥 MY $2.1 MILLION SHOPIFY SUCCESS STORY ► https://youtu.be/I0tHyXhDQH8 If you would like to learn more about shopify dropshipping, Ecommerce, Facebook ads and more then please do subscribe. I will be doing Shopify tutorials and how to make sales using facebook ads, instagram influencers and email marketing. My aim is to give you as much value as possible showing you what a successful shopify store looks like digging deep into improving your dropshipping stores conversion rate, suggesting which are the best shopify apps to have and sharing tips and tricks so that you can make money online. I will also be sharing with you my shopify success story on how I have become a 7-figure ecom marketer. #VALUEBOMBS #VALUEBOMB DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion.
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Shopify - 3 Keys To Descriptions That Convert
Join Our FREE Discord Group: http://bit.ly/ecomdiscord FREE Live Training (I Reveal Everything): http://bit.ly/endofyearlivestream Make descriptions for your Shopify products that ACTUALLY CONVERT!! Be Sure To Join The Family & SUBSCRIBE!! Start Your FREE 14 Day Shopify Trial: https://www.shopify.com/?ref=ssm-marketing Join The FREE Facebook Mastermind Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/732279376967964/ Connect with me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/haydenbowles1/ Add me on Snapchat: hayden123bowles
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E-Commerce Copywriting 101: How to Write Killer Product Descriptions
If you want to sell more products, this video is for you. Learn how to up your e-commerce copywriting game by writing amazing product descriptions and thereby: boost sales. There’s no denying it: If you want more e-commerce sales, you need to write better product descriptions... And that means mastering e-commerce copywriting. Fortunately, I got you covered. In this video, I’ll show you 5 simple, yet powerful e-commerce copywriting strategies that will engage and entice readers to buy more of your products. Specifically, you’ll learn: The single, most important first step when writing good copy (get this wrong, and you risk getting your relationship with new visitors off on the wrong foot). The ONE Thing global e-commerce brands do is build an emotional connection with readers (hint: this strategy works regardless of what industry you’re in or what you’re selling). My proven 4-step process for writing eye-catching product page headlines (watch as I show you exactly how to do it, word-by-word, step-by-step). A simple, but little-known way to supercharge your copy (even if you’re not a good writer). I found this e-commerce copywriting principle by chance ... Now I’m sharing it with you. The deadly mistake marketers make when writing product copy (and how to avoid it). Watch Strategy #5 where I’ll show you exactly how to write copy readers immediately act on. If you like this video, then check out the blog post where we go into even more detail: https://sleeknote.com/blog/e-commerce-copywriting Subscribe now to get higher conversions and more sales: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUTC5YzaNyQwgIRrhqeCsKw
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How to Write Product Descriptions that Sell
One very important skill for online entrepreneurs to master is the art of writing enticing product descriptions. Product descriptions shouldn't simply describe the physical dimensions of your product; they need to actually sell your product. The product description should not only cast your products in the best light, they should also create a need to get your buyer clicking on the "add to cart" button. Here are some tips and strategies for writing killer product descriptions that are sure to improve sales. - See more at: http://b2bstorefront.com/how-to-write-product-descriptions-that-sell/#sthash.HIlMwUzP.dpuf
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Assessing the Wasted Potential of Your Online Store
Take a sneak peek into how much of your ecommerce store is wasted and how to improve that using Adzis product description generator.
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Product Descriptions That Convert Like Crazy (Tutorial + Example)
How to write good shopify product descriptions that convert like crazy. Live example how of writing product descriptions for your shopify dropshipping store With your descriptions you're mainly trying to do 3 things: - Describe the benefits of your products and explain how it is going to improve the customer's life - Clear any objections that the customer may have about buying your item (safety concerns, practicality concerns) - Make your store look trustworthy Subscribe and hit the notification bell for a free car via epacket
Moving from Etsy to GoDaddy Online Store: Adding products to your store
Learn how to add products to your online store when you move an Etsy shop to GoDaddy Online Store, a dedicated eCommerce website. Designer Sarah Guilliot shows you where to add product description, pricing, SEO and SKUs; how to add images; how to edit products after you add them; and where to designate “featured” products. Get started with GoDaddy Online Store today https://www.godaddy.com/websites/online-store. See the full blog post at https://www.godaddy.com/garage/smallbusiness/launch/moving-your-etsy-shop-to-godaddy-online-store-video. == Transcript below == Sarah Guilliot: All right, so on the products page, you have some buttons and choices here. You can add a product. You can bulk edit, like if you had a bunch and you wanted to change something on all of them at once, you can do that there. You can import, you can delete products and you can apply categories or SKUs. We're going to click add product and earlier I had gone in to grab these guys, so I went into pink lemonade and I grabbed the images for that, so I'm going to start by uploading the image. I'm also going to be grabbing the name, the long description version and this number, which is basically our SKU. I'm also taking note of the price and I'll have to copy and paste the same description itself, as well. So, let's grab our image for pink lemonade. Add an image and I have grabbed ... now, I have all three. I have three images. Pink lemonade is the first image I want to see. I just labeled them 1, 1b, 1c. So you can actually grab all of these at once. Hit open and then just wait for them to load in. Since I added a few it just takes a little bit longer. Great, those are looking good. Awesome. Product name. Okay, let's go back here and we'll just grab it. Pink Lemonade Deluxe. I'll just grab the whole thing. Copy. Paste it in there. Then it gives you the link for it and I could edit that if I want, so basically, grab Sunshine Sticker Co. .mysimplestore.com/products/pink/lemonade/etc., etc. That looks good. I know that it's $16. I'll put that in here. The SKU is 172L. Grab that and this is a, let's see, was it vertical? Yes, fits the vertical life planner, so we already made our category so I'll click vertical. If I hadn't created that category yet, I can do it right here. I think she says it also fits the Plum Planner. Yep, so I can click on Plum Planner, too. Two categories here. It's taxable, it's active, yep that sounds great. Now the description. I'm basically just going to copy this out. There's a lot of stuff in this description including copyright and shipping information and some social stuff which I could leave off if I want but I don't see a reason to so I'm just going to keep it all. Okay, copy and paste it in. Okay, I'm just going to hit save before I make more changes. Right, but there all these other taps. You have inventory and options if you want to track inventory, you can click in here and do that or do not. In options, if they want the pink version or whatever. Then shipping information, we already had set that up. Search engine: I like to go into this tab and grab ... let's go back to the Etsy shop. Grab the long name and I am no SCO expect but it seems like I can put that in here under the description. Then the title defaults to your product name which is totally fine with me, so now I hit save. All right, got all my info. Let's go back to our other tab. Go to home. Go to refresh our page. Here's our first image. This is the only product we have, so I think it got added to our featured products automatically but we also know it's a vertical, UCLP vertical, so we click on that. There it is. We also listed it under Plum Planner; if you click on that, it's listed there as well. When you click into it, it shows you the images on the right. You can click through with these arrows or you can just hover over each thumbnail. Customers can see the price, name the price, they can add more quantity, they can add to their cart. Share the page, read the description that's truncated. If you click this arrow, you can see the best of it. They can go from there. If they add it to their cart, then up here, where it says cart zero, it's going to say cart one. So I'm going to add a few more products in here but I'm not going to make you watch me do that. I'll come back and show you at that point how you can choose which products you want to have in this featured area which we had set up to show three featured items, so let me run through those other additional products and I will see you back here. …
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5 Interesting Holi Gadgets Buy Now On Amazon ! Holi Product ! Holi Stash 2019
5 Interesting Holi Gadgets Buy Now On Amazon ! Holi Product ! Holi Stash 2019 Topic : 5 Holi Gadgets For This Holi On Amazon | USEFUL GADGETS FOR Holi Buy On Amazon 2018 | Divraksha | Flipkart | Online Shopping | Useful inventions that you should know about. Gadgets that are worth buying. Which invention did you like best? Write in the comments. Flipkart App Install Now : http://affiliate.flipkart.com/install... Amazon Deals: https://www.amazon.in/shop/divraksha 2nd Channel Link😍😍 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfIbB90k0zuJsy5Couzs68w Holi Gadgets : https://www.amazon.in/shop/divraksha Holi Magical Ice (2nd channel video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Kb2Fzn3dBg Fire TV Stick 4K with All-New Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player https://amzn.to/2K6hYxy Smart speaker with Alexa https://amzn.to/2PrTAfE ★Cool Gadgets On Amazon Under 200 Rs : 1.Zebronics Speakers- https://amzn.to/2JSM6MP 2.Quantum USB 4 Port- https://amzn.to/2Dyh10i 3.Photron Selfie Light- https://amzn.to/2Dx99w5 4.Philips On-Ear Headphones- https://amzn.to/2z3Rj09 ________________________________________________________ ★Smartphone Gadgets On Amazon Under 50 Rupees : 1.NFC Tag- https://amzn.to/2Dv2dQ8 2.Ring Holder-https://amzn.to/2JTYprY 3.Charging Stand- https://amzn.to/2yXUqXe 4.OTG Adapter- https://amzn.to/2JU1KY2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★Smartphone Gadgets On Amazon under 100 rupees : 1.Sim Adapter Kit- https://amzn.to/2z4nUmq 2.OTG Cable- https://amzn.to/2zLr25Z 3.USB Fan- https://amzn.to/2DxabYZ 4.Thumb Mobile Stand- https://amzn.to/2OGS4kM 5.USB Light- https://amzn.to/2OyiLba 6.Smart Card Reader- https://amzn.to/2DbzHC6 7.Mobile Lens Kit- https://amzn.to/2JRto86 8.LED Light- https://amzn.to/2PpgZ1v --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★4 Smartphone Gadgets On Amazon Under 300 Rupees : 1.GPS Trackor- https://amzn.to/2z2IymL 2.Selfie Stick-https://amzn.to/2JX7MHK 3.Bluetooth Receiver- https://amzn.to/2DehunF 4.Mobile Tripod- https://amzn.to/2zDUTxa --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- x----Let's Connect----x Welcome To Divraksha Follow us : Facebook ►►https://www.facebook.com/divraksh/ Tweet Me ►► https://twitter.com/techstology Subscribe Me ►► https://goo.gl/ZXnDXc Songs Credit: Royalty Free NCM Low Price Offer On Amazon ►► Rs 46 Mobile USB LED Light: http://amzn.to/2xVqSep Rs 96 Mobile Fan: http://amzn.to/2iqRxJ5 Rs 99 Selfie Stick: http://amzn.to/2itX55O Rs 120 Mobile Stand: http://amzn.to/2ioVk9R Rs 749 Telescope For All Smartphone: http://amzn.to/2gAPNwi Rs 849 Ultra Dual 32GB USB OTG Pendrive ( I will Suggest You): http://amzn.to/2iWXNsf Rs 1299 Sports Camera 1080p: http://amzn.to/2iqnhy1 Rs 24k Cheapest Canon DSLR: http://amzn.to/2l6QChO Rs 28K Cheapest Nikon DSLR: http://amzn.to/2yz6EXi Disclaimer: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support ! If you find any of your copyrighted material in this video, please leave us a message on [email protected] so we can resolve the issue. © All rights reserved by respective owners. Related Topics: best gadgets under 500, gadgets under 500, new gadgets, gadgets under 1000, usb gadgets, gadgets on amazon, top gadgets, amazon gadgets, best gadgets under 100, amazon gadgets india under 500, stology, dailylife useful gadgets, gadgets we use in our daily life, useful gadgets for home, useful tech gadgets Page navigation, useful gadgets for students, coolest tech #HoliGadgets #HolikeGadgets #Gadgets DIVRAKSHA
Views: 125355 Divraksha
Smartika's Online Shopping Free Mobile App (Download Link In Description)
Get Smartika's Online Shopping Free Mobile App From Google Play Store Today And Better Your Smartika Store Experience Plus A Chance To Earn Discounts, Stay Updated On Fresh New Health, Beauty And Fitness Tips Plus Get Free Consultation. PlayStore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wSmartikaShop_7490629 Website: https://smartikaecommerce.aloeveraforkenya.co.ke/get-smartika-online-stores-free-mobile-app/ Download Smartika Online Shopping App today and get faster access to deals, flash sales and coupon codes. What do you get? - Up to 15% off on more than 1 thousand products - Plenty vouchers up for grabs - Daily Flash sales on top products - Fast and Free shipping in select cities across Africa! With the Smartika Online Shop App, shop safe and convenient online! Download the Smartika Online Shopping App today for the best shopping experience in Africa and all over the world. Great discounts, hassle free payment options, easy returns and 100% genuine items guaranteed! From health to fitness and beauty, find anything you need on Smartika Online Shopping App. Enjoy a large selection of international and local brands to choose from and shop 100% genuine products only at Smartika! Discover the ultimate online shopping experience which combines convenience and safety bringing to you quality products at the best prices. Payment made easy with secure payment options such as cash on delivery, mobile money or pay using your credit card with our secured payment system such as Paypal, Stripe & Bank transfers. With the Smartika Online App you will never miss out on deals on the best health, beauty & fitness products every day! Download the Smartika Online Shopping App Today & Get Ready for Exclusive Deals from August 3rd to August 21st, 2018. With the Smartika Shopping App, you get: - Customized shopping experience with a personalized feed Buyer protection - Cross-platform shopping, whether on a smartphone, a tablet or even on a desktop, Jumia app will keep all the products on your cart as long as you are logged in to your account. - Order management from our call center, our call center will call you to inform about the status of your order - Complete security for all your credit card and bank transfers for a worry free shopping experience. - Notifications on latest deals, flash sales and coupons (Look out for more than 10 annual sales!) - Largest selection of health, beauty and fitness products in Africa and all over the world. International shopping experience from brands like Apple, Canon, HP, Pampers, moulinex, L’Oreal, Samsung, Tefal and many more! Language and Support: The Smartika Online Shopping Application offers support for different language speakers, e.g English, French, German, Arabic, Latin, Mandarin, e.t.c. Your feedback is valuable: We always look forward to provide the best customer experience, share your feedback with us to help us achieve that goal. Smartika Store Co. is a privately held company based in Nairobi, Kenya, which majors in aloe vera - based drinks and bee derived cosmetics, nutritional and fitness supplements and personal care products. The company was founded in 2015 and comprises of a wide team of Fitness, Nutrition and Beauty Experts who have since devoted their lives to making sure people live healthy and disease free lifestyles by providing their expert advice and wide range of products. PlayStore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wSmartikaShop_7490629 Website: https://smartikaecommerce.aloeveraforkenya.co.ke/get-smartika-online-stores-free-mobile-app/ Keywords: Smartika, Store, online, shopping, Africa, ecommerce, store, buy, shop, sale, mall, shoe, phone, Jumia, fashion, discounts, online, gadgets, mobile, deals, smartphones, laptops, tablets, electronics, grocery, supermarket
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How To Write Product Descriptions
Visit www.SmallRevolution.com for 100s of eCommerce how-to guides to help you build your perfect online store.
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Tips for Adding Products to Your Online Store
Get Your Free Online Store Success Pack Here: http://www.effectiveecommerce.com/successpack/ In this video I'm gonna give you six tips for adding products your ecommerce store we're going to talk about things that are going to make it. So people may come to your site they're more likely to buy your product enhancements that you can make on your product page. So the six tips I have for you the first one is to do keyword research will talk about in depth why this is. So important later in this video the next is to make sure that your products your SEO properly and give you some tips about that then we have good product description why that's. So important high quality images big images and multiple angles. So we're gonna talk about all these in this video why they're important and some tips on how to make sure that you do these properly. So the first one I have for you is to do your keyword research now what should your product be name is a classic question there's a good chance that you think the product should be called one thing but your customers think it should be called another thing. So my example here is these are the same product but some people would call this a highway show up some people would call it a foldover short which one should I call it well the answer is whatever one has more views more people are searching for a month and the way to find this out is through keyword research I have a link down below on how you can do keyword research properly but basically what you're going to be doing is using the google keyword planner to figure out how often things are searched. So how often is high-waist shorts search versus how often is fold over short search turns out the winner is highway shorts. So that's why I went up there next up is to make sure your products are SEOs properly. So on page SEO is crucial when you're adding products to your store now the SEO the on-page SEO for your product page is one of the most important spots to do it and I have once again a whole video on on-page SEO I'll put a link to that is well down below you can search for my channel as well but the like I said the whole video is below just to reiterate on-page SEO is extremely important you want a hat make sure you do it you sign up for my e-commerce success pack I have an SEO checklist as well. So you can click up here to get my e-commerce success pack and that will give you the list. So you can check off to make sure that all your on-page SEO is in order next up is product description. So the product description is actually tied into on-page SEO but it's more than that. So the first part is you want to make sure that your product description is SEO friendly what this means is two three four sentences with the keyword that you're trying to rank for sprinkled in a little bit make it looks natural but ultimately it should be a few sentences but it should talk about the benefits not just the features of your product this is something that humans are going to be reading the people coming to your website are going to read the project descripstion before they buy if it's boring you know they might still buy it they might not but it's really good it's going to engage them the longer you can get someone to stand your website the more likely they are to click that buy button if you can make them laugh to create a little bit of a connection that's even better.
Views: 366 Travis Marziani
Simple Product Photography for Amazon Products | Jungle Scout
Ever wanted to know how to take photos of your Private Label product yourself? Want to avoid to cost of a professional photographer but achieve those professional quality photos yourself? Look no further, we have a FULL, step by step tutorial on how to take, professional looking product photos, with your smartphone in Episode 10 of Jungle University! Read our blog post for a written step by step! http://bit.ly/2vGVnDP http://www.JungleScout.com Click the link above to check out our website, to learn all you need to know about selling on Amazon, with the No.1 Amazon sales tool on the market, created by sellers, used by sellers. #FreedomBuilders _________________________________ Follow us on Social Media to make sure you don’t miss out on anything Jungle Scout! Facebook - www.facebook.com/amazonjunglescout Instagram - www.instagram.com/junglescout_/ Twitter - www.twitter.com/junglescout Make sure to tag us or use our Hashtags for a chance to be featured on our profiles! _________________________________ Because we care about your success, check out these FREE resources for you to use - How to become Successful Amazon Seller https://jnglsct.com/BecomeSuccessfulSeller Estimate PPC Costs with us http://bit.ly/2DX2KdR All about Seller Central http://bit.ly/2E1aUC6 Follow along with as as we sell on Amazon! http://bit.ly/2DXwXJS FBA Profit Calculator https://jnglsct.com/Calculator Amazon Sales Estimator https://jnglsct.com/estimator
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Products - Aliexpress. China Products Online Shopping. Links In Description [China Products Online
Counterfeit (Literature Subject) korean wholesale clothing korean clothing wholesale wholesale korean clothing korean clothes wholesale korean fashion clothing Free Shipping Chinese Counterfeiting Online Shop Fakes Made in China Dollars Business Free Shipping_2 Dropship Product China korean clothing AliExpress.com Made in China International cell phones subscription Marketplace Alibaba.com aliexpress newsletter Chinese wholesale Sourcing Shanghai alibaba Beijing global Taiwan mobile News Asia B2B
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4 Steps To Product Descriptions That SELL!
My pro course on how to sell ANY drop shipping product with AdWords, now 50% off: http://go.theecomproject.com/ppc Free video training: how to make predictable sales WITHOUT spending a fortune on product testing: http://go.theecomproject.com/video-training Get my FREE product description template here: http://bit.ly/2jTvaqQ In this video I show you how you can write the perfect product description that SELLS.
Ecommerce Product Description Copywriting with Ry Schwartz
Copywriting has the power to sell more than design. When it comes to your ecommerce store, your landing page, emails and product description copy must be on-point to maximize sales. In this interview with copywriter Ry Schwartz, learn: - How to know if your product descriptions are good - 3 ways to quickly improve your copy (including product descriptions) in less than 1 hour - And Ryan’s top method to “write as if you’re reading your customers’ minds”. No doubt, these techniques will increases your ecommerce sales and conversions. ============== About SplitBase ============== SplitBase helps high-growth (7+ figures) ecommerce companies increase website conversions with the same traffic they already have. Learn more about how SplitBase can help you grow your ecommerce sales at http://splitbase.com -- Ry Schwartz: www.ryschwartz.me
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How to Make More Money from a Shopify Aliexpress Store (4 Optimization Tips)
How to Make More Money from a Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping Store (4 Optimization Tips) ►► Get our FREE $10,000/Month Dropshipping Ebook: http://wholesaleted.com/4-step ►► Watch our Step-By-Step Shopify Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IakKkA_DWdQ Here are 4 tips you can use to make more money from your Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping store. These tips will have you increase your conversion rates - which will help you make more money from dropshipping! Tip #1 to Make More Money from a Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping Store: Add Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Settings to your Store It’s very easy to add Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics to a Shopify store. And there are numerous benefits to doing this: * It lets you track through Google Analytics if a customer adds a product to their cart. * It lets you track what products a user clicks on. * It lets you track successful transactions. * Plus tonnes more - it basically lets you track a user as they move through your Aliexpress Shopify store. Why add Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics? Simple: it let’s you make educated decisions. For example, if you see through the data that you have an unusually high cart abandonment at the shipping page, then you know that it’s the shipping price turning customers off and you need to lower it. Tip #2 to Make More Money from a Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping Store: Be Smart - and Not Greedy - When Pricing Your Upsells It’s very easy to add upsells to a Shopify store using plugins - and these upsells are crucial in greatly increasing the Average Order Value (AOV) and money you make for each of your customers. BUT - upsells can backfire if you charge too much. You risk offending the customer and turning them off your upsell… or worse, risk offending them so much that they bounce from the cart and don’t buy anything - effectively losing you a sale. To stop this, here are some guidelines to follow when you are pricing your upsells: 1) The first upsell should cost no more than double the price of the first item they purchase. This means that if the first item is $9.95, then the first upsell should cost no more than $19.95. 2) The second upsell should cost no more than double the price of the first upsell. So if the first upsell costs $19.95, then the second upsell should cost no more than $39.95. And here is another tip - don’t add in too many upsells. If you add in too many, you will risk offending the customer. A good number to stick to is 2. Tip #3 to Make More Money from a Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping Store: Use Proven Copywriting Techniques to Increase Your Sales Writing your product description is very important, and it can make or break a sale. If you have a great product, but a terrible page for it, you will struggle to make sales. Copywriting is a secondary but important skill to learn as a dropshipper. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when writing good copy for your products: 1) Sell the Benefits and NOT the Features This is a classic mistake that most new marketers make. They list the features for a product, thinking the customer will be impressed - but this doesn’t work. You need to explain how this product is going to benefit and improve the customer's life. 2) Use Powerful Words in your Product Page Use words that evoke emotions and feelings. For example, if you want to create scarcity, use words and phrases like “never again”, “running out” and “while they last.” 3) Remember - the Headline is EXTREMELY Important Most people make the mistake of making the headline just the name of whatever product they are selling. This works, but what works even BETTER is to craft a unique, high-converting headline by utilizing powerful words to evoke emotions in the customer. Tip #4 to Make More Money from a Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping Store: Use Amazon.com to Help You Write Your Product Pages Something I’ve noticed - and this applies to me as well - is that dropshippers are often very good with numbers… and less good when it comes to words. Our strengths lie in analyzing data, not in writing copy. If this is you, then that’s OK. You don’t need to be creative and come up with your own ideas - look at what others are doing for inspiration. Amazon.com is a great place to do this as a lot of people are (foolishly) dropshipping Aliexpress products on the site. You can go to their listings and use them for inspiration when writing your own. And a bonus tip, don’t just look at the product listing. Go into the reviews and see what customers like about the product - and use that to help you write your description too.
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display product description on the base of products in asp net c#
Need Help Or Need code? Feel Free To Contact Us Here http://www.noblecomputer.co.in/support.php using this tutorial you can easily understand that how display product description on the base of products in asp.net c# you can display record using repeater from database in asp.net on the base or product page if user click on the product we pass id in another page and base on that id we are going to display that record is using repeater. this is also known as display record using query string we pass id on url this is known as query string
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Webinar: How to add products +  bonus tips to increase sales
We hosted a webinar on "How to add products to your Instamojo Online Store and Bonus Tips to increase sales". This video summarises all that in a product demo of Instamojo. You can learn about: What is Instamojo Online Store? How to Add various types of products to your Instamojo online store? How to add Variants of products while adding a product? How can you increase your sales on your online store? Here is the link to how write good product descriptions: https://www.instamojo.com/blog/how-to-write-product-description/ We are running a contest which will end on April 23rd. Just submit your online store link and we will select top 3 and feature them on our blog and social media. Here is the link to submit your entries: https://instamojo.wufoo.eu/forms/p7jiphk0wi2r0q/
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How to Bulk Import Products into your Shopify Store
Save time by learning how to bulk import your products in your Shopify store. This is helpful when you are adding in a lot of products into your store or need to edit a lot of products in Shopify at once. You can also check out our other video tutorial on how to edit products inside of Shopify here: https://youtu.be/_bywwtbYCxA Still need to set up your online store? 😥 Learn how to set up your Shopify store in just ONE weekend with our online class: https://curiousthemes.com/products/shopify-in-a-weekend 👉 Subscribe for daily Shopify tutorials and behind the scenes videos of our Shopify store: https://www.youtube.com/c/curiousthemes?sub_confirmation=1 🔻🔻🔻 Check out our TOTALLY FREE Guides on Growing your Shopify Store 🔻🔻🔻 https://curiousthemes.com/pages/free-guides 👍 Follow Us Online 👍 • Our Blog: https://curiousthemes.com/blogs/online-marketing-for-shopify-stores • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/curiousthemes • Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/curiousthemes/
How To Price Your Product | Pricing Strategies For eCommerce and Retail Sales
In this video we cover everything you need to know about pricing your product for sale. We dive into eCommerce pricing, what kind of margins you should aim to reach and what it takes to sale through retail stores. To take advantage of the free trial of Shopify and setup your online store: http://bit.ly/Get-Shopify Margin Calculator Mentioned in video: http://bit.ly/Margin-Calculator Printful Print To Order: http://bit.ly/Try-Printful Back The Cause: http://bit.ly/Support-The-Channel Have you ever wondered how some products sell for hundreds of dollars while others are more affordable? If you’ve had this in mind while pricing your products for sale, I go into detail with the different pricing models you can follow to help you make a decision. Ultimately it depends on what tier your brand sits in, but the terms and content in this video will help you figure all of that out in a strategic way. It’s important to price your product at a sweet spot, a price that your market is willing to pay and you are able to make margins on to keep the lights on. It can be tricky to figure out, but it’s important to know what to strive for early on and then make adjustments as needed. Start A Brand ASAP- Connecting entrepreneurs with the resources and content they need to start their business ASAP. Download the free manufacturer and supplier guide and also receive the E-Series straight to your inbox. http://bit.ly/Apparel-Download John Santos on Social: https://www.instagram.com/johnxsantos/ https://twitter.com/johnxsantos SC: @revivejohnny LINKS TO BUSINESS RESOURCES AND INFO. **** RESOURCE LINKS******** ***Shopify- Website Platform, 14 Day Risk Free Trial http://bit.ly/Get-Shopify ***Bluehost- Web hosting package, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee http://www.bluehost.com/track/bluejay90 *** Design Package- Photoshop, Illustrator & More http://bit.ly/Creative-Cloud1 ***Fiverr- Logo Design and Graphics http://tracking.fiverr.com/SH1rz *AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: The description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links, I may receive a small commission (at no added cost to you). This helps me create new videos to support your journey. If you could reference back to this description when you are ready to use a service, I’d greatly appreciate it.
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How To Create Top Converting Product Descriptions On Your Shopify Dropshipping Store
Keys To Shopify Product Descriptions For Best Conversion Rate SUBSCRIBE : https://bit.ly/2JMBLAM 2 WEEK FREE SHOPIFY TRIAL🙂 https://goo.gl/GfDA8T For A-Z Mentorship, Contact Me Email: [email protected] Instagram: @brendan_verhoff REGISTER An LLC : https://bit.ly/2MfIggv ❗
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Writing Shopify Product Descriptions That Convert! (Proven Shopify Product Page Layout)
In this video I reveal the exact strategy I am using to craft product landing page descriptions and what has worked the best for me in terms of conversions and sales.. thanks for watching! - Shopify EXCLUSIVE Free Trial Discount (Closes Soon): https://bit.ly/2IBgKsd Join My FREE Facebook Mastermind Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/153035352123823/?fref=nf Follow Me On IG: https://www.instagram.com/jrdn.w/ - How I'm Finding Winning Products: Favorite Product Research Tool (Shop Genius): https://bit.ly/2r3YIIE Easy Way To Follow Trends: https://bit.ly/2r5l9xe - jordan welch product copywriting shopify product descriptions
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How To Write A Shopify Product Description That SELLS
FREE Shopify TRAINING Webinar: http://ecomvideotraining.com --~-- When writing your descriptions, always ask yourself: Does this help the online buyer? Does it inform them, enlighten them, and, ultimately, help them make a purchase decision? If you start from square one using this approach, you’re already on the ideal path to writing amazing product descriptions for SEO. Video Used From: ********** Malik Mufasa Watch The Whole Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEyhpTV3a8k ********** SEO for Product Descriptions: 5 Steps with Results, Use Cases & Examples For high-volume online retailers, SEO can play a major role in growing not only organic traffic but conversions and overall sales: One month after migrating from Demandware, BackJoy saw a 102% increase in sales from organic traffic and a 71% increase in revenue Nine months after migrating from Magento, iHeartRaves experienced a 130% YoY increase in organic traffic and a 227% increase in revenue In under a year after moving to Shopify Plus, TULA’s site sessions jumped 95%, organic search traffic 101%, and total transactions 297% In this article, we’ll examine five steps to optimize your SEO for product descriptions. If you’re curious about getting similar results … schedule a Shopify Plus demo today. This is a special guest post by Julia McCoy, content marketer, entrepreneur, and bestselling author. You’re confident about your storefront’s onsite performance. Your page speeds are top notch, your images are professionally shot, and a recent iteration of testing has taken your conversion rate optimization to a new level. Unfortunately, even if your product descriptions are optimized to sell, that fact alone may not be enough to impact the bottom line. After all, no one can buy your products if they can’t find them. And, if you’re not number one … you might as well not exist. SEO product descriptions effects on retailer and general merchandize CTRs through organic search Retailer and general merchandise CTRs from February 2018 via Advanced Web Ranking Worse, according to Statista, the average CTR for paid search in ecommerce is a mere 2.69% (that’s the equivalent of being eternally ranked immediately below position five). SEO for product descriptions brings up a host of difficult questions: Which keywords should you target? What’s the perfect description length? Should you write for engines or people? Where and how often should you use keywords? Getting the answers right is essential. Here’s how to do it … Write for Buyers, Not Bots Major on Benefits (Include Features) Target the Right SEO Product Keywords Let Buyer “Awareness” Drive Your PDP Length Create Unique SEO Product Descriptions for Each PDP 1. Write for Buyers, Not Bots The number one rule for good SEO any time, anywhere, is to write for people first … not the search engine web crawlers. Here’s why: what’s good for your audience is good for search engines, because their main concern is usability. The whole point of search is to help users find exactly what they’re looking for. If your product descriptions align with this goal, you’re going to please Google and rank well. For Full Article: https://www.shopify.com/enterprise/seo-product-descriptions
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