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#3- Error ORA 01045 user lacks CREATE SESSION privilege
ORA-01045: user ... lacks CREATE SESSION privilege; logon denied This error is thrown if a user wants to log on a database but lacks the create session system privilege. In order to give someone this privilege, use: grant create session to user_name; #4- ERROR:ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVr3fmS1JX4
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How to create an user and to grant all privileges to them in Oracle database
This video shows you how to create a new user and to grant privileges to them. Syntax to create a new user: create user username identified by password
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Oracle DBA Justin - How to grant a system privilege to a user in an Oracle database
How to grant a system privilege to a user in an Oracle database
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#2-  Error ORA-01034: ORACLE not available  ORA-27101: shared memory realm does not exist
Question: I am getting the errors ORA-01034: ORACLE not available ORA-27101: shared memory realm does not exist. Cause: Oracle was not started up. SOLUTION : START UP DATABASE. #3- Error ORA 01045 user lacks CREATE SESSION privilege HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLqASraIMxM
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How to Create an user in Oracle
How to Create an user in Oracle with minimum grants/privileges we need to connect as SYSDBA lets ceate an user test you can see the user is created : But can it connect? lets open a new session we can see it lacks create session priv. so, we grant the create session privilege to user test lets test Its connecting. But is it able to create a table ,lets check. it lacks the ability to create table. SO lets give the privilege. lets test again the create table command. its throwing error regarding no Privilege on users tablespace . But we have given USERS as the default tablespace to test(user). So whats the problem? The problem is there is not quota defined for user test. lets give some quota like "10MB" or UNLIMITED , we will giev 10MB NOw let us test. So we can see that we now have sufficient / minimum privileges for the user test. Hope this will help in understanding the concept behind user creation
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Oracle is Database management system. We can use Oracle by command promt also ut some times the services get stopped and we cannot connect the oracle. Here is the solution to connect oracle. For more videos Dont forget to SUBSCRIBE. ====================================================== oracle 12c,oracle database 12c,ora 12154,my oracle,oracle e delivery,ora-12505,ora-01031 insufficient privileges,w3schools,tablespace in oracle,oracle express edition,flashback in oracle,sql developer download ,oracle express download ,oracle create user,cbt nuggets ,oracle interview questions ,tnsnames.ora,oracle database express ,oracle 11g express ,,oracle express,create table oracle ,oracle sql developer -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to create free blogs || How to create pages in blogger || How to write posts in blogger" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLjzZo8RUg8 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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#5-  Error ORA-01031: "insufficient privileges"
you can also get this error ORA-01031: "insufficient privileges" error occurs when you attempt to execute a program or function for which you have not been granted the appropriate privileges.
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How to solve ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error || Oracle Apex|| Apex Helpline
how to solve ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error First go to manage... then click this service.... oraclemtrecoveryservice oracleserviceXe start this service.. thanks.... plz subscribe our channel.
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[SOLVED !!] Virtualbox Failed to open a session for the virtual machine video
Failed to open a session for the virtual machine. VT-X is disabled The virtual machine 'Win7 new' has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1 (0x1) Result Code: E_FAIL (0x80004005) Component: MachineWrap The VM session was closed before any attempt to power it on Virtualbox error E_FAIL (0x80004005) How to fix VirtualBox "Failed to open a session for the virtual machine" error How to fix VirtualBox "Failed to open a session" error VirtualBox "Failed to open a session for the virtual machine" after Opening ISO File "Fixed" 2017 virtual box error 0x80004005 faild to open a session for the virtual box machine hot to fix As I Figure - Latinesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100323 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
VMware Fix - Failed to lock the file Cannot open the disk 'xxxx.vmdk'
Failed to lock the file Cannot open the disk 'xxxx.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.
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How to create a new user in SQL command line,Granting privileges & Revoking privileges from the user
Title: How to create a new user in SQL command line,Assigning Privileges(Granting)(Select,Insert,Update,Delete) to the user and Removing privileges(Revoke) from the user. Created by: Hardik M.Parmar, Lecturer,Computer Engg.Dept., J.H.Desai Polytech,Palsana
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Best Practices for Hyper-V Backups by Greg Shields, Backup Academy
Best practices and the 3 things you need to ensure for your Hyper-V disaster recovery are discussed in this Backup Academy session with Greg Shields. Visit http://www.backupacademy.com/ to start your VM backup training and become Backup Academy Certified
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What is MIDDLEWARE? What does MIDDLEWARE mean? MIDDLEWARE meaning, definition & explanation
What is MIDDLEWARE? What does MIDDLEWARE mean? MIDDLEWARE meaning - MIDDLEWARE pronunciation - MIDDLEWARE definition - MIDDLEWARE explanation - How to pronounce MIDDLEWARE? Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under http://shink.in/PhItS license. Middleware is computer software that provides services to software applications beyond those available from the operating system. It can be described as "software glue". Middleware makes it easier for software developers to implement communication and input/output, so they can focus on the specific purpose of their application. The term is most commonly used for software that enables communication and management of data in distributed applications. An IETF workshop in 2000 defined middleware as "those services found above the transport (i.e., over TCP/IP) layer set of services but below the application environment (i.e., below application-level APIs). In this more specific sense middleware can be described as the dash (“-”) in client-server, or the -to- in peer-to-peer. Middleware includes web servers, application servers, content management systems, and similar tools that support application development and delivery. ObjectWeb defines middleware as: "The software layer that lies between the operating system and applications on each side of a distributed computing system in a network." Services that can be regarded as middleware include enterprise application integration, data integration, message oriented middleware (MOM), object request brokers (ORBs), and the enterprise service bus (ESB). Database access services are often characterised as middleware. Some of them are language specific implementations and support heterogeneous features and other related communication features. Examples of database-oriented middleware include ODBC, JDBC and transaction processing monitors. Distributed computing system middleware can loosely be divided into two categories – those that provide human-time services (such as web request servicing) and those that perform in machine-time. This latter middleware is somewhat standardized through the Service Availability Forum and is commonly used in complex, embedded systems within telecom, defense and aerospace industries. The term middleware is used in other contexts as well. Middleware is sometimes used in a similar sense to a software driver, an abstraction layer that hides detail about hardware devices or other software from an application. - The mer software distribution is a middleware: it lacks the Linux kernel and it also lacks a UI. Mer is targeted at hardware vendors mobile-oriented operating systems. - The Android operating system uses the Linux kernel at its core, and also provides an application framework that developers incorporate into their applications. In addition, Android provides a middleware layer including libraries that provide services such as data storage, screen display, multimedia, and web browsing. Because the middleware libraries are compiled to machine language, services execute quickly. Middleware libraries also implement device-specific functions, so applications and the application framework need not concern themselves with variations between various Android devices. Androids middleware layer also contains the Dalvik virtual machine and its core Java application libraries. - Game engine software such as Gamebryo and Renderware are sometimes described as middleware, because they provide many services to simplify game development. - In simulation technology, middleware is generally used in the context of the high level architecture (HLA) that applies to many distributed simulations. It is a layer of software that lies between the application code and the run-time infrastructure. Middleware generally consists of a library of functions, and enables a number of applications—simulations or federates in HLA terminology—to page these functions from the common library rather than re-create them for each application. - Wireless networking developers can use middleware to meet the challenges associated with a wireless sensor network (WSN). Implementing a middleware application allows WSN developers to integrate operating systems and hardware with the wide variety of various applications that are currently available. - The QNX operating system offers middleware for providing multimedia services for use in automobiles, aircraft and other environments.
PHP - Insert Form Data Into MYSQL Database Using PHP
Insert Form Data Into MYSQL Database Using PHP In this tutorial I have created one html form and one insert.php page. In HTML form have used POST method to send the Data to insert.php, an in insert.php first i used mysqli_connection for connecting to MYSQL Database Engine, After that i used mysqli_selefct_db for selecting Datbase, and at last i used mysqli_query for inserting Data in mysql Database. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Registration Form In PHP adn MYSQL" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQCiU85q2vs -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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ReactOS Tech talk in Google Montreal by Alex Ionescu in 2013
ReactOS -- The Crazy Open Source Attempt To Rewrite Windows From Scratch (2013) English subtitles were made by Black_Fox. Русские субтитры (предварительный вариант) сделаны сообществом переводчиков http://notabenoid.org/book/57715/members http://www.meetup.com/googleMTL/events/141333732/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVXt_dELZNo - original video In this talk, Alex Ionescu, lead kernel developer for the ReactOS project since 2004 (and recently returning after a long hiatus) will talk about the project's current state, having just passed revision 60000 in the SVN repository. Alex will also cover some of the project's goals, the development and testing methodology being such a massive undertaking (an open source project to reimplement all of Windows from scratch!), partnership with other open source projects (MinGW, Wine, Haiku, etc...). Alex will talk both about the infrastructure side about running such a massive OS project (but without Linux's corporate resources), as well as the day-to-day development challenges of a highly distributed team and the lack of Win32 internals knowledge that makes it hard to recruit. Finally, Alex will do a few demos of the OS, try out a few games and applications, Internet access, etc, and of course, show off a few blue screens of death. Alex will also show how modern builds of ReactOS can be built straight out of Visual Studio, and how you can source debug the kernel with Microsoft's own debugging tools, such as WinDBG, stepping through essentially-Windows-kernel code to debug issues in actual drivers or applications. If time allows, Alex will show a bit on how one can reverse engineer a Windows function/driver to understand its internals, which beyond ReactOS can also help with debugging problems. Alex Ionescu Bio Alex Ionescu is the Chief Architect at CrowdStrike, Inc. Alex is a world-class security architect and consultant expert in low-level system software, kernel development, security training, and reverse engineering. He is coauthor of the last two editions of the Windows Internals series, along with Mark Russinovich and David Solomon. His work has led to the fixing of many critical kernel vulnerabilities, as well as to over a few dozen non-security bugs. Previously, Alex was the lead kernel developer for ReactOS, an open source Windows clone written from scratch, for which he wrote most of the Windows NT–based subsystems. During his studies in Computer Science, Alex worked at Apple on the iOS kernel, boot loader, and drivers on the original core platform team behind the iPhone, iPad and AppleTV. Alex is also the founder of Winsider Seminars & Solutions Inc., a company that specializes in low- level system software, reverse engineering and security trainings for various institutions. In the last three years, he has also contributed to patches and development in two major commercially used operating system kernels. Сумасшедшая попытка написать свободный (опенсорсный) Windows с нуля В этой беседе Алекс Ионеску, ведущий разработчик ядра для проекта ReactOS с 2004 года (и недавно вернувшийся после долгого перерыва) расскажет про текущее состояние проекта, который уже прошёл 60000 ревизий в репозитории SVN. Алекс также охватит некоторые цели проекта и методологию разработки и тестирования, являющейся в таком проекте широкомасштабным мероприятием (open-source проект по имплементации всей ОС Windows с нуля!), в содействии с другими open-source проектами (MinGW, Wine, Haku и т.д.).
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Ищем ресторан в облаках | Путешествие в Австрию #5
Утро в брошенном отеле в городе Лиенц, Австрия. Наташа показывает себя ребенком. Едем в гору. Платная австрийская гора и наш поиск ресторана в облаках. ► РЕКОМЕНДУЕМ: https://vk.com/vi_travel — монтаж вашего видео с путешествий! Следующий выпуск: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ijfqo7oxAo&list=PLpxRbjOxfWRTDi2FYfPwSeuZ8fILApywr&index=7 ПОДПИСЫВАЙСЯ на наш канал KakNamTam, чтобы не пропустить новые видео: https://www.youtube.com/user/kaknamtam?sub_confirmation=1 КАРТА ПУТЕШЕСТВИЯ: http://kaknamtam.ru/?p=1212 Мы снимали жилье в Австрии, через Airbnb. Получите $20 на первое путешествие → https://www.airbnb.ru/c/iiakovlev СМОТРИТЕ В ВЫПУСКЕ: Ищем ресторан в облаках | Путешествие в Австрию #5 — Утро в бывшем отеле Tirol Лиенц (Lienz), Австрия — Наташа показывает видео из своего детства — Играем с ребенком — Едем на гору искать ресторанчик Hochstein Hütte — Автоматический контроль и платный въезд по-австрийски — Мысли Наташи о том как путешествовать с ребенком и быть мамой — Подъем на гору с коляской — Фото и видео, Альпы Австрия СМОТРИТЕ ТАКЖЕ: Озеро Бохинь. Словения https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kT00DboA90A Пиран. Средневековый город. Словения https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiU0xsiYMAo ГДЕ НАС НАЙТИ: VK: https://vk.com/kaknamtam Twitter: https://twitter.com/kaknamtam Instagram Ильи: http://instagram.com/ilyayakovlev Instagram Наташи: http://instagram.com/chiosun Илья в Вконтакте: https://vk.com/ilyayakovlev Наташа в Вконтакте: https://vk.com/nataliaderiabina Видео снято на камеру Canon G7X 16 июня 2015 Монтаж: Илья Яковлев Понравилось это видео? Поставьте ЛАЙК и добавьте в избранное! MUSIC CREDITS: "Daydreaming of The South" by Bryan Mathys is licensed under a Attribution License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ "Off to Osaka" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Словения бизнес иммиграция 2018. Какой она будет?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEPbWZMYH18 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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CS50 2016 - Week 9 - SQL
TOC 00:00:00 - Week 8 Recap 00:05:40 - froshims0 00:09:31 - froshims1 00:12:20 - SQL 00:19:13 - phpLiteAdmin 00:27:07 - SQL Commands 00:38:38 - SQL Built-Ins 00:43:27 - Joining Tables 01:03:12 - sqlite 01:06:51 - froshims2 01:32:03 - ORM 01:39:14 - SQL Injection Attacks 01:51:10 - Outro Explained Segments SQL, phpLiteAdmin: http://youtu.be/xHlpdvfLUQQ
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Talent Connect Live: Day 1
The Talent Connect Livestream is your front row seat to a three-day gathering of the world’s top leaders, innovators and influencers in the talent space. Join the stream October 9th – 11th, PDT to see keynote presentations, product demos and exclusive interviews, from anywhere in the world. You’ll gain actionable insights that will help you stay ahead of the evolving talent landscape on topics including Talent Intelligence, the Future of Work and Learning & Development.
LIVE: Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Day 2)
Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett #Kavanaugh (Day 2, PArt 1) - LIVE at 9:30am ET on C-SPAN3, C-SPAN Radio & online here: https://cs.pn/2NRS3KW
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Building & Running Wave-in-a-Box
Walkthrough by Joseph Gentle at the Wave Protocol Summit. More details on the summit here: http://www.waveprotocol.org/wave-protocol-summit
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Transparent Orchestration: The Visibility to Act
Sumedh Thakar, Chief Product Officer, Qualys From the app era to APIs, cloud has given us rich data hyperconnectivity. Still, we cannot see what we are deploying, monitor what we have nor act at the moment of truth. Now leading enterprises and cloud providers are using DevOps to forge a new unified native integration of IT and security. This keynote predicts digital transformation will enable security’s Transparent Orchestration movement. https://www.rsaconference.com/events/ap18/agenda/sessions/6775-transparent-orchestration-the-visibility-to-act-at
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ReactOS by Alex Ionescu
In this talk, Alex Ionescu, lead kernel developer for the ReactOS project since 2004 (and recently returning after a long hiatus) will talk about the project's current state, having just passed revision 60000 in the SVN repository. Alex will also cover some of the project's goals, the development and testing methodology being such a massive undertaking (an open source project to reimplement all of Windows from scratch!), partnership with other open source projects (MinGW, Wine, Haiku, etc...). Alex will talk both about the infrastructure side about running such a massive OS project (but without Linux's corporate resources), as well as the day-to-day development challenges of a highly distributed team and the lack of Win32 internals knowledge that makes it hard to recruit. Finally, Alex will do a few demos of the OS, try out a few games and applications, Internet access, etc, and of course, show off a few blue screens of death. Alex will also show how modern builds of ReactOS can be built straight out of Visual Studio, and how you can source debug the kernel with Microsoft's own debugging tools, such as WinDBG, stepping through essentially-Windows-kernel code to debug issues in actual drivers or applications. If time allows, Alex will show a bit on how one can reverse engineer a Windows function/driver to understand its internals, which beyond ReactOS can also help with debugging problems. http://www.reactos.org/
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Oliver Ratzesberger | Hadoop Summit 2014
The Hadoop world should focus on business outcomes, as cool visualizations and queries are nothing if the data does not generate value for the organization. Oliver Ratzesberger, the SVP of Software at Teradata, explained that the new conversation on Hadoop's business outcome should indeed be the new focus of the industry in a live interview yesterday with theCUBE co-hosts Jeff Frick and John Furrier. As conversations at the Hadoop Summit circle business outcome, Ratzesberger agreed "it's very important to focus on business outcome. I spent years integrating Teradata, Hadoop, and others to create business outcome. If you just create core visualizations, if you just run cool queries, that does not mean anything." Organizations need to adapt to the new market and new customers demands, he went on, saying "you can miss the ball very quickly on that," without a way to get value out of data and analytics. Agility is a spectrum Asked how CIOs and infrastructures dealt with the pressure to move faster, Ratzesberger said that "moving fast means hours and days." Weeks already mean you're too slow. "You have to be careful about that though... because it quickly turns into Wild Wild West." "You have to start with an agile environment first, and introduce a Big Data platform on top of that," he explained. "Designing an organization for agility is very hard work. Most organizations, they want to be agile, but they fall into this waterfall methodology." To adopt agility, you need to train your people, to shape your organization, said Ratzesberger. Commenting on Facebook's decision to change its mantra to "move fast, safe infrastructure," Ratzesberger said "when you are new in the market, you can break stuff. Later on, you can't make mistakes. You need to realize that you don't build a plane or power plant in agile, but you need it for new products. Agility is a spectrum, it's not an on off switch." "The push for agility needs to come even higher than the CIO," Ratzesberger explained. The CIO is an enabler, so is the CMO, but the drive has to come from the CEO level or even be a board level decision. Reeling in the community "DevOps needs to come much more into Big Data," Ratzesberger stated. "Right now analytical applications are lacking the kind of DevOps that's been developed around cloud solutions." "What we have done from within the analytics side, we pushed very hard for agility," he went on, "but we pushed for purpose and methodology. We took the entire development community and got them through Scrum training, but also included business units into this." Developers and those on the business side worked next to each other, without the traditional separation. "What we've learned over the years, agility with data is paramount," Ratzesberger added. "We need to design for making that happen." The concept to achieve that is to train people on agile and add a self-service dimension. He used eBay as an example, the company having implemented the concept of virtual sandboxes which gave access to all the data a customer needed to see. "We made it very easy for people to try something out, right there, on the production data." The end user experience Asked what the reality of the customer was, Ratzesberger said "it's all about execution. To a CEO, to a CIO, it matters if you can produce tangible outcomes and results. What we do at Teradata, we're driving a lot of that new thinking into Teradata, we are constantly thinking what is the next step we need to solve for our customers" and what are the new capabilities emerging from these communities that are not enterprise ready, and see how they can be brought into the enterprise. "What we are seeing a lot is the integration between trade data and new types of data, where it is very powerful to have a processing platform like Hadoop," noted Ratzesberger. Image data data processing is an example, with use cases around fraud, and better search. Another important use case is around sensor data, which one customer used to predict locomotive breakdowns. Commenting on the relevance of Teradata in the context of the current perfect storm of innovation, Ratzesberger said that Teradata had "experience of integrating data at various levels" and "is at the forefront, somebody that really makes it happen. We build and integrate the technologies, bring them into your company and really let them loose on solving your problems. We do that engineering for our customers, we bring a prepackaged solution," but it's an integrated ecosystem, there is no lock in.
5 Best Nigerian Mixtapes And EPs Of Year 2016 | Pulse TV
We have sorted through them all, and here we are. Pulse Music presents the 10 Best EPs and Mixtapes of 2016. http://bit.ly/2h6sHNc Falz & Simi – “Chemistry” : Falz and Simi marks this era with a project that will linger through time as a work inspired by creativity and passion, rather than the pressures of business. There’s no classic, stop-everything track to grab to you by the heartstrings. Then again, ‘Chemistry’ (comes close enough – which is closer than anyone else is likely to come before the year is up). M.I Abaga – “Illegal Music 3”: This is the final work on the Illegal Music series, and M.I Abaga went for morose reflection. In eight years M.I has either led the pace or been one of the strong forces of the Nigerian rap movement. In some corners, he is said to be a legend. IM3 confirms what everyone knows about M.I. Stripped of commercialism and conformist tendencies, he is Africa’s most talented rapper. Through this brilliance in poetry and wordplay, he creates a record of depressing instrospection, desperate egotistical reassurance, and fairly altruistic sermons (when you can strip it of all the rampant paranoia). Seun Kuti – “Struggle Sounds EP”: Seun Kuti who is sufficiently vocal about the Nigerian government on social media and every other platform is really popular for his affiliation with conscious music – A genre that was pioneered by his father, Fela Anikulakpo Kuti. The Afrobeat torchbearer releases this conscious effort backed by Egypt 80, the band he took over from his father, Fela, that has stayed loyal to him. The new EP was co-produced by Robert Glasper, who also did production work for Seun’s last album “A Long Way To The Beginning.” Davido – “Son Of Mercy” EP: Davido is lacking a single home anymore. The Nigerian superstar singer in the past year has seen his music business expand to include HKN Music, Davido Music Worldwide, Sony Music Entertainment, and RCA Records. A huge part of “Son Of Mercy” was recorded in the US studio that Shizzi have relocated to, and it is from that place that they have had countless sessions to produce music reflecting Davido’s current stage in his career. Ozzy B (Santi) – Suzie’s Funeral EP: Ozzy B finally and fully embraces Santi in the highly anticipated project "Suzie’s funeral". Santi takes us on a musical journey as he blends and fuses different genres to create his own sound. Santi is a well-known artist amongst the younger generation of Nigerians and has dropped two projects in the past. Milli – “Don’t Ask Me What Happened” EP: From Surulere in Lagos, we have a man whose music is being created to be bigger than himself, larger than instant gratuity, and speaking for more than the need to be true to oneself. Milli speaks for art, bleeds for it, cries for it and f*ucks it hard. That’s why the past two years of his life has been a steady rush from base level to his well-chronicled discontent. Moelogo – “Ireti” EP: “Íréti” comes in 2016 as a fitting opener to his year. Moelogo, who possesses a rich flexible versatile voice, starts off with some refreshing synth and kicks where he croons about giving love to his love interest. Some stimulating horn arrangements launch ‘Some say’ which swiftly becomes a prayer and thanksgiving. There’s a shrewd fusion of joyful percussion fused over claps, and drum patterns. That gives a cool vibe, on a topic that many will embrace. Eclipse – “City Of Dreams”: Getting mainstream attention is a dream of every rapper, and Eclipse is no different. That’s how the man would find fulfilment in his lifeblood which is currently tied to Aboriginal Records. With a number of singles and collaborations, competition victories and recordings, the rapper who began his journey into Hip-hop 10 years ago drops “City of Dreams”. D-Truce – “Eden” EP: “I was barely thirteen and my mom and Dad had just split…” reveals D-Truce on ‘1 Day’. In his debut EP – “Eden” – the rapper, singer, songwriter, and part time tech-head makes it easy for us to walk through his mind and capture the various ways in which it changes, and the events that led up to that change. Aside from making music to satiate the hunger for expression he carries, this is an invitation to see the world from his eyes, walk in his shoes, and engage his music from a personal perspective. Bella - "2.0: Lucid Dreaming": Bella comes through with the EP titled "Lucid Dreaming 2.0" following her debut self-titled EP "Bella". Pulse.ng is Nigeria's online news platform. 24/7 news, gist, music, movies, lifestyle, events, sports and more. SUBSCRIBE HERE FOR MORE https://www.youtube.com/user/PulseNigeria247 VISIT OUR WEBSITE http://www.pulse.ng
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[Spotlight] Royal Caribbean's Onboard Analytics Using OBIEE 11g
http://www.kpipartners.com/blog/bid/127530/Spotlight-Royal-Caribbean-s-Onboard-Analytics-Using-OBIEE-11g On May 29th, KPI Partners partnered with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines on a customer spotlight webinar that featured a unique business intelligence solution at RCCL. Get access to this recording from our live webcast featuring Illeana Gonzales and Richard Paley from Royal Caribbean on the challenges they had building an onboard analytics solution for all the ships in their fleet. Richard and Illeana showed attendees the progression from a proof-of-concept in OBIEE 10g to production dashboards in OBIEE 11g. Royal Caribbean is already experiencing anecdotal return-on-investment (ROI) with their business intelligence solution because they are able to modify onboard marketing activities to specific demographics. For example, if beverage revenue is lacking on a particular voyage, management can now identify this deficiency quickly and tailor promotions around a particular brand of beer (Molson) that has historically appealed a segment of guests on-board based on their country of origin (Canada). Timeline 00:00 - Introduction 03:04 - Overview of Royal Caribbean 03:33 - Project History 04:49 - Project Objectives 05:48 - Business Drivers 07:11 - Why Oracle BI? 07:52 - Oracle Footprint 09:13 - Accomplishments 11:16 - Challenges 13:54 - Original OBIEE 10g Dashboard 14:50 - OBIEE 11g Onboard Analytics Dashboard 18:43 - Onboard Analytics - Beverage 20:42 - Onboard Analytics - Beverage Drill-Down 21:27 - Onboard Analytics - Beverage Gross Revenue by Hour & Location 22:02 - Onboard Analytics - Spa Top Sales by Age & Country 23:39 - Q & A - Who are the users? 24:53 - Q & A - What changes are made based on these BI reports? 26:03 - Q & A - Did you use a relational database? 27:00 - Q & A - Did you use Essbase? 27:12 - Q & A - Other BI tools being used? 27:35 - Q & A - Details on the hardware environment? 28:25 - Q & A - How often is POS data sent to corporate? 28:51 - Q & A - What is the size & experience of your team? 29:46 - Q & A - Why upgrade from OBIEE 10g to 11g? 30:51 - Q & A - How long was the upgrade from OBIEE 10g to 11g? 31:41 - Q & A - How did you overcome challenges with user authentication & performance? 32:52 - Q & A - How did you handle "real-time" BI with a traditional ETL approach? 33:35 - Q & A - How does the crew gain access? 34:11 - Q & A - OBIEE standalone or oracle BI Apps? 34:29 - Q & A - Is the system compatible with mobile devices? 35:21 - Q & A - Built from scratch using OBIEE? 35:46 - Q & A - Any ad-hoc analysis? 35:59 - Q & A - Future plans at Royal Caribbean? 36:40 - Q & A - Have you realized any ROI? 37:45 - Conclusion
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CS50 2017 - Lecture 10 - SQL
00:00:00 - Muppet Teaser 00:03:02 - eprint 00:05:07 - Facebook Login Walkthrough 00:14:34 - Flask Sessions 00:28:56 - SQL 00:29:44 - Databases 00:36:55 - SQLite 00:39:01 - Database Operations 00:45:32 - SQL Data Types 00:54:33 - Optimizing the Database 01:06:13 - phpLiteAdmin 01:12:42 - Constraints 01:18:01 - Creating a Database 01:21:58 - sqlite3 01:25:14 - SQL in Python 01:33:15 - SQL Injection Attacks 01:38:50 - Adding SQL to Flask 01:43:31 - C$50 Finance
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Error Message - There is a problem with this website's security certificate by Britec
Error Message - There is a problem with this website's security certificate This is basically an Internet Explorer 7 Websites Security Certificate problem! You have to self-sign the certificate on the client computer or add the URL manually to the trusted security zone. When you are trying to access a secure web page, you receive the warning message: "There is a problem with this website's security certificate. The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority." Or "Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept data you send to the server." -------------------------- why not join our new tech forum http://www.briteccomputers.co.uk/forum
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How To Deal With Shame And Guilt
❤ ON today's Livestream I'll be talking about shame and guilt and how to deal with them from your feminine energy. ❤ CLICK here to reserve your seat for my FREE 1hr webinar: http://powerfullyfem.com/pfi-webinar-ng ❤ CLICK below to schedule a FREE "Powerfully Feminine Session". This is a personal 1:1 chat with me or my team to discuss the Powerfully Feminine Intensive programs. https://candiceoneida.acuityscheduling.com ❤ CLICK here to discover "What's Your Desire Archetype?" http://powerfullyfem.com/quiz New videos: Sunday morning (San Francisco time). More Powerfully Feminine Resources: http://www.powerfullyfem.com Connect with Candice on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/smartsavvysexy Follow Candice on Twitter: http://twitter.com/femsuccess Follow Candice on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/candiceoneida For more info on this topic:
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San Diego Java User's Group, March 20, 2018
Nikhil Nanivadekar: "Collections.compare: JDK, Eclipse, Guava, Apache..." and "How to make your project Java 9 compatible" Abstract: Collections.compare: JDK, Eclipse, Guava, Apache... Collections are a staple in any programming language: the need to collect, sort, or iterate over values is needed by nearly all developers. The Java language introduced the Collections framework long ago. It has plenty to offer, but many find it lacking: the number of collection libraries as active open source projects demonstrates the need for something else. This session does a holistic comparison of the most-common collections (pun intended!) frameworks, what they have to offer, and what you should consider for your next project. It also shows common programmer use cases; how each library handles them; and the impact on memory, processing power, and ease of use/coding. Come and let us help you choose the right bag for your tricks! Abstract: How to make your project Java 9 compatible Java 9 brings numerous changes that might break existing applications. This presentation is a case study of making a third-party Java Collections library (Eclipse Collections) Java 9–compatible. You will get an overview of all the steps taken and the evolution of the final, Java 9–compatible product. These steps are essentially similar to those you might have to take to upgrade your application to use JDK 9. The session covers available tooling and simple yet practical tips and tricks that will help you in the upgrade process. Speaker Bio - Nikhil Nanivadekar: Nikhil Nanivadekar is a Vice President in Private Wealth Management in the Technology division of Goldman Sachs. Nikhil is the project lead and committer for Eclipse Collections and has presented at JavaOne, DevoxxUS, Great Indian Developer Summit and Java User Group meetups. He is passionate about robotics and has conducted robotics workshops at JCrete4Kids, JavaOne4Kids and Devoxx4Kids. In 2017, Nikhil was named an Oracle Developer Champions program. Nikhil graduated in 2012 from University of Utah with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Robotics and Controls. SDJUG Page for this presentation: http://www.sdjug.org/2018-03-20
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openEHR Day - November 22, 2017 - Introduction and keynote "The Postmodern EHR"
Introduction, Jon Hoeksma CEO at Digital Health Intelligence Keynote: "The Postmodern EHR", Tomaz Gornik, CEO, Marand d.o.o. Want to learn more about Think!EHR Platform™ click here: http://bit.ly/2B8hepJ
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Richard Holloway - On Faith and Doubt (Ideas at the House)
Dubbed the 'barmy bishop' by UK tabloids and denounced by the Archbishop of Canterbury for his book Godless Morality, former Bishop of Edinburgh and acclaimed writer-commentator Richard Holloway was never a typical churchman, troubled by questions posed by life in the church. Watch as Holloway joins Ideas at the House to discuss his life and times both inside and outside the priesthood, as documented in his best-selling memoir Leaving Alexandria -- sharing an intimate knowledge of the Church's workings, philosophies, and a fresh perspective on the topic of faith and doubt. For more videos from Ideas at the House, check out our channel: http://www.youtube.com/ideasatthehouse Susbcribe to get new videos in your feed: http://www.youtube.com/subscribe_widget?p=ideasatthehouse Get a new talk every week on our podcast: Audio - https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/sydney-opera-house-ideas-at/id640445035 Video - https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/sydney-opera-house-ideas-at/id640444896 For more from Ideas at the House, visit: Ideas Hub - http://sydneyoperahouse.com/ideas Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/IdeasAtTheHouse Twitter - https://twitter.com/ideasatthehouse
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Hybrid Integration for the enterprise with Azure Integration Services - BRK2028
Learn how to seamlessly connect on-premises and cloud applications using 200+ out-of-the-box connectors, including SAP, Salesforce, Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics. Azure Integration Services brings together Logic Apps, API Management, Event Grid, and Service Bus making it easy to integrate applications, data, and processes across the enterprise.
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Deep dive on SQL Server and big data - BRK4021
Many customers have investments in data lakes with big data storage and infrastructure. Come explore a deep dive behind the technology for big data integration with SQL Server including Polybase futures and scalable performance.
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Cloud OnAir: Building for growth - the future of transactional data platforms & systems
You’ve heard about technological trends, such as containerization, big data, IoT, and artificial intelligence – but do you know how they impact the core operational and transactional systems that CIOs and IT leaders are responsible for? Join this session to learn how to approach these challenges from a database perspective in today’s fast-paced business IT environment.
The Price of Cyber-Warfare
Brad Smith, President, Microsoft The battle has moved to cyber space and citizens around the world are finding themselves in the cross-hairs. As the WannaCry and Not Petya attacks showed us, these attacks don’t pit machines against machines, but machines against real people with devastating consequences to economies, businesses, civil society and individual citizens. Join Brad Smith, President of Microsoft as he discusses how this new reality demands new solutions and ever greater responsibility from the tech sector, governments and users. https://www.rsaconference.com/events/us18/agenda/sessions/11292-the-price-of-cyber-warfare
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#RuPostgres Live 5. Bruce Momjian, co-founder of PostgreSQL
[Подписывайтесь на канал и жмите «колокольчик», чтобы не пропускать новые трансляции/записи!] Event is mostly in English! / Англоязычное событие, эксперимент ;-) Первое событие 2018 — живая сессия вопросов-ответов с Брюсом Момджаном (Bruce Momjian)! Брюс — сооснователь и лидер Всемирной группы разработки PostgreSQL (PGDG), автор большого числа популярнейших статей и докладов (в том числе и в России). Именно Брюсу можно задавать любые вопросы, касающиеся проекта. Когда появится автофейловер? А мультимастер? Почему Постгресу всё ещё нужен VACUUM? Не опасно ли использовать Postgres в облаке? Какие самые крупные инсталляции Постгреса есть в мире? Задайте свой вопрос, заполнив небольшую форму: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScWiWYHDomNczv4mDvSaUHF1LAh_t0jAgcQZxPU9LfoXiyT9g/viewform?usp=sf_link
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Day two of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing
The Washington Post brings you live coverage and analysis of day two of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. Read more: https://wapo.st/2Q75ubx. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy Follow us: Twitter: https://twitter.com/washingtonpost Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/washingtonpost/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/washingtonpost/
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08/03/2018 : 2020 Census Quarterly Program Management Review (PMR)
Welcome and High-Level Program Updates – Albert E. Fontenot, Jr., Associate Director, Decennial Census Programs; James B. Treat, Assistant Director, Decennial Census Programs, Operations and Schedule Management Update on Testing • 2018 End-to-End Census Test – Deborah Stempowski, Chief, Decennial Census Management Division • 2018 End-to-End Census Test: Self-Response – Alexa Jones-Puthoff, Decennial Census Management Division • 2018 End-to-End Census Test: Nonresponse Followup – Jennifer W. Reichert, Decennial Census Management Division • 2018 End-to-End Census Test- Group Quarters– Judy Belton, Decennial Census Management Division • Wrap-up and Final Remarks on Testing Status – Deborah Stempowski, Chief, Decennial Census Management Division 2020 Census Systems Readiness • Update on 2020 Systems and their Readiness-Atri Kalluri, Chief, Decennial Information Technology Division Break 2020 Census Program Management • 2020 Census Program Management – James B. Treat, Assistant Director, Decennial Census Programs, Operations and Schedule Management • 2020 Census Master Integrated Schedule – Jacqueline Eanes, Decennial Census Management Division • 2020 Census Risk Management– Deidre C. Hicks, Decennial Census Management Division Wrap-Up – Michael Thieme, Office of the Associate Director for Decennial Census Programs
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AngularJS + REST Made Simple: Connecting AngularJS to a Backend with REST & JSON
AngularJS + REST Made Simple: Connecting AngularJS to a Backend with REST & JSON Speaker: Ben Busse, technology evangelist at dreamfactory Angular provides several convenient ways to interact with backend data using REST and JSON. This talk will explain an easy way to auto-generate REST APIs and wire up Angular to data sources like SQL, NoSQL, remote file storage, and external web services using an open source REST platform called DreamFactory. This session will introduce DreamFactory's REST API console, demonstrate a simple Angular app using CORS and REST calls for user creation, authentication, database CRUD, and external web services. Lastly, we'll briefly cover API test cases and mobile app deployment with Yeoman, DreamFactory, and PhoneGap. slides: Brad's: http://goo.gl/mvKxlz Ben's: http://goo.gl/VKDt2F James': http://goo.gl/el53vz Misko's: http://goo.gl/eFAsqw and http://goo.gl/6gwcDN
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The Impact of Autonomous Security in Today’s Threat Landscape
Amit Zavery, Executive Vice President, Cloud Platform, Oracle Corporation Amit Zavery, Oracle’s Executive Vice President for Cloud Platform will share the findings of the Oracle-KPMG threat report, introduce the concept of autonomous security, and provide insights into how enterprises can be empowered to revolutionise and re-imagine their approach to information security and safeguarding their highly sensitive data. https://www.rsaconference.com/events/ap18/agenda/sessions/6780-the-impact-of-autonomous-security-in-todays-threat
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Crockford on JavaScript - Chapter 2: And Then There Was JavaScript
Yahoo!'s JavaScript architect Douglas Crockford surveys the features of the JavaScript programming language.
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Debate: Catholic vs Protestant - Tim Staples vs James White
This debate took place back in 1996. James White is the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, a Christian apologetics organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is the author of more than twenty books, a professor, an accomplished debater, and an elder of the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church. Tim Staples is the Director of Apologetics and Evangelization at Catholic Answers, but he was not always Catholic. Tim was raised a Southern Baptist and later, as an adult, enrolled in Jimmy Swaggart Bible College and became a youth minister in an Assembly of God community. He converted to Catholicism in 1988.
Refactoring a 1000 Lines of Code Method into Clean(er) Code (in Serbian)
Long functions in even longer classes can often be found in mature code bases. Even though every programmer knows it's wrong to keep such a beast in production, every one of us has been feeding one of those for at least some time. In this lecture, we will show the process of building large functions from scratch. We will then turn attention to one such function, which has about 1000 lines of code. You will see why we need to break such monstrous functions into smaller chunks and then we will embark on a voyage to refactor and redesign it into smaller chunks of code. If you have passion for Sudoku, then the example we present will surely amuse you. The program we will be dealing with is setting up Sudoku problems and then it solves each problem, verbalizing all decisions and explaining the solution in common English sentences. But, the way in which this interesting program does its task is, at the same time, the greatest impediment to its further development. That is the point at which this lecture begins. Before watching this recording, you may wish to try fixing the same code on your own. Please download the initial solution from GitHub repository: https://github.com/zoran-horvat/sudoku-kata
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Leo Love & Romance May, June, July 2018 Tarot Reading (Angel & Fairy) by Sloane Rhodes
Leo Love & Romance May, June, July 2018 Tarot Reading (Angel & Fairy) by Sloane Rhodes https://the-sloane-academy.thinkific.com ONLINE COURSES http://www.SloaneRhodes.com REIKI & TAROT APPTS https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id1197922591 https://soundcloud.com/user-948564640 Free Weekly Podcast Now Available on iTunes and SoundCloud. Free spiritual guidance videos released weekly. Sloane Rhodes, M.A., is a Spiritual Teacher and Speaker, Certified Angel Card Reader, Reiki practitioner, Energy healer, and ordained Minister. Tarot and oracle card readings give insight into energies that are available to all of us. They should be looked at as entertainment and are to be used for self-knowledge, self-discovery, and self-mastery. Sloane offers Readings and Healings both online and in Santa Barbara, California. Sloane is a CACR of Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine program. Past life look at money and finances. All astrological signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces Sun, Moon, Rising / Ascendant. Decks used: Enchanted Map and Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, Numerology Oracle Cards by Michelle Buchanan, Animal Tarot, Magical Fairies, Magical Mermaids and Dolphin, Angel Tarot, Magical Unicorns, Archangel Oracle Cards, Butterfly Life Changes, Angel Answers, Mary Queen of Angels, Oracle of Visions by Ciro Marchetti, Flower Therapy by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves, Angels of Abundance, Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue, Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan, illustrated by Mark Evans, Druid Craft Tarot by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Comm, illustrated by Will Worthington, Chakra Reading Cards Oracle deck by Rachelle Charman, The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans, Earth Magic by Steven D. Farmer, Tarot of the Spirit, Money Tarot by Eugene Vinitsky.
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Love Letter  - Amit Bhadana
THAT AASHIQ FRIEND IN EVERY GROUP __________________________________________________ Like My Page On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheAmitBhadana Follow Me On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theamitbhadana Subscribe to RealShit- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsSZyyGKf9FdpqDmynjVBcA
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Proposed Changes to the Federal Regulations for Human Research (Common Rule) - Chicago
Session 3 Chicago: Revising and Expanding the Scope of the Common Rule How To Post a Comment to the Docket: Online: 1. Go to http://www.regulations.gov 2. Enter HHS- OPHS-2015-0008 in the "EnterKeyword or ID" field and click on "Search" 3. On the next Web page, click on "Submit a Comment" action and follow the instructions By Mail: Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) Jerry Menikoff, M.D., J.D., OHRP 1101 Wootton Parkway Suite 200 Rockville, MD 20852 By Twitter: @CommonRule2015 // #AskNPRM By Email: [email protected]
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Enterprise sales for startups [FREE 1 hour crash course]
► http://close.io/free-sales-course?utm_campaign=yt_description&utm_medium=video&utm_source=youtube ◄Free Sales Course Read the full blog post ► http://blog.close.io/enterprise-sales-for-startups-crash-course?utm_campaign=yt_description&utm_medium=video&utm_source=youtube
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Google I/O 2010 - Scripting Google Apps for business
Google I/O 2010 - Scripting Google Apps for business process automation Enterprise 201 Evin Levey Learn how to use Google Apps for business process automation, and custom work-flow. We'll introduce the powerful scripting service along with several easy-to-use interfaces including Spreadsheets, Calendar, Sites and the Document List. We'll also demonstrate interoperability with third party web services and showcase exciting new developments in Google Apps Script. For all I/O 2010 sessions, please go to http://code.google.com/events/io/2010/sessions.html
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