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Secret And Whisper - Great White Whale (with lyrics)
Lyrics: http://easylyrics.org/?artist=Secret+And+Whisper&title=Great+White+Whale Thanks for checking out our videos and site!
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Secret and Whisper Great White Whale
From Secret and Whisper's album "Great White Whale". Enjoy(:
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Secret & Whisper - Great White Whale (live)
Secret & Whisper performing Great White Whale Live @ the Texas House of Rock in Corpus Christi, TX 4/20/08
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Secret And Whisper - xoxoxo
Music video by Secret & Whisper performing xoxoxo.
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Secret & Whisper "Great White Whale" Trailer
Trailer for the debut album from Secret & Whisper, "Great White Whale," in stores and online now on Tooth & Nail Records.
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Secret and whisper great white whale Reversed
my experiment gone good i reversed great white whale and i think it sounds amazing give it a listen maybe if im lucky ull subsribe to me
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Secret and Whisper - Great White Whale - Dekalb, IL 2008
Another great set with Secret and whisper during the Party Star Tour in Dekalb Illinois, 2008. Great job guys, and nice to see you all again! Come back to Yellowknife soon!
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Secret and Whisper Xoxoxo
From Secret and Whisper's album "Great White Whale". Enjoy(:
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Secret and Whisper - Vanishings
I'm sorry about the downtime, but I am finally back and ready to upload some epic tracks :) Album: Great White Whale Artist: Secret and Whisper Song: Vanishings
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Secret And Whisper- Great White Whale
July 8, 2008 @ Karma! w/ A Static Lullaby, Dance Gavin Dance, Four Letter Lie, and Lower Definition
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Secret & Whisper - Great White Whale
kelowna show! freaking awesome! :D
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Secret and Whisper Vanishings
From Secret and Whisper's album "Great White Whale". Enjoy(:
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Secret and Whisper Lovers
From Secret and Whisper's album "Great White Whale". Enjoy(:
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Secret and Whisper-GreatWhiteWhale
Secret and Whisper Cd release show "GREAT WHITE WHALE" at the Habitat, Kelowna B.C. Soooo Good!
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Secrect and Whisper - Vanishings (Demo)
Demo version of Vanishings that went on to appear on the band's debut "The Great White Whale".
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The Great White Whale - 1933
Intro to The Great White Whale
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Secret and Whisper Spider Besider
From Secret and Whisper's album "Great White Whale". Enjoy(:
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Secret and Whisper Attacker
From Secret and Whisper's album "Great White Whale". Enjoy(:
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Secret and Whisper- Anchors with lyrics
Secret and Whisper's song anchors with lyrics :D comments mean the world :D
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The Actress by Secret & Whisper
Music video based on Secret & Whisper's "The Actress" from their album "Great White Whale."
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Great white whale by secret & whisper
MMM water. :3
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Secret and Whisper Looming Moon
From Secret and Whisper's album "Great White Whale". Enjoy(:
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Vanishings - Secret and Whisper
SUBSCRIBE www.Myspace.com/secretandwhisper this video is edited badly , I know , but it was the first video i ever made
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Secret and Whisper Werewolves
From Secret and Whisper's album "Great White Whale". Enjoy(:
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Secrect and Whisper - Spider Besider (Demo)
Demo version of Spider Besider that went on to appear on the band's debut "The Great White Whale".
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Secret & Whisper - Vanishings Acoustic Cover
It's been too long since I've uploaded a video! This an awesome song and the whole album, "Great White Whale" is literally mind-blasting. Check these guys out and look for their new album called "Teenage Fantasy" in early February 2010! Hope you guys enjoy, please comment, rate, and subscribe, it only takes a minute but it really helps me out! Thanks!
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Secret and WhisperLooming Moons
Secret and Whisper LIVE! CD Release Show in Kelowna B.C. "Great White Whale"
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Secret and Whisper Anchors
From Secret and Whisper's album "Great White Whale". Enjoy(: ♥
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Secret and Whisper - Werewolves
Secret and Whisper - Werewolves. Studio version. Off the album "Great White Whale
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Secret and Whisper - XOXOXO Guitar Cover
Info: Secret and Whisper are such a great post-hardcore band, and its a massive disappointment that they haven't made it big time, as I think they are just as good as big PH bands such as Saosin. Whilst Teenage Fantasy was a good album, I personally liked Great White Whale a lot more, with this song being the single from that album. I'm quite happy with the way it came out, as I figured out a large portion of the song by ear. Techniques/Tips: - The intro riff is played by picking the higher D in between the fretted notes. - The post verse is probably the hardest part in the song, as it has a sort of strange rhythm part, followed by octaves that dont seem to fall in the middle of the 4 bar riff. - In the high tremelo sections, but on a bit of delay to stretch out the notes Gear: Guitar: Schecter Solo-6 (Black Cherry) - Neck pickup: Stock Active Pickup - Bridge pickup: Stock Active Pickup Strings: Ernie Ball Power Slinky Tuning: Drop C (CGCFAD) Effects: POD X3 - All patch's: Angel P-Ball Tone (reverb tremolo licks) Video: Pentax Optio 60 Audio Editing: Audacity Video Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tabs: There is a decent tab on ultimate-guitar.com but its very incomplete and some of the rythem sections are wrong. I only used it as a reference and figured out the rest of the song by ear.
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Anchors Acoustic - Secret And Whisper
Anchors acoustic by secret and whisper from the japanese version of Great White Whale
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Secret and Whisper - Lovers
My favourite band =DDD
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Secret and Whisper The Actress
From Secret and Whisper's album "Great White Whale". Enjoy(:
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Secret and Whisper Blonde Monster + You are Familiar
From Secret and Whispers album "Great White Whale" There's a small (Tiny, Microscopic) gap between the two tracks, but I'm a new to making videos and haven't found a way to fix that yet. lol, enjoy(:
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In Dallas, TX. From a drummer's point of view Part 2 yo!
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Secret & Whisper - Silver Mountain
From Teenage Fantasy The baron took my life away from me and I am just a normal man. The silver cheek of her memory is all I have. I will search for you all night. Come to say us, time traveller. Following the stars through the atmosphere. When all of silver mountain shines, we know the rescuer has arrived. They've got me working in a factory and I am falling underneath. Still the silver cheek of her memory is all I have. Dry your eyes. Keep them set on silver mountain. We will bury your mother beneath the fountain.
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Secret and Whisper - You Are Familiar (Lyrics Included)
Secret and Whisper - You Are Familiar (Lyrics Included) Lyrics: You're clear to me, despite my blurry vision It's another night of sleeping with the lights low You are familiar in ways that I'm looking for, a silent figure that looms beyond You turn to me in slowing motion, and both of us are curious You're looking me over (me over) THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS USED UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF "FAIR USE" IN TITLE 17 § 107 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE. SUCH MATERIAL REMAINS THE COPYRIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL HOLDER AND IS USED HERE FOR THE PURPOSES OF EDUCATION, COMPARISON, AND CRITICISM ONLY. NO INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT IS INTENDED.
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Secret and Whisper - Anchors (acoustic cover)
Acoustic cover of Secret and Whisper's Anchors from their album Great White Whale: https://www.amazon.com/Great-White-Whale-Secret-Whisper/dp/B0013F24EG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1488147695&sr=8-1&keywords=secret+and+whisper
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Secret and Whisper- You are Familiar LIVE
Secret and Whisper at 2 cents plain in saint louis playing You are Familiar off their new album "The Great White Whale" They were the second band on the party star tour. Check out my other vids
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Secret and Whisper - Spider Besider (LIVE)
Edmonton Alberta June 13th, 2008.
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XOXOXO -- Drum Cover -- Secret and Whisper
Drum Cover of 'XOXOXO' taken from the 2008 release 'Great White Whale' by 'Secret and Whisper'. This song is the copyrighted property of its owner(s) External Drums by Andy Wall
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