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FSX Space Shuttle Atlantis flight
A video showing the space shuttle flight from takeoff at Cape Canaveral Florida to orbit and then a landing at Edwards Airforce base. The shuttle program is dead! Long live the U.S.Space Shuttle! Space Shuttle Atlantis freeware model by Bruce Fitzgerald and available at Surclaro.com and direct link at: http://simviation.com//simviation/download.php?ID=6758 Music is Aaron Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man"
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Atlantis Space Shuttle Launch Position in FSX
Atlantis-http://www.mediafire.com/download/25c28j361e5s8ry/atlantis-1.zip Save Files-http://www.mediafire.com/download/oz9op79qeae1kw1/Save_Files.rar Screen Recorder-http://www.mediafire.com/download/r57kxn5g97r3ger/Encoder_en.exe Serial Code- 6WDDQ-K7D4F-GQGF4-2VYBJ-8K6MB
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FSX Space Shuttle Atlantis
flying a space shuttle is kind of hard but i managed to make this video with little mistakes
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Atlantis was the fourth operational Space Shuttle to be constructed and it was delivered to the John F. Kennedy Space Center in in April 1985 Note: The music used in this video does not belong to me and there is no copyright infringement intended. Created under Microsofts Game Content Usage Rules using Microsofts Flight Simulator X.
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fsx:Nasa Space Shuttle Atlantis meets Space!!
on fsx flying to out of atmosphere
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Guy Launches SPACE SHUTTLE in Flight Simulator X (Multiplayer ATC)
We have liftoff. ► MORE OF THESE VIDEOS: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd32qnrKfRX05YNToTNEhjC39S3qH6ZvC ► MERCH: https://teespring.com/stores/Airforceproud95 ► Follow me on Twitter! - http://www.twitter.com/Airforceproud95 ► Like me on Facebook! - http://www.facebook.com/Airforceproud95 Outro: "Deserted" by J+1 - http://soundcloud.com/JPlusOne Space Shuttle Atlantis launches from the ramp at Seattle Tacoma Int'l Airport in FSX Multiplayer. Thanks for watching boss.
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Flight Simulator  X - STS-115 Space Shuttle Atlantis FREEware! by Bruce Fitzgerald
This is the Bruce Fitzgerald freeware creation of the STS-115 Space Shuttle Atlantis for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Fully flight and launch capabilities. Fully functional Virtual Cockpit. Releasable SRB's and Fuel Tank. Deployable Arm and payload. Get it FREE here: www.simviation.com www.sim-outhouse.com
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FSX :: Space Shuttle Atlantis Launched
Thanks for everyone that came to watched my videos. I'm very appreciate it, and for all fsx gamer ladies and gantleman i'm introducing Space Shuttle Atlantis. Seems very odd ;D never mind This spaceship was launched in Kennedy Space Center, Florida. ICAO for FSX : X68. You may download here http://flyawaysimulation.com/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Addon Manual | Space Shuttle Atlantis | X68 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Completely re-worked model and textures . New flight dynamics optimized for SP2/Acceleration to restore sub-orbital performance. Acheive Mach 4.65 and climb to just under 700,000 ft under your own power at max realism. Very stable re-entry dynamics with Shuttle like landing characteristics. DVC added with a camera view for bay window , custom gauge controlled effects, animated SRB and External Tank separations , bay doors, robot arm and payload, elevons, spoiler/rudder, body flap and gear w/ nosewheel steering - compiled with the FSXA SDK. Animations: * open bay doors - Shift+E * SRB Separation - Shift+E 2 // they disappear when exit 2 is fully open * External Tank separation - Shift+E 3 // it disappears when exit 3 is fully open * robot arm and module - Shift+E 4 // arm picks up module , releases it and re-stows Gauge controlled effects: Main Shuttle Engine Flames and smoke - are tied to Smoke and will light when the throttle is above 97% SRB Flame and Plume - are tied to Cabin Lights and come on when throttle above 5% and Exit 2 is fully closed Hints and Tips: to fly around as a plane , open exit 2 and 3 to make the boosters and tank disappear to do a vertical launch - use SLEW to rotate to the vertical and place yourself on the desired launch location - put the throttles at about 20-25 percent - come out of slew and you begin your launch - slowly increase throttle to 100 percent - seperate the SRB's and External tank when you think it looks right - welcome to space the atmosphere ends at 400,000 ft - control surfaces stop working and any movement around pitch/roll/yaw axes will continue until you get back below 400k - you can toggle slew mode to stop any motion or recover from tumbling max altitude can be acheived by going level until you reach Mach 4.65 then pull up to an 85 degree climb use trim to keep the 85 degree climb angle best sub-orbital trajectory is a 50 degree climb angle , this makes the re-entry angle less steep and more managable with a level flight recovery occuring at a higher altitude use the wing tip contrails on re-entry as a guide for your angle of attack - 15 degree angle of attack provides the best recovery use small control inputs - ham fisted control inputs are the best way to send it out of control on re-entry you can try landings with zero throttle or engines shutdown but use the spoilers for energy managment best landing speed is around 215 knots ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let me know what you think by comment and rate this video! So hope you enjoy. Subscribe for More Great Video. Thank You :-)
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Flight Simulator X - zero G with Space Shuttle Atlantis
http://fsofficialtv.blogspot.com/ Flight Simulator X - zero G with Space Shuttle Atlantis very short flight with an ULM in Las Vegas Voc Tech airport Flight Simulator X - Los Angeles to Las Vegas los angeles las vegas fsx flight simulator x fs boeing seattle factory 737-800 738 southwest landing take off airport los ... los angeles las vegas fsx flight simulator x fs boeing seattle factory 737-800 738 southwest landing take off airport los angeles mccarran los angeles international airport intl airport casino resort & casino paris las vegas mgm grand bellagio venetian mandalay bay treasure island mirage ceasar palace flamingo bugsy siegel mafia vice new york york hotel street stratospher tower eiffel tower nevada united states of america reno carson city tropicana planet hollywood luxor excalibur rio monte carlo monaco france aladdin bally's harra's wynn circus circus stardust hilton palace paris hilton Flight Simulator X - Los Angeles to Las Vegas los angeles las vegas fsx flight simulator x fs boeing seattle factory 737-800 738 southwest landing take off airport los ... los angeles las vegas fsx flight simulator x fs boeing seattle factory 737-800 738 southwest landing take off airport los angeles mccarran los angeles international airport intl airport casino resort & casino paris las vegas mgm grand bellagio venetian mandalay bay treasure island mirage ceasar palace flamingo bugsy siegel mafia vice new york york hotel street stratospher tower eiffel tower nevada united states of america reno carson city tropicana planet hollywood luxor excalibur rio monte carlo monaco france aladdin bally's harra's wynn circus circus stardust hilton palace paris hilton
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FSX.space shuttle Atlantis,landing.
the first vid i did not like much so i deleted it and re-shot it.this one is a bit better landing wise,but still room for improvement.but remember i is not no NASA cybernaught,so you can't expect me to be dead on target
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FSX shuttle Atlantis
trip to Sint Maarten
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Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch STS-117
Video Courtesy NASA http://www.nasa.gov STS-117 was a Space Shuttle mission flown by Space Shuttle Atlantis, launched from pad 39A of the Kennedy Space Center on June 8, 2007. Damage from a hail storm on February 26, 2007 had previously caused the launch to be postponed from an originally-planned launch date of March 15, 2007. The mission, also referred to as ISS-13A by the ISS program, delivered to the International Space Station (ISS) the second starboard truss segment (the S3/S4 Truss) and its associated energy systems, including a set of solar arrays. During the course of the mission the crew installed the new truss segment, retracted one set of solar arrays, and unfolded the new set on the starboard side of the station. STS-117 also brought Expedition 15 crewmember Clayton Anderson to the station, and returned with ISS crewmember Sunita Williams. This mission was the 118th Space Shuttle flight, the 28th flight for Atlantis and the 21st U.S. flight to the ISS.[2] The launch of STS-117 marks the 250th orbital human spaceflight.[3] The completion of the mission leaves thirteen flights remaining in the Space Shuttle program until its end in 2010, excluding two as-yet-unconfirmed Contingency Logistic Flights. On June 11, NASA mission managers announced a two-day extension of the mission, adding a fourth extra-vehicular activity (EVA). These two days were inserted into the mission timeline after flight day 8. This possibility had been discussed prior to launch. Because of launch day and thus rendezvous day uncertainty the decision to extend was deferred until after launch. The repair of the gap in the Orbital Maneuvering System (OMS) thermal blanket (heat shielding) was conducted during EVA 3.[4][5] Because of the cancellation of landing opportunities on June 21st because of weather, STS-117 is the longest mission for Atlantis, landing at Edwards Air Force Base on June 22nd. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/STS-117 Click to subscribe! http://bit.ly/subAIRBOYD The most viewed aviation channel on YouTube. The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement. #AIRBOYD #AvGeek
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fsx space shuttle atlantis
i just flew
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Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch
Countdown and launch of one of the space shuttles.
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FSX Missions:  Secret Shuttle
As a new Captain for a secret airline that doesn't officially exist, you're about to take workers on an early morning flight from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (KLAS) to an air base at Groom Lake. To avoid a paper trail, the flight takes place under Visual Flight Rules. The route takes you west from Las Vegas direct to Desert Rock, then north up the Emigrant Valley to Groom Lake. Groom Lake is a dry lakebed in "Area 51," a government-owned tract of land in the Nevada desert that has long been shrouded in secrecy. Rumors abound regarding experimental aircraft testing, unidentified flying objects, aliens, and government conspiracies—but only a few hundred people know for sure what goes on there, and they aren't talking. The mission begins with your 737-800 parked on the ramp. Note: During this flight your copilot will handle radio communications, but you'll handle all aircraft systems. Before flying this mission you might want to fly "Tutorial 8: Transitioning to Jets." IV-RP Community: http://iv-rp.webs.com/ --Forums: http://w11.zetaboards.com/IVRP/index/ WBRPD Productions: http://www.youtube.com/user/WBRPDProductions CallumsHDGaming: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBJuq43pu-VghtUf45xz6fA
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FSX MOVIE 2015 - Air and Space | HD
Watch in HD 1080p Just a new fsx film about the USAF, NASA and more In the video there is the countdown of the shuttle Discovery, but I have only the shuttle Atlantis. enjoy ;) Addons: Rex essential Active Sky 2012 USS Nimitz (rikoooo) Acceleration Pack Aerosoft US cities San Fransisco Fly Tampa Toronto Carenado B1900D HD Series PMDG 737 NGX Nemeth Designs - Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil Drzewiecki Design New York City X Aerosoft Cape Canaveral Space Shuttle Atlantis for fsx (http://www.rikoooo.com/fr/downloads/viewdownload/51/229) ISS for fsx (http://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/6761/fsx-iss-over-kpam-scenery/) Sony Vegas Pro 13 Ezdok Enb series Fraps Fsrecorder Music: Two Steps From Hell - Protectors of the Earth Countdown from youtube video: https://youtu.be/B0TPpFEV8_g
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Shuttle Atlantis Launch Orbiter 2010 P1_ng...Real Sounds
Orbiter Space Flight Simulator and Shuttle Fleet v4.8. Launch of Atlantis. I took manual control at T - 6 seconds. Great sound effects in this one! A combination of mission coms...Launch of STS-115 and air to ground coms from STS-129.
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FSX Mission Atlantis
A bord de la Navette spatiale Américaine Atlantis, décollage depuis Cap Canaveral en Floride pour une mise en orbite courte et atterrir sur la plus longue piste du monde d'Edwards en Californie.
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F-Sim Space Shuttle Landing
My landing of the Space Shuttle Atlantis at the John F. Kennedy Space Center. F-Sim Space Shuttle is a highly-realistic flight simulator for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices. It simulates the space shuttle's approach and landing in unprecedented detail and accuracy. Take command of the Orbiter during the final minutes of descent, and touch­down safely at the John F. Kennedy Space Center or Edwards Air Force Base. F-Sim website: http://www.f-sim.com/
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FSX - Space Shuttle Atlantis landing
The Space Shuttle atlantis coming in for a landing at edwards Air force base. Sounds are real. Want this plane? Just send me a PM. Don't forget to comment and rate and please consider subscribing :)
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FSX: Space Shuttle Atlantis
Space Shuttle Taking off from Point Mugu Naval Air Station going into the Atmosphere then landing on the USS Ronald Reagan
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FSX- Impossible Space Shuttle Landing
I miscalculated which airport I was going to land this thing, and I ended up doing it at this tiny airport. Recorded using FRAPS.
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[FSX] Space Shuttle Atlantis landing at NASA Space Shuttle landing facility (X68)
Add-ons used: Space Shuttle Atlantis by Bruce Fitzgerald (freeware, available on flightsim.com)
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FSX Space Shuttle whole mission
For the new version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1V4vtZyuRs&feature=plcp&context=C3053ac9UDOEgsToPDskKzRr9e3A0Ga2INVNY8rvwo Just Flight Space Shuttle, payware add-on for fsx. launch, orbit, landing and full interior walk Lift-off is a pre-programmed short movie. Orbit is in slew-mode, there is no other way to stay controlled.
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FSX: space shuttle atlantis
Space Shuttle atlantis last flight
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Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch STS-129
Video courtesy NASA. Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch STS-129 http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/shuttle/shuttlemissions/sts129/ Click to subscribe! http://bit.ly/subAIRBOYD The most viewed aviation channel on YouTube. #AIRBOYD #AvGeek
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X Space Shuttle Atlantis Take-Off and Orbit
This is a Space Shuttle taking-off from Malta Airport and orbiting into space. Thanks for Watching!!!!!!! Pls comment when you see the video.
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space shuttle fsx landing
landing in space shuttle for fsx
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Space Shuttle Atlantis FSX
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nasa space shuttle fsx
space shuttle fsx atlantis a very good video
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fsx.space shuttle atlantis landing.(youtube lso's grade the landing)..
you the viewers can grade this landing for me please.. must ave words with the technicians about squeeky controls..
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FSX: Space Shuttle Atlantis landing at Stockholm Arlanda
The Space shuttle is really hard to maneuver, but after a flight, I decide to try a landing (wich I´m never succeeded with before) I´m landing at Sweden´s biggest airport, Arlanda (ESSA), near Stockholm.
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FSX NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis Take off, In-Flight and Landing
Take offf and landing at Edwards AUX AB Runway 9L2 I believe, Bad landing yes, very fast vehicle, not really much effort exerted into approach and landing. Sorry, Rate, Comment, Subscribe. Thanks, Legal stuff: Blah blah blah i dont own microsoft blah blah
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FSX Space Shuttle Atlantis over Vancover Abort August 13 2013
Was supposed to be the inaugural Sub-orbit test flight, however things went awry and the mission was aborted. Unfortunately the SRB's failed to separate after numerous attempts causing the mission to abort, and the ET wouldn't separate without blowing off the SRB's first. Eventually we will be flying to the moon in FSX. Shuttle: Atlantis Pilot: Calvin Ung Mission/payload Specialist: Calvin Ing
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Complete Space Shuttle Atlantis Experience Kennedy Space Center
This is the complete ATLANTIS experience from Kennedy Space Center and includes both short films and a walk around the shuttle. No video can ever do this exhibit justice and it should be seen in person!! We have a PO BOX if anyone would like to send us snail mail: View From The Cheap Seats PO BOX 947761 Maitland, FL 32794
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Flight Simulator 2014 - Space Shuttle Landing 2014 - Free FSX Addon!
Download: http://doiop.com/simulator Free Addon Space shuttle for FSX: http://www.surclaro.com/fsdownload-detail-18556.html See me land the Space Shuttle Atlantis on NASA shuttel landing facility. HD 720p gives you a nice quality view of the space shuttle. hope you Enjoy and pleas rank and make a comment? ;) Flight Simulator 2014 HD Video
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FSX space shuttle
atlantis space shuttle taking of at kennedy space center and later landing on NASA's shuttle assembly building's landing strip (the building can be seen as the shuttle aproches the landing strip)
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Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit full pre-show and walkaround at Kennedy Space Center
This may be a bit of a spoiler if you plan on visiting the Atlantis exhibit for real. This is the full pre-show of the NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit at Kennedy Space Center, with a walk around the orbiter and a bit more footage of other people emerging from the pre-show. I filmed this when I visited the exhibit for the first time on 2 March 2014, so there's no prior knowledge informing where I pointed my camera. I used this video as a way of getting to know Final Cut Pro, which I just got, so forgive the gratuitous and inexpertly-applied effects. I didn't do anything to the bulk of the footage; I just added fancy stuff to the transitions between clips. The sound at the beginning is part of Launch-Sound_Shuttle-Launch-FINALIZED from https://archive.org/details/NasaAudioHighlightReels I highly recommend going to Kennedy Space Center and seeing this and the other exhibits and activities, if you can. https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/ I've put my videos of other visits to KSC in this playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA4BA1D3F41FC922C
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(HD) FSX - 747 NASA Space Shuttle Carrier Atlantis Aircraft  Presentation
http://fsofficialtv.blogspot.com/ FSX - 747 NASA Space Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Presentation flight simulator fsx x las vegas what to do with a 747 737 nasa space shuttle atlantis united states of america usa america nevada clark comty
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02 [P3DV4.3] Space Shuttle Atlantis
http://www.adamjpestridge.com #firstflights System Specs: #Chillblast Nimbus 3 Processor: Intel Core i7-7700K, up to 4.2+GHz Memory: 16GB DDR4 2400MHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB Storage: 1TB SSD / 4TB Seagate BarraCuda HDD Operating System: Windows 10 Home In this series I step inside airplanes I have never flown before. I only know how to fly the Cessna C152. With the basic knowledge of flight, I venture onto the runway with an aircraft that is ready configured to fly with the engines running. Lets see how I get on! In this episode I attempt the Space Shuttle Atlantis. This is an add on designed for #FSX and thankfully works in P3Dv4.3 Check out my first video with default P3Dv4.3 here: https://youtu.be/AULQLxBPyH8 I also write childrens fictional survival adventure books. Go grab a FREE book on my website..... #p3d #firstflights #atlantis #spaceshuttle
Final Launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis
The last launch of the Space Shuttle program, scheduled to lift off at 11:26 am ET.
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FSX: shuttle carrier landing
NASA's boeing 747 shuttle carrier carrying the space shuttle atlantis landing at san diego north island
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition - Space Shuttle Fly By
A quick stunt flight in a tough little Beechcraft King Air in MS FSX: Steam Edition. A mission to fly the Secretary of Defense around Edwards AFB. I try to do some fancy flying with the Space Shuttle Atlantis.
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FSX-space shuttle/navette Atlantis
A regarder en HD Désolé pour les messages...
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