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Siemens Catalog Low-Voltage Motors Brochure 2003/2004
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motor siemens,motor siemens catalogue,motor siemens catalog
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SIEMENS - Electrical Motors.
SIEMENS - Electrical Motors.
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Der neue SIMOTICS LP100 NEMA Motor von Siemens
Die hoch effizienten vertikalen Vollwellenmotoren SIMOTICS LP100 von Siemens - http://www.siemens.com/simotics-vss -stehen für passgenaue Energiekosteneinsparung. Hochtechnisierte Features der Motore und ihre Eignung für besonders hohe Axialkräfte ergeben einen sicheren und hoch performanten Motor.Ihre Qualität und die Einhaltung der strengen Normen API610 und IEEE841 machen sie besonders zuverlässig für z.B.die petrochem. Industrie.
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For Sale Siemens 250 HP Electric Motor
For Sale Siemens 250 HP Electric Motor
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The 3VA molded case circuit breaker
Siemens 3VA UL circuit breakers are a complete system designed with you in mind. This sophisticated, modular and highly variable system always offers the right solution for your power distribution requirements. http://www.usa.siemens.com/3VA
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SIEMENS 1LE1523 1EB23 5JA4 / Simotic SD motors
Product available: https://www.jaescompany.com/product.php?productid=108624&code=1LE1523-1EB23-5JA4
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Motor Siemens 10 HP
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Royals Electric motors catalog
General purpose use on pumps, fans, blowers, compressors, conveyors, and other machinery in dirty and dusty environments. Standard Features ■ IE1/IE2/IE3, Protection to IP55, Class F insulation, S1 continuous duty, Cooling to IC0141, CE conformity, ambient ‐15 to +40 deg C, altitude not exceeding 1000m(3300ft), SKF C3 bearings ■ Up to 3kW, 220‐240V delta/380‐415V star; 4kW and Above, 380‐415V delta/660‐720V star; 50/60HZ ■ V‐Ring On Both End‐Shields, or Oil‐Seal Ring On Both End‐Shields ■ Greasing fittings from frame 160 and larger ■ Anti‐Condensation Drain Holes ■ Metric Thread Cable Entries In Terminal Box ■ Turnable T‐Box with multi positions on top, left and right ■ One PTC thermistor per phase from frame 160 and larger Optional Features ■ 1 normally closed contact PTO on size 56‐132 ■ Class H insulation, IP56 ■ SPM, vibration detector, encoder ■ Special shaft ■ Space/Anti‐condensation heater
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motor siemens 0.25 hp
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IE3 Motors under examination
So far, a motor's starting behavior hasn't been a matter of much concern. But the new generation of energy efficient IE3 motors requires rethinking: IE3 motors are characterized by higher starting currents and a different dynamic behavior - a fact that needs to be considered when switching to IE3. Learn more: http://www.siemens.com/ie3ready
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Siemens China, motor, high voltage motor, special motor, frequency conversion motor
Siemens China, motor, high voltage motor, special motor, frequency conversion motor 0086 15861628780(whatsapp) [email protected]
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Siemens R6ZESD 444TS
Siemens R6ZESD 444TS Motor
Understanding Portescap's Catalogue Data
Select the right miniature motor for your application using Portescap's catalog. To see our complete range of miniature motors please visit http://www.portescap.com/
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Running with FI
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Reluctance drive system from Siemens
The reluctance drive system http//www.siemens.com/reluctance-drive-system comprising a SIMOTICS motor and SINAMICS frequency converter ensures a new dimension of efficiency and dynamic. Switching to a reluctance drive system is a small step, however the impact is enormous: The high efficiency ensures minimum operating costs and fast return on invest, dynamic ensures high productivity. Watch all Siemens videos from Hannover Messe 2015: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw7lLwXw4H53VJajYk7VaDkSb7sg06IQJ
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Siemens Type.1FT6086-1AF71-3EH servo motor test - SERVO MOTORS ADJUST®-
Siemens Type.1FT6086-1AF71-3EH servo motor test - SERVO MOTORS ADJUST®- reparación de servo motores siemens repair servo motor SIEMENS SERVO MOTOR Servo Motor Test. Detecting electrical discharges in electric motor bearings Vibration Analysis Test. Servo Motor Robotics motors robot Repaired Disassembled rotor Brake Elmo motor Siemens motor Tamagawa motor Servo Motors Adjust, es una empresa especializada en la reparación y ajuste de Servo motores y motores especiales de altas revoluciones • Reparamos y revisamos productos de robots, Baldor, Baumuller, Bosch, Control Techniques, Fanuc, Indramat, Lenze, Yaskawa, Tamagawa, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Elmo etc... • Nuestro especializado departamento técnico, cubre todos los sectores de la industria, máquinas herramienta, automoción, robótica, imprenta, alimentaria, industria del vidrio, embalaje, etc.. • Para ciertos productos clave, se dispone de motores y accionamientos de intercambio reacondicionados, destinados a reducir el período de inactividad. • Cuando recibimos un motor para su reparación, introducimos todos los datos de testeo en nuestro sistema informatizado para rellenar su ficha técnica de históricos. • Al elegir Servo Motors Adjust, como su socio especializado en la reparación y ajuste de motores y Servo motores, Vd. tiene la seguridad de tratar con una empresa seria, donde el énfasis se pone siempre en el cliente. www.servomotorsadjust.com www.reparacionservomotores.es/es/ SERVO MOTORS ADJUST, S.L. C/ Capcir 4 - Pol. Ind. Pla de la Bruguera 08211 · Castellar del Valles · Barcelona · España Tef: +34 937 158 650 · Fax: +34 937 472 810 Servo Motors Adjust, is a company specialized in the repair and adjustment of Servo Motor and special high revolution motors. • We repair and revise motors from robots, Baldor, Baumuller, Bosch, Control Techniques, Fanuc, Indramat, Lenze, Yaskawa, Tamagawa, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Elmo etc. • Our highly specialized technical department covers all areas of industry, tools machines, automotive, robotics, stamping and press, food and glass industry, printing and packaging, textile, Paper Mills, etc.. • Our 24-hours messenger service allows us to quickly and efficiently receive and deliver products. • For special products, we have at customer's disposal motors and drives exchange, assigned to reduce the inactivity period. • When we receive a motor for it's repair, we include all details and test data in our computerised system in order to have a historical technical data sheet. • When choosing Servo Motors Adjust as your specialized partner in the repair and adjustment of motors and Servo motors, you are dealing with a serious company for which work accuracy and customers care are a must. www.servomotorsadjust.com www.reparacionservomotores.es/es/ SERVO MOTORS ADJUST, S.L. C/ Capcir 4 - Pol. Ind. Pla de la Bruguera 08211 · Castellar del Valles · Barcelona · Spain Tef: +34 937 158 650 · Fax: +34 937 472 810
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Used-Siemens Motor - stock # 45146017
http://www.aaronequipment.com/usedequipment/motors/motors/45146017 Used-Siemens Motor, Order No. 2120725001, 200/100 HP, Frame 449T. 3/60/460 Volt. 1785-895 RPM.
Siemens Simodrive 1FT5 Servo Motor Repair and Test
This film is about our repairs and tests on Siemens Motors. We use a custom software to track the position of the items to be repaired and documented. Following Motors we can test and repair: Siemens Simodrive Servo Motors 1FT Series Siemens Simodrive Spindle Motors 1PH Series All specifications with different encoders for different machines We have a lot of Siemens Motors and Units for sale and exchange. Visit our shop, we can help you. Thank you for watching! Example: http://www.industrypart.com/en/Siemens-1-HU5040-0AC01-Z-or-1HU5040-0AC01-Z-Perm.-Magn.-Motor.1741.html
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Servo motor SIEMENS
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Servo motor repair and test Siemens Simodrive 1FT6 | RGB ELEKTRONIKA
Check the details of the servo motors repair: http://rgbrepair.com/servomotors/ In our company, we have performed repairs and tests of the Siemens Simodrive 1FT6 motors. The services of this type of devices include: 1. Verification of the electrical state of the motor (00:27) 2. Diagnostics of the measuring system 3. Guaranteed replacement of bearings and seals - we use top brands such as SKF, FAG, NSK (01:00) 4. Checking and balancing the rotor (01:26) 5. Cleaning and painting servo motor (03:00) 6. Functional tests of the motor in adapted to this test stand (03:42) 7. Verification of the technical condition of the brake (if appear ) If you are interested in repairing industrial automation contact us: e-mail: [email protected] Tel: +48 71 325 15 05 Find out what other devices we repair: http://rgbrepair.com Online shop: https://www.rgbautomatyka.pl/en/ Music: www.bensound.com
SIMOGEAR mit SIZER for Siemens Drives
Das Projektierungstool SIZER for Siemens Drives http://www.siemens.de/sizer vereinfacht entscheidend die technische Projektierung für Niederspannungsantriebssysteme mit dem Getriebemotor SIMOGEAR: Ausgehend von Ihrer Anwendung unterstützt Sie das Tool Schritt für Schritt bei der Beschreibung des mechanischen Systems sowie bei der Auslegung von Getriebemotor und Umrichter.
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2018 Motor State Hot Rod & Early Muscle Catalog
2018 Motor State Hot Rod & Early Muscle Catalog
BID ON EQUIPMENT: Item 269755 - 300 HP SIEMENS-ALLIS Electric Motor
To find out more information about this or other similar items please visit the links below: Item link: https://www.bid-on-equipment.com/industrial/used-engines/269755~300-hp-siemens-allis-electric-motor---frame-449ts,--1790rpm.htm Category Link: https://www.bid-on-equipment.com/motors-and-gearboxes/electric-motors-(only) View similar items here https://www.bid-on-equipment.com/
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Siemens Industry Product News
Siemens presents the improved NEMA Premium® vertical solid shaft, high thrust vertical motor and a complete range of low-voltage motors and medium-voltage motors. Website: http://www.industry.usa.siemens.com (Note: This video is a paid advertisement; EASA does not necessarily endorse the company or its products.)
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Stepper Motor with Siemens 200 PLC
Working on Siemens 200 with Stepper Motor. In this video we have shown a practical overview of working a Stepper Motor. We provide Service on Siemens based PLC , Stepper Motor based Projects . For Details www.visionworldtech.com
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Вебинар Siemens Sinamics G120/S120 ввод в эксплуатацию
Вебинар от Сименс. Купить можно тут: http://a4electro.ru/catalog/preobrazovateli-chastotyi-siemens-sinamics-micromaster/preobrazovateli-chastotyi-siemens-sinamics-g120c Каталог найдете тут: http://a4electro.ru/podderzhka/siemens?limit=36
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Como reparar ECU de Opel Astra y Zafira / ECU GM Siemens Vauxhall 5wk9
El siguiente video trata de cómo reparar una falla frecuente en ECU de coches Opel. El alambre usado es: RadioShack 50FT 30AWG Wrapping Wire (Blue) Catalog #: 2780503 Este es uno de una serie de videos que pronto estarán en la red, tratando temas de electrónica básica y taller de servicio técnico. Los invito a unirse al canal y apoyarlo. De este modo, sabré si continuar con los temas en lengua española. También su participación, preguntas y comentarios son bienvenidos para alimentar los temas o aclarar dudas o aportar más conocimiento a compartir. Si le gustó el video, o si le fue de beneficio, no dude en darnos in LIKE. También le invito a unirse al canal para compartir mas temas de electrónica, ingeniería y taller de servicio técnico. Muchas gracias.
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How to replace a oven fan motor to Bosch and Neff.
For cooker motors click on link https://www.how-to-repair.com/cooker-hoods-spare-parts/motor-pcbs-switches Welcome to our video tutorials on domestic appliances please note all work should by a qualified person. We supply video tutorials for domestic appliance repairs and identifying parts and fitting them. Finding your domestic appliance spares has never been easier. With over 20 years experience helping you find the quality parts you require. We have created this online appliance spares catalog compete with pictures, measurements and video tutorials of the products to aid you in selecting the right replacement parts. We are suppliers of appliance spares to both trade and the general public. Please remember to subscribe to our channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Apart4u?sub_confirmation=1 Remember to Shop with www.how-to-repair.com and it would help us by posting the video or the website on your timeline. This helps us a lot and if we really helped you can always buy us a beer http://how-to-repair.com/help/buy-paul-a-beer/ Please remember to mark us to your favourites also I would be grateful if you would subscribe to our channels social media as this really helps my site and keeps us going. YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/user/Apart4u Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/how.to.repair.appliances
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Привод Siemens SKP25.003E2
Обзор привода сименс SKP25.003E2 Купить можно на сайте: https://regionkip.ru/catalog/siemens/privodyi_klapanov/skp25/skp25.003e2/
54 slot 30 Kw Three Phase Induction Motor Winding Connection
This video Can Help you to take a idea About Three Phase Induction Motor rewinding.When You Have Idea then you can easily learn winding of any motor.If you Like This Video Then ''SUBSCRIBE'' US And LIKE COMMENT and SHARE This Video. Try our more video 1. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=HdRWB5c8nLY 2. https://youtu.be/HdRWB5c8nLY 3. https://youtu.be/Y7mwLatTHQM
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Mô tả: Motor Siemens, motor siemens mặt bích, motor siemens chân đế, motor simens b3, motor siemens b5, Đến với chúng tôi, bạn sẽ được chắm sóc nhiệt tình, tinh thần làm việc thân thiện tích cực Công Ty Trách Nhiệm Hữu Hạn Thương Mại Dịch Vụ Quán Vũ Sales: Mr Tiến HP: 0906 777 534 Email: [email protected] Web: http://www.quanvu.com.vn/
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Сервопривод Siemens SQM 45.295B9
Обзор привода Сименс SQM45.295B9 Купить со скидкой: https://regionkip.ru/catalog/siemens/servoprivodyi/sqm45_48/sqm45.295b9/ https://regionkip.ru - РегионКИПсервис
Excel Electromagnetics Address : Plot No. 14, Krishna Vihar, New Vidhya Nagar, Hiran Magri, Sec. 4, Udaipur, Rajasthan - 313 001, India Workshop Address:H-165, IID Center, Road No. 13-A,Rico Industries Area, Kaladwas, Udaipur Telephone : +(91)-(294)-2650841 Mobile : +(91)-9414167841,+(91)-9461388419 Email : [email protected],[email protected]­hbrake.com Website :http://www.excelclutchbrake.com/flange-mounted-electromagnetic-clutch-type-efmc-supplier-manufacturer-india/ baldor inverter duty motors, baldor 3 phase motor, baldor single phase motor, baldor motors, baldor motor, baldor electric motors, baldor industrial motor, baldor electric motor, baldor industrial motors, baldor industrial motor pump, baldor explosion proof motor, baldor reliancer industrial motor, electric motor baldor, baldor brake motor, baldor pump motors, electric motors baldor, baldor induction motor, baldor motor specs, baldor gear motors, baldor washdown duty motor,motor catalogue, induction motor catalogue, electric motor catalogue, weg motor catalogue, cgl motor catalogue, electric motors catalogue, baldor motor catalogue, motors catalogue, crompton greaves motors catalogue, siemens motor catalogue pdf, kirloskar motor catalogue, crompton greaves motors catalogue pdf, crompton greaves motor catalogue, crompton motor catalogue, electric motor catalogue pdf, vem motor catalogue, motor catalogue pdf, vem motors catalogue, bbl motor catalogue, cmg motor catalogue,baldor vs1sp, baldor drives vs1md, baldor drives, baldor pump, baldor reliancer, baldor inverter, baldor vs1md, baldor motor catalog, baldor catalog, baldor motors catalog, baldor electric motor catalog, baldor vs1mx, baldor electric motors catalog, baldor stratford, baldor catalog number, ieee 841 baldor,c face motor, motor c face, c-face motors, face motor, c face motor dimensions, c face motor mount,u frame motors, frame motor, motor frame, motor frames, 56 frame motor, 56y frame motor, frame motors, electric motor frame, electric motor frames, motor frame designations, motor frame size, c-frame motor, electric motor frame size, motor frame sizes, frame size of motor, electric motor frame sizes, electric motor frame types, t frame motor, motor frame types, c frame motors,weg explosion proof motor, weg motors, weg motor, weg motors and drives, weg motors cad, weg motors distributors, weg w22 motor, weg motors wiring diagram, weg motor manual, weg motor parts, weg motor price list, weg motor wiring diagram, weg motor wiring, weg w21 motor, weg motor data, weg motor w22, weg motor distributor, weg motor drawings, weg motors manual, weg motor dimensions,single phase explosion proof motor, single phase motor, single phase motors, motor single phase, single phase motor types, single phase motor capacitor, single phase capacitor start motor
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Easy-to-assemble push buttons and signaling devices
SIRIUS ACT Push Buttons and Signaling Devices http://www.siemens.com/sirius-act. Under the brand name SIRIUS ACT Siemens offers a newly developed system of push buttons and signaling devices that are convincing on account of their easy handling. The design of the devices enables quick one-handed installation thanks to an innovative snap-on concept and also enables installation in groove-free milled holes.
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Galco Repairs: Siemens Simatic S5 PLC's
Siemens Simatic S5 PLC repaired by experienced technicians. Katie Nyberg presents Galco's repair capabilities. Contact Galco at 800-514-8230 or visit http://www.galco.com/scripts/cgiip.exe/wa/wcat/catalog.htm?searchbox=simatic%20s5&source=YouTubeRepair to get your item repaired. Save -- Repair costs are often a significant savings versus the OEM Cleaned -- Every repair is cleaned and dried when possible Refurbished, Not Just Repaired -- Technicians replace commonly failed components when applicable. Verified Repair -- Most repairs are verified on a simulator to ensure long-term proper working order. Quality -- 3 Levels of quality control to make sure your equipment is repaired correctly. 18-Month 'Bumper-to-Bumper' Warranty -- The entire unit you send to us for service is covered under warranty, not just the portion repaired. Quick Turnaround -- Fast, Faster and Fastest turnaround options, which can be as soon as next business day. Pre-Priced Repair -- In most cases you will know your repair cost before sending us your repair. Otherwise, we offer free evaluations and estimates. To find all of Galco's repair capabilities go to: http://www.galco.com/scripts/cgiip.exe/wa/wcat/r_browse.htm?division=IR&source=YouTubeRepair Galco is a Factory Authorized Stocking Distributor for Over 150 Brands of Industrial Electrical & Electronic Automation, Controls and Component Products; On-Site and Send-In Repair Services for Industrial Control & Automation Products for Over 2,000 Brands; Engineered Systems Integration, Retrofits & Upgrades for Variable Speed Drives, CNC, PLC Systems, Dynamometers & Test Stand Applications. Visit us online at http:// www.galco.com or call us at 800-337-1720. http://www.galco.com/safety With respect to the usage, installation or assembly of any products described in this video, Galco Industrial Electronics, Inc., a Michigan corporation, encourages you to follow the requirements and/or guidelines of: i) the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, Public Law 91-596, as amended, and all laws, rules and regulations implemented in relation thereto; ii) the National Electric Code®; and iii) NFPA 70E®. Any installation, assembly or work described in this video should be performed by a qualified licensed electrician. GTV, Galco, galco.com, Galco Industrial Electronics, and Galco Industrial Electronics, Inc. are registered and/or pending registered trademarks under the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, assumed names, registered domain names, and/or trade names of Galco Industrial Electronics, Inc., a Michigan corporation. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: While we have made every attempt to ensure that the information provided is accurate and has been obtained from reliable sources, Galco is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. All information is provided "as is", with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, timeliness or of the results obtained from the use of this information, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to warrantees of performance, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. At all times you should defer to the instructions and safety guidelines issued by the manufacturer. In no event will Galco, its agents or employees thereof be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken in reliance on the information provided to you or for any consequential, special or similar damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.
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SIRIUS industrial controls - Optizmed for IE3/IE4 motors
siemens.com/IE3ready IE3/IE4 motors have different electrical characteristics compared with less energy-saving models, and they pose different requirements for Industrial Controls. The new generation of SIRIUS Industrial Controls is therefore comprehensively optimized for IE3/IE4 and offers all the usual switching and safety functions, including for the latest motor generation. Siemens Website: http://www.siemens.com/entry/cc/en?ytref=KLRvpLZFGBQ Siemens Press: http://www.siemens.com/press/en?ytref=KLRvpLZFGBQ Siemens Blogs: https://blogs.siemens.com?ytref=KLRvpLZFGBQ Siemens on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/siemens Siemens on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Siemens Siemens on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Siemens Siemens on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Siemens/posts
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Ingalls Equipment - 7.5 hp Siemens Allis AC Motor, 1750 rpm, underwriter lab tag
Item# 2710 - Full description here: http://www.ingallsequipment.com/ Call or email for a quote today! 440-352-9403 or [email protected]
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Сервопривод Siemens SQN72.4A4A20
Обзор сервопривода для горелок Siemens SQN72.4A4A20. Купить со скидкой Siemens SQN72.4A4A20 можно тут: https://regionkip.ru/catalog/siemens/servoprivodyi/sqn7/sqn72.4a4a20/
BCT TechDoc (english)
BCT TechDoc is the solution to generate interactive spare part catalogs out of Teamcenter at the push of a button. Analysis of the manufacturing industry identifies that many companies have unrealized revenue potentials in the service and spare part business. With BCT TechDoc the generation of interactive spare part catalogs from UGS Teamcenter is done with as little effort as the push of a button. BCT TechDoc uses the existing product information from Teamcenter and automatically generates the framework of a spare part catalog for a product or a complete product range. Not only tables but also graphical elements for example drawings or 3D models of the spare parts, that could be viewed with 3D PDF are embedded in the catalog by BCT TechDoc. This allows customers to identify the desired spare part by multiple methods to ensure that they order the correct part. An optional shopping cart functionality also provides a simple way to start an order transaction. More information: www.bct-technology.com Note: Siemens and the Siemens logo are registered trademarks of Siemens AG. Teamcenter is a trademark or registered trademark of Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries. All other trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks belong to their respective holders.
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motor abb catalog,motor abb,catalog motor abb
www.minhmotor.com 098 1676 163 tư vấn motor abb catalog,motor abb,catalog motor abb
Трехфазный серводвигатель Siemens 1FT6082-8EC71-6SD3-Z X01
Электродвигатель производста фирмы Siemens с заказным кодом 1FT6082-8EC71-6SD3-Z X01. Купить ЗДЕСЬ: ▶▶https://eltaltd.com.ua/products/Siemens-1ft6082-8ec71-6sd3-z-x01 Так же вы можете купить двигатели других фирм: https://eltaltd.com.ua/catalog/dvigateli
COMPAS Go Product Selector | Volt Stream Video Series
In a pinch? The COMPAS Go Product Selector helps you find the right product, every time, without you having to search catalogs or cross-reference tables. http://www.usa.siemens.com/compasgo
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Động cơ điện | Động cơ điện Siemens | Motor siemens | Động cơ điện 3 pha | Động cơ điện tiêu chuẩn.
ĐỘNG CƠ ĐIỆN SIEMENS thực ra là một cái máy điện biến đổi năng lượng điện thành năng lượng cơ do Siemens sản xuất. Từ những đồ dùng trong gia đình như quạt điện, tủ lạnh, máy giặt, máy bơm nước, máy hút bụi…. đến những máy móc đồ sộ, hiện đại trong các ngày công nghiệp sản xuất như máy khoan, máy tiện, máy trộn….thậm chí đến ổ cứng, ổ quang trong công nghệ máy tính đều là động cơ điện. Nam Trung chuyên cung cấp các loại động cơ điện siemens với giá tốt nhất, tất cả đều xuất sứ châu âu, chứng từ đầy đủ. Liên hệ 0987875021 để được báo giá tốt nhất
SINAMICS V90 - Servo drive system for motion control applications
http://www.siemens.com/sinamics-v90 The servo drive system comprises a SINAMICS V90 servo drive and a SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servomotor. Different frame sizes and motor shaft heights cover a wide range of applications for operation on single and three-phase line supplies with the focus on dynamic motion and processing – for example positioning, transporting and winding.
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Installing a Siemens Damper Actuator
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31 Oct 2018 | Tesla Publishes Parts Catalog, Blink & Hubject Form Partnership and Faraday Future...
Can you help me fight the fossils? Help spread the word far and wide about EVs? Click 👉 EVne.ws/patreon   Read today’s show notes on https://www.evnewsdaily.com   Good morning, good afternoon and good evening wherever you are in the world, welcome to EV News Daily for Wednesday 31st October 2018. It’s Martyn Lee here and I’ve been through EV story today so you don’t have to.   Happy Halloween! It’s spooky how many cars you can find to buy on MYEV.com these days. Thank you to MYEV.com for helping make this show, they’ve built the first marketplace specifically for Electric Vehicles. It’s a totally free marketplace that simplifies the buying and selling process, and help you learn about EVs along the way too.   And hello to two new Patreon supporters again today, as new Producer of the Podcast at $5 (the one posh coffee a month level) its CHRIS GRANT, and new EXECUTIVE PRODUCER GEORGE CLARGO.   FARADAY FUTURE LOSES EV PIONEER AMID LAYOFFS Any kind of departure from Tesla is front page news, we most recently heard about Larry The Lawn Guy moving on because after working at the Gigafactory for 5 years, they realised there were no lawns to mow in the desert. So it's with some surprise I'm reporting on another car maker losing their Chief Engineer. The Verge reports that: "Peter Savagian, a former chief engineer of General Motors’ famous (and ill-fated) EV1 electric car, has left his job as senior vice president at Faraday Future, two sources tell The Verge. The news comes one week after the electric car startup announced layoffs and salary cuts as a result of a fallout with China’s Evergrande Group, which is Faraday Future’s main investor. Savagian started at Faraday Future in the summer of 2016. He was one of a number of high-profile hires that helped bolster the company’s credibility in the early going, like former CEO of Ferrari North America Marco Mattiacci (who left in December of 2016), and Tesla’s former director of Model S manufacturing Dag Reckhorn (who is still with the company). Savagian led the development of the powertrain and battery for the company’s luxury electric SUV, the FF91, and was part of Faraday Future’s “senior executive leadership team,” according to his LinkedIn profile."   https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/29/18038914/faraday-future-peter-savagian-layoffs   BLINK AND HUBJECT FORM PARTNERSHIP INCREASING ACCESS TO ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING NETWORKS IN THE U.S. Blink Charging Co., a leading owner, operator and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging station products and networked EV charging services, and Hubject, a joint venture formed by leading companies in the automotive, energy and technology sectors that includes BMW Group, Daimler, Siemens, and the Volkswagen Group announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership to provide EV drivers in the United States with expanded charging coverage and communication capabilities. As a result of this partnership, Blink’s nationwide network of chargers will become accessible to all EV drivers participating in Hubject’s charging platform using their provider’s membership card and app. Furthermore, Blink’s base of approximately 135,000 members will now be able to quickly and easily access charging stations on Hubject participating networks while driving in the U.S., without having to register with any other charging companies. The partnership’s mission is to provide seamless charging interoperability for all EV drivers participating in Hubject’s international multi-network intercharge platform, dramatically expanding where EVs can charge as well as facilitate essential two-way telemetric communication between EV’s, charging networks and car manufacturers. If you would like to listen to an interview I did with the US CEO of Hubject, Paul Denney, go back to 20th October or Show 271.   TESLA PUBLISHES THE PARTS CATALOG FOR ITS ELECTRIC CARS "Unless you're changing tires, you generally can't fix a Tesla car yourself -- not when the brand has made it difficult just to get documentation, let alone parts. It's inching in the right direction, though. Tesla has published its parts catalog, detailing all the components for cars ranging from the original Roadster to the Model 3. You'll even see schematics showing how everything fits together." reports Engadget: "Just don't expect to buy the parts yourself. You have to contact Tesla directly as a general rule, and some components are "restricted for use by your shop." This is meant more for professional mechanics than amateur grease monkeys, and that's not entirely surprising when parts can range from giant body panels to obscure motor components."   https://epc.teslamotors.com/#/catalogs   ELECTRA MECCANICA ANNOUNCES VEHICLE PRE-ORDERS NOW EXCEED 64,000 UNITS Electra Meccanica today provided a...