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Industrial vacuum cleaner filtering lubricant oil | Delfin
Fast demo of the Tecnoil 100 IF recovering 100 lt of liquids. Find out more here:http://www.delfinvacuums.it/prod/55/Aspiratore_di_olio_e_trucioli_con_scarico_liquidi_ad_inversione_di_flusso
Engine Oil Vacuum Extractor Shootout Part 1 with Kent Bergsma
For more info and related products: https://mercedessource.com/problems/engine/draining-oil-out-your-engine Kent prefers doing oil changes with a hand pump vacuum extractor. He decided he did not like his old long unit so he searched the market for a new easier and cleaner to use pump. In this video he compares two fluid extractors he found for under $50.00. As he did, you will quickly learn that all are not created equal...:-).
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Industrial Vacuum cleaner for oil and chips recovery | Tecnoil 200 IF T
The new Tecnoil 200 IF T is a powerful industrial vacuum, designed to collect and filter large amounts of oil and metal chips. This machine is equipped with a side channel turbine that makes it perfect even in case of heavy and continuous service. This vacuum guarantees significant savings by cleaning and recovering several times lubricant and cutting oils. FILTRATION SYSTEM Filtration system with mechanical protection against oil-mists place between the motor and collection container: First stage: 3D Superweb Filter in PPL with internal fabric (20 micron efficiency) The second stage (optional): a polyester water-oil repellent cartridge filter (OWR-Oil Water Repellent) with PTFE external membrane from 2,7m2 filter area (class H13) OPTIONS Independent discharge pump for liquids + electric level sonor Pre-filtration with PPL filters, 300 or 100 microns efficiency Microfiltration of the oils, 90 or 10 microns Find out more here: https://www.delfinvacuums.com/prod/160/TECNOIL-200IF-T
I didnt expect that... NEW Pore + Blackhead SUCKING Vacuum!
"Linda... calm down" lol ➤ [SKINVESTOR] 2-in-1 Blackhead Pore Vacuum + Skin Humidifier: ↬ 25% OFF CODE: INVALID NOW sorry :( ↬ https://skinvestor.store/ ▻ HELP ME TRANSLATE MY VIDEOS ◅ http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UCQlWvudiTjnZSkFizAhe-2A ▻ V L O G C H A N N E L ◅ http://www.youtube.com/itsfeiiiday ▻ C A M E R A S ◅ ↬ Vlog Camera: http://amzn.to/2sjc2re ↬ Main Channel Cameras: http://amzn.to/2siO53r http://amzn.to/2tJc6Vv ▻ L E T S T A L K ◅ ↬ Twitter: @heyitsfeiii ↬ Instagram: @heyitsfeiii ↬ SnapChat: @heyitsfeiii ↬ Facebook: www.facebook.com/heyitsfeiii ✉ Business Inquiries: [email protected] ✘ FTC: This video is NOT sponsored, however, some links provided may be affiliated ✘
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OMG. Today I'm testing out a weird beauty product - The Blackhead vacuum suction device! Ever wanted to suck out all your blackheads in one go?? Well I'm trying it! It's a pretty 'wtf' product that kinda needs to be seen to believed. *CLICK FOR MORE* SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL HERE: http://bit.ly/mypaleskinsub ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT: mypaleskinblog & follow me on twitter http://www.twitter.com/mypaleskinblog INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/mypaleskinblog EMAIL: [email protected] ______________________________­_________­­______________ MY LAST VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LXX1_ddiwY ________­_________­­______________ THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED - Products used: Comedo Suction - http://amzn.to/2mzo9hD ______________________________­_________­­______________ TECH INFO: Camera - Canon 80D Lens - Tamron 24-70mm Editing - Adobe Premiere Pro Music - Provided by No Copyright Sounds TOBU - https://soundcloud.com/7obu Tobu - Candyland Tobu Roots - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wNb0pHyGuI Sometimes I am lucky enough to be sent press samples of products in consideration for review. These products are marked (*) which denotes they are PR samples or gifted/ goodybag items. Recieveing products from a PR does NOT mean a positive review will be given. All opinions are solely those by EM Ford. I only use products & cosmetics I believe in, and do my very best to cover a wide variety of looks, incuding high end beauty and affordable drugstore options for acne coverage. If you're struggling to cover any acne scars, then check out my acne playlist! xx
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ELASTEC | Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Oil Spill
Learn more at: https://goo.gl/sGPtzC Elastec's All Terrain Vacuum system being used for oil spill response.
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Old Vacuum Cleaner Restoration  - Step By Step Restoration
Old Vacuum Cleaner Restoration - Step By Step Restoration
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1130 OIL: Industrial Vacuum cleaner suitable for solids, oils and liquids
Series OIL The right choice for cleaning machinery in mechanical workshops
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Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Sucking Up Oil
The Wet and Dry will handle liquids and sludge, including waste engine oil. This clip shows the Big Brute Wet & Dry used with the Interceptor Lid for open topped drums.
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How To Clean Vacuum Cleaner Motor
This motor is from bagless Volta ErgoEasy vacuum cleaner. Result of poor filter maintenance motor has dust/hair in it.
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Industrial Vacuums for Oil and Metal Chips • KLINDEX
Industrial Vacuums for Oil and Metal Chips by KLINDEX (www.klindex.com). nuovi aspiratori "SUPERVAK OIL" Supervak Oil vacuum cleaners are designed and built to suction lubricants, coolants, and emulsions mixed with shavings. Inside the collection drum, a filter separates the liquids from the solids, thereby allowing the suctioned oil to be reused, putting it back into the machine tools with obvious economic benefits. New Klindex vacuum cleaners are powerful and reliable, ideal for tank emptying, 5 times more quickly when compared to conventional methods. They also increase the final level of cleanliness and make the operation safer health-wise for the operator. Apiratori industriali per il recupero e la sepazione di olio e trucioli durante la pulizia di machine utensili per le industrie meccaniche e automotive. Gli aspiratori Supervak Oil, sono progettati e realizzati per aspirare oli lubrificanti, refrigeranti, emulsioni miste a trucioli, alli'interno del fusto di raccolta, un filtro separa i liquidi dai solidi permettendo quindi di riutilizzare l'olio aspirato reimmettendolo all'interno delle macchine utensili, con evidenti vantaggi economici. I nuovi aspiratori Klindex sono potenti e affidabili, ideali per lo svuotamento delle vasche, consentendo una riduzione del tempo necessario pari a 5 volte rispetto ai metodi tradizionali, aumentando inoltre il livello di pulizia finale e la salubrità dell'operazione per l'operatore. Tramite un tubo in gomma anti-olio resistente all'abrasione si apirano i truccioli insieme all'olio. Il materiale aspirato finisce nel capiente fusto, dove un cestello filtra i trucioli dai liquami. Tramite il rubinetto posto in fondo al fusto è possibile reimmettere l'olio aspirato nella macchina utensile mentre i trucioli rimasti nel cestello possono essere facilmente smaltiti.
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Oil Depol Service - industrial vacuum cleaner - dry cleaning
Oil Depol Service - industrial vacuum cleaner - dry cleaning. 36.000 cubic meters air flow and 8 cubic meters dump tipper.
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Ремонт вакууматора, замена масла и тефлоновой ленты.
В этом видео показана профилактика вакууматора или вакуумной машины, а в частности замена тефлоновой ленты нагрева и замена масла в вакууматоре. Добавление специальной присадки ХАДО, которая увеличивает компрессию и снижает время нагнетания вакуума и работы вакууматора. Замена тефлона - процедура не сложная, но для замены и слива масла нужна подготовка и опыт в этой работе. В основном во все промышленные вакууматоры добавляется масло от 300 до 800 грамм (ml), что не так и много. Очень часто требуется ТО, которое заключается в промывке масляной систтемы из-за редкой замены масла, тогда объём масла для замены увеличивается почти в 2 раза.
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Blackhead Cleaning Removal Tool Pore And Pimples Suction Device Vacuum
Clean your face from blackheads and Pimples and make it beautiful.. Click here : www.newfrogs.com Most of us clean our faces once or twice a day, but the traditional cleaning method by hands can't clean your face thoroughly. Now our brand new pore cleanser is coming to solve your skin problems. This pore cleanser features multiple functions, including pore cleaning, blackhead and oil absorption, etc. With the vacuum suction, it can eliminate the dirt from the skin surface, shrink the pore, make your skin smooth and soft. With 4 different probes, it can achieve different effects --------------------------------------------------
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How to recover oil and chips with an industrial vacuum cleaner |  MEKA 200IF | Mastervac
The new MEKA 200 IF T is a powerful industrial vacuum, designed to collect and filter large amounts of oil and metal chips. This machine is equipped with a side channel turbine that makes it perfect even in case of heavy and continuous service. This vacuum guarantees significant savings by cleaning and recovering several times lubricant and cutting oils. Find out more here: http://www.mastervacuums.com/PRODOTTI/29/Aspiratore-industriale-per-olio-e-trucioli
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We Tried Deep Cleaning Our Pores With A Skin Spatula
Labelle Ultrasonic Skin Spatula is an electronic spatula that scrapes the gunk from your pores. It comes with two modes. Scrubber Mode cleans out your pores and Infusion Mode applies beauty products deeper into your skin. We gave the skin spatula a try to see if it lives up to our pore-cleaning expectations. See more from Trophy Skin: https://trophyskin.com/products/labelle-ultrasonic-skin-spatula BEAUTY INSIDER believes everyone should shine from hair to makeup and everything in between. Life is an adventure. Subscribe to our channel: http://insder.co/Beauty and visit us at: https://thisisinsider.com BEAUTY INSIDER on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thisisinsiderdesign/ BEAUTY INSIDER on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/insiderbeauty INSIDER on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisisinsider
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ELASTEC | Vacuum Head for Oil Drums
Learn more at: https://goo.gl/FNoyRL Elastec DrumIt Vacuum Head with automatic shut off uses a 55 gallon drum to intercept debris from entering your vacuum system.
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Kirby Vacuum Service
Here is a quick and fun video showing you how we service a Kirby Vacuum when they come in for service at Vacuum's Etc. As you can see, the process is very thorough. We take great pride in our products and service and we service most other brands too. If you have any questions please be sure to see us in Tacoma at 6401 South Tacoma Way or give us a call at 253-474-9468 and in Bremerton at 4545 Auto Center Way. If you are looking for great deals on vacuums and cleaning supplies be sure to see us at https://www.myvacuumplace.com
Changing The oil on a Vacuum Pump 101.
basics why to chang the oil in a vacuum pump. fast simple
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VacOil - 20 Grade Vacuum Pump Oil
Learn about the benefits of VacOil's 20 Grade vacuum pump oil. Links for more information: SDS (safety data sheet) 20 Grade Vacuum Pump Oil: http://www.vacoil.com/content/LVO20_SDS.pdf Specifications and Buy Here: http://www.vacoil.com/20-grade-standard-ultra-vacuum-pump-oil/?sort=featured VacOil Home: http://www.vacoil.com How to Change Vacuum Pump Oil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDR_jYWGvU8
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KTM WP shock service with vacuum/pressure filling of oil and removal of air in the system.
Showing my homebuilt kit to service shock absorbers from WP, Ohlins or any other brand, with vacuum/pressure filling of oil and removal of air in the system.
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Industrial vacuum cleaner to recover up to 400lt of oil and metal chips | Tecnoil 400
The TC400 IF is a three-phase turbine vacuum cleaner with a large liquid collection capacity, designed to make extracting and separating chips and lubricating oils in tanks and reservoirs easier, particularly in heavy and continuous applications. The vacuum cleaner can recover and filter up to 400 litres of oil mixed with metal chips, and features an automatic stop for when the container is full. The filtered oils can be drained quickly using a system of reversed airflow (150 l/min) or (optionally) via a separate pump (300 l/min), while the chips are discharged using a tilting hopper with reduction gear. Delfin's Industrial Vacuums for Oil and Metal Chips recovery and separation are incredible industrial vacuum cleaners which are able to minimize the time needed to empty the oil and emulsions tanks on CNCs. Find out more here: https://www.delfinvacuums.com/en/industrial-vacuum-cleaners/industrial-vacuum-emptying-tanks-reservoirs-tc400-if
VACUUM whiteheads right out your FACE!!!! Vacuum CLEANER for your pores!
❤▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩ OPEN FOR MORE INFO ۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬❤ My second channel BeautyTriesIt https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeX7tMHW5Vj_Q6RNHNSj_kQ ✿ Facebook ❤ @beautysworldtv http://www.facebook.com/beautysworldtv ❤ Twitter ❤ @beautysworldtv https://twitter.com/beautysworldtv ✿ Instagram ❤ @beautysworldtv http://instagram.com/beautysworldtv ♡Snapchat ❤ @beautysworldtv http://www.snapchat.com/beautysworldtv ✿ If you are a company that would like for me to review your products contact me at: [email protected] Keep In touch: ✿ Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/beautysworld ✿ Twitter- https://twitter.com/BEAUTYMONROSE ✿ Instagram- http://instagram.com/beautymonrose ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
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oil pressing machine with  vacuum oil filter
If any inquiry with oil press machine , please feel free to contact us .Our mail is [email protected] or [email protected] Or by whatsapp:008613916273508 or skype: steven17122 Steven
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Oil Boiler: Brush & Vacuum
Here is a video of the brush and vacuuming process of the side clean outs of a oil fired boiler. This is a Burnham Boiler.
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Industrial vacuum cleaner for lubricant oil and metal chips | CNC Maintenance | Delfin
The DM 40 Oil is an industrial vacuum cleaner specific for the maintenance of CNC and metal working machines. It allows the separation of lubricant and metal chips. Find out more here: http://www.delfinvacuums.it/prod/25/DM-40-OIL---Aspiratore-industriale-per-separazione-e-recupero-di-olio-e-trucioli
The Importance of Vacuum Pump Oil
New Project
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Vacuum pump oil training film
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Industrial Vacuums for Oil and Metal Chips | Delfin
Delfin's Industrial Vacuums for Oil and Metal Chips recovery and separation are incredible industrial vacuum cleaners which are able to minimize the time needed to empty the oil and emulsions tanks on CNCs. Thanks to machines like the Tecnoil 100 IF, the most compact machine in the range, you will be able to not only collect both cutting fluids and chips, but also and more importantly to separete them and recover the cutting oil in order to use it again. This industrial vacuums allows users to efficiently clean up any cutting machine in a matter of minutes, recovering the filtered oil and pumping it back into the system. Contact us now for a customized quotation! ______________ Gli aspiratori Industriali di Delfin per olio e trucioli sono incredibili macchine industriali in grado di ridurre al minimo il tempo necessario per svuotare i serbatoi di olio e di emulsioni delle macchine CNC e frese. Grazie a macchine come il Tecnoil 100 IF, la macchina più compatta della gamma, è possibile non solo il recupero dell'olio da taglio e dei trucioli, ma anche e soprattutto è possibile effettuare efficacemente la filtrazione dei fluidi da taglio, al fine di riutilizzarli. Contattaci subito per un preventivo personalizzato!
HVAC Vacuum Pump 101 Adding Oil Changing Mineral Oil Pulling Vacuums Recovery Tank Points
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Vacuum Pump Unboxing and oil change, Hindi & English
Vacuum Pump Unboxing Vacuum pump in hindi vacuum pump oil changing Hindi & English
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Oil spill vacuum trailer
Towable vacuum trailer with its own hydraulics. www.cleanupoil.com
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Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Review (And Why Most Toxic Vacuums Don't Really Work).
Schedule your free phone consultation now with Brett by visiting http://www.BenGreenfieldFitness.com/rainbow. The Rainbow Vacuum is the healthiest vacuum cleaner and is the water-based cleaning system that Ben Greenfield uses in his own home to do everything from cleaning the floors and furniture to diffusing therapeutic and mold-killing essential oils. To learn more about why your vacuum is the #1 hidden appliance in your home that churns out hidden toxins, visit: http://www.BenGreenfieldFitness.com/cleanhome.
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How to Make a Powerful Vacuum Cleaner Using 775 Motor and PVC Pipe
In this video, I am using a 775 12volt DC motor with PVC pipe, and i will the construction Powerful Vacuum Cleaner 12volt, This is a really useful project, can be easily made at home. Hope you guys will enjoy this !!! - 775 Motor you can buy here: http://bit.ly/2NJTEBW Thanks for watching, Have a great day !
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NEW Industrial Sump Vacuum cleaner for oil and chips  | Review | Delfin Tecnoil 100IF 3M
The New vacuum cleaner Tecnoil 100IF 3M is part of a complete new Tecnoil line of 5 models. This line was created to target the specific needs of maintenance in the mechanical and engineering industries. Perfect for small and large industries. Find out more here: http://www.delfinvacuums.it/prod/155/Industrial-vacuum-for-oil-&-chips-recovery
sears leaf vacuum
i give a review of a good quality sears craftsman leaf vac, overall it is a good machine for doing light yard and chipping work. i recommend this for anyone who wants a self-propelled machine that is truly american made and functions good for small yards.
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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for oil recovery and filtration - Mastervac Meka 200
Three phase vacuum for oil recovery and filtration with integrated discharge pump.
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DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum - Assembly and first use.
I purchased this leaf and lawn vacuum to collect all the leafs for our Back to Eden garden. The unit was $1700.00 Here's a link to where I purchased the lawn vacuum. http://www.drpower.com/power-equipment/leaf-lawn-vacuums/tow-behind-leaf-vacs/prompt-for-ll2-13-28-pro-new.axd
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Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Suction Device
25% OFF now! GET it here: https://goo.gl/yjw3vr Most of us clean our faces once or twice a day, but the traditional cleaning method by hands can't clean your face thoroughly. Now our brand new pore cleanser is coming to solve your skin problems. This pore cleanser features multiple functions, including pore cleaning, blackhead and oil absorption, etc. With the vacuum suction, it can eliminate the dirt from the skin surface, shrink the pore, make your skin smooth and soft. With 4 different probes, it can achieve different effects. 25% OFF now! GET it here: https://goo.gl/yjw3vr
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Super Suck International - a recognized world leader in vacuum and oil disaster cleaning solutions
Here we demonstrate how utilizing our patented high-speed vacuum systems we can safely and thoroughly remove oil from on top of surface water, as well as deep water plumes, and suction on overhead underwater ruptures.
BellaMoms Healthy Living Tips- Use Essential Oils in Vacuum
Place drops of your favorite BellaVita essential oil onto the filter of your vacuum cleaner to infuse the oil through hour whole house!
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Vacuum cleaners for OILS
RGS offers a wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners of various powers and capacity: industrial vacuum single-phase, three-phase and with compressed air. There are also specific models for oils and chips, others for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as special machines designed to meet the needs of the customer. All vacuums can be fitted with a wide range of options and accessories to make the job of the operator easy, light and safe. www.rgsvacuumsystems.com
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BMW With High Crankcase Vacuum Causing A Whistling Noise and Suction To The Oil Filler Cap
BMW with a failed cyclone separator causing high crankcase vacuum. The filler cap was very difficult to remove. The fix is replacement of the CCV valve or valve cover depending on what model BMW.
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Maintenance Tips For Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners  GreatVacs.com
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Knottyy Tests Vacuum Pumps:  1 Stage vs 2 Stage
Some of you may have wondered what the difference is between a 1 stage and 2 stage pump. In this video I go over the difference between the two, hopefully helping you to decide which pump is best for you. Either will do the job. The single stage is a 2.5 CFM pump and the two stage is a 3.9 CFM pump. They are both mid grade, non name brand pumps. I've since purchased Robinair pumps and the difference between them and the 2 stage you see here is quite amazing. It is much quieter overall, and much more solid. I will put up a video of it soon. I dedicate this video to the troll of the week: KushPlants He likes to call me zipperhead and other racial slurs. He even logs into other accounts so he can hate on me from multiple directions lol. Frequently Asked Questions: Q. How much butane do you use? A. I utilize 1 can of high quality butane per oz of high quality trim/flower. Q. What tubes do you use? A. Extraction Experts XL Tubes. Good tubes, company always ships super slow though. I'll be moving to new tubes soon. Q. What kind of filters? I use 100 micron metal screens in conjunction with 25 micron pressing screens, as well as unbleached coffee filters at times although I much prefer pressing screens as they hold up better for longer. Q. How long do you vacuum purge for? A. Till I've reached the desired honeycomb texture I want, or till I have a clean shatter that will not move under pressure at 110f. Q. Do I really need a vacuum pump and chamber for making good oil? A. It is not 100% necessary, but I HIGHLY recommend it for top shelf oil. It will make your job a lot faster and easier, and help to ensure you a safer product. Q. What kind of pump do you use? A. Robinair 2 Stage 3 CFM Pumps. Q. What kind of butane do you use? A. I mostly use Power 5x, but also like Vector and Colibri (twice the price). Q. What kind of vacuum chamber do you use, and where can I buy one? A. Vac-It Pro and you can only purchse them on eBay. They are around $120. Q. Do you constantly run the vacuum pump? A. Yes This is my LEGAL medicine as seen fit by RCW 69.51a 18 AND OVER PLEASE
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STC Metaltooling Industrial  Coolant/Oil Vacuum Cleaner / Sump Vacuum - 展威機械 工業用 吸/排/過濾 吸塵器
STC Machinery Metaltooling Industrial Coolant/Oil Vacuum Cleaner - SL-106 The STC SL-106 is indispensable in the engineering industry where machine tools are used. Their main function is to separate the lubricant/oil/coolant from the metal swarf and recover the liquid. ● Rating HP (W):2HP (1500W) ● Suction / Exhaust , Switch Easy ● Oil Barrel Capacity:125 Litre ● Dust Collector Barrel:15 Litre
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Changing the oil in a BMW or MINI, vacuum method
BLOG ARTICLE:http://blog.bavauto.com/8511 "Like" us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/BavarianAutos... "Follow" us on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/BavAuto "Subscribe" to us on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/BavarianAuto Visit our online store - http://www.bavauto.com/ All of the items shown in these videos are available in our online store at http://www.bavauto.com/. Need additional tech help? Please visit our tech blog for thousands of Tech and DIY BMW and MINI articles at: http://blog.bavauto.com/ --- In this DIY video we'll show you how to change the oil in your BMW or MINI (and even other makes & models) using the vacuum oil changer. This method and tool are applicable to BMW, MINI and others that have an engine oil dipstick (and dip stick tube). Changing the oil in your BMW or MINI yourself is a great way to save money. There are two methods you can use in a DIY (do-it-yourself) oil change. In the first method, you drain the oil from below via the oil pan drain plug. This would typically be accomplished by jacking up the car and supporting it with jack stands, or by driving the front wheels up onto ramps. Ramps are very convenient and can be purchased at many auto parts and department stores. If you prefer to use a floor jack and jack-stands (also handy for future tasks that require the wheels or suspension to hang free), we show you how to select and use floor jacks and jack-stands in the Winter 2009 and Spring 2009 Fast Times newsletters. http://www.bavauto.com/newsletter/200... http://www.bavauto.com/newsletter/200... In the second method (the one we will show you, here), you use a vacuum pump to suck the oil out through the dipstick tube. This method is applicable to BMWs and MINIs where the oil filter can be accessed from under the hood (i.e. without jacking up the car). Note that some late model BMWs do not have oil dipsticks, and some oil filters cannot be accessed from above. In these cases, the oil must be drained from below. Follow along as we perform an oil and filter change on a late model, 6-cylinder BMW. Here are the tools and parts used for this job (Some of the parts or tools may not be needed for one or the other oil removal method (see above) or particular BMW/MINI model: TOOLS: * Bentley repair manuals: http://www.bavauto.com/se1.asp?dept_i... * Oil evacuation/extraction tool: http://www.bavauto.com/fland.asp?part=B8800001 * Oil filter wrench and oil change tools -- required for certain models: http://www.bavauto.com/se1.asp?dept_i... * Ultimate oil filler funnel: http://www.bavauto.com/fland.asp?part... * Oil absorbent pads: http://www.bavauto.com/fland.asp?part... * Oil change drain pan -- for undercar method: http://www.bavauto.com/fland.asp?part... * Form-A-Funnel -- for undercar method: http://www.bavauto.com/fland.asp?part... * Disposable work gloves: http://www.bavauto.com/fland.asp?part=GWONORANGE * BavAuto Metric socket and ratchet set: http://www.bavauto.com/fland.asp?part=CTA10100 PARTS: * Oil filter: http://www.bavauto.com/se1.asp?dept_i... * Motor oil -- Lubro-Moly, Red Line or BMW brand: http://www.bavauto.com/se1.asp?dept_i... * Magnetic drain plug: http://www.bavauto.com/se1.asp?dept_i... -------- All products noted in this video can be purchased in our online store, http://www.bavauto.com/, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are also welcome to e-mail us at [email protected] or call into our headquarters and speak to our knowledgeable advisors at (800) 535-2002 (Mon.-Thurs. 8AM to 9PM EST, Fri. 8AM to 7PM EST, and Sat. 9AM to 4PM EST). Category Autos & Vehicles License Standard YouTube License
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