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10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Doom

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It's been a staple of the first person shooter genre for decades. Everyone knows it for blood, gore, brilliant music, hot deathmatches, and successful reboots. But what about the things you didn't know? For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Text Comments (583)
Grimmreaper X (6 hours ago)
doom 64 wth is canon and it was a good upgrade at the time
Karhyna VanderMartin (14 days ago)
Why does everyone forget about "Final Doom"?
Alex Gray (24 days ago)
Here’s an actual fact people might not know: Doom can run on a piano
Angel Valdez (28 days ago)
You forgot doom64 and doom 3 expansion don’t blame you though no one remembers
The Tm Guy (1 month ago)
we can all agree that if doom didn't exist then this world would've have been an entire different thing
Frank Stephens (1 month ago)
clickbait needs to stop
Nick g (1 month ago)
Motherfucking doomguy
Krystal Myth (1 month ago)
Can we please just call Doom 2016 Doom4 already? You know how stupid its going to be to call it Doom 2016 ten years from now? The canceled Doom 4 was never released so it isn't Doom4 imo. Its also not a reboot but a clear sequel to Doom 1 and 2, and deserves its place in the pantheon.
XxTheMasterGamerxX (1 month ago)
Well Doon 64 was also basically another doom
Ever heard of Doom Eternal?
Gavin Dotten (1 month ago)
Before 2005: oh crap , they are making a Doom movie. I hope they add demons and the BFG, and who can't forget about Doomguy Doom comes out : at least they have the BFG.
Jake Martin (1 month ago)
So happy Doom was full of demons from hell and not aliens. The nature of the enemies and the story make the game imo
fgh fgh (1 month ago)
doom 3 > rest. horror ftw.
Kor3an Savage (1 month ago)
I already new all these facts 😒😒OMG SO SHOCKING!!!!!
noname noname (1 month ago)
wait how did you kill the super huge dude with black fur on his entire body and a white skull with a frekin chainsaw???? were you not playing on nightmare mode or something?
Bill Nye the science guy (2 months ago)
10 Mind-blowing facts I already knew about DOOM
Arick A4 (2 months ago)
Gotta say the facts that cyberdemon and mastermind should've been unbeatable bosses in gaming. But still, what's the word "unbeatable" to doom slayer??
Travis Toole (2 months ago)
What about Final Doom?
GDC Studios (3 months ago)
Mr. Hyperface (3 months ago)
I'd love to kill Bill Gates in DOOM.
Reinhardt Wilhelm (4 months ago)
Who else is hyped for DOOM ETERNAL: HELL ON EARTH?
Black Seraph (4 months ago)
Headless (4 months ago)
but can doom run doom
Brandon Craig (4 months ago)
I love doom and Doom 2 but I really think that final Doom doesn't get enough credit
Will Ganey (4 months ago)
Arsenalwolf337 (4 months ago)
*WARNING THE SLAYER HAS ENTERED THE FACILITY* ^^ And also there are soon too be 16 Doom games if you want to include Brutal DOOM and DOOM ETERNAL DOOM (1993) DOOM 2 (1994) The ultimate DOOM (1995) Master levels of DOOM 2 (1995) DOOM 2 TNT Evilution (1996) DOOM 2 Plutonia Experiment DOOM 64 (1997) DOOM 3 (2004) DOOM 3 The resurrection of evil (2005) DOOM RPG (2005) DOOM resurrection (2009) DOOM 2 RPG (2010) Brutal DOOM (2012) DOOM 3 BFG (2012) DOOM (2016) DOOM ETERNAL (Soon) 16 all together , but the main ones are DOOM DOOM 2 DOOM 3 DOOM 4 DOOM RPG DOOM ETERNAL 6 Crazy huh
Kek Gorilla (4 months ago)
3:04 back when artists cared about the music, not like today's shameless cash grab.... We need to build a wall around Hollywood before we light it on fire, as to not let any of the carcinogenic spores spread any further.
Jm Fowler (4 months ago)
Ignore doom 3, most do. Yeah...except the devs for doom 2016 lmao
TiggerTiger (4 months ago)
Doom 4 on nightmare was a punishing, yet awesome experience. I did have to quit trying around 3 times on ultra nightmare out of fear of destroying my computer lol
DankL0rd Sk0rN (4 months ago)
Way to skip over Final Doom and Doom 64 What Culture, but you did mention Doom RPG briefly so you could have at least mentioned those 2 games, other than that, great video.
thiccc succ (5 months ago)
Who's ready for DOOM eternal. 😈
Some Nickname (5 months ago)
Disliked only because of the title. Try clickbaity but not stupid titles.
tgillies101 (5 months ago)
Ummmm the shitty DOOM movie with Karl Urban? although lost my shit when it went full FPS in last scenes.
BrokeMyNinja (5 months ago)
I get this video might be dated but some big facts are hugely wrong. 1. Wolf3D was the first FPS. 2. Doom 64 was not mentioned and is canon to the series. 3. Doom RPG & Doom 2 RPG are not canon at all. 4. Doom 2016 is not a reboot you bloody shit. Its a sequel to Doom 64 where it left off. Canonical Order of known universe games is Wolf 3D, Wolfenstein Spear of Destiny, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein The Old Order, Wolfenstein The New Order, Wolfenstein II The New Collosus, Wolfenstein Young Blood (new announce), Doom/Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Doom 64, Doom 2016.
Hellif Iknow (5 months ago)
What culture?
Travis Pachal (5 months ago)
Doom 2016 is actually a sequel, not a reboot.
AVeryAngryKermit (5 months ago)
Top 10 mind blowing Doom facts everyone knows
Finta Simon (5 months ago)
Hate your fake accent, or just you pronounciate words with such annoying affectation my butt hurts, However youtube keeps recommending your videos, so I write a comment. Sorry. Just Trolling.
Medieval (5 months ago)
Liked the doom on atm idea. "No money? No problem! Here is one round of DOOM game for you"
EZTrash (5 months ago)
music wasn't stolen, they asked for permission.
scott Anthony/scott (5 months ago)
I actually knew all this :(
Curt Parrish (5 months ago)
Thats not the true origins of the game tho. It really started with a D&D game they played where the demons took over at the end of the game. That's where the idea of the game came from and a lot of the imagery for the demons in the game as well. That explains the "let's use demons instead" part comes from. I'm not 100% if the Aliens game was associated to the development of the Doom game but I'm not denying they tried cuz after the release of Doom there was an Aliens Doom WAD/ Doom clone. But I do know that Doom was created after a D&D game, and after the release of the Wolfenstein games as a means to add new elements to the fps on the PC. They forgot to mention all of this in the video SMH.
wilson mura (5 months ago)
DOOM 64.....
Not a nice guy (5 months ago)
I always felt like aliens were perfect for doom
OrignalRECIPE92 (5 months ago)
You forgot about Doom64
The Happy Mask Salesman (6 months ago)
2:03 ( Joke keep in mind ) wait there was a doom 3?
Silly Man (6 months ago)
Doom is a religion
Do you know that CroTeam (the makers of Serious Sam) applied for DooM 4, but they weren't chosen to develop the game, due to the different timezones - id thought that it will be tough to supervize the development process through different timezones. Some of the assets CT made for their DooM 4 later were reused in Serious Sam 3.
Flex Gopnik (6 months ago)
don't fuck whit doom 3...it is the second best game(as doom ethernal isn't yet out)
Sasuke Uchiha (6 months ago)
Sadly I never did get to play the first 3 Doom games. when the original doom and doom 2 was out, i was too young for these kinds of games, I was given Star Wars Dark Forces (I think that's the title) and Doom 3 was a period where I really did not like FPS games (had an Xbox so even Halo was out) But thankfully when Doom 2016 did their first E3 showcase, I was blown away and decided to get into a genre I haven't touched in so long. and hearing the history of this, is al the more enlightening to me. Thank you for this video WhatCulture
CYKA BLYAT (6 months ago)
doom 1990 is suck
desert hawk (6 months ago)
Did everyone just completely forget about Doom64?
exo haxor (6 months ago)
Im still playing original game
giveusascream (6 months ago)
doom 3 is great
Chunz Bunz (6 months ago)
Ahh I see the guys at WhatCulture are fans of Did you know gaming! They took the time to remake one of their videos. Good job guys...
Ahmad Carlos (6 months ago)
They never realized they were plagirized because they were to busy with their girlfriends.
Leander YOTNDA (6 months ago)
Clickbait. My mind is not blown in the slightest.
Commissar Purity (6 months ago)
Mind=blown Video=clickbait
Dio Falkner (6 months ago)
And now we got the next one in the franchise *Doom: Skyrim*.. Made PG 8 specially for you, CoD, GoW, Halo fan retarded teenkids!!
dieuhung banh (6 months ago)
Top 10 doom facts that will blow some kids' mind
Common Sense (6 months ago)
Doom Eternal will have a story line
Kyle Barnes (6 months ago)
Holy shit I forgot about Doom RPG and played the hell out of it on my flip phone
Bowfry Frenchtie (6 months ago)
I dont think Doom 4 is a reboot. Isn't it a continuation of the Doom 1 & 2? Im pretty sure you're actually playing as the same Doomguy.
crazy moustache (6 months ago)
all of these are well known, idk what ur on about
Gaming Nerd1993 (6 months ago)
Final Doom is one of the other forgotten DOOM Titles.
Dovahkiin (6 months ago)
I hate when channels ask you to subscribe before the actual video content. I'm 50 seconds in and you've gave me no reason to subscribe or like your videos at this point, yet you're asking me to subscribe so I can get notifications on future videos. Whut.
Deimos Station (6 months ago)
Pay attention here! You named some bands that haven't actually influenced the music soundtracks in the game. They have been made by Bobby Prince, who wasn't into heavy metal at all, but still got some inspiration from some LP that John Romero borrowed to him, like Pantera, Metallica and Slayer. Bobby Prince is also a lawyer, so it has been easy for him to insert those music parts without getting a lawsuit.
edmar disla (6 months ago)
*Yes* , DOOM RPG was my child hood!!!!!!
360KING (6 months ago)
You suck
Pepe the Almighty (6 months ago)
How do you know that we dont know this shit? Its misleading. fuck this YT channel
raZor (6 months ago)
Rename this to: "10 Crappy Facts You Already Knew About Doom"
Mighty lantern (6 months ago)
When I heard our lord and savior I already knew it was Gabe
apiece ofdirt (6 months ago)
Hopefully they won’t take 12 plus years to come out with another follow up to Doom 2016.
Daniel Contreras (6 months ago)
I think this guy is a fanboy of Jorge.
Gene Sargent (6 months ago)
Don't dis doom 3 bro
KingALBoy (6 months ago)
I don't like the way you dissed Doom 3 like you just did. Disliking this now
AmorSanatOmnia (6 months ago)
Good job ripping off DidYouKnowGaming, asshats
Tony Lackie (6 months ago)
I feel like you took other videos speaking of random facts of doom and just cherry picked...all this stuff I've already heard in multiple YouTube videos...
PiranhaWhale1 (6 months ago)
You forgot to mention Metallica because the e1m1 is based off the chorus of "No Remorse"
Andy R (6 months ago)
Yep. I remember playing Doom RPG a lot on my old Sony Ericsson from 2005 ish.
Talha Khalid (6 months ago)
What doom was name of a Billard stick😮😮😮😮
Rik S (7 months ago)
I thought "i bet i know more about doom than these idiots" then "i will keep watching if the first fact isn't that doom was going to be an Aliens license" Idiots.
Bob The Builder _ (7 months ago)
Our God is God Howard
(7 months ago)
Doom 4 "FPS of the decade"???? Totally disagree
Alberto Portugal (7 months ago)
Forget Doom. I’ll trade Doom for another Chipotle burrito in a heartbeat
Serik Olivares (7 months ago)
master_f (7 months ago)
Doom and lore don’t mix
Dan Sheppard (7 months ago)
Doom 5 (Doom 2 2019) is not too far off from completion. Hell on Earth, Doom-guy/Doom-slayer heads back home to Earth to fight off old demon characters from original Doom 2 plus new ones.
pantheist46n2 (7 months ago)
showing the half-life 1 cover than subsequently showing the cs:go cover instead of the original. Man i hate you right now
Adam Spencer (7 months ago)
Why does every video that says "you never knew" always shit that everyone knows already?
W5 Chu (7 months ago)
I thought doom came from wood upside down
Eliot Sirasharaporn (7 months ago)
7 doom games now Doom eternal is coming out soon
irllcd13 (7 months ago)
Doomguy is the great-great-great-great-great-grandson of BJ Blazkowicz of Wolfenstein.
Overlock BR (7 months ago)
i played Doom on a pen yesterday.
DC Sniper (7 months ago)
I love Doom 3 I wish they would do a Doom BFG for Playstation 4
Mike M (7 months ago)
I loved Doom 3.
luke sykes (7 months ago)
By the way, number 10? You were factually wrong. In the NoClip doc, they clearly state that the alien game was talked about after work on doom started, and the talk lasted about half an hour, at which point they decided they had more creative freedom and their own IP with doom, henceforth devlining the offer to work on the alien game.
FatalFist (7 months ago)
What surprised me was that the Doom Marine is supposed to be BJ Blaskovich from Wolfenstein almost effectively tying the two universes together.
uniqueflowsnake (7 months ago)
My mind remains unblown.
1-800 no one cares (7 months ago)
I don't know why people complain about doom 3. I thought it was fucking awesome. I guess people are just pussies.
Zero3384 (7 months ago)
Still a fun game to play and I agree, while some things needed to be improved...it was still at its core...a DOOM game And I gotta say....the introduction to the Lost Souls....yeeesh....
1-800 no one cares (7 months ago)
Zero3384 I get what you're saying. I don't really like how dark the game is either. And how the flashlight has to recharge after like 30 seconds. I bought the BFG edition which is a big step up from the original. Since it includes the first two games and Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission, both campaigns include the super shotgun. I also agree that its stupid that the super shotgun isn't even in the main Doom 3 campaign. And it might sound a bit crazy but I kinda prefer Doom 3 over the first 2 just because I don't really like the graphics of those old arcade style games. But for the most part I understand where you're coming from and completely understand.
Zero3384 (7 months ago)
for me, it was and was not DOOM yes, it was set on mars...yes, it had iconic enemies and weapons (Hell knight, BFG, Chainsaw, Imps ect)...but it did a few things wrong first was the attempt to be scary...DOOM was never scary in the slightest, you're a marine, soldier...stop whimpering and start shooting! DOOM 3 to me was basically a haunted house with guns...turn a corner, get a jumpscare, pump the monster full of lead...and repeat. It became actually funny when I turn a corner...a wall opens up...and an imp pops out going: rawr! Second was the perpetual darkness....holy crap did someone not install enough lights in this facility?! It was dark and hard to see ANYTHING and the flashlight mechanic before it got fixed was terrible...why would I have to lower my weapon to use my flashlight? Why is there not enough light to begin with?! It started leading to some frustrations Third...at least for me...was the Soulcube....I just don't understand how in every other DOOM, I can pump rockets and BFG rounds into the Cyberdemon's face and win...yet I have to use this stupid object that takes a long time to charge and gets only 1 use per charge because the Cyberdemon is magically invincible here Fourth...again for me...lack of powerups, berserk was available in like 2 areas in the original game of DOOM 3...and then came back in DOOM 3: Resurrection of evil as...an equip power? Or something...don't remember the whole situation...but yeah...no soul sphere, no invincibility, no mega sphere, no mega armor...I get that it was trying to be a more realistic DOOM game, but still...give us a bone here Finally...once more again for me.....NO SUPER SHOTGUN. I know that it was in Resurrection of Evil, but...it's as iconic as the BFG! Every DOOM game after DOOM 2: Hell on Earth had the Super Shotgun...it was even in Quake games! The fact that you get an Assault rifle and NOT the Super Shotgun was kinda disheartening to fans of the DOOM series...I know I was sad to find out that my double barreled beauty was gone Just my five cents my dude

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