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FL Studio 10 - Choir/Lex Luger/Trap Style Beat HD 720p

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first video in about a week, terrible producers block recently, lets hope this is the end of the block. ill release this flp depending on how well it goes down with everyone. the link will be exclusive to my facebook so make sure you like 'kid urban' for exclusives. http://www.facebook.com/Kidurban subscribe for more and let me know what you think thank you kid urban
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Text Comments (196)
flame flame (2 years ago)
That beat us powerfull
PROD JVBEATS (3 years ago)
Was the name of that rise effect ? :28
Molly Beats (3 years ago)
fucking awsome epic beat continue bro :)
Aaron George (4 years ago)
does anyone know how to get nexus on a mac or for free on a laptop?
Aaron George (4 years ago)
i mean or a pc 
Joddy O (4 years ago)
CroxzOfficial (4 years ago)
The facebook sound in the beginning was so sick.. Pretty sure it was accidental. But still.
David Meli (4 years ago)
beatsbyNeVs (4 years ago)
Damn! Bangin!!
フルDeezy (4 years ago)
He got a fb message in the middle of it
Jacob Duncan (3 years ago)
+Robert Mariano I did to
R0b3rt (4 years ago)
I though it was mine
Nametso David Maroku (4 years ago)
good beat
CA Productions (5 years ago)
Better than lex luger hats off man
CA Productions (5 years ago)
Better than lex luger hats off man
Deed Mali (5 years ago)
facebook destroyd it :D
Fluxx Thaworld (5 years ago)
Is it more then 2 mins real version
Fluxx Thaworld (5 years ago)
How much ?
rowan violette (5 years ago)
What does flp mean?
Jean Dumas (5 years ago)
here comes the drop...............facebook? xD
P Exclusive Music* (5 years ago)
Better than Lex Luger.
Ex iWarSauce (5 years ago)
Ahah me too xd !
ToxicProductions978 (5 years ago)
Dope ass beat bro! One of my favorites! Check out some of my beats on my channel and I would appreciate it! Thanks!
TJGibsonProductions (5 years ago)
lol @0:32 I checked my facebook XD
Ido Hoogendoorn (5 years ago)
increase the attack of the Choirs. just a little bit
DimCartier (5 years ago)
check my version of this beat !!! :) youtube.com/watch?v=cI-VtKEF_gw&feature=youtube_gdata_player
Michael Johler (5 years ago)
Really great! ~MichilixProductions
Mann (5 years ago)
HEY Were did you get those nice Choirs???
SLIME Stress (5 years ago)
mustachiosch (5 years ago)
I suspect reverb but play around with EQ, Delay, chorus and distortion effects. you might make something which sounds even better.
KOKZ95 (5 years ago)
pls do it man, I <3 this one
SITHBEATZ (5 years ago)
How in the fuck did you make this? I am hating lol jp. Dope beat BTW! I do want to know the secret on how you got your choirs like that?
forgotmylastname123 (5 years ago)
please tell me where you got the choirs
Eynkei Esperanza (5 years ago)
sounds like dustymind
Omar Black-OMar (5 years ago)
Shit, the facebook pop lol
gadgetman8888 (5 years ago)
who checked their facebook 0:33
KnoxxLive (6 years ago)
wassup with that melody tho!
Kid Urban (6 years ago)
i think im going to redo this beat then break it down, the quality is terrible
Producer X (6 years ago)
yea it got me again whilst checkin the comment check out ma beats if you can g trap beatz
G.RageBeatzTV SXM (6 years ago)
i checked my facebook when i heard it ! ROTFL
MasterLinit (6 years ago)
How do you add the choir in the song?
kekeke (6 years ago)
Check my channel for an FL studio 10 created song! It's good, I'm only 16 so give it a chance please!! Tutorial is coming soon too. Thumbs up so people get the word? :)
professonal asshole (6 years ago)
dumb ass
professonal asshole (6 years ago)
it's just too perfect!
TSClanPC (6 years ago)
This is sick dude!
Vick Obi (6 years ago)
Peter Lanza (6 years ago)
What program was used for the Choir?
sadarion cannon (6 years ago)
Boi Dat Bih ill I swear
NiggaCatDNB (6 years ago)
Really good. Making me sick, want to be good as you
spoil93 (6 years ago)
super sick
Påtience (6 years ago)
Hey man , this beat is too raw . I'm making a mixtape and was wondering if I could use this for non-profit?
Zizou Sevran (6 years ago)
you are very good in production :)
sandile sikukuni (6 years ago)
@KID URBAN WHAT your facebook name?
Tazzarinaa (6 years ago)
Lmao me too
Isaiah Thomas (6 years ago)
Thuxury (6 years ago)
Where can I get that Urban Trunk Bass?
Kenty J (6 years ago)
whats the bpm @ddottproductions
DjXcallence (6 years ago)
bro this is fye broo.. im bangin this... can i use it for non profit? ill give you full props for the beat
Raiheem Taylor (6 years ago)
wtf dis shit is crazy homie
AJ Morabit (6 years ago)
what did you use for the chors?
Richard Potts (6 years ago)
Yo Kid, in my opinion this is your best beat. It sends chills when you hear the choir but then you're like... oh shittt. Good job.
dathotmedia (6 years ago)
nice beat
REALKAIN (6 years ago)
xula2009 (6 years ago)
AMAZING! Ballin synths, holy fuck
MadeManBeatz (6 years ago)
gross beat its n yo mixer
ganxsta blane (6 years ago)
how do u make the beat studder an drag out
nkflier45 (6 years ago)
yo as long as we give you credit we can use this beat right? non profit?
Davide Vico (6 years ago)
what did you used to make the choir??
Alvin Hicks (6 years ago)
this is going to sound like a dumb question most likely but can anyone tell me how to link the midi channels with nexus so i dont have to open a bunch. i know how to change the input and outputs but i dont know how to change the instrument for each one in nexus.
this beat is great bro. but where can i find the nexus expansion that you use.
ShawkCity Beats (6 years ago)
This beat is crazy.
cpresley93 (6 years ago)
This shit hard af
AjusDiVybzMusic (6 years ago)
i cant believe this last 4 2minutes :(
MonstrousDigwe (6 years ago)
Woah there! Easy on my headphones!
Alexander Wullum (6 years ago)
this is god damn sickk
Skitzo Beatz (6 years ago)
Dope ass beat bro, u got that original sound, check out my beats, i got those trap/wicked bangers, like, favorite, sub!
H2L ThaProducer (6 years ago)
me too haha
XenoCarr (6 years ago)
When you cant think of anything or like your beats dont go as well as planned
308beatZ (6 years ago)
Go to 308beatz (dot) net to download high quality trap, hip hop, rnb beats..We got cheap leases. Download free soundkits & Lots more !
fruitys0unds (6 years ago)
I think you got a massage on facebook :-)
Please, look at my videos
ItsLennon (6 years ago)
Fuckin raw
Jerry Toney Jr (6 years ago)
Yes sir....I like this mane....good job!!!!
solo0nine (6 years ago)
i got fl studio how do you get the packs
Kid Urban (6 years ago)
yeah bro
Dat Boy James (6 years ago)
Ok i see this comment but where did you download it from?
MB (6 years ago)
Look at the comment at the top.
Dat Boy James (6 years ago)
Mane can you please respond tellin me where you got that choir sound from!!!!!!! Please mane!!!!
MonstrousDigwe (6 years ago)
Wow only 25,000 views?
EvTrap Beats (6 years ago)
just nice!
Calvin Buckner (6 years ago)
The Drum Pattern Reminds Me of Kid Ink's Blackout song. Great beat BTW.
David Pierson (6 years ago)
@ddottproductions How did you get nexus to work with fl I got it to work in other programs but the .dll file is just not reconized in fl, and that facebook sound made me see if I have I.M at @ 00:32
Tito Beats (6 years ago)
whats the effect you used at 0:30? or what did you do to make it sort of pause?
ConerOfficeBeatz (6 years ago)
I almost didn't view this becuase of the lex luger tag. Sooo many lex lugers out there. This is not lex style. This is something different. This is good. Keep this up.
11HUNTER10 (7 years ago)
how did u get the dirty dutch sound? sounds great Kid keep going :)
Dominus Domino (7 years ago)
Crypt (7 years ago)
yo need a download for this. ill rip this track mixtape style!!! check my page!
FaKu (7 years ago)
That shit goes hard as fuck!! love the choir
IlluzionOnTheBeat (7 years ago)
IAmCodyGotBeatz (7 years ago)
when he got chatted at 0:31, i started looking on my facebook for a good minute or so like "who the fuck just inboxed me?"
Jujuan White (7 years ago)
This beat hard as hell bro, what vsts u use for dem crazy ass leads?
dipmuthafukinset (7 years ago)
nice one
supertie21 (7 years ago)
I ment base

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