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KISSING PRANK ♥ Kissing Sexy Girls with the Elastic Band Magic Trick

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mate (3 years ago)
hola crack
Ay thoughts (3 years ago)
joder que culo tiene esa de los pantalones azules
Santiago Cortés (3 years ago)
gilbet (3 years ago)
No color text, please. We know who is talking. The color just makes it difficult to read.Also, girls don't like to punch. They get frightened by talk about violence. I recommend to say if you lose, "I want you to smack me (or slap me)". If you tell her "I want you to" it will sound nice to her and she will want to.
TheHunter_ 273 (3 years ago)
Son unos genios...
Ariel Arnez (3 years ago)
buee jajauu bueno perp ya lo vi ah
Carlos Fajardo (3 years ago)
what's the name of the song in the background at the beginning ? ?
Christian Jimenez (3 years ago)
como se ase el truco.... buen video
Santiago Cortés (3 years ago)

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