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Jim Cornette on Why Lex Luger Couldn't Get Over

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Karl Renner (1 month ago)
Lex was just boring. Wasn't a technician. Wasn't a talker. At the end of the day he was just an action figure to fill out the toy line.
Merle hand (6 months ago)
I dont like this woman
Daniel Dimino (7 months ago)
Some guys have it and some guys dont simple as that.... Undertaker kane shawn michaels those guys have it... On the other hand guys like miz and some other clowns just dont have it miz is a clown i dont understand why people care for him at all hes lame as hell to me
Jeffrey Riley (11 months ago)
Luger wrestled Flair in an incredible 2 out of 3 falls match for (I think) the NWA title in 1985 or 1986. Both guys split falls and the third went to the time limit so Luger was getting respect that far back.
Lex Luthor!!!! 😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂
802blues (1 year ago)
Great speech at the hall of fame Jim awesome to see you induct rock n roll they deserve it but the rock n roll and the midnight express should of went together IMHO midnight express for 2018 hall of fame
Brad The Volfan (1 year ago)
Jim Cornette is the Best ;-)
Rodi Rogue (1 year ago)
for you to successful in wrestling you have to be passionately hated or passionately liked by the fans. if they are just indifferent about you that means you have failed
Giovanni Socci (1 year ago)
Lex came out at a time when everybody wanted to be or better than Hogan,he certainly had the better body,but Cornette is right,he just didn t connect as much as he tried,I liked Lex and still do, may God bless him.
Crystal Evans (1 year ago)
From what I understand, the reason Luger got into the wrestling business was because he had just been released by either the Memphis Showboats or the Green Bay Packers and met Hiro Matsuda at a golf tournament in Florida who talked him into training to become a wrestler. He was never a childhood fan like a lot of guys are.
His parents were intellectuals into arts and music. Wrestling would probably be frowned on in such an environment. Buffalo wasn't exactly the territorial wrestling hotbed that MInnesota or Florida was either. Who really cares what he liked as a kid? For most normal wrestlers (ie not marks or multi-gen wrestle brats) wrestling was just a job. The ones that grew up as fans never knew how to retire and became a joke in later years. Scott Steiner, Sting, Kurt Angle, and many other legends never really were pro wrestling fans growing up.
Crystal Evans (1 year ago)
I have also heard that Luger was ashamed of being a professional wrestler. He wanted to be known as a businessman. He and Sting were partners of a couple of gyms in the Atlanta area called Main Event Fitness. They eventually sold the gyms.
Regina Reece (1 year ago)
Giovanni Socci you surely co-orgasmed hard along with Bobby Heenan at the 93 Royal rumble....
Giovanni Socci (1 year ago)
Crystal Evans you are right,Hogan said the same thing about himself when he started out,trained by Matsuda as well,but Hogan changed his story later,to say that he was always a wrestling fan since childhood,but we know Hogan lies. Lugar was a decent wrestler,he never fully developed into greatness,but he was alright,who can blame the guy? he looked like a million dollars,better than the Ultimate Warrior,as good as Rick Rude,but bigger,so maybe he thought he was better than most wrestlers with average looks.
Kira Lawlet (1 year ago)
This is the entire story of Roman Reigns Also OH! AH! OWW!
lookoutforthatninja (1 year ago)
The state of your hair mate.
EXPLISIT HIPHOP (1 year ago)
He had the physique ...that's 1 in wrestling.. Back then..
EXPLISIT HIPHOP (1 year ago)
Luger beat Hogan,Savage... was even in the big 6 man bash vs NWO...he had to be popular!
EXPLISIT HIPHOP (1 year ago)
Luger nails Giant with the bionic elbow and Heenan says "the same elbow that knocked Yokozuna out for 10 min barely budged The Giant!"
EXPLISIT HIPHOP (1 year ago)
Luger and Sting were amazing... I like Luger when he left WWF..fought with Savage..him vs the Giant in 96 was good...
EXPLISIT HIPHOP (1 year ago)
Lex Luvur was pushed in NWA like Roman...company wanted him to shine..
Jolly Misanthrope (1 year ago)
Always came across as kind of plain. Promos weren't that great, stiff worker, just nothing that stood out other than the physique. Not a bad wrestler, just needed a little something more.
Jeffrey Riley (11 months ago)
Jolly Misanthrope I'm a big Luger fan and I agree with your analysis.
Narcissist was gold. Attitude Adjustment under Harley Race's tutelage was pretty cool. The sybil thing in WCW (forgotten gimmick of the Dungeon of Doom age) was interesting. Usually his heel personas were a lot better than his babyface ones. He fit more into the Paul Orndorff or Rick Rude mold. Neither of those two were ever very convincing babyfaces either.
Wrestling Historian (1 year ago)
No, what I'm saying is that he should have done steroids to get more buff and ripped.
Jolly Misanthrope (1 year ago)
He either needed to get better as a worker or get better on the promos. He was already on the "juice". A guy at that bodyfat level with that muscle mass is 100% on PED's. You can't attain that physique naturally.
Arcee (1 year ago)
The old boys network tortured him because he wasn't a wrestler. Because he was "green," other wrestlers shit on him
Arcee (1 year ago)
"pay his dues"

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