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[1/2] KPOP Girl X Girl Moments Compilation (GFriend, Twice, Red Velvet and more)

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So after doing a bromance video i decided to do a Girls version because who doesn't love girls?! Anyways I hope you enjoy this video Songs Used: Lovelyz - Ah Choo Iu - Friday ♡ I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING ALL CREDITS TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS , No copyright infringement intended! ♡ 10% off of your order with the code " bchuu10 " (they have lovely kpop merch) https://www.soaestheticshop.com
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B Chuu (1 year ago)
As many people want to know who appears in the video I will slowly begin naming all of them, feel free to add 💕
Greta Smol (2 months ago)
B Chuu we need a part 2 including Hwabyul’s kiss lol
Rita Singh (6 months ago)
Catastrophe 512 (6 months ago)
B Chuu who are the people on 5:35???
Jade Jemina (11 months ago)
What’s the name of the girls in 6:26?
Inflexible prick (1 year ago)
6:12 is Gfriend, the ship is called sinrin (sinB and yerin) 6:21 same group different ship. 6:31 mamamoo, and it's biggest ship: Moonsun. (Moonbyul and solar) 6:34 Gfriend yuju x yerin I think the ship is called yeyu or yeju. 6:36 that's the group called wjsn I know the name of the long and brown haired one (eunseo((hella gay)) ) The last clip is Gfriend with Twice. The only Gfriend member there is eunha the short brown haired one with the purple shirt. And the rest is from twice, especially the one who claimed her as her gf is sana
*tHe GaYs aRE rIsInG*
가또 (4 days ago)
마마무는 완전 넘사벽이자나@@
Ann Mayrina (6 days ago)
yes im a sone (12 days ago)
whats the song starts at 1:40
Kirishima Touka (13 days ago)
Who are the minute's girls 1:43???
just SunHee (15 days ago)
Twice Star (17 days ago)
where is dahmo, michaeng and 2 yeon? you should watch it
Twice Star (17 days ago)
you should watch Twice dahmo being g4y:v
memeyu (19 days ago)
all of you forget about eunseo, who have 12 girlfriends
Tiara Pebiyanti (22 days ago)
Poor eunha😂😂
Laura Trim (22 days ago)
What is the group and couple at 3:13
diana cesar (28 days ago)
What is the name of the first song that appears in the video? <3
Shiro Taniguchi (1 month ago)
Mimo kiss asdfghjkl yass
Otompe Blamco (1 month ago)
Agus Chiribao (1 month ago)
4:08 who is she? That lips biting damn
P A P R I K A (1 month ago)
NewReef (1 month ago)
Surprised this entire list isn't just Mamamoo
Xiuminea _ (1 month ago)
Gfriend is so gay
Rosie -_- (1 month ago)
Snsd being gay since 2007 >< so glad they acknowledge peoples preferences and sexuality :D As for Gfriend and Mamamoo they are just the alpha gays and Hani:^
2:40 cincuenta sombras jaja xD Quien son? Son del grupo Mamamoo,no?
Nightcore-Ashley (1 month ago)
2:56 where is that from?
Christelle (1 month ago)
I wish someone wrote each groups name cause I don’t know most of em
Unikat 007 (1 month ago)
Mais uma k-popper (1 month ago)
1:05 name?
uyen nguyen (1 month ago)
4:07 look at her eye 😂😂
LaLoliChilena (1 month ago)
moonsun is real <3 (moonbyul x solar)
Mais uma k-popper (1 month ago)
Chae lisa (1 month ago)
Lmao where is Lisa from BlackPink aka the biggest gay in Korea?? 😂😂
민니제니김 (1 month ago)
Lol the first one I feel so bad
Jacqueline Jimenez (1 month ago)
4:45 omg that was close
Rheign Garceniego (2 months ago)
It just mean they are close and its friendship not what you're thinking you over think too much☺
Shxhxa (2 months ago)
Por culpa de I.O.I terminé llorando en vez de reír, y terminé apreciando los bellos momentos que pasan juntas, ya me puse sentimental Cjau
Mais uma k-popper (2 months ago)
4:41 name?
Mais uma k-popper (2 months ago)
4:02 name?
Mais uma k-popper (2 months ago)
3:22 name?
Bảo Trâm (2 months ago)
Mẹ Hói dê gái vãi ... Hihi
lil tråsh (2 months ago)
Bruce Lee (2 months ago)
Jap girls have horrid legs, at least I think they're Jap.
Jô Martins (2 months ago)
6:36 quem são?
Emy channel!! (2 months ago)
Moonbyul. !!XD
Don't Worry Eunha ISexy Can Ne Your Girlfriend Or Even Your Wife
Kandance Jackson (2 months ago)
I have to give Gfriend second place after mamamoo 😂😭❤️
Kandance Jackson (2 months ago)
I love how Yerin just doesn’t care if anyone is looking XD. She kisses anyone in gfriend like dead ass XD A GAY GOD/KING
Kandance Jackson (2 months ago)
I clicked for G(ay)Friend
valentin kpop (2 months ago)
no mames krystal jajaj
Moonbyul PINNOCK (2 months ago)
Mamamoo just goes overboard and I love it
Thiển Ty (2 months ago)
Dodaeng 😭??
Tan Sinyen (3 months ago)
Girls Genetation❤️❤️❤️forever ot9😢
Nc Superman (3 months ago)
Mamamoo and GayFriend slayed the video XD Moonsun and sinrin OMG🌚 Ultimate video needed to show their gayness....
milk dumb (3 months ago)
4:58 what's the name of the group?
Catch GG (3 months ago)
milk dumb Girls Generation/ Snsd
Coraline Adam (3 months ago)
Could someone explain to me what unnie means ? I see this word a lot but don't know the equivalent in english
임성혁 (3 months ago)
불쌍해..맘대로 남자도 못사귀니...
sittie pacasum (3 months ago)
My heart stops why it looks like they are real couple omanaaa💜 6:35
Becky _minayeon (3 months ago)
1:20 what ep. ตอบที่เถอะ!!
kate pancakes (3 months ago)
Sinrin is canon 😂
Super Turtle Yei (3 months ago)
Gfriend is sooo yuriiii o.o
音淫hye (3 months ago)
yell heah (3 months ago)
I just watched scary video so here i'm now calming myself now with some gay
Linn Knutson (3 months ago)
My lesbian heart is glowing :’)
hxshitoile (4 months ago)
Sowon: I pick...umji Eunha: fuck it be like that
Miyaoi (4 months ago)
Im a Gayfriend stan
Jen- ONCE (4 months ago)
TWICE 😁😂😂😂
K Arre (4 months ago)
3:42 was so cute! Omg😱💖
luana rsl (4 months ago)
harold . . .
John Cameron (4 months ago)
*Is Sana Gay?* 😂
마술이슬 (4 months ago)
muzik4me345 (4 months ago)
Where can I watch the full vid of the one with Amber??? 😂
Wonyoung's Jawline (4 months ago)
Ah Choo's the background music omg am crying
Ilonka P.G (4 months ago)
Ooo wow just now I found out eunha hit yuju 1:58 sana and chaeyoung notice too ... chaeyoung was in shock. 😂😂😂😋
I knew that moonsun should be here
Della Mae Bernardino (4 months ago)
Soyeon and amber tho 😂💖
Do Kyungsoo (4 months ago)
MC rendah..
Yoshiko T. (4 months ago)
Krystal lol 😂😂💜💜💜💜💜💜
Fiorella Pereira (5 months ago)
Fiorella Pereira (5 months ago)
3:59 quien es ekla
szkaluje modliszke (5 months ago)
amber is so straightX DD D D D
szkaluje modliszke (5 months ago)
hani is so gay
sarah Indra (5 months ago)
You should add wjsn more.. especially eunseo and chengxiao 😂
Trâm Trâm (5 months ago)
3:27 what her name??
BLΛƆKPIИK BLIИK (5 months ago)
Pudin Zin (5 months ago)
"My girlfriend came" Wait what?
Almaaz __ (5 months ago)
Why am i not surprised anymore Mamamoo😂😂😂
Jfm Fccc (5 months ago)
Sowon valiste madres cuando lleguen a la casa
LGBT no K-POP! (5 months ago)
Kpop Fangirl (5 months ago)
1:19 Hani got a gay heart attack
KJ BN (5 months ago)
Jajaja the first gfriend clip... all the ships were confirming and then is Sowon choosing Umji and Eunha’s face was like “bitch wtf” jajaja 😂
Isa Rios (5 months ago)
Sowon eso es pasarse de pinche lanza
ariane nget (5 months ago)
eunson, hani, yuri, moonbyul for me.. hehe I haven't check g.friend and apink hehe I'm gonna check it now hahaha
Paula Sánchez (5 months ago)
ngoc Nguyễn (5 months ago)
các mày đã nhìn kwon yuri chưa? hani nhìn trong vòng tay yul thụ vl ra =)))))))
Nats (5 months ago)
6:36 clip is really gay like they are 100% dating
BTS x GirlGroup stan (5 months ago)
Do Momo and nayeon really kiss ? I mean does their lips touched ?
I fucking love hani
A I T A N o S H I (6 months ago)
I think we all agree yerin is the gayest gay in kpop at the moment
Wei moonsun (6 months ago)
YK A (6 months ago)
ohh Amber...))) 4:27 my heart is crying 5:31
Kiara Garcia (6 months ago)
Moonsun 💕
Juice Carver (6 months ago)
okay literally they're so gay it's a little offensive

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