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Where is Fire and Ice and The Unknown Flame??

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Text Comments (107)
Nathan Callwood (11 days ago)
Well I am in lateclan;-;
matthew binfet (7 months ago)
When is fire and ice ep 4?
lps cookie Aj (8 months ago)
Frosted Animation (9 months ago)
My friends name is Sophia and she turned nine the day before this
rachael pioltini (9 months ago)
When will episode 13... from the unknown flame????????????????????
Lily j (10 months ago)
Sadie Powers (10 months ago)
comic talking cool (10 months ago)
plz plz!!! i want unknown flame
LPS Blood paw (10 months ago)
You never opened mine did you open mine please I’m 😞!!!!!
sapphireshard (10 months ago)
Awwww!! The fanart in this are so cute!!!
Charrityanimal AJPW (10 months ago)
Wow not a lot of comments XD
What is that music XD
SkyScribe WA (11 months ago)
Pinky, I sent you fanmail in an act poocorn box. It does have a letter in it, and I forgot to add. Please open on camera.... and please mind my hand writing.... i was rushed
Bow0306 (11 months ago)
I went to Great Wolf Lodge once! (It's not the one Niki works at though) It was great!
PainterPaws (11 months ago)
Her oc nick name is icess spinded like iss boi
Swan of Light (11 months ago)
Did you know barley had two brothers and he was in blood clan before he ran off to the barn!
Minty The Fox (11 months ago)
I'm gonna send my fan mail soon
Ravenblaze of SnowClan (11 months ago)
I am sending in mail soon :D
Lps Daisy (10 months ago)
Ravenblaze of SnowClan awesome
Metalvoid (11 months ago)
Could I send you my digital fan art somehow?
89FoxCat Is Back (11 months ago)
U make mondays better
Lps Daisy (10 months ago)
The Llama Siblings True
Erica Grant (11 months ago)
Keep up the good work😄😄😄😄
walter Shumate (11 months ago)
First To be weird and late to watch
LilLeafeon 125 (11 months ago)
103 likes and 74 comments so I think I’m early clan? IDK
Lps Daisy (10 months ago)
SnowBunny 6 yassssssss
Moncy9 AJ (11 months ago)
is the background music old mcdonald had a farm ??????
asriel Dreemurr (9 months ago)
Moncy9 Aj ok
Moncy9 AJ (9 months ago)
its sounds like it lol
asriel Dreemurr (9 months ago)
Moncy9 Aj no
100 like take you your time Lilly Rachel
EmberBlazing Firesky (10 months ago)
I am in school,but R.I.P.,I'm Lateclan
EmberBlazing Firesky (10 months ago)
+Sofia Monti I meant I am in school. XD
Sofia Monti (10 months ago)
You are School?
Horizon Pelt (11 months ago)
YouTube go home your drunk 96 likes And thankfully 2 dislikes
Horizon Pelt (10 months ago)
Lps Daisy yep
Lps Daisy (10 months ago)
Orbit Star wdym they deserve 0 dislike’s
LPS Zanathee (11 months ago)
You should do a skit about characters from the unknown flame and into the wild/fire and ice meeting each other!!!!!
•Artist Mae07• (10 months ago)
Ya but aren't the fire and ice characters the same as into the wild? But I still agree ☺
Lps Daisy (10 months ago)
LPS Zanathee yassss I would love to see that
Maria in the Synth (11 months ago)
my warriors 101 (11 months ago)
Yeah! That's a great idea!
Bluetail the Warrior Cat (11 months ago)
yeah! they would probably get along so well
LPS Blood paw (11 months ago)
Please open mine!!!!
gachabooty (11 months ago)
i met nikki at wolf lodge she helped me out once there
Dragon lover (11 months ago)
there art work is soo good
Violetfur looks around the early Clan camp.... Is this the legendary early Clan?? I can’t wait to be apart of it!
Can’t wait for episode 13
Cocopotato21_ LpsFurry (11 months ago)
Kelly Spacehunter (11 months ago)
my name is also lilly!
Kelly Spacehunter (11 months ago)
Shelby Woodhouse (11 months ago)
Hey x
Tadpole (11 months ago)
Antoinette (11 months ago)
Woot woot!! Hey, Lillie and Rachel, I'm writing some fanmail with my friend!! I hoe to send it to you guys soon!! :3
LillyCookies DDAENG (11 months ago)
Im inoressed by the skill of art
ѕūяυ яρg (11 months ago)
I have no school today since it's slicc outside.
Cocopotato21_ LpsFurry (11 months ago)
Golden Corgies (11 months ago)
I'm earlier than view ever been!
Scourgeclanbroz (11 months ago)
I'm getting a unknown flame x warrior cats vibe
immortal fire fox (11 months ago)
Nikki oc is Mary sue and they are not a adult I can see in the art ork
SkyScribe WA (11 months ago)
Hollystep does art I can see Hollystep isnt an adult beacause of their comment.
IcyWolfGirl (11 months ago)
yea it is a mary sue and I think the mew warrior is based on the anime mew mew power or something.
Katzie (11 months ago)
Hollystep does art Excuse me, did they say they work an adult? your not either.
immortal fire fox (11 months ago)
Sparkle8205 so idc
Sparkle8205 (11 months ago)
Hollystep does art **inhales deeply** SHUT UP SHE CAN MAKE WHAT EVER SHE WANTS TO DAMMIT!!!
Wolf Valley (11 months ago)
Nice you got so many great letters and great ocs I hope you had a great time reading all them
Rose Thorn (11 months ago)
Boxsun 😑
Gracie Gotchaverse (11 months ago)
I love you vids thx so much !!!!!
Lps Twix Bar (10 months ago)
I didn't like this COMMET for the actual COMMET it's for your profile picture lol
Mushroom Meg (11 months ago)
Pebblepaw looked around the early clan camp, smiling. " I can't wait to be a warrior! " she purred happily.
Mushroom Meg (10 months ago)
She groaned and smiled. " Sure, why not? WE GOT THIS! " she purred, marching onward.
F.FLovez16 (10 months ago)
“I have too!” DiamondPaw meowed annoyed “ugh SENIOR warriors these days! Come on Pebblepaw!” She said angleing her tail towards the Bushes “ I think I can catch one of those diamond voles. I AM the daughter of the leader of diamond clan”
Mushroom Meg (11 months ago)
" HEY! I've been training for like, 5 moons and a half! " she growled.
+Meggie The Fluff and Sparkle8205, Wolfsong padded up to Snowstorm "let the apprentices imagine stuff" the young queen meowed.
Sparkle8205 (11 months ago)
Meggie The Fluff "heh..." Snowstorm replied "You will need to learn a lot before then!"
Farosh My Boi! (11 months ago)
RandomBTS_Lover (11 months ago)
your one of my favorite youtubers!
ツMaura (11 months ago)
Mail Monday Magic! 💖
Lucario 765Gamer (11 months ago)
scarfz (11 months ago)
Hi! Any tipsoncustoms?
Jian Cai (11 months ago)
LunaMooni (11 months ago)
EarlyClan! (its like my fourth time beign in earlyclan!)
Lps Daisy (10 months ago)
LunaMooni I love your profile picture
Crow Flight (11 months ago)
sortaearlyclan! XD
Riley Dohman (11 months ago)
I am sooo early!
Lauren N Simon (11 months ago)
Early Clan~
Lps Daisy (10 months ago)
SimonCat 4Life yasssss
TheFandomTraveler (11 months ago)
I'm at school lol but Earlyclan :3
Artifoul (11 months ago)
Mia Loves Dogs (11 months ago)
I am Dawn star leader of on time clan! BTW I sent you some fan mail
Mysticalstripes (11 months ago)
Thejunipercloud POP (11 months ago)
I'm early!
Lps Daisy (10 months ago)
Thejunipercloud POP good for you
Thejunipercloud POP wow you the first one that is not lying 😄
Foxfang51 (11 months ago)
Hi Lilly
LillyCookies DDAENG (11 months ago)
Foxfang51 Hello Foxfang 😝
Lonely nerd in hell (11 months ago)
Hi Lilly!
Lonely nerd in hell (11 months ago)
Wolf Valley really?
Wolf Valley (11 months ago)
Sylveon Fan ur furst congrats
Bree Arts (11 months ago)
Bree Arts (11 months ago)
DJ loves slender mane noticed you😂
LillyCookies DDAENG (11 months ago)
Do know u can see who posted the first comment? But it coud just be bad luck ;—;

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