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Etihad A380 The Residence Complete Flight Review

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Complete review of Etihad Airways A380 The Residence from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai. This is a truly unique and bespoke travel experience. The epitome of luxury commerical travel in full privacy. This video feature an in-depth review of the exclusive Residence Lounge at Abu Dhabi Airport, in-flight service and product offering with the Residence. For complete review, please visit my website http://samchui.com/2016/12/22/review-etihad-a380-the-residence-abu-dhabi-to-mumbai/ This is NOT a sponsored video. Making travel experience video is a passion of mine.
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Text Comments (17796)
Why capitalism imposes low paid and crunched destitute blue suit people to proffer respect and honoeation to uppish guys with expendable money accounts ?! Doesnt that look humiliating?!
Shea Weekley (12 hours ago)
I experience this type of luxury all the time! Why, just the other day I was on a United flight and the guy behind me informed the flight attendant that he was feeling sick and about to vomit. She gave him a WHOLE plastic bag and 2 (!) vomit bags. Such excess! But those were not necessary - so luxurious and spacious was the first plastic bag that it caught ALL of the passengers vomit by itself and nearly covered the sounds of his retching from reaching my ears. Myself and the 2 other passengers canned into the row with me could only FAINTLY smell what he'd eaten for lunch earlier that. day. We were in the lap of luxury!
AEO Co (13 hours ago)
Absolutely disgusting. How the wealthy can treat the less fortunate like objects. you're a horrible person.
Minimac 9876 (17 hours ago)
Do they assist u when u need to take a shit
Sq Ugs (22 hours ago)
4:00 minutes exactly. Kind of gives a little perspective.
KiD BuzZ (1 day ago)
who is watching 2019??
PEDRO SANHUEZA (1 day ago)
en algún futuro cercano....
Laura Marin (1 day ago)
Falseness to the top
Ernest (1 day ago)
People acting like your servant, nah I'll pass
Sundari M. (1 day ago)
Hallelujah...what a Flight and Service.You can shower onboard, Wow!! after this flight, you just got to Go to the Slumms in Mumbai.... and bring loads of clothes, food and Toys for the Poor child,ren. Because if you can afford this....than do that also. Nice video! Greetings from Nederland.
Joyal George (1 day ago)
see, money doesn't buy you happiness... cries in the corner.
Anders Hebekk (1 day ago)
The only thing that ruins the video is your ugly yellow fat noodleeating face you ass!
Bill Wang (1 day ago)
Why didn’t they carry him on a stretcher while Leanne fanned him with a large feather?
Alam Rabbani (1 day ago)
Welcome To My Life
JASON KALANI (2 days ago)
Can you ass fuck that bald butler guy? Good god...you have 19 million views...
Mary Khurram (2 days ago)
Money buys you all the happiness
Wilson (2 days ago)
The greeter/customer service agent/flight attendant at 0:50 looks like the Joker from Batman.
Denise Gore (2 days ago)
I'm glad my passport has expired and I can't afford a trip. Having watched too many luxury travel videos, cattle class just seems so awful. Thanks, Same for another fabulous vicarious thrill.
360 370 (2 days ago)
Çok güzel paran oldumu hayat kaliten değişiyor super
Tapan Debnath (2 days ago)
Sir this is luxury at its best.
Rosemary Bleackley (3 days ago)
The butler's look as if they are ready to take part in the horse of the year show it that outfit!
Rove (3 days ago)
Bourgeoisie lost the control of the situation
Gerald Trudeau (3 days ago)
This video just makes me hate the new aristocracy even more.
Erik Lee (3 days ago)
I know this wasn't intended to be an ASMR video but I am quite relaxed
Lwin Myo (3 days ago)
How did he get the ticket for $3000? Wouldn’t it be at least 10k?
Leung Tong Tang (4 days ago)
I will pay if cabin crew doing blow job
Me Me (4 days ago)
Who the fuck is this guy? All these people running around serving him like he is someone important.
stfu iknowbetter (4 days ago)
I dont know why i wanna cry after seeing this
cmill7272 (4 days ago)
Reminds me of when I worked at a casino and everyone had to kiss highroller's asses. It seems really fake and forced tbh. I think it would get old.
squilliam fancyson (4 days ago)
iroinic how the tv shows a starving and practically dying child while this dude is being treated like a fucking king because he can spend thousands of dollars on a plane ticket.
Anton Löffelholz (4 days ago)
no bj?lol
The Shaolin Six (4 days ago)
i can only afford EASY JET and RYAN AIR
Anu B (4 days ago)
Who is this guy n what does he do? Why is he travelling so much in first class? People like him are the reason why emissions are slowly killing the earth. And no decency from him to ask butler to sit next to him while chatting.
Dean Ryan (4 days ago)
The irony of seeing starving children on the tv at 4:01 kinda disgusting really
The Crown Group (4 days ago)
Wow Sam I really thought your hot butler Leanne was getting ready to join you in the shower for a First class Etihad happy ending! Now that is worth the price of First class....
Kevin Kokeš (4 days ago)
Like what is it? Some kind of emotional PR showing the lack of personal attitude to a customer, where everybody is smilling even though its not at all sincere and u know thats all just a comedy? Ridiculous bussines class for such a weenies which dont know what to do with money :D
ikhsan hawai tvlog (5 days ago)
Good yes
Roman Horak (5 days ago)
This makes the average domestic flight look like a flying haywagon!
Muhammad Ali (5 days ago)
U check melboue airport bro
Johnny Fang (6 days ago)
I expect some neck from that butler. She dressed like she starring in a porn movie
Nazar Gudzuman (6 days ago)
The real question is, is sex with the butler Leanne is included in the price of a ticket.
Sigurd Torvaldsson (6 days ago)
$3000 sounds cheap to be honest
WenfordGaming (16 hours ago)
+Mik3 Pif your yearly rent is only 3k ??? Where do you live ?
Mik3 Pif (3 days ago)
my year long rent spent on a 2 and a half hour flight. Yeah very cheap.
Joel Pakarinen (6 days ago)
How could it be only 3 hrs cuz he was sleeping like?
Gamer 69 (6 days ago)
Sam Chuj . Zajebista nazwa.
Matthew G (7 days ago)
at this point why wouldn't you fly private jet lol
Kidtimestroytime Chan (7 days ago)
1m subs awesome
leohhhh (7 days ago)
leohhhh (7 days ago)
all those smiling servant's faces are disturbing... ryanair is enough for me
Mik3 Pif (3 days ago)
exactly and i would understand this option would be appealing if you were about to travel for 17 hours but for less than 3 hours? no way.
Mamt Patet (7 days ago)
If aint Boeing I'm not going. This plane was another total failure subsidized by the European Union with taxpayers money, too big it couldn't land anywhere and too expensive for airlines to maintain, a complete waste of money and fuel, only ignorant arab camel jockeys can like those shitty kitsch luxury cabins.
Eastern Sky (7 days ago)
Sorry all Boeing is grounded 😂 this comment just smells of jealousy 🤔
Diaz Diaz (7 days ago)
You dont even tips someone your crazy
Wandi Kurniawan (7 days ago)
I wanna be rich AF !!! I'm tired being poor !
myt (11 hours ago)
well then move to wakanda
saurin shukla (7 days ago)
Eating thrice showering chatting all in 2 and a half-hours
saurin shukla (7 days ago)
Well at least the gates are common for all
saurin shukla (7 days ago)
He had the same gate as me
Fahad Naushad (8 days ago)
Dayum they can FLY ! Etihad ❤💙💚💛🧡💜
BBtG (8 days ago)
Nice, but I could do or get lots of nicer experiences for $3000. Specially for something that lasts just a few hours.
vjeff777 (8 days ago)
please... don't call it a review when its actually only an advertisement. You don't review anything at all.
Picogram (8 days ago)
This is all that is fucked with the world of capitalism today.
nebi yıldırım (9 days ago)
EVinPILL (9 days ago)
3k? it cost ~38k
parth patel (15 hours ago)
+EVinPILL https://youtu.be/Ss1XRl5dcMw See this video. Same butler. Different route. I am got confused how he got same staff.
parth patel (15 hours ago)
+EVinPILL right, he forgot to add one zero.
EVinPILL (15 hours ago)
+parth patel may be yes, may be he forgot one more 0
parth patel (15 hours ago)
May be for him, it discounted to 3k.
Amanda Rachel (9 days ago)
Anybody else noticed most of the people in this vids gives fake smiles. They're like 'yeah, we gotta smile for these vip so that we won't lose our job'. If I were Sam, will be uncomfortable in that situation.
maxxdog2 (9 days ago)
Are we missing a zero on the ticket price?
Steven The Plug (7 days ago)
Nope , since its only a 2 hour flight .
Сэм Хуй умеет баламутить бабло
Malik Campbell (10 days ago)
Meanwhile in Economy Class: Flight Attendant: Chicken or pasta?
Santiago (10 days ago)
To think that the plane falls and all that goes to the devil himself
Santiago (10 days ago)
Much human stupidity and unnecessary all this, raise awareness
Vault Sam (10 days ago)
wow... 3:59 contrasting lives there... Universe at play.
Nur Ahmad (10 days ago)
3:59 💔💔💔😔😔
Harith Al-asady (10 days ago)
It's most ironic when the moment he pointed the camera to the TV it showed pictures of starving children. Really sums up what this review means
MOVIES POINT (10 days ago)
Does sex is also allowed with the cabin crew???🤔🤔🤔
Anil Rana (10 days ago)
now i know my my flight is always late
Quran & Sunah (10 days ago)
Audio channel to recite the Holy Quran and the prophetic Sunnah. The last and the newest Messwge from God to. our humanity . ( subtitles accompanying to the video.)
Dominic TVlogs (11 days ago)
He had his own sleeping room
honey singh (11 days ago)
I wouldn't have shocked to see if they had provided a pub or disco with some people dancing on the music just to make him feel happy that he actually came in the pub.
Grumpy cat (11 days ago)
CryptoJack (11 days ago)
8:30 look at all those peasants only in first class 😂
Bettina Hall (11 days ago)
What money can buy you..treated like a King! hmmm, then if you have no money you are treated like a peasant and get no service..just goes to show money is God in this world and people bow down to it all the time.
alldat loona (11 days ago)
the inflight butler looks like blake lively ????
Everything Pro (11 days ago)
What's ur source of income??
Uba D Tmar (11 days ago)
this is weird
tradjazzer (12 days ago)
wow, how expensive that must be; so who pays for your flight. I am 77 and currently saving up for a trip to Seychelles ( which is where my ex-wife comes from ) and I can only just about afford for an Economy class flight, as for 3 of us it will cost about £2500 which is not easy to save from a U.K government pension. Also I hope to choose Etihad because they use an Airbus A320 for second part of flights; at least they use an A380; which I am looking forward to fly on.
skirne - (12 days ago)
didn't drive over any of the plebs with the buggy.. bad service
Paul Mcauley (12 days ago)
man leti (12 days ago)
I don't have that much money to fly first
Quick Curve (12 days ago)
$3000 is so cheap. It’s $1500 Emirates economy to Dubai from Australia
parth patel (15 hours ago)
Dubai to Mumbai and Australia to Dubai. Both are different things. For Australia to Dubai, no less than $15000.
recon forsales (12 days ago)
Etihad make the best airports/planes in the world
voci ferus (13 days ago)
Me when travelling: "Bonjour Monsieur. Toilets at the end of the corridor, where you see people queuing... May I present Monsieur with our gift today? It is a very nice little packet of peanuts. Would Monsieur like them salted or not salted?"
Jake Booth (13 days ago)
4:43: dried up fruit on cocktail 4:47: cotton candy cocktail 😐
Cameron Bools (13 days ago)
He walks into a luxary lounge, eats caviar and has a glass of wine whilst watching poverty and starving children on the TV. How ironic!
Trung Bui (13 days ago)
I didn’t know that Etihad airline have vietnamese people
Hasnat Sakib (14 days ago)
At 4:00 huh, you are watching famine on plasma tv while enjoying luxury. Biggest joke of the year.
GaMeOvErRules (14 days ago)
does everyone in that area have their own bedroom??
Muhammad Tanveer (14 days ago)
Main khaan wastay baar da eyaa
Mikaze Tsukiaisu (14 days ago)
the way from the lounge to the gate is really [email protected]@!
Dos895 (14 days ago)
To me, $3000 is very reasonable for this level of luxury.
Dos895 (1 hour ago)
+myt Which airline and 11 hour route can you pay $540 for and get treated like this?
Steven The Plug (11 hours ago)
+myt because you aren't the demographic they're looking for and cant afford it lmao .
myt (11 hours ago)
why should I pay 3000 dollar when I can buy it for 540 dollar for a 11 hour flight?
Stan You (7 days ago)
to me, getting a free can of diet coke is luxury on a two hour flight
Steven The Plug (7 days ago)
I mean its only a 2 hour flight .. but yah , this is definitely an achievable goal to at least experience once just for the hell of it .
prakash arjun Bodwade (15 days ago)
Well it sheer pampering, but I would love to travel business class surrounded by people ( but few of them) and if they have Heineken beer on board , that's luxury for me.
Nesrine C. (15 days ago)
5:26 wtf is wrong with rich people.. thats definitely NOT a millefeuille..
Anthony Kernich (15 days ago)
Think about how much money Etihad spends on their sort of service for a 3 hour flight. No wonder they are losing so much money.
Cameron Winch (16 days ago)
Does anyone know the piece of music used in this video?
Cameron Winch (14 days ago)
+Cr0 Very droll.
Cr0 (14 days ago)
+Cameron Winchnobody is wondering 😂😂
Cameron Winch (15 days ago)
For any of you wondering I found out it is the Etihad boarding music.
Pupijim Maxkablas (16 days ago)
3:59 that is the main diferense between me and him
Meh K (16 days ago)
I just imagined the hilarity if they got his name wrong.

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