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KISSES, kiss female tribute band

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Los Angeles only female KISS tribute band
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chimo jones (8 months ago)
Would look better if the guitarist also had boots and skirt on
lukethedrifter61 (8 months ago)
Tim Sutherland (11 months ago)
"We're having a blast doing it." --------- Great! good for you. You're only young once so go for it. "So come on out and see us." -----------Okay, hold on........
Pudangizmo (1 year ago)
How come so many of these tribute/cover bands can sound decent musically, and absolutely suck on vocals? Not sounding like Gene, Ace, Peter, Paul is forgivable, but not being able to carry a tune in a fucking bucket isn't.
Steve Wagner (2 years ago)
Drummer seems to have a grip (no pun intended).
TheBigHase (2 years ago)
Del guerrero (2 years ago)
may I suggest an auto voice pedal.
chebrneck (2 years ago)
It's like female comedians. I don't get it?
lastcall170 (2 years ago)
What is Ace?
Miranda Ann (2 years ago)
Oh...I think it's a girl...although I'm not all too sure, sorry...
Miranda Ann (2 years ago)
what do you mean? Well....um...He's the Spaceman/Space Ace
TCL (2 years ago)
id fukc female paul
Brannagan O'Brannagan (2 years ago)
The mics would have sounded/looked better deeper in your mouths.T and A will only carry a chick cover band so far. Now talk about looks and real talent, The Iron Maidens. They're hot, but you have to respect their talent and stage presence. They don't need T and A to pull it off.
Princess Fortier (2 years ago)
LOVE This! Keep up the great work!
Johnny Cade (2 years ago)
Well I give em credit for being able to play,sing and have BALLS big enough to go on stage
Tony Clifton (2 years ago)
This is horrible. I am sick now.
Tony Clifton (2 years ago)
+DaHuuuuuuudge You want to see Andy ha? You got a couple of flashlights and a shovel?
ANACRÔ (2 years ago)
Andy Czubai (2 years ago)
The horror, the horror......
Commander _K_77 (3 years ago)
your not the best
Commander _K_77 (3 years ago)
you were off key for you drive us wild we'll drive you crazy with the screach
Charles Schuette (3 years ago)
Eleecia Stanwood (3 years ago)
if I get there I will be scared something scared if I don't be scared I'll face my fear
Fun fun fun!
Rik Nel (4 years ago)
just like the real KISS the drummer is too fast, lol. but this rocks still. :)
tio borracho (4 years ago)
They're A-dorable!
Mark The Spark (4 years ago)
It's great you like Kiss, but you're not a female band. You need to get a female Ace.
kim w (4 years ago)
female gene would do alot better if she would stop look down from the mic when its time to sing Oo  jus sayin :P
acdckisszeppelin (4 years ago)
When are you coming to Sacramento?
Keely Anne (4 years ago)
Me Likey!
Payaso Loco (4 years ago)
They're really good. The female Gene Simmons is my favorite:)
acdckisszeppelin (4 years ago)
Paul Stanley is my favorite!
acdckisszeppelin (5 years ago)
Very cool! I like it. You all sound great and look great. To Brian-Unk who says, "They are miserable musicians..." I don't believe so. They rocked it excellently. What I think a lot of people are forgetting is that this was obviously recorded on a camcorder microphone, so the audio is all live, unprocessed, RAW audio, the vocals and instruments are dry, not balanced, but it's like a live show, NOT a studio mix of the song. They sound great!
MarvelDcImage (5 years ago)
The Demon chick keeps having to look at her finger fret position to play and she moves her head away from the mic as she sings to do so.
IloooooooveBeatles (5 years ago)
Do they know that Gene sings the verses?? The only good thing in this video was the starchild beauty!
aldo cid (5 years ago)
o yeah the spacegirl is so beautiful
GarthanSaal444 (5 years ago)
They don't suck. Not a lot of girl groups actually play their own instruments. Besides, do you really think ANY local band even comes close to the real thing?
Suzy Nails (6 years ago)
such a shame to see such a cool idea going to waste. and a pity too, 'cause these girls look good (especially the Starchild one).
Fernando Arreguin (7 years ago)
sexy but they sucks sorry :/
KyleNel (7 years ago)
I think the Ace Frehley girl is the hottest.
flashinmahcash (7 years ago)
do they not know that every kiss song ever is about banging chicks?
thegroupharmonyalley (7 years ago)
Wow. Interesting. Christine Vitale The Group Harmony Alley on WFDU-FM Sundays 7pm to 10pm EASTERN 89.1/FM - WFDU and live stream on wfdu.fm A foray into the R&B/doo-wopp historical experience!
lovestospooge646 (7 years ago)
theyre cute
nickyfzr (7 years ago)
The likes don't out do the dislikes by much.
zunidoll2 (7 years ago)
The likes out do the dislikes. Enough said!
tarot9230 (7 years ago)
@MissValldeep no shit!
scratchineproduction (8 years ago)
i think i got a hummer ...from that gene simmons skank!
Ricky Culpepper (8 years ago)
I don't know what people expect,these girls can play.Of course the vocals are going to sound different,they are girls,but it doesn't mean they don't sound good.Four hot women.excellent girls.
jfrsnjhnsn (8 years ago)
I'm reading a lot of heate here, but these girls are just starting out, and they are really trying. They'll be awesome in no time at all.
jfrsnjhnsn (8 years ago)
female kiss cover bands are the best idea ever. props!
mattjj1113 (8 years ago)
Good attempt.
master6of6omens6 (8 years ago)
...so do they change up the lyrics for love gun?
kevykev38 (8 years ago)
Awesome job girls! Show these jerks on here you can do better!! I enjoyed watching and listening. Thanks for posting this . Are you guys still together?
Kicking Up Dirt (8 years ago)
Looks like a lot of fun. Good job girls!
donedave (8 years ago)
at least these girls have REAL platform boots- you know, the kind MADE for girls!
terrorizerr1 (8 years ago)
hey bassist look for the notes in the 3 or 2nd string instead of going all the way down in the 4th string!
Jaime Vaquero (8 years ago)
hey chiks youre really hoot baby yeaaaaahhhhhhh nice job you rule and you rockkk f*k yeah baby paul(a) i wanna be youre men jajajajajajajajaja
headcrab1993 (8 years ago)
Lukas Bures (8 years ago)
:( ............... :D
aibobull (8 years ago)
esta bien chido el video !!!!! tocan muy bien las chavas y estan bien buenotas. te einvito a que veas mis videos. saludos
Hayley Birkett (8 years ago)
dimebagdave77 (8 years ago)
that redheaded Paul is hot!
jmsmikey (8 years ago)
You guys are great~ I love it. I wanna drive in from Vegas to see you!
Donovan Fox (8 years ago)
love how "paul" is playing a washburn dimebag v
A Chaps (8 years ago)
LOL the cat eye logo in the background - not a bad showing for this trib band!
bloodythinandfast (8 years ago)
They're up there doing it!!!!That's what f-n counts.They have bigger nuts than most of you guys putting them down so f*ck off....rock it ladies!!!
Brian-Unk Hunter (9 years ago)
They are miserable musicians. This is why girls need to stay in the bedroom and kitchen.
Morgan Himel (9 years ago)
so sad...lucky u guys are hot
Timothy Brock (9 years ago)
cagwa (9 years ago)
I have a crush on Paul
markuss2009 (9 years ago)
yes, they are sexys, but....is not enought
debgibsonfan (9 years ago)
Paul is HOT.
brnleague99 (9 years ago)
A girl KISS tribute band?
Weitug (9 years ago)
And eh.. how much does the Ace Frehley girl thingie look like a man?
harley2232 (9 years ago)
give it up not lick it up your band needs a lot of work a LOT.
thleyelthy (9 years ago)
kay aaaa you tryed and you failed but aaaaa keep on rockin.....
antonio garcia (9 years ago)
what was that they suck exeptthe girl on the drums
MegaVolcano (9 years ago)
Yeah, it looks like Geddy Lee from RUSH in Ace make-up.
Grace623 (9 years ago)
This is the worst performance I've ever seen. Just because you can dress in skanky outfits and put a shit load of face makeup on, it doesn't mean you can make a band and be good at it! These bitches are a waste of time
Isabelle Alexandre (9 years ago)
This is a fucking bullshit¬¬
Alex Gun (9 years ago)
"Stanley" is cool! Keep on rockin', giglz! Even such great bands such Kiss and Motley became great after some not-very-good club gigs:) I think you need to make the outfit for Ace and more stage moving) Glam rules!
Erik S. (9 years ago)
I really wanted to like this. Sorry.
Luis P (9 years ago)
I like the Stanley girl
bob (9 years ago)
i would say this sucks, but kiss sucks too, so this is just right, plus theyre all sexy chicks so its way better than kiss
Deucealive75 (9 years ago)
Keep havin fun ladies!!! Cool outfits. And keep practicing. I like that flying V if you know what I mean.
bighorn6942 (9 years ago)
You girls hit G-spot yumm. PC you have the beat, Space girl you've got the lead, Demon remember bace do it deeper, Star you got the rithum AND the look. Rock on Kisses.
rhyknowforever (9 years ago)
well the song said it.... "keep on trying"
xfgher (9 years ago)
yeah ! sucks , keep on trying !
MASTEREMMO (9 years ago)
Morgan Young (9 years ago)
u guys suck the popes ballz!
dressedtokiss (9 years ago)
girls you can play at my party anytime rock on!!
King Fakearse (9 years ago)
I'm not sexist, but they suck!
edcollante (9 years ago)
INFINITE PUGGS (10 years ago)
The only one with any talent is the drummer. The rest act too girly and don't act like Kiss at all. Invest in some costumes and music lessons.
clintbronson5 (10 years ago)
I prefer the name HOT TUNA
Elton Jones (10 years ago)
Dude, you need to settle down or you're gonna have a stroke. And yeah I paid my dues many years ago. We were the house band (Prophecy)for a pub called Razzles in Berlin back in the 80's. Hey, part of paying your dues is getting razzed, so go smoke one and chill a bit pal.
edgartube7 (10 years ago)
HEY! Babes! Just excellent! you are lovely! Keep rocking! KISS!
LucaKiss70 (10 years ago)
I'd say INVEST in some SILENCE...which would be wonderful :) Nice boobs though :O
INFINITE PUGGS (10 years ago)
One last point; INVEST IN SOME COSTUMES !!!
INFINITE PUGGS (10 years ago)
The only one with any talent is the drummer. The others act to girly and don't really act like KISS. They're okay, nothing spectacular.
Lara Coimbra (10 years ago)
just the solo was a little good...
david engstrand (10 years ago)
this was really, really BAD !
Elton Jones (10 years ago)
I'm from the old school. Back in the day you ladies would have been good keeping the beer coming, keeping the bong loaded and a good old bj for the ticket we bought for you to get in cause Sonic didn't give you enough hours.
PhilipDeVille (10 years ago)
You SUCK... Kissexy from Italy are MUCH Better...

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