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Jo Ann Richards on VERITAS: The Secret Military Space Program - www.VeritasShow.com - 6/6

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Jo Ann Richards discussed the information her husband, Mark Richards, who is currently imprisoned for allegedly committing a murder he did not commit. She stated there is a secret military space program and her husband was a military space pilot. We discussed bases on the Moon, space wars, underground bases, the Vatican, Nazi Antarctica base and much more. Topics discussed: MOON BASES, SPACE WARS, ALIEN INVASIONS, ALIEN/HUMAN CONFERENCE (1970), BATTLE TO STOP ALIEN INVASION PLOT (1976) NAZIS AND REPTILIANS, CHINA PORTALS, BATTLE OF THE HARVEST MOON (1977), TEMPORAL ESPIONAGE INCIDENTS (1978), DULCE BASE CONFRONTATION (1979) To listen to the entire show, and all our past and future shows, subscribe at http://www.veritasshow.com No censorship and no commercials. We survive on your voluntary subscriptions only.
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