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Fire and Ice: Episode 2: Bloopers!

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Go Watch the Episode! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZT_WdEX2qk ... Buy on Etsy! http://etsy.me/2CMJM5s Buy on Ebay! http://ebay.to/2AKbtdu ... Want to have your fanmail opened on camera? Send it to! Pinkbunnygirl43 P.O. 488 Middleton, ID 83644 ... Follow me on Warriors Amino! I'll follow you back! https://warriors.aminoapps.com/page/user/pinkbunnygirl43/GME7_RPTQf0Ybgorzp0lrbPrDRL2evg8l5 ... Subscribe to my seven cats' channel! Daily cat videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAiRRHOlvhasRcjIITf-kiA
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Text Comments (315)
BREAD CAT (13 days ago)
0:31 yeah that happens in the book just a *hint hint* of whats going to happen sooooooon
FluffyPuppies Meep (15 days ago)
SeraNabB (21 days ago)
0:31 Tallstar can tell the future!! Poor Brightheart...
Smol Savarin (27 days ago)
LpsBeeTV (1 month ago)
Firestar is great at naming cats! Bramblestar‘s name suck though. Like Lilyheart, her name should’ve been Lilyseed, after Seedpaw.
D o u w i n g (1 month ago)
0:29 Definitely not Brightheart (hmmmmmmmm?)
Graypoolthegreat (1 month ago)
Rip headphone users
J & K Mueller (2 months ago)
Jake Jr?! LOL!!!! 😂
Feevee Braxieon (2 months ago)
Jake jr. XD
troylertrash (2 months ago)
*cough* BrightHeart *cough*
LoneWolf 1245 (2 months ago)
Lol the ending
Ellen's Toy Room (3 months ago)
Tallstar is making me say jake jr
Invader Ashcloud (3 months ago)
Jake jr, Spaghettiiiiiiii, W0W
Choco_Melon (3 months ago)
*S O G G Y* *R A T S*
Tealeaf The Fox (4 months ago)
"RavenPaw's a rockstar now." Beautiful.
Lps ShadowFox (4 months ago)
Lol so wierd XD
Elisabeth Kroope (4 months ago)
The human sounds drunk
Frostpetal Medcat (4 months ago)
I almost cried when he called Fireheart Jake Jr. 😢
Lily b (4 months ago)
JAKE JR. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Fireheart = Jake Jr. that kills me so much, and Ravenpaw is now Ravepaw, and he is the BEST, Tallstar is going crazy
Nifty Nifty (5 months ago)
Deadfoot,”Ya thanks for pointing out my dead foot, MAAN.”
J & K Mueller (5 months ago)
I feel like the dad twoleg is dependant on killing all cats.
Abigail Nunya (5 months ago)
Jake jr 🤣
Schleich Productions (6 months ago)
Is tall star before one star??
Schleich Productions (5 months ago)
Oh ok thanks
Nerdy Nom Nom (6 months ago)
Yup. Onestar succeeds him as leader, though. Nerdy Nom Nom, AWAY!
Squirrelclaw Mothpool (6 months ago)
Raven paw "Ims so sarcastic" XDDDD it cracks me up
TheBeautyWolf (6 months ago)
Is Tallstar ok? (0-0)
Jakestar.Jr is his name and every time I comment this it disappears
Silverdawn Studios (6 months ago)
*ends up giving everyone the suffix fur or pelt*
Silverdawn Studios (6 months ago)
Very sophisticated :3
Nerdy Nom Nom (6 months ago)
Lionheart told him it was sophisticated, sooo... Nerdy Nom Nom, AWAY!
golden gamer25 (6 months ago)
BarkofBirch (6 months ago)
"Ravenpaw's a ROCKstar now."
Mystic Water (6 months ago)
Never give Nerdy Nom Noms the power to rename all the warrior cats or you'll end up with RunningNose v2
Tallstar sounds like Snape XD
xo peachykitties ox (6 months ago)
Who names their kit dead kit
firewolfaj :p (6 months ago)
Delancy Wilkins (6 months ago)
Who else thinks that Fireheart should be named Jake jr
Nope his name is Jakestar jr.
Drew Dickey (6 months ago)
tallstar is my spirt animal IM JUST LIKE HIM -3-
Fangirl_ o1 (6 months ago)
Tallstar is the best and the most relatable
Lps Sophie (7 months ago)
Never change Tallstar I love his voice actor he is amazing
FoxyThePotato :3 (7 months ago)
Potato _Gamer (7 months ago)
Lol I love this vid it’s so funny lol lol XD
Erin Hunter (7 months ago)
I know who tallstar is talking about Lostface aka , Brightheart
Nerdy Nom Nom (7 months ago)
You got it! Nerdy Nom Nom, AWAY!
•¡ Yaz Kin ¡• (7 months ago)
Jake jr xD
Mystery Girl (7 months ago)
Taco Master (7 months ago)
Tallstar’s view: Fireheart is now Jake Jr. and Deadfoot is a bad name. Also, Tallstar X Jake is the best ship.
Moon Stream (7 months ago)
-_- -_o o_o O_O O[]O XDDDDDD!!!!! HAHAHAHA
Dog Mark arcega (7 months ago)
Does fireheart know that his fsther is jake
Creek Fall (7 months ago)
Deadfoot= dead kit, dead paw, deadstar ;-;
Creek Fall (6 months ago)
Willieonna Williams (8 months ago)
I want to be loved the part was leopardstar dead free times a day by calling that's what other funny name and I love the phone
WishfullWarrior (8 months ago)
Jake JR......... The new thing lol...... So many like, like, like a year JAKE JR! JAKE JR! JAKE JR!
Midnight Music (8 months ago)
OMG JAKE JUNIOR!!!!! IT KILLS MEH TO THINK OF THAT!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
LPSstarshipstv official (8 months ago)
JAKE JUNIOR 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Wow (8 months ago)
Stacy Opalday (8 months ago)
Wait that means deadfoots name as a kit was dead kit lol
Stacy Opalday (6 months ago)
Jelly Cat Lps (8 months ago)
Than fireheart makes a cat named spiders leg tallstar you failed so bad
Pillow Fight! (8 months ago)
This is beautiful
LpsBeeTV (8 months ago)
Firestar is actually pretty good a5 naming cats!
DiddlyDarnDoodle (8 months ago)
pffft lol >.<
tea for all! (8 months ago)
Well thanks for pointing out my dead foot, man
Mallory Houston (8 months ago)
The returner of Jake Jr
Lumang Samantha (8 months ago)
XDDD SPAGHETTI??? *bonetrousle intensifies*
Timber_Lily_Jones 4Life (8 months ago)
Jake Junior I er Fireheart
Delilah Navarro (8 months ago)
Ravenpaw:“YOUR STRINGY LIKE SPAGHETTI”Me:”U are stringy like a RAMEN NOODLE 🍜
Miriam’s World (8 months ago)
Tallstar was drunk when he named Deadfoot XD
puppyrock Gaming (8 months ago)
Yes Ravenpaw is a rockstar
Kaniya Harris (8 months ago)
When Tallstar is on drugs XD
Hanele Heyliger (8 months ago)
deadfoot lol i can't breath XD :)
Marisol Boulé (8 months ago)
Thé hole video XD XD
Marisol Boulé (8 months ago)
I cant breath XD XD XD Jake jr.
Tealeaf The Fox (8 months ago)
"I'm so sarcsthic-*SPAAGETTIII* "
I just realized that Tallstar sounds like Severus Snape
gacha redsparkes (8 months ago)
The two legs are so funny!
gacha redsparkes (8 months ago)
Lol it made me lught so hard I died!
Snowberry/ star (8 months ago)
Well at least we know Tallstar isnt lying 😂
Dominika Zaremba (8 months ago)
Jake Jr. lol
Unlimited Embroidery (8 months ago)
was tallstar supposed to say jake jr. IT"S WAY TO FUNNY!!!!!!!! XD
Madison Arellano (8 months ago)
Jake Jr. XD
Eclipse cat (8 months ago)
Azzy TheSnazzyCat (9 months ago)
Deadfoot’s kit name would have been Deadkit....
dyla1520 dyla1520 (9 months ago)
At first I thought Tallstar was saying Jick jr. but now I know he said Jake jr.
Happy Puppy (9 months ago)
“Tough and Stringy like SPAGHETTTIIII
Natalie Roberson (9 months ago)
i'ms so sarcastic
😂 when deadfoot was a kit his name was deadkit XD. What kind of mother would give their kit the prefix "Dead"?
Jordan is dumb. (8 months ago)
Well, his name used to be Hopkit, but something happened and he got the prefix "Dead".
Yassss tallstar yaaasssss
Kitty Cat (9 months ago)
Deadfoots a WONDERFUL name
GHØS†ΣD (9 months ago)
*h e ' s f o o t l o o k s d e a d*
Liz Hernandez (9 months ago)
I thought raven Paw died
Husky Kitty (9 months ago)
Tall star is the star of bloopers 😝 😂 😆
lps shimmer101 (9 months ago)
Oh hello,”Jake Jr” XD
Lia Kendall (9 months ago)
PK Art22 (9 months ago)
Every time talkstar calls fire heart jake jr I laughed XD
Kaylin Little (9 months ago)
Jake jr.!!!! 😍 Love it!!
CaptainZanyChamp (9 months ago)
Rue Rue (9 months ago)
Rue Rue (9 months ago)
mapleshade the lps (9 months ago)
Wait so that means when dead foot was a kid his name was dead kit??? LOL
It'sFunneh (9 months ago)
LOL is all I can say
Don Ransom (9 months ago)
LIKE SPAGHETTIAAAAAAAAAAAAA Raven paws an rock star >:3
sapphireshard (9 months ago)
Tallstar forshadowing Brightheart's accident was absolute gold! XD

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